Stargate Universe Premiere Overnight Rating Numbers

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stargate universe july poster 00 Stargate Universe Premiere Overnight Rating Numbers

We’ve been discussing our experiences about the Stargate Universe premiere in our review and discussion thread on Friday’s episode and I’ve been enjoying the different perspectives and thoughts on the premiere..

Now, we finally have some ratings numbers for the newest chapter in the Stargate franchise and they prove interesting at best.

Stargate Universe overnight numbers drew in just over 2.3 million viewers, helping the newly renamed Syfy network continue its trend of hitting worthy ratings numbers for a …  for cable outlets.

From these estimated 2.3 million viewers, 1.1 million viewers were adults 18-49.  That’s less than half of the estimated total viewers out there that are between 18-49.  That leaves a lot of numbers outside that bracket!

What has been noted is that this premiere was the best performing Stargate franchise season premiere since the 2nd season of Stargate Atlantis in 2005.

I found it interesting that in the Syfy press release, they tossed out there that SGU’s 2.3 million viewer numbers beat out Dollhouse’s 2.1 million viewers for Friday night.  As it stands, the 2.3 million mark from Stargate Universe (Starring Robert Carlyle) overshadowed previous premieres of Stargate SG-1′s 10th season & Stargate Atlantis 3rd, 4th & 5th season premieres.  Of course, those were continuation premieres of established series’ as opposed to this being a brand new chapter for the franchise.

My presumption is that these premiere numbers for SGU included franchise fans and new, curious fans.  Now, we wait and see how the show does in holding those 2 million viewers over the next several weeks.

Source: TV By The Numbers

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  1. Everyone keeps mentioning BSG but does not one person agree with my seeing it as a remake of Star Trek Voyage? Instead of the Voyager Crew and the Marqui having to work together as a team you have a SG Millitary and a Civillian crew having to work together.

  2. @Kahless:

    I agree, Carter certainly is a “hot babe.” But I’d add that at first she was just really good-looking, but what made her truly “hot” was Amanda Tapping’s excellent acting. No window-dressing can compare to applied talent, and passion for one’s character.


    Yeah. I guess I was a bit harsh on these, newest SG kids, and I pray they do “find their groove” soon. The Russian winter is approaching here in Moscow, and I’d like a GOOD Stargate series to warm my geeky brain!

  3. This is totally different then Stargate and Atlantis, a bunch of people stuck on a ship. Most of them are not even qualify for this kind of mission. Dark and gloomy has space should be. Ok the gamer is a little bit extreme but it still feels real. Can’t wait to see who will be the main enemies. I like it, I definitely giving this show a chance.

  4. Minaurous,
    Yes, I thought of Voyager.
    but the tone felt like BSG.
    Plus, the lead character is a scientist nobody completely trusts(Ala Gaius Baltar.)

  5. Vic I enjoyed your comment and compareison of Indianna Jone 6, very well put!

    Scifi Can have sex and violence, we dont need graphic depictions of it, I like a story with romance and love interests, but we dont need all the graphic details of the characters lives, People get shot and die, but we dont need the bloody scenes with blood ozzing all over.

    I was not bothered by the nude scene in the SG1 opener, nore did I see a need for it. I had friends who were bothered by it, and would not watch again, And the sg1 was very good and never had another nude scene.

    Needless scenes of graphic sex & violence turn people off and drive off potential fans.

    I was really hoping for a gate I could enjoy, clearly this an’t it. I may watch again, but I dealry miss SG1 and Atlantis.

    Either show could return, I really thought the cast change in SG1 was pulled off very well and could continue watching them, even if Tealc and Danial and Carter evntually were droped and or replaced.

    Ben Bowder and Claudia Black, Mr Bridges did a great job with season 9 and 10!

  6. Minauros

    Yes I see it as Voyager/Lost In Space/90210/BG

    I think that Gate Franchise may have hit the same roadblock that Trek Franchise hit on TV, not fan fatiuge as TPTB would have you think, but Producer/Director/Writer Fatiuge, and the new Trek movie proved it, get new director new writers and its a hit, I was so turned off by the thought of a new cast, that I was not going to go see it, but I did and wow I was blown away, I am 51 this is the firat movie I have seen more than once at the big screen sine 1977 star wars which I went to 3 time, STAR TREK was a new personal record, I went 4 times and loved it every time, can’t wait for the Nov 7th release to DVD! JJ went back to what TOS was excellent story, excellent cast interplay good acting, which is what SG1 and Atlantis had!

