Stargate Universe Premiere Overnight Rating Numbers

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stargate universe july poster 00 Stargate Universe Premiere Overnight Rating Numbers

We’ve been discussing our experiences about the Stargate Universe premiere in our review and discussion thread on Friday’s episode and I’ve been enjoying the different perspectives and thoughts on the premiere..

Now, we finally have some ratings numbers for the newest chapter in the Stargate franchise and they prove interesting at best.

Stargate Universe overnight numbers drew in just over 2.3 million viewers, helping the newly renamed Syfy network continue its trend of hitting worthy ratings numbers for a …  for cable outlets.

From these estimated 2.3 million viewers, 1.1 million viewers were adults 18-49.  That’s less than half of the estimated total viewers out there that are between 18-49.  That leaves a lot of numbers outside that bracket!

What has been noted is that this premiere was the best performing Stargate franchise season premiere since the 2nd season of Stargate Atlantis in 2005.

I found it interesting that in the Syfy press release, they tossed out there that SGU’s 2.3 million viewer numbers beat out Dollhouse’s 2.1 million viewers for Friday night.  As it stands, the 2.3 million mark from Stargate Universe (Starring Robert Carlyle) overshadowed previous premieres of Stargate SG-1′s 10th season & Stargate Atlantis 3rd, 4th & 5th season premieres.  Of course, those were continuation premieres of established series’ as opposed to this being a brand new chapter for the franchise.

My presumption is that these premiere numbers for SGU included franchise fans and new, curious fans.  Now, we wait and see how the show does in holding those 2 million viewers over the next several weeks.

Source: TV By The Numbers

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  1. What Stargate Universe should have been!
    Exploring the Gate Universe!

    To put it simple “Gate of the week”
    Made up of 12 episodes of SG1 and 12 Episodes of Atlantis. Rotate every other week.
    With one spin off attempt each year to test the waters for a replacement series when needed, and when needed 4 or 6 episodes of a replacement show in a given year, and mix it in with the rotation of SG1 and Atlantis, when time for a replacement.

    Some Episodes for year one of SGC Unless otherwise noted episodes are 1 hour.

    1. SG1: (2 hour) Old Asgard out post discovered with an underground base, a ship building Facility with 2 partially built ships!

    2. Atlantis: (2 hour) Takes up where series left off at earth, with 2,000 people mostly scientists,occuping the,city. It becomes a fully functional with the discovery of how to build ZPMs in the citys data base, back to Pegasas to establish a base there, which will continue to utilize the chain of stargates.

    3. SG1: One of the Asgard ships is near completion, when a single replicator is discovered, is it alive? Are there More?

    4. Atlantis: Revisits the rouge Replicator’s Friend Or Foe? (more human than replicator, due to the virus Roddeny uploaded to them, with Dr Wier, Will they become allies in establishing a perminate base in pegasas?

    5. SG1: An Old Enemy thought to be gone forever returns…….. A Clone or the real Mcoy? Not Ball But _________?, Baal had him cloned, to double the pain!

    6. Atlantis: The planet that had the sister city ship to Atlantis is re-visited, and found that the wrath had wiped out all inhabitants of the planet, no survivors, the city is found to be in better condition that previously thought, and becomes the main base for earths presence in this galaxy, after eleminating the wrath outpost.

    7. Spin off attempt #1 (2hr) Alternate Possibilities, Premise#1. each week past episodes of SG1 and or Atlantis are retold, in a parallel universe. Premise #2. Using the mirror device SG7 exploers a different alternate reality each week.

    These are just a few ideas off the cuff, there are still a lot of new stories to tell, also a lot of stories touched on in past episodes that could be expanded on, Meeting the Furlings, Getting to know the Nox better, over 300 past episodes to tap and enlarge on!

    Just a Gate Fans 2 cents worth!

  2. Amanda Tapping, Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge are, from my understanding, not available for any commitment to an extended series. Trying to bring back SG1 or SGA is similar to trying to bring back Firefly. As Nathon Fallon said, “Ain’t ever going to happen”.

    Since the second season hasn’t been shot yet nor has MGM, SyFy execs given the go ahead to shot a second season, changes in format for the second season can be made. While there will be less empahsis on character drama, I expect that there will be more “action” and more mythology/history as well that was the success of SG1 and in the first 1 1/2 seasons of SGA still with the “gritty” character drama SyFy hopes will attract critical acclaim and non franchise viewers.

