Stargate Universe Discussion: ‘Air’ Part 3

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This is a short follow up to the second  episode of Stargate Universe (SGU). The 2-hour premiere of SGU was counted as 2 episodes. That’s why last night’s (Friday, October 10th) episode, ‘Air’, is noted as part 3.

Without much character development needed in this episode after what was established in the premiere, the story moved forward and I found the pace of this episode a bit easier and more enjoyable to follow.

If people came back to give the show a second chance, I think they will be pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the episode this week and thought it was much more engaging and worth my while.

There are some form of SPOILERS following the break, so be warned.

Stargate Universe expounded on the use of the communication stones and it was odd trying to wrap your mind around the idea of the character we were seeing actually being in a different body. It looks like we will have ample opportunity to see the operations on Earth, if the creative forces behind the show do indeed employ the stones more often.

Though we know the crew only has 12 hours to go off-ship when the Destiny stops, I felt it was awful early on in the series to see how the teams will be constantly rushing against the clock.

Now tell me, if Dr. Rush had asked you to stick your arm in the event horizon in the hopes of engaging a safety feature of the ship, would you have just told him to do it himself? I’m just saying.

My new hero: Now tell me that Msgt Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) isn’t your new hero, the way he was kicking Dr. Rush around on the planet? LOL. Sure, he might be a little off his logic-rocker, but I’ll give him this one, for now.

I found it fascinating that when the Destiny drops out of FTL flight, it knows what Stargates are safe and not by locking out the dangerous addresses.  Though the crew found a work-around and it seems we lost 2 crew members as they disregarded the idea of a dangerous gate address.

We also have a new mystery of sorts to look forward to in Stargate Universe – Anyone notice the blue shuttle / ball / probe thingy launch itself off the ship while the Destiny was in FTL?  Any thoughts on what that was?  I have an idea but I’ll share later on in the comments!

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  1. Two things. I just find it funny that they now refer to hyper speed (or whatever they called it on SG1 or SGA) now as FTL. A very BSG thing. Not that I’m complaining, i just found that funny.

    And second, I wonder if we’ll get to find out what happened to the two who disregarded the warnings and went through the gate.

  2. But also, this was an improvement, but this was expected. Very few shows start off really well. I expect this series to get better as it grows.

  3. I found the episode to be a good pick up in pace, except for a few stretched out scenes of nothing but desert. I don’t know if I agree about bringing in the whole time limit too soon though, I think it was a good idea. Now they can figure out steps to make their trips run more efficiently, now that they realize just how quickly 12 hours can go. I wonder if we will be seeing that little “dust devil” again… So what is your idea on that pod? I have no clue…

  4. Reason Rush couldn’t put his arm in is because he’s on the end of an incoming wormhole and apart from radio waves, wormholes only allow for one way travel. If he wanted to do it, he’d have to call the planet and hold it open but the the travellers wouldn’t be able to come through. The only time there was ever 2 way travel was in the original movie I think. Otherwise its been one way only.

    Sorry to geek out on you so bad! lol

  5. And I agree, Greer is definitely gonna be an interesting character… I wonder how his inner demons are gonna effect his character later on…

  6. I don’t care for the FTL term, but in the pilot episode it was mentioned that the ship wasn’t using a known form of hyperspace travel, so I’m hoping that at some point they’ll determine exactly how the ship moves, and use that term instead of FTL. Since all interstellar travel we’ve seen in SG has been FTL, and this ship is capable of traveling far faster, maybe they’ll call it WFTL (Way Faster Than Light)… ;)

    What I find odd so far is the lack of radio use when going through the gate. The pilot showed this all too well, folks coming through way too fast despite being asked to slow it down (maybe if they hadn’t all been single file?), but now we have folks going through an unknown gate, and the 2nd one not bothering to radio the first and ask something like, ‘hey, how’s the air over there? Still alive?’, and maybe not make the mistake of stepping through into the unknown. And do these radios have a real limited range? Seems like a few times folks were just over the next dune, and didn’t answer.

