Stargate Universe Discussion: ‘Air’ Part 3

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This is a short follow up to the second  episode of Stargate Universe (SGU). The 2-hour premiere of SGU was counted as 2 episodes. That’s why last night’s (Friday, October 10th) episode, ‘Air’, is noted as part 3.

Without much character development needed in this episode after what was established in the premiere, the story moved forward and I found the pace of this episode a bit easier and more enjoyable to follow.

If people came back to give the show a second chance, I think they will be pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the episode this week and thought it was much more engaging and worth my while.

There are some form of SPOILERS following the break, so be warned.

Stargate Universe expounded on the use of the communication stones and it was odd trying to wrap your mind around the idea of the character we were seeing actually being in a different body. It looks like we will have ample opportunity to see the operations on Earth, if the creative forces behind the show do indeed employ the stones more often.

Though we know the crew only has 12 hours to go off-ship when the Destiny stops, I felt it was awful early on in the series to see how the teams will be constantly rushing against the clock.

Now tell me, if Dr. Rush had asked you to stick your arm in the event horizon in the hopes of engaging a safety feature of the ship, would you have just told him to do it himself? I’m just saying.

My new hero: Now tell me that Msgt Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) isn’t your new hero, the way he was kicking Dr. Rush around on the planet? LOL. Sure, he might be a little off his logic-rocker, but I’ll give him this one, for now.

I found it fascinating that when the Destiny drops out of FTL flight, it knows what Stargates are safe and not by locking out the dangerous addresses.  Though the crew found a work-around and it seems we lost 2 crew members as they disregarded the idea of a dangerous gate address.

We also have a new mystery of sorts to look forward to in Stargate Universe – Anyone notice the blue shuttle / ball / probe thingy launch itself off the ship while the Destiny was in FTL?  Any thoughts on what that was?  I have an idea but I’ll share later on in the comments!

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  1. Wow, how many comments. If the show was good, i bet there would be far less comments.

  2. I loved SG, although I faded when RDA went as I found something lacking. I got back into it during the Merlin escapades and then faded in and out, (hence why I also did not know about the Lucius alliance).

    I thought I would hate Atlantis but it really hit the spot with humour, action and fantastic characters. Plus I like the aspect of scifi where Human Nature prevails and we be the best we can be – I’ve always thought it was the best message of scifi.

    SGU is more real life, edgy characters out for their own with the occasional naive character who still strives to be good amongst it all. I don’t want real life – News is real life.

    I want to escape. Given that I was still giving SGU a fair shot and I am still on the fence. The basic story is good and has piqued my curiosity which is the main reason I will be tuning in tonight to watch it on SKYONE UK.

    The other reason is Eli who someone seems to have let slip by as he is a perfect SG character. I keep waiting for them to realise he would be perfect on SGA and kill him off.

    Carlyle: Think he’s schizophrenic. One minute he’s angry, then hes crying alone in his quarters, then he’s impatient and fine, then he’s a soft spot and weally weally cares deep down inside. **rolls eyes** Think the man is off the wall crazy.

    Like Scott (second in command). Like trigger happy anger guy (even if he should be restrained somehow). Like willhedie wonthedie the commander. Like senators daughter – although she fades from good to unbelievable. Everyone else? Use em to plug the leaks for all I care. Everything just seemed flat, found it hard to concentrate and hard to care.

    I will keep watching and everyone tells me that ep3 makes the difference so I will wait and see. I will tune in again… for now but I would rather watch SGA anytime.

    Most people seem to say the same. They are watching because there is no other choice, nothing else to take its place. Is that really a good enough to keep it on the air?? It needs to get better, and fast. Meanwhile I will be watching…. and waiting to climb off the fence – I just don’t know which side yet.


  3. @Mirth

    SGU isn’t real life, none of them responds to anything the way a real human would, it’s like if everyone’s in a contest to be more melodramatic than the other…

  4. @Ken J
    *Gasp* You mean there is NO stargate *GASP*
    LOL – Only kidding.

    I meant to say that they are *trying* to show a truer side of human nature, the darker side as people believe the fluffy we will survive if we stick together is not believable…. which they have a point but I still like it anyway.


  5. gee I dunno Todd, maybe because there is a difference between a dry lake bed, a beach and sand dunes? If the kino is sent up from where the stargate is and then turned in a circle you think that they might be able to orient on something? Then maybe someone stays at the gate and provides directions. If the radios don’t work, it can be used as a guide.

  6. I hear you MIRTH!

    It’s amazing how people, in interesting or stressful scenario’s barely see the other person’s side of things so they can only deal with or express their own self-guided perspectives to getting through some situations.

    So this darker, self centered kind of characterizations may very well be quite close to how people could react to being stranded on an alien spaceship far from family, home and other loved ones, but because they have to demonstrate it via their consistent portrayals, may seem off-kilter or overkill.

    I guess that’s why it may seem or feel more melodramatic… they’re not quite hitting the subtle tones of the characters stressors.

    This was just a thought, as my fingers think this out. (Really, my brain is up here going, “huh?”)

