Stargate Universe 2nd Episode Ratings Improve

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stargate universe Stargate Universe 2nd Episode Ratings Improve

Last Friday’s episode of Stargate Universe, titled “Air,” came into the ratings market pretty strong for the second week in a row. This second episode actually had a 4% increase in viewers over the previous week’s premiere, bringing the total viewers of the new series to around 2.5 million.

This week, these numbers reflected those who watched the show live, and DVR numbers from the same day it aired. If we take these numbers for granted, right now the show is doing well and may very well march right on to a successful premiere season.

But that’s the domestic front…

Internationally, Stargate Universe is plowing along with a strong head of steam… or wormhole power.

  • Biggest “Stargate” Audience in Almost Five Years – UK
  • Highest Rated Single Episode Ever – Canada
  • One of the Highest Rated Shows for the Week on Pay Television – Australia

According to MGM press, “Stargate Universe (SGU) is on the fast track to becoming the most successful installment in Stargate franchise history.

In the U.S., SGU debuted on Syfy with more than 2.3 million viewers.

In Canada, it premiered on SPACE with a record breaking audience of 565,000.  That made it SPACE’s highest rated single episode ever and was the #1 non-sports specialty program of the day for Adults 25-54 and A18-49.

In the UK, Launching on Sky1, SGU brought in 1,042,000 viewers for the first part and 961,000 for the second episode of the 2-part premiere. This gave the network the biggest Stargate audience in almost five years.

In Australia, SGU was the best performing show on the Sci-Fi pay television platform.  It posted a 6.4% share which equated to an increase of 411% in the time slot (Fridays 8:30 to 10:30 p.m.) that it aired.

The Hype Pays Off

The hype has created the fanfare that MGM had hoped for. What we need to see now is if it maintains this kind of viewer ratings deep into the season.

I think it will as it pulls in new viewers while upsetting some old-school franchise fans. Like any new show, it has to get past its growing pains and find its feet. If it does that and survives the 1st season acclimation hurdle, I think MGM will have itself another well performing hit on its hands.

Yet, as I always say, time will be the telling factor in all things.

Source: Sci Fi Wire, MGM Press

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  1. Didn’t like Air I, II, III or Darkness — I only watched hoping the show would get better. IT DIDN’T If you ever watched SG1 and SGA, then there is no way you could enjoy SGU. SG1 from the first epidsode told a solid story which as a viewing audience could get wrapped around. SGA followed with the Atlantis epic. The actors/actresses really blended with true charisma. They had a mission and the leaders where not stupid like they are in SGU. Dr. Rush’s character is pathetic. ELI acts like he is alway trying to crack a joke. There’s no chain of command no respect in the military unit. They are adrift, not only on an ancient ship but also in the story line. NO story is ever completed, it like watching the soaps where nothing really happens for months on end. I didn’t like Battlestar Galactica and was glad when it faded away. I feel the same about SGU. I wanted so much more than SYFY and MGM has offered their viewing public with this monotonous monstrous production of SGU. If something isn’t done soon, you are going to loose the 2M you currently have.

  2. @ Heather – Here, here!!! I completely agree!!!

  3. I completely agree with Huggybearon all 12 points. The only 2 characters I like are Eli and that senator’s daughter whats-her-name. See? The characters are so lifeless that I can’t even remember their names! There’s so much drama and so little humor. And the medic isn’t even a real doctor, what’s going to happen when there’s a serious emergency? Hopefully that ship that detached will come save the day bringing power and a new race of like able aliens.

  4. You’re right DrSamBeckett.
    It’s a totally different show with only giant teleporting rings connecting it to the last 15 years of the franchise!! Well, there’s a bit more, but not much.

    If you come in expecting STARGATE, you will be a bit disappointed. But if you come in with a clean slate, it would be less disappointing!

    Here’s something my wife pointed out about STARGATE UNIVERSE: She hasn’t seen a strong female character in the show yet.

    I was like, … huh. Good point!!!

    That’s my extra 2 cents.

  5. Drsambeckett1984: Where did you see that info bud? Show us some link-luv bud!! Thanks.

  6. Stargate Universe stinks. It’s all dialog and no action whatsoever. By the 3′rd episode of SG1 they were attacked by aliens, visited upteen planets and all of the above without SEX. In fact during SG1′s 10 year run there was no SEX. If Stargate Universe does not improve, it is going to lose me as a viewer and it will never match SG1′s run of 10 years.

  7. They have alread lost me as a viewing audience. This show is THE WORST STARGATE PRODUCTION in history, not the best. They are lost in more ways than being on the ship. The story doesn’t have any place to go, it like the BSG or Enterprise. BSG was a bad-bad show and SGU is following right in their footsteps. The show is dark and uninteresting. I hates Black and White Productions and this is very close to that. The writers are poor as is the acting. Dr Rushes character needs to be killed off as is Eli. Absolutely, would never purchase this show on DVD.

