Stargate Universe Premiere Overnight Rating Numbers

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stargate universe july poster 00 Stargate Universe Premiere Overnight Rating Numbers

We’ve been discussing our experiences about the Stargate Universe premiere in our review and discussion thread on Friday’s episode and I’ve been enjoying the different perspectives and thoughts on the premiere..

Now, we finally have some ratings numbers for the newest chapter in the Stargate franchise and they prove interesting at best.

Stargate Universe overnight numbers drew in just over 2.3 million viewers, helping the newly renamed Syfy network continue its trend of hitting worthy ratings numbers for a …  for cable outlets.

From these estimated 2.3 million viewers, 1.1 million viewers were adults 18-49.  That’s less than half of the estimated total viewers out there that are between 18-49.  That leaves a lot of numbers outside that bracket!

What has been noted is that this premiere was the best performing Stargate franchise season premiere since the 2nd season of Stargate Atlantis in 2005.

I found it interesting that in the Syfy press release, they tossed out there that SGU’s 2.3 million viewer numbers beat out Dollhouse’s 2.1 million viewers for Friday night.  As it stands, the 2.3 million mark from Stargate Universe (Starring Robert Carlyle) overshadowed previous premieres of Stargate SG-1′s 10th season & Stargate Atlantis 3rd, 4th & 5th season premieres.  Of course, those were continuation premieres of established series’ as opposed to this being a brand new chapter for the franchise.

My presumption is that these premiere numbers for SGU included franchise fans and new, curious fans.  Now, we wait and see how the show does in holding those 2 million viewers over the next several weeks.

Source: TV By The Numbers

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  1. I was looking forward to a more intelligent production, a departure if you will from the previous series, that would take Star Gate to a new level delivering thought provoking stories and awesome effects – yet maintaining the “I can share this with my family” atmosphere. A dream that has been dashed by the children producing this show that feel it is a badge of honor to have slipped in a couple having sex on national television and getting away with it. You can dismiss this concern as just some old prude or you can come to realize that this type of behavior has sent many a “new” show to the dump because decent people that never voice their objections simply quit watching scared to death of what might be presented next that will have to be explained to their children. No matter how good the effects, it’s just not worth the risk … Rick Anderson said in one of his interviews that all he had to do was present a program full of good Christian-Judeo values to explain the franchises success. It’s a shame the new series and its producers and directors have taken no stock in these values. A mistake, dare I say of biblical proportions. And you’ll be scratching your heads wondering “why did everyone quit watching our show.” It’s pretty bad when a dad has to tell his children they can’t watch their favorite show because the people making it have lost their way. As for me – thanks but no thanks – you can keep it.

  2. I hope the numbers shrink fast and hard .
    That might force SyFy to inject some HUMOR and FUN into the show before its too late .

  3. Great ANOTHER Stargate series. What’s next? Stargate Galaxy.

  4. I decided to watch the premere, it was the train wreck that I expected from seeing the promos! The sex scene was not needed and totally uncalled for!!!

    We do not need dark and depressing shows like this one, as they just feed the minds of perverts, and the violently inclined of our society!

    I will not watch it again. If MGM and SyFy want me back as a viewer, they can cancell this trash, and bring back one of the shows that made this franchise.

    I would love more SG1 with the new cast of seasons 9-10, as well as with as many of the old who would come back as cameos or regulars. There are plenty of good stories to tell, especially with the newly acquired Asgaurd Knowledge.

    We dont need is the porno flick stargate Voyager 90210! May it die a quick death!

    From a SG1 & Atlantis fan, as I am no longer a Gate fan!

  5. I haven’t seen the show, is it really that bad?

  6. “I haven’t seen the show, is it really that bad?”

    I suggest you watch for yourself. Asking here isn’t a good idea considering how many people are up in arms about the ‘sex’ scene that took all of 20 seconds and wasn’t nearly as graphic as Share’s full frontal in the original ‘Children of the Gods’.

