SyFy Cancels ‘Stargate Universe’

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stargate universe canceled SyFy Cancels Stargate Universe

Two months after SyFy announced that the Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica was coming to an abrupt end, another franchise staple for the network has been given a pink-slip. After much speculation, SyFy announced today that they will not be picking Stargate Universe for a third season.

Fortunately, fans of the series will not have to worry about a sudden disappearance of their favorite show from the television schedule, as SyFy still plans on airing the 10 remaining episodes of the second season. Of course, on what day and in what time-slot those episodes will air is still yet unknown.

The Stargate Universe series premiere garnered a respectable 2.4 million viewers. Unfortunately, as the series continued, it began to lose viewers week after week. When the second season took its hiatus on November 30, the show was averaging around 1 million viewers per episode – which is slightly higher than the ratings Caprica was receiving when it was canceled.

With news of Stargate Universe being canceled, one has to wonder how this will impact the subsequent episodes and inevitable end of the series. While everything has been planned for Gauntlet to be the second season finale, the producers may choose to tweak the last remaining episodes in order to get a proper send off to Nicholas Rush, Everett Young, and the rest of the Destiny crew.

Of course, with no real knowledge of Stargate Universe’s production schedule, one can’t really know how many of the episodes have already been completed – or if a last minute shift in the seasonal plot-line would even be possible.

Now that Stargate Universe has been canceled, it begs the question whether SyFy will attempt another series based on this popular franchise. While Stargate has been a staple on the network over 8 years, the ratings of this latest installment haven’t been promising.

stargate universe cast SyFy Cancels Stargate Universe

Even though Battlestar Galactica has been given a resurrection after Caprica with Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, another series from Stargate is unlikely. With Caprica, many cited the complete disconnect from the original series, and lack of Cylons and Cylon fighting, as their reason for not tuning in. Fortunately, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome picks up in the 10th year of the first Cylon war, which should interest those that originally passed on Caprica’s overly dramatic storylines.

Unfortunately, in the case of Stargate, there’s no real time-line of events that producers could fall back on and cite as being something they know would work as a television series this time around.

Hopefully I am wrong. Whether you’re a fan of Stargate or not, the series has had a rich and diverse run. It would be extremely unfortunate if it simply came to an end.


Stargate Universe is expected to return in spring 2011, on SyFy

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  1. Unlike the original SG which rode in on the tail of the movie, SGU made you actually like the characters before introducing the overarching story!

    SGU just started too slow for most people that liked the original SG’s & Atlantis’s: one episode , one problem, one happy ending formula.

    SG which was carried by the comic relief of Michael Dean Anderson and later on Ben Browder & Claudia Black, was a fast lighthearted show, something SGA TRIED TO RECREATE AND FAILED TERRIBLY.

    In my opinion SGU was the the redemption that the SG franchise needed, but due to a complete lack of backbone on the part of the network and perhaps a bit of a over labored first half of the first season.

    • Who is Michael Dean Anderson i wonder….seriously

  2. Richard, Michael, minor details. Whats in a name anyways? ><

    The back half of SGU series2 is up and coming. I eagerly await. And this is how you save the franchise. Watch it. Beat the wrestlers. I throw down the gauntlet. Watch the final 10. SGU is not dead. But it could be. And the Stargate franchise with it. SGU is not SG1/SGA. The Stargate franchise will go on. If folk watch.
    In my definition of a perfect world SGA would have continued on at a 9pm timeslot on Fridays followed by SGU at 10. I liked SGA, but I also like what SGU wants to be. Because of the huge difference between the two, I would not kill one over the other and would continue both. If I had an unlimited budget. They are two different shows within the same neat universe. But at let us estimate, 50M per series – thats 100M for 40 hours of original programming, I had better deliver some serious viewership numbers. And the producer, MGM is bankrupt. And the buyer, NBC Universal, is under some pretty serious pressure from its owner, GE, Be thankfull we got SGU for all its worts. Money is a rare thing nowadays. And it takes a great deal of money to put a sci fi series up there.