  7. Very disappointed in SGU! I absolutely agree with the BSG comments (I never liked that show personally). I would also add that SGU reminded me a lot of Lost Season 1/2 with the plot and the initial character establishment. SGU may be very realistic and ‘true to life’, but I personally prefer my sci-fi to consist of pure escapism, fantasy and action rather than just dark character interplays which just happen to occur in space. Bring back SGA!

  8. I hate the battle star gal. dark feeling. I watched every one of star trek, everyone of sg1, atlantis, voyager but how about a little light instead of darkness. It feels good to win and not that earthlings are dark and gloomy as the enemity. Will try a few more, hold the sex scenes, Are the writers young at it or ???,,,jimyson1

  9. @David James :

    The writers aren’t “young,” IMHO, but are testing the waters, seeing where they can make a buck. That’s fine with me, as long as they cough up a good show, eventually! :)

  10. you know it’s interesting that Brian mentions the heavy promotion of SGU before the premier. I was on the fence until I read an interview of Michael Shanks (Dr. Jackson from SG-1) where he practially begs people to watch the premier. It reminded me of a “Feed the Children” commercial in writing. I felt obligated. I had to – at least – give the SGU premier a try.

    Well, I watched it and didn’t like it. Now I’m hearing that it’s a 3-parter for the premier, and I only saw the first 2 parts, so I should watch the 3rd before I can have a “real opinion” of the show. I might give it another try, but I’m thinking no right now. But, maybe it will get better. I’m not sure.

  11. Dr. Jackson character would make much better lead character than the guy they picked, this reminds me of SG-1 during a writers strike or severe boredom with the show or for what ever reason the show became very predictable and boring LOL they even tried spicing it up with a dumb puppet show thou the gate episode, it got better the nest season but it seemed it was all over but came back for 1 or 2 more seasons. This series seem to be on a shoe string budget, not so special effects and the only actors I recognized were from SG-1 except Lou Diamond Philips. Did they just go low budget in hiring entire cast? Hmmm I think this show will be luck to make it even 1 entire season!

  12. I totally disagree with the bad comments of the show.

    I got bored with SG1 and Atlantis followed the same path. I feel SGU has taken the battlestar route and gone for a moody feel…and it paid off!

    I thought the first episode of this was great, makes me actually want to watch a stargate series now.

    Shoe string budget?? I thought It looked great! and Robert Carlyle was great

  13. I saw the second half of the pilot again, just to see if I didn’t give this show a fair shake. And guess what? I still didn’t like it very much. Sure, it had some appeal but the show was boring most of the time. I think they should abandon the BSG feel and lighten up a bit more.

  14. RJ

    RE: Buget?

    Yep its all about money, and how they can make more of it, with a new show they can hire a new cast lock their pay checks in for 2 to 7 years with a contract, as a series becomes a hit if not locked in to a salary, the actors want more and deservidly so, after all if the show makes money, it is because of the skill of everyone involved, so all deserve to share more of the profits, but the studios like to keep as much of the profit as they can.
    Atlantis was 5 years old, and was doing well, so it was raise time (actors also like to move on), MGM how can we avoid paying more? Writers pitch a new Idea for a show that costs much less (did this in season 3 of Atlantis), so MGM cancels Atlantis and the very next day Green lights Universe, They had to of made this desicion the same day at the same meeting, thats why the announments came one day after the other.
    Any studio only cares about the fan to the point if they can make big money on them. That why the last minit change to include 3 SG1 actors, in a feebal attempt to keep the old fans, it is clear that money is the issue because of the extreamly small cameos.

    MGM I dare you to prove me wrong, YOU can by bringing back either SG1 with Ben Bowder and the newer cast, or Bring Back Atlantis.

    We know the actors like to move on, and thats understood, but the transition with SG1 was great, and could have continued, eventually replacing Tealc and Danial and Carter when needed, even Ben Bowder when he felt a need for a change, look at ER what 14 or 15 years? SG1 if done well could easly go on, in the season finally we got the Asgard knowledge, and havent even scratched the surface of it!!!