    I really enjoyed it. I think it will be the best incarnation of Stargate yet, it certainly (IMO) has the best cast and effects. It’s more adult, but that’s OK for people who can handle it. Like I said, the best way is to watch it yourself as there are people on either side of the spectrum. I’m hardly unbiased myself :D

  7. Huggybear,It was basically Battlestar Galactica set in the Stargate universe .
    And it wasnt very fun at all.

  8. I’m confused… U guys liked Battlestar… what’s so bad about a show trying to have the same type of feeling? Let’s face it having the same old stories gets a bit boring so at least now there’s a whole new way of going about it…

  9. “I’m confused… U guys liked Battlestar… what’s so bad about a show trying to have the same type of feeling? Let’s face it having the same old stories gets a bit boring so at least now there’s a whole new way of going about it…”

    Good post. Plus, next week they start exploring with the Stargate again. Stargate + darker elements = win IMO. Stargate, as a concept, is fantastic.

    In regards to humor, I saw funny moments. I actually laughed out loud Eli holding his breath before entering the Stargate, and I liked Chloe downing all the wine when her dad started giving his speech. Oh, and Eli running for cover when Scott came in chasing the KINO. I liked that as well :D Sure, there’s not as much humor as there was in SG-1 and SGA, but you know what? That would be stupid. Their situation doesn’t really allow for it, not yet. I’m surprised we got as much as we did.

    To me, it’s more like Lost anyway. Especially with those flashbacks at the beginning. The situation is actually closer to Lost than BSG. I’m not denying that there’s some BSG elements, but to me they’re more in terms of shooting style. It’s seems to me like the character interaction will be more like Lost. Either way, I love both those shows, so I don’t care if it takes some elements from them :)

  10. I wanted to see Stargate Universe just for the sake of curiosity…As I suspected it’s another recruitment ad for tha Air Force. I was disappointed by the sex scene by the way. This is a show about space travel not Lt. hot to trot and his conquest. I also am severly disappointed about the head scientist his name escapes me. He is to Gaius Baltar without the humor. He comes off as slimy and untrustworthy. The other thing that ticks me off is the guy being kidnapped and using his mothers illness as a form off blackmail to drag him into this scenario all because he beat a video game? Sounds like K.G.B. instead of U.S.A. The cameos of o’neil and carter were the only bright spots in an otherwise flop. Now if you don’t mind I have this overwhelming urge to join the Air Force…

  11. Judeo-Christian Values, Sci-fi, and storytelling

    So, anyone read the Bible lately? So much sex and violence, it’d be banned by most who espouse ‘Judeo-Christian values’ in North America today. Is any of this condoned within the pages of the Bible? Some yes, some no. Widespread slaughter by invading zealots in the name of their god and people? No problem. Lot’s daughters seducing him and attempting to get pregnant by their father after watching their city destroyed, mother turned into a pillar of salt, and themselves being offered for gang-raping by their neighbors so that Lot could protect the angels that god had sent to him to warn of the impending doom of Sodom? No real judgement there.

    The point is, sex and violence have been a part of virtually _every_ important story that humanity treasures. Last I checked, the Bible gets handed out to children all the time.

    And how would this become a child’s ‘favorite show’ if the rating is ‘TV 14′?

    BSG showed us that it was possible to use television sci-fi to produce compelling, interesting, praiseworthy art. This is so rare on television; I can appreciate that the producers of the saccharine SG franchise have decided to emulate something of this approach. In the past, they have made the mistake of attempting to copy successes without capturing the essence of what made those earlier efforts work. If they do the same thing with SGU, it’ll take the promise of the premiere and turn it into formulaic garbage as has happened too often in the past. However, if they work a little at it, and allow writers and actors to pursue the promise of this premiere, I think that they’ve got a shot at doing something worthwhile with a brilliant concept.

    Might I suggest that they make a purposeful end to it at some point in the future, though? Anything will pall once the formula becomes self-perpetuating.

  12. Sorry everyone but this show is not for me. I own all 10 seasons of SG-1, and I liked SGA. I was never a fan of Battlestar. It was so dark and depressing. If you look at the cast of the new SGU you can see each of the main players from BTG. It must have the same writers. I most likely will not be watching the new series. Sorry SyFy – but you lost me on this one.

  13. I gave the SGU premier a chance for the “character interaction” that they touted, and it was a mess. All of the mechanical anger and angst with manufactured conflict for me is a no-go. They promoted the show as one about the “characters,” but I don’t like any of the characters so far. Too many of them are personality hodge-podges of other characters from different shows that I frankly liked better.

