Stargate Universe 2nd Episode Ratings Improve

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stargate universe Stargate Universe 2nd Episode Ratings Improve

Last Friday’s episode of Stargate Universe, titled “Air,” came into the ratings market pretty strong for the second week in a row. This second episode actually had a 4% increase in viewers over the previous week’s premiere, bringing the total viewers of the new series to around 2.5 million.

This week, these numbers reflected those who watched the show live, and DVR numbers from the same day it aired. If we take these numbers for granted, right now the show is doing well and may very well march right on to a successful premiere season.

But that’s the domestic front…

Internationally, Stargate Universe is plowing along with a strong head of steam… or wormhole power.

  • Biggest “Stargate” Audience in Almost Five Years – UK
  • Highest Rated Single Episode Ever – Canada
  • One of the Highest Rated Shows for the Week on Pay Television – Australia

According to MGM press, “Stargate Universe (SGU) is on the fast track to becoming the most successful installment in Stargate franchise history.

In the U.S., SGU debuted on Syfy with more than 2.3 million viewers.

In Canada, it premiered on SPACE with a record breaking audience of 565,000.  That made it SPACE’s highest rated single episode ever and was the #1 non-sports specialty program of the day for Adults 25-54 and A18-49.

In the UK, Launching on Sky1, SGU brought in 1,042,000 viewers for the first part and 961,000 for the second episode of the 2-part premiere. This gave the network the biggest Stargate audience in almost five years.

In Australia, SGU was the best performing show on the Sci-Fi pay television platform.  It posted a 6.4% share which equated to an increase of 411% in the time slot (Fridays 8:30 to 10:30 p.m.) that it aired.

The Hype Pays Off

The hype has created the fanfare that MGM had hoped for. What we need to see now is if it maintains this kind of viewer ratings deep into the season.

I think it will as it pulls in new viewers while upsetting some old-school franchise fans. Like any new show, it has to get past its growing pains and find its feet. If it does that and survives the 1st season acclimation hurdle, I think MGM will have itself another well performing hit on its hands.

Yet, as I always say, time will be the telling factor in all things.

Source: Sci Fi Wire, MGM Press

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  1. Love the show, it is Stargate but not Stargate at the same time if that makes any sense. Robert Carlyle is amazingly ambiguous as Dr Rush.
    People comparing it to Battlestar Galactica are way off, because SGU is actually watchable Sci Fi!

  2. Like I mentioned in the previous thread I liked seeing real conventional science being used as part of the story. Despite initially looking like an expensive advertisement for an adventure video game, I could get behind a show that would keep real science in it.

  3. @DrSamBeckett

    Wow, finally someone who likes Stargate Babies!

  4. This wont go Five seasons .

  5. Also, for Air Part III, the 18-49 demos were up 22%. Compare this to Warehouse 13′s second episode (and that aired in summer):

    Total Viewers for Warehouse 13: 3.4 million
    18-49 viewers for Warehouse 13: 1.2 million

    SGU got 1.37 million viewers in that all important demo, despite having a million less viewers overall. SyFy will be chuffed with that. The younger the audience, the more the advertisers pay.

    “Wow, finally someone who likes Stargate Babies!”

    lol, you think you’re funny.

    Obviously more people enjoyed ‘babies’ than not, otherwise the rating would have went down. They didn’t. And even I was expecting them to.

    “This wont go Five seasons”

    Maybe not, but I’d rather have 3 or 4 amazing seasons as opposed to 5 seasons of mediocrity. For me, it looks like it will be the latter.

  6. “For me, it looks like it will be the latter.”

    Oops. Former…

    I obviously need to concentrate more :\

  7. @ Les Ferris

    If you think Stargate babies is an amazing show, i wonder what show you consider bad?

  8. “@ Les Ferris

    If you think Stargate babies is an amazing show, i wonder what show you consider bad?”

    Oh you’re one of those, eh? one of the ‘I don’t like it, and my opinion is superior to anyone who thinks otherwise’ crew.

    As I said, the ratings went UP. ^^ That way. That means more people enjoyed the premiere than not. I’m still expecting a drop probably next week or the week after, but it’s looking like it will be much less severe than I previously thought. Obviously the people who are coming on sites day after day and bleating on about how crap they thought it was are, once again, just the noisy minority.

  9. I don’t think my opinion is more valuable than yours, just different, so don’t attack me like that, that’s childish and immature.

    How many people watch it does not mean it’s good. Look at how many people watched Transformers 2. I doesn’t mean the movie is good.

    I wonder what is it so interesting you find in SGU?

    And don’t get me wrong, i’m a huuuuge fan of Stargate franchise, that’s why i’m so disappointed in Suckgate universe.

  10. I like SGU because having Stargate back on my tv screen is a joy to behold, i like the atmosphere, the effects, and the acting. Not sold on how long a life it will have but as long as the story telling is decent and the writing keeps a high standard, i will continue to watch and enjoy.
    There is nothing about the show to hate, so i cant understand why there is so much hate going around.

  11. I will give it a chance! But i doubt i’ll love it like i loved Sg-1 and Atlantis.

  12. And i’ll still call it Stargate Babies, just for laughs :P

  13. It’s nice to finally have a good Stargate show besides SG1. And I’m glad its not just a copy of SG1 the way SGA was.

  14. @ Gary

    I’ll take your bet and raise you 6-8 seasons.

  15. I think I wrote that incorrectly, I mean a total of 6-8 seasons.

  16. @DrSamBeckett

    “SGU has a sense of mystery that makes me want to keep watching, and i cant wait to learn more about Dr Rush!”