    New Show “Stargate SGC” (The StaGate Command was a rumored name in season 8 to 9 transistion)
    Takes up after the season 10 finally with the same cast, which utilizes the Asgard Knowledge, 1st episode Carter had found a referance to an Asgard ship yard, on a planet in a distant galaxy, that was abandion prior to the replicator threat, so SG1 mounts a mission to see if it still exists, dialing of the gate failed, 8th cheveron wont lock, so with the Asgard engines fully activated on the ship the Asgard had installed the data base on, they travel to the planet, find it intact, along with 2 partially built Asgaurd ships! Repair the gate and contact earth, becomes an earth outpost to manufacture ships for earth! Lots more details could be added. The first season can explore with out having to fight an enimie, just some good adventure, whats new in the universe, make alliances with other people, build up a strong space ship fleet, with more involvment of the nations of earth, can even find an occasionall rouge Asgard, or system gould who is trying to build power.
    I would like to see episode 200 remade and focus on a trek parody only for the whole show, that would be a hoot!

    Well anyway, later from a real gate fan, to other gate fans accept no subsitutes or copy cat shows (Like Universe) insist on the real thing! O

  15. Well thought out comments if you ask me, but I must say the 2nd week started to look like it was getting on track.

    I’ve written a 2nd article on the following week’s episode and things are looking up.

    As soon as it goes live, (not sure when that will be) we can chime in there.


  16. I did tune in and watched air part 3, aside from a dark and depressing feel to the show (which I cant stand!), it seams like they are covering to much info in each story, dont think I will watch any more, if the show happens to hit the lottery and is still here next year, I can always check back then, (as I did not discover Macgyver untill reruns, WoW what a good show how did I miss it in first run?) mean time I am going to send my 2 cents worth to MGM and SyFy, Am still mad as h… at the cancellation of a great show (Atlantis) to make room for this (in my opinion) Train Wreck, Later BC

  17. The writers of SGU needs to shape up. I am really disapointed with the series so far. Where did all the humor and sarcasm go. The fat kid is not funny at all. Hopefully there will be som new actors that can contribute to this series soon otherwise it will go down the drain.

  18. I never was a huge Stargate fan, but I checked the pilot out just to see how it was. The premise is ok but the use of the communication stones is lame. Why don’t they just lose those things now so they can totally be cut off from home? That way it makes for a more dramatic storyline. I don’t get why the quick 1 minute sex scene would bother anyone. It’s not like they showed anything and really this is not a show meant for kids. Anyway the ending of Air part 3 was ok except for the annoying song at the end. They need to keep that stuff off of the show. Other than that I think they need to speed it up a little bit on the storyline or people will quickly get bored. Where’s the alien encounters etc? Get it moving people!

  19. pancho says: “the communication stones is lame.”

    You mean like using transporter technology copying “Star Trek” lame or all the alien spacecraft incidents near Earth that have been in the previous decade of “Stargate-x” episodes? I mean at any given time across the globe amateur astronomers are scanning the skies. I hazard a guess at least numbering in the hundreds. The German society numbers 209 alone with around 50 that operate professional observatories.

    since exploiting Quantum entanglement might be possible it makes for Science Fiction grist equal to warp drive and certainly as probable as a matter information transfer and integration machine i.e. a teleporter. The purpose of course is to facilitate guest appearances to boost ratings.

    Perhaps they are listening about science complaints, they at least did a chemical test that’s conventional by todays standards, testing the soils for suitable filtering properties for use in the ships air recycler. If they did just one real bit of science a week it would be a better show than more than half of what’s on SYFY now. Maybe even half of what’s on TV. Despite its faults I’d support a show that shows more real science…

  20. I had to make myself stay awake hoping that something interesting would happen. Stretching out dramatice scenes to make up 90 percent of the show made me feel like pulling my teeth out for entertainment. If I wanted to watch that kind of drama, I would watch soap operas. I have loved the Stargate franchise up to now and I, like many who boosted those viewer ratings for the premiere, was hoping for a little more Sci-Fi. Someone asked about the “fat kid”–he looks like he may be related to the Deluise family that has been involved with the Stargate series. I don’t know–just curious if he is. I thought he was one of the more interesting characters–even if his character did seem a bit like a high school version of Rodney from the Atlantis series.
    Anyway, I hope the series gets better. I understand that new things have to be tried, but if something works well–as in the SG1 and Atlantis series’ style–don’t fix it.