    Watch the series. Or it will go away permenantly. Hopefully good numbers in the back half will renew it. The opportunity is still here.

    FYI, I would have kept Firefly on Air – I soo wanted to watch the story play out.


    • People need to realize that supporting SGU by watching it and buying it on DVD/Blu-ray is the absolute best way to get the SG1 and SGA movies made. To SyFy and MGM, Stargate is Stargate. If Stargate does well, then they’ll want more Stargate so they can make more money. The showrunners have gone on record and stated that the death of SGU is what killed any chance of the SG1 and SGA movies being made. I’m really sick of all these SGA fans gloating over the cancellation of SGU. They’re the ones that killed the SG1/SGA movies, which I was looking forward to just as much as I was more SGU.

  3. It is weird but if you look at all 3 stargates and what season they ended in, each progressively only lasted half as long as the one before it…

    SG-1 = 10 Season

    SGA = 5 Season

    SGU = 2 Season

    * Hey it should be 2.5 Season for SGU come on SyFy Give them another 10 episodes into Season 3 to make the half mark!!!!!!

  4. Canceling Stargate Universe was a major mistake. The show was great. It left you wanting for more. Not since he early shows of Stargate SG! was a series that left one waiting for the next show. Everything in between was junk.

    Plese reconsider and continue Universe after this last season.

    • I have to disagree, the original episodes of SG1 were awesome, you really did want to know about what happened next, how each ending to each episode where you knew that they made it out ok, but there was still a great threat that they needed to worry about, and each episode felt like they were all going on a great adventure strait into the unknown. It had very good humor when it was needed, and drama when it was not. I feel that in the first season of SGU, it’s all about the characters, and weather or not somebody got to sleep with someone, I really hated that. however in the last season, I really started to feel that I was watching SG1 except with a shaky camera. I now have to say that I am sad to see SGU go, the first season could’ve been better, but now it is a very good show. I’m interested and I am going to go nuts because it will end with me wanting for more (just like SG1).

      • I completely agree. The first season was a soap opera. That’s why it got the bad rep. Being on sg streams with chat and on other sg boards, this is the overwhelming opinion. So the second season is pretty awesome because it is more stargate. I belive that syfy has hired some big network guys that have been sent to kill them. It’s working. p.s. wrestling is not sci-fi.

  5. I say, who cares, all those Stargate shows were crap! Maybe now Sci-Fi can put on a show, worthy of my attention, where I would look forward to it each and every week. With the exception of the best show on TV now, Fringe, there asn’t been a show worthy of my viewing since one of the very best TV shows in history, The X-Files went off the air. And, none of the Stargate stuff, is in the same Universe as The X-Files. Now, if any show deserved to come back on the air, it’s The X-Files. In it’s hey day, it would have 10 million or more viewers per show, Stargate was lucky to draw 1 million, and that’s pushing it! I say, forget Stargate and bring back Mulder & Scully so they can single-handlely fight off entire Alien Invasions. Now, Mulder & Scully are definitely worthy of mine and everybody elses loyality.

    • You are nuts, as well. X-Files should NOT be compared to Stargate. Stargate aired on a cable station. X-Files aired on a local network station. The ratings are wildly different because of that fact. Stargate SG-1 brought in between 2 and 4 million when it was airing on SciFi. If it was airing on a local network, like X-Files was, I guarantee it would have been viewed by between 6 and 10 million viewers. You do realize that the local networks are broadcast to about 2 to 3 times the viewers, don’t you? If the viewing pool of Stargate was larger, I can pretty much guarantee the ratings would be higher. That’s simple mathematics. Besides that, Stargate SG-1 was 10 times the show X-Files was, and I liked X-Files, as well, so that’s saying something.

  6. It is so sad to see a good work of art go to waste because it doesn’t make enough money. SGU is a great continuation of the Stargate franchise that has boosted realism and featured in-depth characters.