  3. Anonymous Exec

    Thanks for the reply, SG1 could continue with Ben Bowder & Claudia Black, and only 1 or 2 origanal members the first year.

    If cast members are not interested in returning, then the present Universe will kill the franchise on TV, may be best to let the gate franchise die, I hate to say that as much as I love SG1 and Atlantis, but Universe sucks, and I have no desire to watch it anymore.

    Rumors are begining to fly about Trek returning to TV, If this happens that may satisfy our needs for a Good weekly scifi series!

  4. SG1 really can not be resurected. The Ark of Truth completed the Ori story arc and Continuum completed the Goa’uld story arc with the death of the System Lord Ba’al. Continuum’s ending kept the Stargate story continuing which is why the movie was titled Continuum but not with SG1.

    Stargate Atlantis had many problems with their character drama stories which led to viewer rejection of the series. The first critical change was making the origins of the Wraiths, Alterans, bitten by a bug with their DNA changed where the Alterans were changed into Wraiths. This directly conflicted with what the female Alteran in the holo room gave the SGA team the history of what happened to them. This was done to give the character Dr. Becket a major role in the stories and was done for the Michael story arc. As the Alteran said in the holoroom, they came to Pegasus Galaxy and encountered the Wraith, a race that rivaled them.

    From there the series stories suffered from a lack of credibility with the viewers. Franchise fans, used to SG1 not using ancient technology, baffling even the countries top scientists, rejected SGA seemingly easy use of it. An aspect the writers felt viewers would overlook in favor of character drama. This resulted in viewer backlash against the character Rodney McKay and later the resurrected Dr. Beckett. All resulting in the series being cancelled after the 5th season.

    The return of Atlantis to Earth is where the storyline for SGU is derived from. It is the study of Atlantis and the information in the Atlantis database, by the scientists that the knowledge of a 9th chevron, the seeder ships and “Destiny” as well as what these ships are for is learned. The Alterans quest for Ascension and how they studied the evolutionary path of life towards Ascension.

    This is where the Stargate Franchise sits right now. SGU is really about a scientist’s quest for answers to the fundamental questions of life that brought them to the Destiny ship with a unwittingly and reluctant group. The writers had hoped that the character stories about the individuals on Destiny with the series story arc backdrop of the Alterans of quest of Ascension through the understanding the evolutionary path of life. Character drama of the conflicts between a diverse group of people who stand on the deck of a ship which seeks the answers to fundamental question of life and though that Ascension [which is supposed to be the same conflicts encountered in earths many and varied religions beliefs of what path if the right path to Enlightenment and Ascension].

    SGU imo, failed to make clear to viewers, that this is what SGU is all about thus the viewers can watch that story unfold through character drama and want to watch where the writers take us as that story unfolds.

  5. All press releases billed sg1 going out on top, and the same for atlantis!

    Thats why the majority of fans were outraged at both cancelations, Atlantis was doing very well, and was cancelled to make room for the pet project Universe, Aug 20th 2009 Atlantis cancellation, Aug21st 2008 Universe green lit.

    Either show could come back, but when Universe dies, I think MGM will let the franchise die.

    Sg1 had a contract for season 10 and 11, both years were renewed at the same time at the end of season 9, but SG1 was cancelled after 10th season, a huge fan campaign insued, after a few weeks we were promised 2 to 3 direct to dvd movies a year, with the first 2 to come out summer & fall 2007, we did not get either one till 2008, and none since, by now we should have had 6 to 9 at the promised rate of 2 to 3 a year, 2007, 2008, 2009, and now 2010 looks empty as well, MGM just lied to the fans in an attempt to shut us up, inspite of how we have been treated, we would become loyal viewers again if either series was to return, otherwise the franchise is headed for death.