    That is my view. And I am one of the people watching that is NEW to Stargate. I didn’t ever get into SG1 or Atlantis. I have said before in another thread that I understand why fans of those two might not like SGU. The only reason I gave SGU a chance is because I read a review before the pilot aired and they said it was Stargate for people who don’t like Stargate. It is true, at least in my case.


    “10. The show is obviously intended for teenagers, and since us who have been watching SG-1 are in our 20’s or older, it feels like a slap in the face that the creators of SGU didn’t really think about long time fans of the Stargate franchise.”

    I on the other hand find it less childish and more grown-up than the other two (I have seen episodes of both SG1 and SGA). I am 25, and for me, while SGU is by no means a “deep” or “adult” show, the premise appealed to me much more than the episodic style of SGA and SG1. This is a much more desperate situation, and is trying to tell a different type of story than what the other shows attempted to do.

    I also don’t understand why you say it is intended for teenagers. It did really well in 18-49 bracket. And besides, bringing in younger viewers is a good thing as it keeps the show alive.

    Also, it doesn’t have an attractive, brooding, misunderstood vampire in it, so you can’t say it is for teenagers! :-)

  17. Well, it does have a pretty sexy cast (The doctor, Chloe, Scott, the random girl Scott is shagging for no apparent reason), so i say it’s for teenagers. SG-1 SGA had Teyla nad Carter, but they were MILFs :)

  18. I can’t figure out what they are trying to do except bore me. To me the second episode was worse than the opening. We had less character development unless of course you count the snooze fest of the Lieutenant having flashbacks and hallucinations of his traumatic childhood. This clown is Stargates first EMO warrior. He even wore black in the frakin desert while the rest wore camo. Like I said EMO!

  19. Huge Stargate Atlantis fan here – SGU has none of the elements that I loved about SGA; Team, beautiful environment, sense of humor, honorable and likeable characters.
    I believe they went astray in their last season, breaking up the team with the new sexy young doctor, but for the same reason I didn’t like that direction in SGA, I don’t think I’ll like the entire series of SGU.

  20. “In the UK, Launching on Sky1, SGU brought in 1,042,000 viewers for the first part and 961,000 for the second episode of the 2-part premiere.”

    So, this means that 81,000 people STOPPED watching the show at its half-way point during the 2 hour premiere. Uh, I guess that’s a success?

    2.5 million is still not as good as Atlantis’ premiere was, not even close. As far as the rest of the season goes, well, Brad Wright may just be, ah – Right: People just want their Stargate “fix.”

    I, on the other hand, need substance to be captivated. I am no Stargate junkie. I will only watch a show if it good.

    I also can’t see this show lasting as long as the others. But, as long as there are people that want to see Stargate: Whatever, then the franchise will continue.

    On a more hopeful note, maybe they will make the Atlantis movie. And, just maybe, it will be really good. I can’t wait for it if it will be.

  21. @ Serena: Ditto on some of the season 4-5 changes. Seasons 1-3 were the best, and had the better casts.

  22. The Atlantis movie isn’t being made. Been cancelled.

  23. Morena says: “So, this means that 81,000 people STOPPED watching the show at its half-way point during the 2 hour premiere. Uh, I guess that’s a success?”

    It was actually worse as it was a three parter! ;)

    A-lot of people didn’t like the emotive distribution coming out of the episodes. The plus is you get to see that develop if you have the patience. It’s possible your being played, as the production team knows psychology too! But I’ll hold forth a little faith in Occam’s razor and say their intentions are good. Give them a little more time let them play the game out…

  24. Well i have to say that SGU wasn’t as good as i hoped but will definately give the series a good chance. After the 5 part episode ending S1 and beginning S2 of SGA i don’t see how anything could captivate me more. SGA was the best SG series of all times. How do i know this, my wife hates Sci-Fi and she made fun of me when i started watching SGA, she sat through 3 or 4 episodes all the while making fun of me, then she got hooked and couldn’t miss SGA if her life depended on it. She would make me DL it of a torrent engine 3 days before it’s canadian air date as she couldn’t wait for it to be on the movie network. :-) By the way, the pod at the end of SGU is a stargate as it’s seeding them through the universe, that is why the ship is called destiny, c’mon anybody can figure this stuff out, i knew what the ship was for 5 mins into the premiere. As well at the climax of the 3rd episode i fugured out 1 min before that he needed to stick his body into the event horizon to force the gate open. I’m pretty good at figuring SG episodes out as they unfold.

  25. Long-time fan of good sci-fi, be it whimsical, moody, light, or dark—just well written is my cfiteria. Yes, SG-U is a BSG clone in many ways, with a streak of ST-Voyager thrown in. Don’t mind imitation of two fine shows–everything we’ve seen is derivative of the basic themes that run throughout our history in all good storytelling, back to Gilgamesh and The Odyssey. All I care about: is it good? Is it intelligent? For SG-U, yes to both. Hope they pinched a few BSG writers as regulars, and a few Harlan Ellison-like superstar guest writers (tip of the hat to Babylon-V, the greatest story arc for seasons II-IV ever presented on TV). Good luck to SG-U, hope the show evolves into another legendary series.

  26. Well, I have enjoyed all of the episodes so far. I have watched most of the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis shows and the three SGU shows shown so far and I have to say I am very encouraged about this new series. I hope it continues to live up to its current progress and gets better over time. I will continue to watch as long as the show remains good.