    And I notice now the away teams are now all in fatigues, did someone carry through a huge crate of clothes during the evac instead of, I don’t know, food or medical supplies?

    Regarding the probe thing at the end detaching from the ship, I ran that through the freeze frame, looked like portholes on either side, like a small shuttle? Two thoughts, first, we know that seed ships went out to scatter stargates around the universe, maybe Destiny can do that also, and this was another gate being deployed? If so, there must be some sort of replication facility on the ship, which would end up being quite handy. My other thought is that it was a rescue pod of some type, maybe automatically going to pick up the stranded crew and return them, assuming they aren’t dead?

  7. it kind of bothered me that they wrote off the other two charaacters as if they were star trek redshirts. One was a scientist, yet no one is lamenting the loss of someone that was dispatched as part of the first “away team”. With Rush playing the complicated, yet misunderstood” crux character it made me wonder why they didn’t send down more remotes to explore the other areas of the planet and leave someone at the gate to play remore srangler. It seems like they have tools and yet deign not to use them. So I’m hvaing a bit of an issue reconciling these kinds of empty threads.

  8. The kinos do seem to have blindsided the writers a little, I’ll agree. Episode 1, the senator’s death made absolutely no sense, since they could have just duct-taped a pencil to a kino and sent it in to push the button. Sure, might taken a few tries, but they’d get the right button in the end. The problem seems to be that there’s no established limit to the number of kinos available to them (the “dispenser” was perhaps a bad idea. A shelf of them might have better established some practical limit), which makes them the only resource the crew apparently has in abundance. I think the writers are so set on the mood of scarcity that they’re using to define the series (and which I applaud; Atlantis failed because it attempted a frontier mentality but never really created any sense of limited resources) that they miss the obvious tricks that the kinos offer.

    They’ll work it out soon enough, and I’m willing to look past the flaws here. This series has the potential to succeed where Voyager failed in creating a real “on the edge” sci-fi survivalist epic. Also, Rush is awesome.

  9. Jim W. said: “we know that seed ships went out to scatter stargates around the universe, maybe Destiny can do that also, and this was another gate being deployed? If so, there must be some sort of replication facility on the ship, which would end up being quite handy”

    I like that, that would open up a whole lot of fun possibilities.

  10. I can’t stand the Greer character. I’m sure he’ll “grow” over the course of the series, but it’s pretty stupid to have a wild card and incredibly aggressive soldier running around like this, ESPECIALLY around civilians.

    I agree about introducing the “countdown clock” scenario so early on – hope they don’t overuse it. I’m still on the fence with this show.


  11. I understand they are fleshing out relationships on this show ,
    But we had almost 35 minutes of nonstop fighting .
    I would like to see camraderie develop between the characters.

  12. Folks, you may be surprised, but if you remember on the the sand planet, Air “3″, the dust devil was actually an alien life form.. When that dude who found the zink passed out, he was dreaming about the priest. Remember how he swirled out of existence.. It was doing a mind thing to him.. Also, note when the pod left, it displayed the same qualities as whirling sand thing on the planet when it took off.. I’m thinking it went to the ship to scope out weather the zink worked, and if that dude that got it was ok.. Just my hypothesis.

  13. I don’t understand the logic here. How is it “Stupid” to have a wild card aggressive soldier running about? This is a very realistic thing…as they were throw into this situation and can’t pick and chose who they have. And what difference does ity make if he’s around civilians? With limited soldiers you have to use everyone’s abilities. Such things get thrown out the window when its survival mode. There basiocally is no more “civilian & soldier”, everyone must step up to the plate and do it all….much like the General said…no one is really qualified for this work.
    Greer may be aggressive…but it sure seems like he gets the job done. He’s exactly who’d I’d want on missions…as long as he follows orders…which he has done for the LT so far.