  6. Well tonight was episode four. Does the show strike out? No big deal how it ended. I think it was funny how the cast basically rated their own episode at the end! :) :)

  7. I loved all the Star Trek series, then along came the Stargate movie. I was so happy as were many others that they made a series SG-1. Ten seasons and was stronger than ever to me but along came Atlantis and I was slow to receive. Once I got used to it and the characters I began to enjoy it. Right when I am most into it bam, it’s gone and now SGU which like with Atlantis I will give a chance for a while. There is nothing else and I don’t want the whole thing going down a dark hole. jim

  8. Oops, I meant episode 5. Hey David James why didn’t you catch that? ;)

  9. If I understand Anonymous Exec we can look forward to more character drama and development and the adventure can be found in this aspect of the story line. Sounds like a soap opera in space to me and except for the run in with the star we were still watching character angst of the type found on soap operas and frankly they are the most boring things on tv. I do keep watching but it reminds me of a movie I watched when I was young. I didn’t like the movie but no one spoke in it. I kept watching it to see if any one ever said anything. I keep watching this to see if it might possibly have something good in it. If it is planned as a space opera especially one as dark as BSG I think I will have to give up.. By the way The star encounter was totally predictable. It was the outcome I figured would happen. I mean what else? It was an ancient’s ship and had been flying for thousands of years. Of course it would know how to regenerate itself. Someone said the science was what is missing from this show. Well, in part, yes, but where oh where is the wit and humour of sgl and to a lesser degree sga. There is no wit, no humour and not a lot of intellegence in this series. Ho hum. Hope it gets better before I forget where it is on my tv.

  10. I watched last night at 12pm I set the recorder for it, with SG1 and Atlantis I couldnt wait and always watched it live first run,

    I only watched to see if I guessed the show from the 30 second preview from last week, the ship headed for a star, disater was billed, but I immeadatly thought no just a solar recharge, yep I was spot on, the acting continues as weak and lame, lack of adventure. I cant even remember the preview for next week, so it must have been lame, I have deleted the weekly record command from my DVR. I think I am done with this show.

  11. Yah, just watched the latest episode, just as dumb as the rest of them so far… Should I bother to keep watching? Oh, decisions decisions…

  12. I suspect that the ship has an AI that learns. How much they allow it to learn will set the adventure value of the show. They could have went for some short term attention by leaving the shuttle behind. Perhaps upping the drama as the star ship crew tried to make it go back. But they’ve chose to leave the audience in the dark a little longer as to how much control these people have over the ship and their lives. As you say Brenda the story is getting soapy. They risk one sector of the audience to try to interest another. Keeping people waiting for this show to payoff is kind of selfish. Maybe it would be better to let it go and watch it on rerun? Bruce will keep everyone clued in as long as we keep coming to ScreenRant right??

  13. Yes, this show is realy boring. I have also watched all SG1 and Atlantis and I don’t like this Stargate release. I wish to watch SG:Atlantis (Stargate: Extinction) movie instead. They should cancel Universe series and do continue Atlantis or do some more actionfull series in Stargate world.

  14. If they brought Sg1 back we wouldn’t like it (at least not at first) because it wouldn’t be the show we know and love. I’m not sure about Atlantis but if the actors changed drastically it would be the same story. WE can’t help comparing that which is with what was and since we loved those shows they are hard act to follow. So we have one most of us agree misses the mark. It’s boring us to death. But could it be good? Could the mad Doctor get over himself and start teaching others what he knows of the ancients and maybe let others have a little input on things.
    The kid is obviously a lazy genius. Could he be sparked to actually do more. Although I must say he has done the most so far. He hasn’t learned yet the balls are probalbly the intellegence gatherers for the ship and once they have gathered all their intellegence the ship will start doing what it needs to make the inhabitants comfortable and find places for them to explore. WE can hope they put the personal drama as secondary to the action that we know is going to happen when they start finding places to explore. SG1 had lots of personal drama it just didn’t dominate the story lines. Maybe they could find on one of their stops a person to bring life to the party. Claudia Black helped a lot After Richard Dean Anderson left. While the other actors were really great they just didn’t have that spark and she helped revive that. Cut the drama and start the action. We’re bored out here in viewer land. Save our Gate World.

  15. I’m going to give this show a little more time. They need to get rid of this BSG feel, IMHO, and have Eli do more genius stuff. Maybe they can have some episodes about other ships that have malfunctioned and had some type of identity crisis or something. This soap-opera crap is going to loose me if they keep it up.

  16. I did not watch last week, I have quit, as I was not entertained by the show, SG1 and Atlantis were very adventurous and fun, I miss that in the franchise.

