Stargate Universe Concept Art & (Weak?) Details

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I am a HUGE Stargate fan.

The original movie by Roland Emmerich starring Kurt Russell, Stargate SG-1, and even the slow-to-start Stargate Atlantis.

So it pains me to say that I do NOT like the description for the overall concept of the latest addition to the franchise: Stargate Universe.

According to the Sci Fi Channel:

“‘Stargate Universe’ centers on a simple reconnaissance mission that turns into a never-ending quest as a new crew of Stargate explorers gates onto the Destiny, an Ancient ship that is unable to return to Earth. They will travel to the far reaches of the universe, encountering new races, enemies and adventures.”

So we have yet another take on Lost in Space. They tried that with Star Trek: Voyager, and it was awful.

Now I do have faith in the team that has been bringing us Stargate since it started as a TV series. It is being executive-produced by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, who have steered and nurtured the franchise for about a dozen years – so they may be able to bring a fresh take to this concept.

And speaking of concepts, check out a piece of artwork from pre-production on the series:

Click on the image for more concept art from Stargate Universe

That is the bridge from one of the shuttles on the Destiny. Over at they also have concept art of a corridor, airlock and a ship’s console – all of which combine to give a feel for the overall design of the ship.

So what do you think? Hackneyed idea or will they be able to bring a new and interesting angle to the concept?

Stargate Universe will premiere Summer 2009 with a two hour pilot.


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  1. i would rather just see a sequel to the original film.

  2. Anything they do with stargate will probably turn out ok in the end. The part I don’t like is it will be next to impossible for them to work guest appearances in from the other two shows. (They will do it I’m sure, even if they are evil dopplegangers from a parallel dimension, or some other far-fetched idea)Or to intertwine the stories. Also, if they’re on a ship, it can’t return to earth…what does that have to do with shows namesake? The stargate?

  3. This brings up old memories. I still wonder from time to time what SG1 would have been like had James Spader crossed over from Emmerich’s film. It’s not like Spader’s career took some great leap since then, he’s doing tv now too.
    Shanks took the role and ran with it, no doubts, he has done a great job. We’ll never know.. So, they never get back to Earth in this one, but what about Atlantis? You can tell by the art above someone is trying to keep the organic look, which has persisted since Moebius and Geiger from the 70′s. Rather sketchy too. This is definitely early stuff and shows a level of uncertainty. It doesn’t tell us much and I don’t know if it’s because they’re not far along enough or not confident enough yet. They have a great chance to do what “Star Trek” hasn’t in years, and that’s call out to some of the best writers of the Genre and do what “Enterprise” didn’t.

  4. I’m a bit dissapointed. Seeming as its an Ancient ship, theyve changed the design a bit to much for my liking, i mean, in SG1 and Atlantis ncient buildings and outposts, have all followed the same baiic design, why change it.

  5. Star Trek Voyager was not awful, and it was an excellent story premise with an excellent cast, only the producers spoiled its potential.

  6. I have to admit, this isn’t thrilling to hear. The whole thing with Atlantis at first was that they would be stuck out there on their own.

    Does sound a crappy premise, but then I thought the same for Atlantis and even the original series. On this show they’ve managed to overcome that with likeable characters and a good sense of humour. I think they can do it again. I hope so.

  7. The execution on Voyager was terrible. Conflicting decisions by Janeway regarding the Prime Directive vs getting her crew home, the ship not deteriorating at ALL externally despite no where to go for maintenance for years in hostile territory, no long term planning in case the voyage DID take 60 years, characters who had their “balls” surgicially removed (Chakotay, Torres), etc., etc.


  8. Can’t go back to Earth? Despite all the advanced techno? Is this headed towards the Lost in Space angle?

    I can’t wait to see how they explain that one.

  9. While ST:VOY was far from perfect, it was still a decent show. It had lots of potential that was never fulfilled but in the end, they ended up with more than 50 really good episodes, more than DS9 had to offer IMHO…

  10. Yah, this is straying just too far from the original concept. I loved SG1 because originally, despite it being a sci-fi based show, it always boiled down to the boots on the ground, O’Neill, Carter, and the gang shooting their way out of a bad situation with real weapons and real bullets that kill. I’ve always hated all of those sci-fi shows with all of those energy based weapons, gunfights became cheesy light shows.