  21. Hell… i thought Stargate U was kinda entertaining. some of the characters i hated RIGHT away! and they must kill them as fast as possible.

    But im happy as long as there is a stargate series out there.
    and im gonna keep watching just cause i love the series

  22. I watched the first premiere, and it honestly sucked, i hated the acting and the plot easily resembled Star trek. And to top it all off It’s not funny. Now I also never really liked Stargate until I stumbled upon Stargate Atlantis. The first time I watched it was in the middle of the second season, Wow is all I can say, The way they left you hanging, the acting was Amazing, and the plot owned. I’m now a Die Hard Stargate Atlantis Fan, and now it’s gone, I don’t want this crap, I want SGA.


  23. Syfy & MGM dropped SGA for this !?

    SGU is horrible. Comparing it to BSG and Voyager is an insult to those shows, because BSG had a very good start until they jumped the shark after S2, but still kept quality acting and writing, and ST:Voy had some excellent sci-fi moments.
    SGU is a soap opera with a spaceship and a stargate as excuses to attract sci-fi fans. It is boring at best.
    Bring SGA or/and SG-1 back before you lose all your viewership! Until then you have certainly lost this one and an avid DVD purchaser as well. :-(

  24. Considering the fact that I did not like Star Trek: Voyager, Battle Star Galatica, or Lost. It’s no suprise that I don’t really care much for Stargate: Universe.

    You know I really liked Star Trek a lot. Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: TNG, and Enterprise I liked. A lot of people did not like Enterprise, and while the captian could have been better which was the only real downfall I seen with it, I think it just came out way to late, I think Enterprise would have been better if it took DS9′s place.

    Stargate Universe, just reminds me too much of all the shows that I did not ever like. DS9, Voyager, Lost, BSG, I could not stand any of those shows. I actually forced myself to watch them just to see if they would be good, but they all sucked.

    Now, here they go trying to do the same thing with Stargate that they did with Star Trek. They made to many different shows trying to get the thing to appeal to more and more different types of people.

    The reason that it don’t work very well is Sci-Fi Fans are a very “Clichey” group of people. They are usually “Geeks” and “Fanboys”. It’s extremelly hard to get something over on them. They will hold your feet to the fire, on every account of what you try to do. Give them something that they don’t like and they will hate you forever. They are very unforgiving.

    With that said I’ve been trying to decide what is actually missing from the show? What is the real reason that this show is not “Clicking” with me? I was haveing a super hard time putting my finger on it. Till someone said this:

    ["But the show itself seemed to be missing something that made the other two series a stargate series. I’m guessing it’s the science here. I mean there are no real scientist this time with the exception of Dr. Nicholas Rush and even he doesn’t seem to be a very good one and not likeable at that."]

    I believe this is it. I think this is excatly what i’m so sorley upset about. There is no science in the show, or at least not the science that I want. My favorite character in SG-1 was Dainel Jackson. My favorite character in SGA was Dr. Rodney Mckay. This Dr. Rush guy…not so much.

    So aside from the fact that the show resembels other shows that I never liked. The main reason is that the science guy is pissing me off.

    These two things combined have a really bad taste in my mouth for the show already.

    The sex scene?… Yeah it really had no place. Not only does it intrude on a family’s viewing experence. There just was not any explanition for the scene to even be in the show. I mean we could have at least gotten one of their favorite flashbacks, to explain their relationship a bit. Or, was that is, just spur of the moment hot monkey love? Lets get it on like drunk monkeys? Maybe they should have had that song playing “Let’s get it on”.

    Still yet, I could easily over look the Sex Scene, it really was not that big of a deal. I’m an adult and I can handle it. But, I totally see where everyone else is comeing from. And, I must side with them. They do not want their 8 year old children seeing that type of stuff. This is the very reason that “Devout” churches preach against T.V. I mean did that scene pull that many ratings? Probably not. In fact in the long run it probably ran a few away. So, why not just leave the scene out guys?