    Plus there were a lot of things that didn’t make sense that took me out of the plot of the story, like someone being addicted to blood thinners, which to my knowledge are not addictive. Some characters were well thought out, while others were just there as gratuitous stereotypes.

    I’m still with the opinion that they should’ve worked on bettering Atlantis, and kept it on the air. I hope they do well with the Atlantis and SG-1 movies.

  14. I just had a glance of Jimmy Roger’s review, and I respectfully disagree. Atlantis is my favorite out of the 3 series so far. I really liked those characters, especially from the first few seasons.

  15. You guys with the “get over it” attitude on the totally different vibe of the show (and yes, the sex scene) are missing the point. If you tuned in to BSG you KNEW what you were getting – but here, this is the equivalent of making Indiana Jones 6 and including an explicit sex scene with Harrison Ford grinding on some babe up against the wall with his pants down – and afterward the whole film is dark and brooding. People weren’t expecting it and it is Stargate in name only (and use of the gate) IMHO.


  16. Great job team SGU loved every moment of it. Dont let the critism get to you this is definitely takes star gate into a whole new dirction which tends to terrify most people. Cant wait till next week.

  17. This pilot had its moments, but all in all, it’s quite weak.

    None of the characters is interesting, except perhaps for the feeble attempt at the “I-Have-My-Own-Agenda” Doctor, who would have been truly interesting if he hadn’t been already introduced WHEN MY DAD WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL watching Lost In Space. That’s like 50 years ago.

    This attempt at a new Stargate series is a bad “mash-up marketing” foray, with none of the demographic-targeting ploys hitting their targets. Oh wow, the “Nerdy-But-Personable Gamer” goes into space, after figuring out a video game, and saves the day? I can SO relate. Especially after “The Last Starfighter” (1980-something, whatever.)

    Every plot “twist” is so heavy-handed, that it makes me think that the writers were baked off their butts, drinking margaritas on a beach, and giggling to each other as they texted each other the proposed dialog.

    Cutscenes with a boring spaceship flyby every 10 minutes do not make for an interesting show.

    Gee! We’re running out of air! Extremely original! Very exciting, very sci-fi!

    The only way I see this new series succeeding is if they hire REAL writers. The other SGs were cheesy at times, I do admit, but they gave us a sense of the immensity of reality. And for some ironic reason, the stunted writing of this series does ANYTHING but give us that sense.

    Hint To Writers and Directors: Instead of just showing us on a cheap graph where the ship is (oh, so far, far away!), bring forth that meaning in your production. Oh, I’m sorry, you misplaced the budget. Enjoy your margaritas.

    And also, there’s a difference between hiring edgy, no-name actors, and poorly-prepared, questionably-talented actors. In this pilot, nobody does an interesting job.

    I swear, I’ve watched this twice, and the only person’s name I remember is Eli.

    I’m not even going to mention the direction nor the editing. (shudder)

    HOWEVER, some SF shows require a bit of time to “click.” Although my first impulse would be to curse the blatantly demographic-grubbing sub-producers (they failed), I will give Stargate:Universe a chance.

  18. To me SGU was more like watching the train wreck that was called Star Trek Voyage only in this case the people were sent to the ship instead of along with the ship. Same plot lines as in STV meaning the ship is damaged and they need to track down places to repair or get stuff they need. Dr. Rush does seem alot like Gaius from BSG and that character seems to have been over done in many shows before this one. I was really hoping that SGU would be the Atlantis crew trying to the Atlantis city and the people natice to the Pegasus Galaxy back home with the possibillity of Wraith attacks and such along the way. I was really disapointed with the premier and do not plan to watch future episodes.

  19. I have to agree I was very disappointed with Stargate Universe. So dark and gloomy. Its what eventually made me stop watching BSG.


    A bunch of characters we don’t even know we can trust and I am not prepared to relate to any of them yet.

    Why haven’t they dialled earth yet? They give some very poor excuses. They were dialling, then they stopped and the ship dialled a planet for them to get supplies.

    A failsafe that couldn’t close the shuttle doors unless someone was inside. What sort of failsafe is that? One that makes sure someone dies?