    And how even though they are travelling to other worlds, they are still the United States armed forces, Air Force mostly, but the Marines made their appearances many times as well.

    Even their large ships, like the Prometheus and the Daedalus, followed a typical progression of technology you see in real world battleships. The Prometheus is kind of shaped like an old WWII battleship, while the Daedalus is shaped like a new-age aircraft carrier.

    But with the focus shifting more and more about the Ancients, and then the introduction to the Ori, the show got more and more sci-fi, and now it’s some “organic” looking Ancient ship that can’t get back to earth??

    I don’t know about this. It is SO far from the original show, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to watch it…

    But being a huge Stargate SG1 fan, I’m willing to give it a chance. Hopefully it will surprise me, Haven’t had my Stargate fix in a while, lol.

  11. Also, how are they going to include a stargate if they are stuck on a ship?

  12. Wow, Vic, I am totally going to disagree with you on Voyager. I thought it was a great show, and except for a few bad episodes (which all the series had, even TNG), I thought the story was well played out. I tend to read all the Star Trek novels, so maybe the continuation of some of those stories in the novels has helped out. I also enjoyed DS9 immensely (except for Ferengi episodes!), so take that as you will.

    As for the new SG project, I say bring it on!! I just wish they weren’t cancelling Atlantis to make this….

  13. The problem with this concept is one of always moving forward. Introducing the new ‘forehead alien of the week’ for an episode coupled with the inability to re-visit aliens from popular episodes limits long-term story development. It also makes for expensive TV. Voyager suffered this so the Borg and Hirogen (to name but two) characters were introduced and revisited regularly. BSG overcame this by having the ‘rag-tag fleet’ – a ready made source of re-occurring characters, in Lost in Space the Jupiter 2 was ‘lost’ and had inferior technology compared to the re-occurring characters who visited regularly, Space: 1999 suffered the same problem and dealt with it poorly. Lost is a similar concept but provides an island seemingly overflowing with an ever expanding group of characters.

    On SG:U if the team cannot get back to Earth by Stargate (presumably a great deal of power is required to use the 9th chevron), then they could gate to worlds seeded with gates from the Destiny – traveling back and forward to the Destiny. That would probably mean that Destiny is a basic ship without hyperspace capability and therefore minimal power requirements.

    If anything, the producers are experienced to know the problems with the concept and how they are going to overcome them.

  14. I have to agree with Marcusg on his opinion of SG:U I think that they have the opportunity to make this into a huge success. The Idea is great. I am sure that the Ship is Programmed to go forth into the universe and spread the stargates around. If such is the case then going to earth would be silly, because as far as the ships computer would know Earth already has a Stargate. It may even know that Earth Has two. The Ship may have been given commands to prevent it from placing multiple Stargates on a single planet. If this is the case then it makes perfect sense why the ship would not go back to earth. Earth or even the Milky Way, Pegasus, and the Ori Galaxies may have been removed from the navigational computer as travel options as part of those commands.

    You know actually as a super intelligent race the ancients did some rather stupid things. Look at some of the mistakes that they have made that have come back to bite the residents of Earth and Atlantis in the “Behind”. As for revisiting the new races they encounter as they spread the seed of Stargate through out the universe, that is easy to explain. imagine how long it takes to cross a galaxy and plant a Stargate. you will be in that galaxy much longer then anyone on the ship should conceivably be alive, so they use the Stargate that we already know that is on the ship to travel in the galaxy they are currently working on seeding.

  15. “I’m a bit dissapointed. Seeming as its an Ancient ship, theyve changed the design a bit to much for my liking, i mean, in SG1 and Atlantis ncient buildings and outposts, have all followed the same baiic design, why change it.”

    Eh? Look at our own architecture here on Earth, and how much it has changed in just 100 or so years. Now, compare that to Ancient culture. They were around for MILLIONS of years. Of course different tech and architecture from different time frames is going to be vastly different.

    Besides, Ancient architecture and technology from SG1 was different to the Atlantis examples.

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