  7. @Bruce Simmons
    Feel free to waffle. I do my best thinking during my waffles. *grin*

    Yeah, darker more selfish side. The soldiers should act differently because they are taught to ignore their own thoughts for those of a higher ranking officer.

    Just keep thinking that half the crew are still sat in the gate room on boxes so who knows what possible love hate characters we have in there.

    Watched ep3 tonight and it was way better than the premier. Of course it left me with a list of curiosity questions to make me tune in again next week. I think I’m finally onto thier plan… a little to late as curiosity turned on now.

    Keep thinking of the fable of the arabian princess who read stories to her husband – leaving the ending for the next night so he wouldnt have her beheaded at dawn.


  8. @Ken J:

    Did the expedition group bring water with them? Yes

    Was there an actual lake, oasis, ocean, or some other body of water that the expedition group encountered? No, or not that I can recall.

    Did the expedition group encounter water while on the trip? Yes.

    A soldier appeared to be on verge of death, face down in the sand, baking to death in the heat, and thinking about his adopted father who was a priest.

    If I recall correctly, a dust devil appeared and then water came up from the ground just below his face. I assume it was the weight of his head broke the calcium carbonate / limestone seal or the dust devil helped.

  9. @piratedan

    At the end the radios did not work and Msgt Greer had to run. So your suggestion would not have worked.

    So you are telling me that sand being blown about would not cover a dried lake?

    So you are saying kinos would still be able to identify a dry lake covered with sand? How so?

  10. @Huggybear

    Ouch!! Someone (SGU writer) just got his or her feelings hurt!! Hahahaha!!!!

  11. @Todd-M

    I remember all that, but wasn’t sure what the camera panned to. It panned up to show that he was at the lake bed and I remember it looked different, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to see if there was an actual lake there or just a dried lake bed or if there was an actual lake. Either way, I know it looked different from the sand dunes around it.

    And I didn’t really notice any kind of sand storm, without an actual sand storm, a bird’s eye view can see for great distances in a desert. Just because there is a lot of sand doesn’t mean the view is automatically obstructed. Watch that Discovery/BBC documentary Planet Earth, they had plenty of aerial views in deserts and you can see for many many miles all the way out to the horizon.

    And nobody needed to relay information, Eli could have had the Kino hovering up high and used the PDA thing to see where they are going in relation to the Stargate and the dried lake bed, which I believe they could have spotted from the Stargate if they had a high enough viewpoint.

  12. @Todd-m

    ummm, dry lake beds aren’t covered with sand, they are bleached out cracked earth. The bonneville salt flats are a prime example of the type of geologic formation in case you need a reference. They would most likely be high in albedo and sunlight reflection, so they would be brighter than the sand dunes themselves most likely, based on the absence of shadows.

    Regardless, I don’t want to get too much deeper here, the writers chose to write the show the way that they did so they could introduce the alien life form in their fashion of choice. Fine, so be it. I’ll just stay away from the show.

  13. congrats on finding a show that you enjoy, I’ll keep looking.

  14. Three episodes of childish petty bickering is enough, I want sci-fi, action adventure, shoot em ups, car chases ect, not a soap opera. So far the series is a fail.

  15. Yup,I agree with Psy! I’m deleting the show from dvr schedule , didn’t even see an inkling of it getting better in fact i’m not sure but it might have been worse than before , all i know is it bored the snot out of me!

  16. Yah, I’m gonna watch one more episode, if they are going to continue with that crap, I’m just going to stop watching. Gonna get netflix to watch Stargate Atlantis, lol.

  17. I watched the first two episodes so far and i’m glad i recorded them on my DVR. At least i could FF through them. I despise stupidity in general and in movies/tv shows in particular. First of all, there is not one character in this show that i care about or for whom I have empathy. Secondly, the whole idea of sacrificing a life to save the others would have been ok if there hadn’t been a better alternate solution. Why didn’t one of those genius scientists modify one of the flying camera balls to enable them to push the button in the shuttle that would close the door so that no one had to die? It’s not like they only had 1! Stupidity like this in a “science” anything show is downright annoying. I may record it for a bit longer but only to fast forward through it in case anything interesting turns up. It seems like a combination of start trek and stargate to me so far. I seriously doubt i’ll stick with it.

  18. @ps

    LOL, I was thinking something similar, or just make a long stick and try to hit the button, or have someone throw a ball or something, lol.

  19. i only just found out about this new spinoff
    funny thing is alot of people were saying the same thing about Atlantis when it started and yes i was one of them but it got better and then enjoyable
    then take Stargate went so well for so long then they screwed up 9 enjoyable seasons with season 10 and then the movies after it so i guess it doesnt matter which series you watched it either sucks at the begining or sucks at the end

  20. I watched the series last night, Darkness. I have somewhat changed my mind about the bad neighborhood and the pod. The pod may not have been trouble.

    According to the show last night on Friday, October 16th, Density was lower on power. So there was a 12 hour time limit last week (on Friday, the 9th) was most likely so the ship could make it to the next destination. In the other stargate series, energy could be drawn from either gate or both gates to form a wormhole.