  8. I am not sure how much longer I will watch.
    To dark and to much like BSG.
    The characters are shallow and uninteresting.
    The bouncy photography sucks.
    And anyone that did not know the ship was going to the sun to refuel is an idiot.
    This show is crap so far

  9. Why there is no summary about further episodes, now it is the most boring show ever. In each episode there is only a little action at the end. I will stop watching this :(.

  10. PioM:

    We recapped the episodes while we were talking about the ratings. The ratings have quieted down and pretty much folks are chiming in with mostly the same perspectives about successive episodes.

    SR usually doesn’t do episode recaps.

  11. SGU reminds me two other shows: lost in space (first season, just the first season), dont you see the evil and dark Smith on Dr Rush?, the survival element is common too. The other show is Farscape, yes, yes, dont hit me, but leaving aside the ET characteres you can see the template present. I think the show going to work, it is not SG1 or SGA, is different,…. those people of syfy an MGM have balls in order to do it, dont you think??.

  12. I really liked SG1, but once they got into the Ori saga the last few years and Richard Dean Anderson left, I lost most of my interest. I was getting into Atlantis, but it too started to feel like a remake of the original SG1, but it was a bit darker than SG1. Now we have moved even darker into SGU…

    SGU is a fresh look at things Stargate, the whole premise reminds me of Star Trek Voyager remake on steroids. It asks, “can ever get these people back home”… As of right now my biggest beef is more or less we have had 3 episodes maybe 2. The first episode is obviously the pilot, you have to start somewhere, so that was not a bad thing. The second episode would be the only off world…err…umm I mean off ship excursion, which more or less completed the first episode, but the second episode could technically stand on its own, and be placed anywhere in the first season so far. The third episode took 2 hours, and honestly they could have done it in one hour… I almost wonder if the writers have limited new ideas. So far we have three potential episodes, and 5 hours of my time.

    I think what so many writers get so wrong about Sci-Fi fans is they believe we like the dark dismal abyss of space. Maybe there have been too many shows or movies that show space as this dark, dismal, miserable place. If you go there, SGU will not survive. I really do not want that, I do not know anyone that wants to watch a show without hope. It may not be “real science” or it may not be exciting to write, but I like fun, not depressing. Honestly I want something my wife would like to watch with me, maybe even my kids could watch, without the worry of some lame sex scene, and does not always appear that they are darting into a dark abyss with no escape, and never appears to resolve itself.

    As I think about it, the original Star Trek franchise was a great example of positive outlooks of the future, and it really stood the test of time. As did TNG which was another franchise that gave us hope into the future. You can even find those shows still in syndication if you look. Now try to look to the darker “DS9″ which I have not seen a single show since it went off the air way back when. Enterprise I think was a waste of my time, it too was dark and shrouded. In my recollection I have honestly seen a Voyager episode or two, but I kind of liked that show too. I think the original early SG1′s will probably have a good following, there were some positive elements, as it was not all doom and gloom. So far, they need some more positive elements, that is my take. I think what writers are seeing is the single episodes that were really dark, say in TNG have had a lot of popularity, like the episodes with the Borg. Ultimately I do not want that, we do not mind an exception, but not to make it a rule every week.

    One another note, I do not personally mind a cliff hanger between seasons, but when you start to leave me hanging every week, I WILL eventually lose interest. Personally they need to make episodes stand on their own. I believe it should be to the point that you could watch several episodes in random order and not really know otherwise. Granted there will be some character development, but it should not be so ingrained into the story that all you have is character development.

    My last point is for the writers, and the future of the show. There also has to be some development of the ship. So far I have nothing, they are only doing damage control. Unfortunately that is getting really old… really quick. Let them start to repair this thing and start to control their “destiny” to some degree. These people have to get out of the engineering section. I have no interest in watching these people being a slave to this ship for 5 or 6 or 7 years. That’s not my idea of a good plot on any level. Let these people start to develop and take control of their future, sooner rather than later. I am not interested in a ship that is going to be a slave master for the entire series, unfortunately so far that is all I have seen. I can only hope there is more, if you do not start to develop positivly then this show will fare no better than Firefly…

  13. GREAT ANOLOGY the people are slave to the ship. Nothing positive has happened in the hours of viewing this series. They have people on the ship that appear to be completely “stupid” with regard to any information concerning the ancients. There is not one epidsode that can stand on it’s own merits and the character of Dr. Rush is getting a little grating. There will not be any changes in this year of SGU because of of the scence (including the useless sex ones) have all been filmed. I do think I will be around to see the full 20-epidisodes because it’s getting rather boring.