    I’m not so easily “Paid Off” with the Hot Super Model Cast members in Skin tight Outfits, with large amounts of Cleavage showing. As some of the otherwise, horny toad perverts of the world may be. Reason being is because if I want to be “Aroused” by watching the other sex, hell Y-Tube offers up a whole lot of this for free at the click of a mouse. Not to mention the ungodly amount of other internet sites that I can get my fix for such things.

    While Eye candy is good I will agree. It’s not the deciding factor in my watching a show. And, seeing a magazine cover promoting the only two good reasons to watch SGU, really puts a big frown on my face.

    Sorry guys, if you can’t get it together, i’ll find something else better to watch/read.

  25. SGU=BSG. And since I refused to watch BSG as I generally prefer a minimum of overblown Drama (capital ‘D’) in my life I will cheerfully take a pass at this crap too. I WILL be turning the channel and the PVR will not be set. (Yes I watched the damn premier.)

    As for “Why the hate?” They killed SGA so they could attract a “younger, hipper audience”. All they did was allienate a loyal audience for an inferior knockoff.

    I am also bitter that the SGA movie we were promised is being shuffled off to limbo land as the producers try valiantly to convince the Stargate fans who (like myself) have watched and enjoyed SG1 and SGA for fifteen years to embrace this sh*t.

  26. After watching the first three episodes, I have to say I am really not impressed. The show is soooooo slow, lacks direction, and the quality of acting really leaves something to be desired. I was excited by the hype, and now it’s time to let the stargate franchise die. Welcome to Star Trek Voyager, a la Stargate.

  27. Hey Copenhagen What did you think about “Enterprise’s” ways of addressing technology that’s prior to TOS? Didn’t it seem a little strange they were using pushbutton doors for example, while we’re using auto open doors all over the place today? I think their were a lot of missed opportunities to tell stories that would have made the whole “Enterprise” series much better and at the core of these are the way things got bas akwards on technology issues? They could have made up a whole line of thinking about the idea of duotronics, for example, and how it was slow to come to fruition and how deep space travel for humanity was problematic, because cosmic radiation ate away at stuff. They explored some of that with the expanse stories but they were reluctant or unable to make the right choices in writing good Science Fiction in these veins. Doing that is considered in some circles, a dead or dieing art. Don’t know how you feel about such issues, but I thought it detracted from “Enterprise as much as it was a mistake to take so much of the cowboy out of the Captain’s role.

    I’m trying not to look like a big defender of this new series. I see a-lot that’s not up to scratch. This fourth episode though did leave me with some impressions that weren’t as apparent in the first three. I don’t think this Scientist, Dr. Rush is evil or bad just misunderstood. He seems to be coming across as a double analytical, unlike McKay, Jackson, or Carter, even Baltar all who had expressive sides to their characters. This guy has more in common with Mr. Spock or a Dr. Oppenheimer with perhaps as the other science character said at the end a Mozart like arrogance/madness.

    One of the things this Stargate series might do is make you work. Your not going to be able to strip mine this series you going to have to dig!

  28. As the article indicates, many franchise fans and some new fans tuned in to watch SGU. Over on the Gateworld web site, there are heated debates on the longevity of SGU based upon the 3 part pilot and 1st episode titled Darkness.

    While the actors of SGU and the publicity agents for SGU all say that SGU is totally different from previous franchise series, that SGU a character drama, chock full of intellectual intrigue that requires thinking, and give it a chance, the negative reaction to SGU as boring, slow, lacking an understandable plot from franchise fans indicates that SGU will reflect in a continuing drop in viewers over the coming weeks and months.

    I don’t see MGM and SyFy renewing SGU for another season based upon the negative reaction from franchise fans and some BSG/Lost/Heros viewers.

  29. Anonymous Exec

    It would not surprise me if they pull it before the 10th episode airs, it will be no loss.

    I did watch the first 2 weeks, and cannot bear anymore.

    If MGM & SyFy want to fix this mess, all they have to do is bring either SG1 or Atlantis back, and stick to what works, the old saying goes if it an’t broke dont fix it.

    There is still a huge amount of story left in either SG1 or Atlantis, the city was huge and still has much exploration, and it rarely had 3 ZPMs the knowledge to build more is in the cities data base, They could make them power the star drive up and move the city several times a year, each time a new adventure.

    The Asgard knowledge also is a vast area for discovery and exploration.

    The possibilities for either Sg1 or Atlantis are endless!