    Maybe Destiny locked out the other stargates because those gates would need Destiny to supply the power. Destiny did not have the power to spare. Whereas the gate on the desert plant had enough power to supply 100% of the energy needs.

    Since there at least two people with the name Todd and I am the newer person, I have updated my name.

  21. oops- In my above comment I meant the 10th doctor in regards to the Doctor Who show from the BBC. The 9th Doctor was ok but I did not enjoy his character as much as the 10th.

    And loved reading all of your comments!

  22. i have faith that ones the show is fully established: the caracters save themselfs and the ship ones and for all. the show will get better, it will be more about exploring the ship, learning more about the ancients and new technologies, for the moment a dont care for the drama pour i guess its not so useless, the caracters did just teleport several billion lightyears from home without hope to comme back. that cals for drama does it not?

  23. @Jake

    Yep, I think the ship will go into the sun, but not crash into the sun. However, I have a feeling that going into the sun is how the ship gets its power and is able to fly around the Universe for several thousand years.

    I was thinking the exterior of the ship was covered or has several of those magic recharging pads that were being used to recharge flash lights.

    Gas giants are usually composed of methane, hydrogen, or helium. I was wondering did the ship collect any of those elements.

    My next thought was after the ship powers up by using the sun, will the ship have enough power to dial Earth once. If so, they could get some needed supplies and Col. Telford can stop using those stones!!!! Guess who gated aboard with some supplies. Hahahaha!!!! Talk about drama and conflict.

    I would love it if Atlantis was used as a one way trip to rescue the crew and then gets stranded due to the large amount of power used to travel several billion millions.

    Since the senator’s dead body is sitting in a shuttle with a busted window and exposed to space, will he get incinerated as the ship approaches the sun or was he crushed as the ship passed through the upper atmosphere of a gas giant? Hahahaha!!!!

    Will Chloe (the senator’s daughter) totally go nuts when she realizes her father is slowly becoming well done as the ship gets closer to the sun or her father was crushed in the atmosphere of the gas giant?

    Gosh, talk about a lack of respect for the dead.

    Will Chloe run to Lt. Scott (the military guy) or Eli (the MIT drop out) for comfort?

    The newer version of Dr. Who was great. Whatever happened to that show?

  24. @Preppy

    I agree that it looks like the ship is headed into the star to refuel and that the trip through the gas giant might be a part of the process. But if that turns out to be the case wouldn’t one of those genius scientists figure it out? And why take two episodes to get there? Character development? That type of development is not what kept me watching SG1 and Atlantis. The characters were developed through fun stories. Using character development as the story just makes it a snoozer to me. Especially with these whiners.

    So the next episode they will be scrambling to avoid hitting a star just to probably find out that getting close to the star is how they will be saved. Humorous yes, but not the type of humor I enjoy most through character interaction and reaction.

    And if they are short on “experts” can’t they just use the stones to get some help from Earth? Send Mckay there to fight it out with Rush. “Scientist fight, Scientist fight!” That is the issue I have with the stones. The same for medical help. If they need a real doctor they could just use the stones to put one in a less useful passengers body. So far the stones have been used for dramatic goodbye/”I love you” scenes. A real military leader would be sending people there to help the situation if possible. Instead they are just used when Destiny wants to report and to say goodbye? Not exactly right out of the mission oriented playbook so common in most military organizations. Are they really that dense? Maybe that is another reason we don’t seem to really like them yet.

    What’s next…using the stones for conjugal visits back home to visit wives/husbands/fiances so we can have more sex scenes. A crew member will say, “Whose body should I use when I go back? My wife always had a thing for so and so. Maybe he would like to visit the far end of the galaxy while I borrow his body for awhile.”

    Can’t wait for that use of the stones. Seems more likely at this point than anything obvious and useful.

    And for all the people thinking that these individuals are all disoriented because they have been flung across the universe, I don’t buy it. They were already quite far from home and I would hope that they thought it might be a little more dangerous than going on a transatlantic flight. Most of them were on the Icarus project and must have known the next gate address didn’t lead anywhere right around the corner. And if they die 100,000 light years from home or 2 billion what’s the difference?

    I have no intention on watching this show again right away. Might check it out in a month or so and see if it is still on. Maybe I am still irritated that they canceled a perfectly good show when they ditched SGA for this.

    I did like Alexi Murcoch’s song “Breath” at the end of Air 3. Not for the dramatic effect, but because it was a cool song. If the rest of the show was not way over dramatized I would have thought it was even ok as a mood device. Shows like Numb3rs use music to good effect in many scenes and often in the end scene too.

  25. Yikes – not the typo I wanted to make! Alexi Murdoch in my last post. Not how I spelled it.

  26. Did anyone notice the camera effect when Destiny started orbiting the blue giant? BSG all the way! I also agree with Preppy that the ship will probably use the sun as a power source, but like Jake said, why on earth would Russ not realize that if it’s so. One thing I remember most about Darkness was that hot babe that Eli had on the kino. YOWSA!! :-)