  14. SG-1 and SGA both had great characters and chemistry, they also avoided taking themselves to seriously and I think that was what made them truly great shows. SGU or Stargate Gilligans Island is way to serious and the premise is so lame, a galactic scavenger hunt? come on you can do better than that.
    The SG franchise has a huge following but I fear this show is doomed, it has none of the charm of SG-1 and SGA, they could kill off any of these characters and I wouldn’t even care. Anybody remember Star Trek Enterprise??? It killed the Star Trek Franchise just like this show will kill the SG franchise.

    P.S. I actually liked Star Trek Enterprise which is more than I can say for this show.

  15. SGU is the most disappointing Stargate series. There is really nothing positive or entertaining about this sex driven, constant whimpering and crying, going nowhere, doing nothing, quarrelsome, poor story-line, poor acting, 42-minute show. Chemistry between characters is totally lacking. Who cast this production? It doesn’t matter whether it’s Earth, Light or Darkness, it has been done poorly and boringly. SG1 and SGA was great .. Why would SYFY MGM put their money into SGU? I watch hoping it would change but after this many epidsodes, and all have been filmed, it’s time to quit watching it’s not going to get better. This show is a filler for a time-slot that was once great (bring back STARGATE SG1 and STARGATE ATLANTIS). I rate this show SGU a “F”

  16. boring, but I am still trying to watch. I don’t think SiFi guys are writing the scripts. I think the show has been either NBC’ed or the independent film crowd has control. Most of the characters are petty and irradiating. The back and fourth between earth drama and the ship further slows down the plot such that an hour is not enough time to develop interest. They need to disable the stones for a while and develop the plot on the ship and lighten things up.

  17. Well, my love affair with STARGATE ended last night with the 11-20-2009 epidsode of SGU. This show is so far adrift than just in space. There is no plot, there is no story, there is no acting, the photographer has the shakes and needs to stop drining on the job, the acting is in the basement. I have better things to do with my time than waste another minute on SGU. I am writing to MGM, SYFY/SCIFI, the producers, the director (question if he really can direct), the writers (they are boring). SGU was not a well-thought out production. They didn’t even get the new found chair correctly. Nothing was down-loaded in McNeill’S BRAIN from the chair. Since I wouldn’t watch it over and over again like I did SGA and SG1, they have lost on the sell of DVD’s also. There is no need for sex in this show and definitely not the lisbian scene. SGU is ROCK BOTTOM rating of “F-minus”

  18. There is no saving this show, at least we have lots good re-runs to enjoy. In fact I bet if they just aired re-runs of SG-1 in this time slot the ratings would be better.

  19. SGU is definitely more into the rich character tapestry of LOST (flash backs) and BSG gritty detailed stories as opposed to the quippy fun most classic SG fans are used to.

    This show is clearly, obviously colored in the direction of capturing the BSG demographic.

    I feel bad for the classic SG fans that were looking for their old quippy style of story telling.

  20. I totally agree, the differnce is BSG and Lost are both great shows.

  21. Take one empty space ship, add 3 dozen cardboard cut-out characters that do nothing but argue, sprinkle it with pointless “handycam” biography moments, set it a dark, depressing background and add the odd lesbian love scene and you’ve got a top rated sci-fi show, right?
    WRONG!How the producers of this show expected fans of Atlantis to like this show is beyond me. I’ve struggled through the first 9 episodes hoping that it will improve but when I found myself willing the ship to crash into that sun to put an end to the depressing show, I gave up. The only episode I found mildly entertaining was the killer alien worm one, but even that was a pale reflection on the success of Atlantis and SG1. Someone compared this show to a cross
    between Star Trek Voyager and Atlantis. To me, that’s an insult to both shows! Bring back the imaginative aliens, improve the characters and dump the pointless soft porn scenes and we may get a show worth watching.

  22. Stargate Universe has no relation to the prior shows. Not sure who the director and writers are, but this is not a show worth watching. I tried through the first four or five episodes and couldn’t keep watching. It is space travelers on PMS and a soap opera combined. Nothing compared to the more inspiring and interesting scripts and even generally good messages of SGI and Atlantis.

  23. You comments are right on the money. Please dump this show and bring something back that has the style and feel of the former shows. And get rid of the soft-porn romances.

  24. Last night’s episode was the best so far. Half the crew are having a heated argument about who left the light on in the bathroom when the camera cuts to an all-out orgy in the shuttle bay for no apparent reason. Amazing! I still don’t know where they found that inflatable doll. Can’t wait for next week’s episode. Maybe we’ll get treated to some full-on nudity. I read on the net that the Playboy Channel are writing the scripts for season 2! Wonder what that would do to the ratings?

  25. Watched the first 5 episodes and I’m done with this series. It’s garbage. I can’t believe how bad it is. All the above posters said the same things I wanted to write.. no story… stupid sex scenes, gilligan’s island, no story, bleh bleh bleh. How sad for the proud franchise of SG to wind up with this nonsense.