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stargate universe comic con logo Comic Con 2010: Stargate Universe

When SyFy announced that it would be continuing the Stargate saga focusing on more drama than action, fans everywhere were lamenting the decision. They were afraid that the series would stop being filled with lots of action and comedy and become something droll and mundane.

To some degree, most of those fears were confirmed as the producers and writers of Stargate Universe (SGU) did indeed drop the action and much of the light-hearted comedy that the show’s fans had come to expect and enjoy.This, however, wasn’t a bad thing as it turns out, because the show pressed on with good story lines, great acting and more intrigue and drama, which is why SyFy has picked the show up for a second season and from what I heard from the actors during the interview process, a third season is all but confirmed as well.

I wasn’t able to make it into the the Ballroom to enjoy the public panel event because after waiting in line for 2 hours I was unable to get it. Note to the Comic-Con organizers – next year put the really popular shows that people know about in the massive Hall H and put the movies no one has even heard of in Ballroom 20!

I got to spend time with David Blue (Eli Wallace), Ming Na (Camile Wray) and Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush) and each had some great insights and info regarding themselves, their characters and the direction the show is taking.

stargate universe david blue Comic Con 2010: Stargate Universe

David Blue is pretty much just a big sci-fi geek like the rest of us and still thinks about playing with his Magic the Gathering cards on a regular basis. His dad worked at Radio Shack and got him a Tandy 1000, which he used to run a bulletin board system for awhile – so yeah I think he falls into the geek category nicely.

In a line that was used throughout each interview Blue said that “Sci-fi fans are some of the smartest fans in the world.” I know he’s just pandering to the audience but to a some extent he is correct. I think “smart” in this case just means observent because Lord help the creator of a sci-fi show who doesn’t do his physics homework when creating a show.

stargate universe ming na Comic Con 2010: Stargate Universe

I’m not usually a fan of Ming Na work and such is the case with SGU but I think I’m more put-off by her character than I am her acting. I’m not referring to the fact that her character is a lesbian, but rather how the writers tried to make her a strong cunning female presence that plays both sides of the field. I asked her, however, if playing a lesbian character was a challenge for her since she is not herself a lesbian and if she had any reservations about it:

“I had some reservations about it because I wasn’t sure how they were going to write that character and what would come out of that particular character choice.But after speaking to Robert Cooper and Brad Wright I felt really comfortable that they were going to give her a great deal of respect and thought and it wasn’t just going to be eye candy with two girls getting in on.”

Half-joking I followed up by asking if we would see more of the girls “getting it on” and she said “Well maybe in season 3 after I’ve loosened up a bit.” So is there a third season already planned? icon smile Comic Con 2010: Stargate Universe You’re guess is as good as mine. Na could have been talking out of her rear, but I have a feeling that meetings have already taken place and storylines have been discussed at this point and we could very well see more of what she is talking about in 2012.

stargate universe robert carlysle Comic Con 2010: Stargate Universe

Robert Carlyle (The Tournament) was only slightly more forthcoming with upcoming information regarding the show and said that in the first season of SGU, the crew didn’t really know what they were doing up there but that everything will be revealed in season 2 regarding their purpose on the ship Destiny. He also said that the name of the ship has a lot to do with the story arc of this season and will lead up to a great season 2 ender. He wouldn’t go into details but promised that fans of the show would very much enjoy season 2 because relationships are explored a little more deeply between several of the ships crew, including Eli and Chloe.

Season 2 of Stargate Universe starts September 28th, 2010 on the SyFy channel.

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  1. Jumping through the stargate has not been kind to Robert Carlyle. Or is that Willy Nelson?
    I’ve seen that washed up actor 50 yard convention stare before…
    Everything at ComicCon seems cool and cutting edge, and he’s in Stargate Universe booth in the autograph area craving a smoke.

  2. Indeed 790. Carlyle looked a lot better under makeup in The World Is Not Enough and 28 Weeks Later.

    Ming Na…I kind of liked her in her ER days.

  3. Precisely what I was thinking – Washed up.

    Lol. Is it me, or does Carlyle always seem in interviews and pics etc that he just didn’t know what he let himself in for – and indeed committed to.

    He never seems genuinely enthused about the show from what I’ve seen and he’s already stated he isn’t much of a sci-fi fan.


  4. Lol Big D, the caption under that Begbie photo should say,,,

    “No teeth!!! No teeth!!!”