    Eli a computer gamer, who is now some form of scientist helping on an ancient starship? This is a pretty big jump to get over.

    The only humor I laughed at was when general o’neil says he will beam you up to his spaceship. Everything else was rather bleak.

    What was with the mind crystals (sorry forgot their actual names). That appeared in briefly, says that dr nash is in charge then no one actually gets them and tries it for themseleves? It disappears out of the story with no questioning.

    And then the solider that was in detention but now isn’t. His character is going to be predicatable. He has a stupid attitude and will do something to harm the ship and its people soon enough. He irritates me already and will just add to some more bleak plots.

    There are so many other plot holes I could probably spend most of the day writing them here. But I will give SGU another several episodes (maybe the first season) to see if it redeems itself. Maybe some future episodes will cover these plot holes.

    Though this may be the very first time in the SG franchise, I will switch off.

  20. I’m a big fan of the original SG1 and Atlantis series. So with that said, here’s what I thought of SGU:

    I was a bit disappointed. The story was great enough to get me hooked in wanting to know what will happen next with these characters. But what was really disappointing was the style and tone of the show. It became painfully obvious the series was trying to imitate the Galactica series. The sometimes-shaky-sometimes-hidden camera shots were really annoying and I feel does not help with telling a story. (I was also always annoyed about it when BSG aired) I wasn’t bothered much by the sex scene but I did find that it had no place in the story. It really seemed like it was purposely added to attract horny teenagers or something :-p

    But the show itself seemed to be missing something that made the other two series a stargate series. I’m guessing it’s the science here. I mean there are no real scientist this time with the exception of Dr. Nicholas Rush and even he doesn’t seem to be a very good one and not likeable at that.

  21. How appropriate that SGU started out with some underachiever playing a video game. The Show IS a video game! It will be released Christmas 2010 for X-box or PlayStation. Rated M.

  22. Geez, not picking up the hate vibe so prevalent here.

    As I mentioned in the first article, the premier was far from perfect, but for me it’s positives outweighed the negatives and got me interested in enough of the characters to keep going with it for now.

  23. @DreadMerlot

    You’re right, I’ve made the mistake of judging a new series based off the pilot alone – It can take a few episodes for it to find its groove. I wrote off Sarah Connor Chronicles after the pilot but the rest of the first season turned out to be quite good.


  24. I think it’s funny how they spin those numbers. I guess they won’t say that SGU’s is the lowest premiere since since Flash Gordon, or that Stargate Atlantis premiered with 4.2 Million viewers. Even if the Live+7 comes into play with another 700,000 to 800,000 viewers it will still be a million short of SGA’s premiere. I also think it’s interesting how SGA was cancelled and their last rating was a 1.5 HH rating with about 2.1 Million viewers. So SGA was cancelled to get another 200,000 viewers?

    There is no way to spin it. A 1.7 HH rating with 2.3 Million viewers is not a good start for a hyped up heavily promoted series premiere. SGA got a fraction of the promotion and advertisement and still managed to drum up decent ratings.

  25. I was a little peeved at the sex scene but it didn’t ruin the show for me. Disappointing it was but so was Star Trek: TNG on it’s premiere. This show does have a BSG feel and they may have to rethink doing it this way. The beginning of the episode, with what looked like Ga’uld ships attacking, was pretty good but the scenes on the ship were not as impressive as the other 2 SG shows. Someone mentioned before the lack of ubber-scientists; I had that feeling as well. In SG1, we had Jackson, in SGA we had MacKay, but here, we have this doctor who has no real personality. I will continue to watch, hoping it gets better, but the premiere was not very promising.

  26. Well, SG-1 also had Carter as the ubber-scientist, hot babe. :-)

  27. Look at the picture and at the top of these comments and see some of the problem. These people are standing very much within their own space. They are not a team yet. Will they ever become one? We’ll see. Not an exiciting group on the up front and yes it is too BSG for my taste. I loved the people in that show but preferred not to watch it for all it’s darkness. Why was there a sex scene? Was it to cover the lack of imagination and science in this show. Show a few body parts and maybe no one will notice a short story line. By the way the acting was not bad. Hope for better on the show to come. I’m not ready to give up yet.