Stargate Universe Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

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stargate universe season 2 premiere review Stargate Universe Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

The season 1 finale of Stargate Universe left the family we’ve come to know and love aboard the Destiny in a very sticky situation. The Lucian Alliance have invaded the Ancient ship and home to the characters we follow, and now both sides have hostages, causalities and the goal of keeping the Destiny to themselves. To make matters worse, the Destiny sits in a dangerous binary pulsar system which is literally frying the ship and its systems. If those in control can’t manage the shields accordingly, everyone dies.

Lou Diamond Phillips’ Col. Telford has finally emerged as his true self, a hero and ally of the stranded Stargate team, and gets shot – a lot of people got shot in the finale – while managing to help transfer control of the ship to Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) and shooting the Lucian Alliance leader (played by Rhona Mitra). Meanwhile, Col. Young (Justin Louis) and the rest of the military personnel (sans Lt. Scott and Sgt. Greer who are stuck outside of the ship with the next radiation wave inbound) are held captive.

Let’s find out what happens to all of these characters in the premiere of Stargate Universe season 2

The premiere episode of Stargate Universe season 2, titled “Intervention” represents what is essentially the last act of a three-part miniseries, beginning with the final two episodes (“Incursion” parts one and two) of season 1. We start right where we left off, at the cliffhanger conclusion of season 1, except we’re no longer aboard the Destiny where the action is taking place. Lt. Tamara Johansen (Alaina Huffman), the ship’s by-default medic who was shot in the finale, awakens in what appears to be a dream state, one where her baby is now born and she’s back on a beautiful and habitable planet from an earlier episode of season 1 where they left some of they civilians.

stargate universe season 2 premiere Alaina Huffman Stargate Universe Season 2 Premiere Review & DiscussionWhile Johansen and her unborn child fight for their lives on the operating table aboard the Destiny, we are taken back and forth between the happenings of Rush, Greer, Scott and the others attempting to take back the ship and this dream state where Johansen and her baby are at peace. In the end, you’ll be left questioning the significance of these plot thread and what really happened.

There are many plots all happening at once during this very time-sensitive and tense situation. Eli and Chloe are together and Chloe strangely heals almost immediately after being shot in last season’s finale. We also learn more about the Lucian Alliance leadership after Kiva was shot and it’s here where we’re introduced to two new key characters played by Robert Knepper and Julie McNiven who will guest star in five episodes each this season. Knepper plays Simeon in his typical sly and creepy villainous ways (a la Prison Break and Heroes) and McNiven plays Ginn, the softer and seemingly good-natured Alliance member (similar to her character from Supernatural). Varro, who rightfully should be leading the Alliance now has a fondness for the safety of their enemy, notably for Lt. Johansen, and exiles Col. young and the rest of their captives to a nearby planet outside of the dangerous rays coming from the binary pulsar system.

As the remaining “free” survivors aboard the Destiny do what they can to hide and take back their ship, Rush aims to play hardball in negotiating with the Lucian Alliance’s new self-appointed (and more volatile) leader Dannic in the wake of Commander Kiva’s incapacitation at the hands of Telford. The destiny is protecting itself with its shield systems, long enough for it to make the jump out of the dangerous star system but Rush realizes that if the Destiny should escape to safety, they have no bargaining chips or strategic advantage over the invaders.

stargate universe season 2 premiere dannic ginn Stargate Universe Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

Dannic and Ginn of The Lucian Alliance

From here, we’re treated to a high impact premiere that brings back all of the characters at their best from season 1, facing their most dire situation yet. Greer and Scott are at their heroic best as the two most loyal soldiers you could ever ask for on your side and Dr. Rush will, at all costs, protect the Destiny for his personal goals and develops his own usual on-the-fly diabolical plan to save the day during an epic struggle for power on several levels.

The premiere of season 2 serves its purpose of maintaining the drama and intensity we’ve come to expect from each episode of Stargate Universe, and it launches viewers in the new direction the series will take along with several new characters who will be sticking around for at least a few episodes. If you’re a fan of SGU, you will love the premiere of season 2 and if you’re new to the show, head to to watch the final five episodes of season 1 while they’re still available.

What did you think of the premiere?

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  1. I enjoyed this premiere. It was, as you said, a wrap-up to the trilogy and served its purpose of introducing new characters, hinting at new story arcs & restoring a sense of peace. That sense was probably best-served by TJ’s story arc, which was pretty symbolic. Alaina Huffman did a good job with her role in this episode. I’m new to the show, so I’m still learning names & having a bevy of new characters to keep up with made it a bit confusing at times. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.

    Cool to see Lou Diamond Phillips & Robert Knepper sharing the screen again. Last time I saw them together was the movie Renegades, with Kiefer Sutherland.

  2. I’m glad that the season is finally hear. The episode was great and the ending was not expected with the lost of characters. What really brought it home for me was the song featured in the end. I would really like to know who the artist is.