  17. This show is amazingly boring. Star Gate is going down the drain.

  18. I will never watch the scifi channel again until SGA or SG1 is brought back PERIOD!!!

  19. This is an bad project, bad story line..For one thing it should be called destiny because it is more about that old gloomy ship and they hardly use the stargate..The characters are whinny with no real substance..The characters don’t clilck together and sex and shower scenes and watching people exercise does not equal a good series and under scores the achievements of the first two SG series.. Hope they make a series true to the Stargate name…

  20. I’m liking the series so far. I stopped watching Atlantis because they just made everything too easy-let the genius save everybody. It actually became a parody of itself in my opinion. This series is being more realistic-I refuse to believe that one can simply gate to a ship & figure out how to operate it instantly. Figuring out the shuttle was really pushing it.

    That being said, I don’t think they can continue the frentic intense tone indefinitely. BSG couldn’t. I don’t see the series lasting beyond 3 seasons without a change in pace.

    But regarding the time loop show, is it just me or did they screw up by having the team find anything other than the orb? As I understand the plot, the orb is the only thing that should’ve done the time loop, so there shouldn’t have been a skull or bodies (seen in the video). Of course, I was well into a bottle of wine when I was watching this, so perhaps I’m wrong.

  21. I’ve stop watching this soft porn soap opera. I am a sucker for science fiction, but this one is so non-sci-fi and boring (boring even as a soap) that I have to give up watching.

  22. Hey guys,

    i’m really sad what they did with the sg-franchise.
    i can assure everyone that millions of sg fans worldwide are furious over this crappy turn syfy has called for.

    please come over to and express your doubts and your anger. sign our petition, it’s worth it.

    thx for reading!!

  23. I wish they would cancel SGU already and just make the Atlantis Extinction movie.

    To be honest, I don’t think that is ever going to happen.

  24. I agree with you Sam, but the rumor is that with the next SG1 & Atlantis movies they will be tieing in SGU into the plot and story line in a big way, in an attempt to force feed the old fans, the producers seem to think that if they put crap out there and keep it out there, that the fans will eventually eat it up.

    I will watch witch ever movie come out first, and if they tie in SGU I will be quiting the franchise completely!

  25. I loved both SG1 and SGA, however SGA became sooo corny sometimes. Reminded me of, gasp, Eureka at times! I did enjoy it though. Even bought the DVD’s for all SG1 and SGA. I think the show has drifted since it first started. What was once a very imaginable setting, has turned into a corny joke. Some of Atlantis was Amazing but then there was the Filler episodes that were completely stupid. None the less, I think its BS they had to cancel it to have a “budget” to create SGU. They have the money! The viewers would have ensured that. I don’t see how these two separate series (considering SGU’s situation) would have conflicted story wise. I think they killed SGA because they are moving forward with a different approach, which I have to admit I like.

    SGU is great!! Freakin LOVE IT, can’t wait till April 2010 when its back on. Its dark, gritty, stuff DOESNT magically go right, characters that you come to know actually die, unlike John Smith the soldier, and some people are actually unhappy because there is no magical McKay to rewire the ships computer. Thats realistic! Yes I wish there was a little bit more action in the first few episodes but I am having faith they are gaining momentum. I feel as though the show has matured and I don’t really give a crap about the 18yr old audience. They were born around the time the SG movie started it all lol. I’m 28 btw not that it matters.

    I consider it this way: SG1=Batman1, Atlantis=Batman2, SGU=Batman Begins. Think about it, happy ever after stories and cars driving on the side of buildings was nicely replaced by bridge jumpers and real ninjas… hello! lol

    Its a nice fresh restart of a great story that started to get a little cheesy don’t you think? Do you? Do…you? But anyways I also can’t wait for the SGA Extinction movie, hope IMDB isnt lying to me ;)

    Long Live SGU!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ok, its not SG1 and SGA thank goodness, those two shows got so darn boring. It was like here we have an enemy we cant possibly beat but we always do. On SGU you get so much more than most people will admit for one thing it does make you think. Unlike STA where it was the same show every week with just a slight twist. SGA or SG1 were like Bewitched in plot lines, same thing every week it was lets have some stupid problem and and fix it last minute and save the day over and over and over and over and over again. On SGU you never know whats going to happen making that part of the fun.