    As far as the shuttle that detached…I just can’t even guess what will come of that at this point. Seed ship is a neat idea…though from interior of other shuttle we saw…they seem small. Either it’s computer controlled and off doing “something” or perhaps they aren’t alone on the ship?

  14. It’s stupid from the point of view that the man is a serious threat to others, that’s how. Dehydration in the desert and not sharing water, rifle butt to the back of the head for backtalking another soldier, putting a gun in the face of a civilian – and that was just this episode, not the series opener.


  15. I guess I am a diehard science, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and science fiction fan.

    I thought it was made somewhat clear about the ship’s speed.

    I assumed the ship was traveling on an early version of hyper space. The ship was created and sent out into the universe before the ancients developed and mastered the use of subspace travel (higher speeds of light speed travel).

    The probe thing at the end detaching from the ship – I assumed that was future trouble from a future hostile enemy or current hostile enemy.

    I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the 12 hour time limit. I assumed they were in a “bad part of town” or in “rough neighborhood” and that is why the other star gates were locked out. That probe detaching from the ship at the end was my confirmation of the “bad part of town” theory.

  16. Ya..and remember what kind of twit the Doctor is…he’s not 100% trust worthy and if your a soldier tasked with caring out a mission…your not going to give up your precious water to someone who you can’t turn your back on. They might drink it all and leave you to be screwed…which not only means your own safety is in danger but more importantly, the mission you are being counted on to carry out could be in jeopardized. But that’s something that a lot of civies don’t get. They don’t understand the ‘mission comes first’ mind set of military members. And also..they warned the doctor before hand to conserve his water…him using it it all up early on is his own fault. He could have shot the doctor really for trying to attack him and take his water. When your out on assignments as these…and your survival is in question…military are taking over…and just like in some past RL events in history….certain rights and privileges are then suspended because civilians don’t know what they heck they are doing and freak out and don’t keep cool minds…like we saw in this episode clearly. It may seem harsh how they acted but…its justified and needed to maintain order and achieve the goals which are bigger then any one person.

  17. GateGuru, I thought that dust devil was an ancient giving help.

  18. Uh, what? I thought Destiny was only a data gathering ship and a the ship the ancients were going to gate too. Not a stargate manufacturing ship.

    Even if the ship could manufacture star gates, the major problem is the power to travel to Earth or even a few galaxy closer to home.

  19. Now that I look at that shuttle again…it is different from the one the senator died in. And when it took off there was no visible docking hatch underneath it…so ya I’m thinking Todd is right and it may be unfriendlies hitching a ride with or keeping tabs on them.

  20. My interpretations are as follows:

    - The “air swirl” was an ascended ancient.
    - The pod that took off is the ship’s “retrieval” of the two stranded

    There is still much left to be unravelled about the ship itself, so I suspect the next episode will go more in-depth analysis with the mechanics of the ship.

  21. I also think the dust devil is an ancient. I find the use of the communication stones irritating. Sure they would let Senators daughter use one right away. The pod thing I have no clue. The scientist and soldier that went to the other planet are toast. I’m sure we will see them again but I bet they won’t be who or what they were when they left.

    This entire group is a wreck I can’t imagine any of the other SG’s having this much of a discipline problem. Only slightly better than the opening but this still bites so far for me.

  22. DrFunFrock says “Atlantis failed because it attempted a frontier mentality but never really created any sense of limited resources”

    Atlantis succeeded. And, there was a sense of scarcity. If you watched the seasons (especially the first few), they were constantly looking for new energy sources because the city was low on power. The McKay character even destroyed most of a solar system trying to get a new viable source of power for Atlantis.

    But, about the final installment of the premiere of BSG, I mean SGU… I watched it, and from now on, I’m going to pass.