  3. the song is: Mumford & Sons – After the Storm

  4. I have been waiting all summer for this, and it TOTALLY lived up to my expectations. Actually, no, it surpassed them. This was the perfect ending to the trilogy and it was an amazing start to the new season. The writing was great, it gave you the sense of closure and resolution that ongoing stories, especially Si-Fi series, tend to lack, with the who TJ and her baby surviving thing. But, they were still able create a new and really interesting enigma. This season is definitely going to be LEGIT, and I can’t wait.

  5. I liked this episode but it seemed like they wrapped up things a little too easily…like Chloe’s getting shot and then suddenly she’s ok. I would be ok with this if, in a future ep, they explain that her healing is due to something the aliens did to her when she and Rush were on the alien ship.

    Did they ever actually mention that people were left on that planet? It seemed that they ALL returned…I have a feeling that we may find out that they are actually dead and that is where TJ’s baby is.

    This show is really good and one of my favorites but it just became a little more like Star Trek:Voyager with this episode because now we have the Lucian Alliance folks taking their place on the ship just like The Maquis did. Everyone will have to try to get along. And the new redhead will become Eli’s love interest (at least according to previews I’ve seen)…I’ll keep watching.

    • Chloe’s story seems to be furthered in the second season. Not sure you’ve seen the previews for what’s ahead, but her healing seems to be a major arc. It seemed that even Chloe was unaware of how she healed so quickly.

      As for TJ, I’m of the opinion that the entire event was merely symbolic. She and her unborn child were drifting between life and death (while she was physically on the surgical table). She stabilized and that was represented by her leaving the planet. Her child did not, unfortunately.

  6. I liked this episode a lot too.

    I had a hard time with Universe last season. To me it wasn’t Stargate but I continued to watch anyway. I told myself to give it a chance. It’s a new show, something different. Towards the end of the season I felt more comfortable with the characters and cared about what happened to them.

    I’m excited to how the season unfolds.

    I read that some Atlantis folks may make an appearance. Should be interesting to see.

    TJ losing her baby was sad and I don’t know what to make of it. Real? Dream? Near death experience? I’m not sure.

  7. I really enjoyed the end of this trilogy, i was left wanting more at the end of the first season but this really did hit the spot when watching.

    I liked the ending to this trilogy and i can forsee alot of stories popping up, especially from the season trailer it will be interesting to see how chloe mutating goes.. maybe her character will be terminated? but i am more interested in the story of rush cracking the code to destiny and finding its “true purpose” (As seen in the season trailer). Should be a very interesting and have a much more ‘stargate’ feel to it.

  8. I really did not like SGU all that much until the second half of the first season. Since then I think that it has continued to improve with each episode and the writing/acting has improved significantly. Now I look forward to new episodes and I’m really interested to see where the story takes us this season.

    • I think the season one episode ‘Time’ was one of the first episodes where the cast really came together as an ensemble & gave some great performances. It’s the episode where they watch the video of themselves on a planet they haven’t yet visited.

  9. I find that I both love and hate SGU. It has continued to better itself in terms of acting and drama yet it lacks a stargate feel. I’m waiting for the show to find introduce an on-going enemy or delve deeper into the story of this super alien race.

    SGU drama and character interaction and development has been great but I find my self waiting for something that will make it feel like stargate.

  10. man i hope cloe breaks up with scott and she goes with eli. or atleast eli gets a girl because he needs one.

  11. @Kevin: Yes, I agree. The show is still missing the Stargate feel.

  12. i hope the story deals more with the mysterious “dream” planet, and col young and tj are able to go there and get their baby back.

  13. I must say, when I first saw SGU, the first thing I thought was that Lost and BSG found a melting pot (a ship of stranded cylons). It sucked. Luckily I have the sense to give something a season and see what happens. It has a good start for Season 2, however there are a couple things I must be missing. Where is the variety? Where is the subtle humor and innuendos? Where is the god forsaken steering wheel? I’m not longing for SG1, but remember the twists to the plots that made it so fun to watch (for instance, the episode that kept repeating O’neal and Tealc’s day? and how they wasted a day golfing through the gate?) And where the frack (sorry wrong series) is a sarcophagus? Give us stories that endear us, show us how to dream again, make the unbelievable possible and you win the fans back. It’s shaping up well so far, I have a ton of ideas I would love to share with the writers, but I’m sure they have their own agenda. Best of luck to the ones that carry the SGU torch.

  14. @Godzilla: Yes, I agree. They can tone down the drama a bit and add some more action/comedy and fun. At the moment SGU is heavily drama focused, which tends to get tedious and drag after a while. Let’s hope some twists and turns represent themselves sooner, than later.

  15. so far season 2 was good until i seen ep 5 cloverdale, its really bad. was a waste of time.

  16. So far I like SGU and yes it dose not have the same feel as other SG series but if they back up on the over drama and mix it up bit ( I want to find more about the ship, it’s huge can’t all be dead space) and it can be a really good series and have maybe a long run. I’d hate to see it get canceled but things do need to change or it is going to lose it’s fan base. Caprica for example just got canned, the first few episodes where interesting but then the show went totally nowhere they could have done a really good story arc and lead up to the cylon wars but fell flat.
    Season 2 is getting my hopes up but they DO need to kick up the pace or all the over drama is going to kill the show!