    If you get my meaning,,,

    • Oh that’s just wrong! :-D

  5. good story lines???
    great acting??? Ok only from Willy Nelson opps I ment Robert Carlyle but that is it. The rest range from ok to just bad.
    more intrigue and drama??? More Soap Opera.
    second season??? Only because of the producers pull.
    third season??? Not with the ratings this show has been getting.

    • lol he said fans of the show

  6. Lastly I find it hard to belive they Kept a show like this on the air yet canceled Firefly

    • Don’t confuse Fox’s idiocy with Siffy’s own unique brands of it. Sorry you hate the show, too bad really. In my mind its the best of the franchise.

  7. It could be that they were going to pay him a lot of money and he needed the work. I love his character he is for sure the most talented of all the actors. It could be that that is just how he normally his, just in a kind of daze wishing to be left alone. Or what I said earlier, he didn’t like the show but said “I could use the work!”

  8. Well.. I realy love the show, I think it is the best program on tv since sarah connor ended, I’m very disapointed the rest of you can’t get behind it.

  9. I have seen every episode, just hoping that the soap opera-esk quality wuld somehow turn in SG1 or Atlantis quality. Alas, it just stays soap opera. It’s not the worst show on television but it’s far from the best (and far from Stargate quality). Of course, this is just my opion. If they won’t change the style, then I guess this is not the show for me.

    • I agree. I’m 16 episodes in: Rush good, Young good, but I must admit I’ve lost interest.

  10. Don’t know why they think a third season is even a possibility, given the ratings that have dropped below SGA’s 5th season levels.
    If they cancelled SGA, can’t see them keeping a more expensive production going that has worse ratings.
    And the show is nowhere near SGA or SG1 standards in terms of characters, action or likeability.
    Hope Season 2 is its’ last.
    And yup, RC sure does look like Willie Nelson’s long lost cousin!
    How can the fan girls go gaga over any of the male characters in this show? None are even close to Daniel, Jack, Cam, Sheppard, etc….

    • Totally agree. Couldn’t make it past the 4th episode of season 1, just couldn’t stand the soap opera. Plus, was a rule that every single episode is made of one word titles. How creative. Warehouse 13 is the only thing I even watch from SyFy anymore.

  11. My view of “stargate quality” is one-dimensional paragons of a given theme all prancing around playing their limited roles to the hilt, backed up by crappy SFX and a wonderful universe where (completely unlike the movie) everybody frelling speaks American Standard English. I enjoyed it on occasion, but love of God… SGA did _not_ have quality, they had a poor grasp of the original SG1 with a half-assed remake of the core crew formula. Season two needed “something more” so we get a by-the-numbers “mysterious stranger” who just happens to be named a variant on “ronin”, oh, and he’s out for himself until his heart-of-gold melts… aaawwwww…

    SGA _deservedly_ was cancelled.

  12. @Tim: SG1 & SGA characters one dimensional? That’s a laugh. The cardboard acting of Scott, Rush and Young, overly aggressive “angry black man” Greer.. Vacuous blond moments from Chloe.. this is acting? SG1 & SGA made what the franchise is today, and SGU will never see the numbers the other two Series brought in. Too bad that the numbers are so low. The show’s destiny is to be cancelled.

  13. If you think this is just a pay cheque for Carlyle then watch this, he seems genuinely excited to me. Massive spoilers in there though, so be wary.

  14. “He wouldn’t go into details but promised that fans of the show would very much enjoy season 2 because relationships are explored a little more deeply between several of the ships crew, including Eli and Chloe.”

    OMG more of that again? Should call it Stargate Titanic. But you better feel sorry for Begby there, this thing is destroying his career.

  15. I Love Stargate Universe!!! If I cant make it like 10,000km to get to Comic Con next year to see them (IF they are there) I will hope they come down to New Zealand for Armageddon (Our pop culture expo)

  16. Worst show ever!. So shallow. Pathetic. Killing stargate franchise. IDIOTIC!. STUPIDITY and MEDIOCRITY RULES in Stargate creation TEAM.

  17. Season 2 has really stepped up dude.

  18. Thankfully, SGU has been cancelled.

    Hopefully the executives will have learned an important lesson.

    You can’t change a brand so dramatically without having focus groups and a test audience consisting of both existing fans and new non-fans.

    Start by satisfying your ‘core’ fans, then you can bank on them being there when it counts. Then you can tweak the forumula slightly to reel-in new fans.

    .. but always check with your core audience before releasing something to the public.

    What a waste of money SGU was.

  19. I’m only pissed this was cancelled so quickly as SGA was axed in favourof this. Now we have nothing – not even a movie.

    However Season 2 has been quite good as I stated earlier.