  23. A few things that really bother me;

    1. In the pilot, was it Gho’uld ships that attacked them? Aren’t they all dead?

    2. In the last episode, why the hell didn’t they just send that little flying balls to scout around?

    3. What’s up with this senator guy? I mean, his death caused more “sad” scenes than SG-1′s death of Doctor Fraiser, and she was a much more important character than this guy who show’s up for 3 scenes and dies. Who cares? We never got to know the character, why “mourn” him for two episodes?

    Also, i read that the show wont have dominant villain alien races, like The Wraith or Gho’uld. Why? To make it less Sci-fi?

    All in all, i’m this close to giving up on the show. I’ll watch one more and that’s it.

    p.s. i asked my friend; “Have you seen the horrible suck that is Stargate Universe”, and he replied, “You mean Stargate babies?” :)

  24. @Huggybear

    1. There’s an alliance of aliens that use the Goa’uld ships now.

    2. The balls aren’t able to test the sand.

    3. I got nothing, and technically out of all the 3 hours his character got maybe 3 scenes in which his daughter delt with his death, not really that big of a deal.

    4. The lack of dominant alien threat. Like the creators have mentioned, they are going for a different vibe with the show.

  25. They couldn’t use the Kinos to scout for lime because they needed to do the acid-flask test to find it. Kinos can’t hold flasks.

    I assumed that that probe-thing at the end was just the holed shuttle that they’d detached.

    And to me, it looks like Destiny’s FTL engine is more similar to a warp drive. Perhaps, instead of diving down itself, the ship extends a field (like a hydrofoil) into hyperspace.

  26. But it would make sense to use Kinos to scout the area, to see if maybe there are some buildings or oasis or something other than desert around. If i end up on a strange alien planet, it would make perfect sense to me.

    Also, the Greer character is one of my favorites. That guy’s crazy. I like him :P

  27. @Mihovil: What sort of alliance is this? I was rather sketchy with following SG-1 and SGA, so, when did this happen? Who exactly is in this alliance?

    I have to admit this is really cool! They should introduce new cameo apps of Carter et. al. battling the alliance. Maybe by means of a character from SGU going there via the Ancient’s stones

    The sandstorm gal/guy was probably an Ancient, though I’d rather like it to be a sort of benign advanced race like the Nox.

    As for the probe, my sci-fi heart really hopes it IS a probe sent by some bad ass alien race local to that system. Something like the Peacekeepers in Farscape, but that’d just jeopardize the whole no dominant race goal.

  28. Just seen the first 2 episodes of Stargate Universe, definitely did not become an instant fan as I did with Stargate Atlantis. None of the characters had instant appeal, not sure if they ever will. While I can watch SG1 and SGA over and over again somehow SGU does not fall into this category. I am disappointed that the Stargate franchise has fallen into the current ‘dark sci-fi’ rut. They were doing so well with SGA!!!

  29. OK, I just watched both (all three??) episodes, and uh, don’t really like it… First of all, is it just me or do ALL of the younger actors SUCK?? The girl playing Chloe sucks, the guy playing Scott REALLY sucks, the guy playing Greer is annoying, the guy playing Eli sucks… WTF?? They couldn’t find one young actor who could act? I mean, really?

    And second, there were way too many times where they seemed to try WAY too hard to be edgy and dramatic. It’s never good when you can tell they are trying and it’s not just that it happens as part of the story. That whole airlock shuttle thing was so predictable and such a cliche.

    And lastly, there are way too many of those stupid music video segments, in case you don’t know what I mean, like in the end (Don’t forget to breathe, keep your head above water, blah blah blah blah blah…) It’s too much like a lot of these newer shows. I see it a lot in House, I love that show, and that’s one element I got used to on that show, but this is not Stargate at all…

    Bring back Stargate SG-1, the music in general sucked anyway, too much of that weird funky digital video game music…

    I don’t know, I’ll probably watch a few more episodes, but if they don’t pick up the pace and the people start acting like humans and less like a bunch of people playing the “who can be the biggest drama queen” game, then I’ll give it a shot…

    Just my opinion of course…

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