    Capitalism, in this case is not producing the best product for the viewers. Syfy channel is letting the financial guys make too much of the decisions. Not everything needs to be purely money-making concentrated. Airing garbage just because it will get more views doesn’t mean its the right thing to do.

    Syfy needs to rethink its decision as I predict quite a bit of people will lose interest in their shows.

    • Though I do technically agree with your sentiment, you and I would both be mistaken. Airing garbage would be the right thing to do if it does get more views. More views equal higher ratings, and higher ratings equal more money, after all. If a show has fewer views, it won’t have the money needed to survive. That’s basic economics. It’s sad to see SGU go because I was really getting into it, but, again, you are mistaken.

    • I just want to add something I should have added to my last comment.

      What is garbage to you may not be garbage to somebody else. What you think is garbage being aired on SyFy may be a treasure to somebody else. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  7. I consider Ghost Hunters and WWE wrestling to be garbage in SyFy context. Take it off SyFy because its NOT SyFy. SyFy channel stands for science fiction not reality TV. (that was gonna be some of my response)
    But this explains everything. Quote from NBC-Universal wiki entry:

    “The name change also allows for a rebranding of the channel as offering “imagination-based entertainment” (including science fiction but also fantasy, the paranormal, adventure and others)”

    So the general nature of the channel has been changed. Their mission statement changed from showing science fiction to showing something that makes money.

    • They still have plenty of science fiction on the channel, though. Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, and Eureka are all science fiction, you know. Heck, even Ghost Hunters delves into science fiction. I completely agree with the wrestling aspect of your comment, however. SyFy is certainly no place for wrestling. I wouldn’t call the wrestling garbage because to call the wrestling garbage would be idiotic. It just doesn’t belong on SyFy.

  8. The only show worth watching on this channel is now being cancelled. I guess I can now cut back on my satellite package.

    • werd

  9. SGU was the most well written scifi I’ve seen in ages and we loved it. It may not have had the numbers it should, but it was one of the most intellegent shows on tv. I can’t believe they are taking it off, it’s like they are cancelling Star Trek Next Generation all over again. We really loved that show!

  10. I just wrote a note to TNT network – and I encourage other SG-Universe fans to do the same. I think it’s clear SyFy will stand by their position, but I gave it some thought, and this seems like a possible alternative to watching the series – and franchise – come to an end. Here’s the message I sent.

    I’m writing on behalf of a series that I would like to see receive another chance, and the brand identity of TNT seems an ideal venue. As you may be aware, Stargate Universe is being eliminated from the SyFy network and it seems it would be an excellent pairing with your forthcoming series Falling Skies. I know I would tune in for an evening of high quality speculative drama. Given your previous rescue of Babylon 5, I hope you will consider making a similar move to bring Stargate Universe into the TNT fold. It certainly suits the current “drama” brand identity of the network. I know I’m just one voice in the wilderness, but as I’m sure you are aware, one voice who takes the time to write frequently represents a larger market share. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider this investment in quality science fiction.

    • I highly recommend this move. Anyone who reads this message should copy and paste that message above and send it to the TNT Network immidiately. Make the SyFy Network Regret their move and make them pay! One voice is not enough when millions of voices can make a change! POWER TO THE PEOPLE =]

  11. I would love to see SG, any SG paired with Falling Skies…I hate changing channels anyway… ;)

  12. MGM just seems like it is having bad luck, SG1 was awesome and everyone loved it, they came up with the idea of a video game (Stargate Alliance) and they just had to cancel it for legal reasons. SG1 ended because, well, I’m still asking myself, “WTH DID THEY CANCEL SG1, THAT SHOW WAS GREAT!” So after SG1 ended, we had SGA which was just as good as SG1, and after two more seasons of that, it ended. So about a year after the cancellation of SGA, they decide to try and make another game (Stargate Worlds) and made their own game developer, but that, failed (>..<

  13. 1) SGU was the only thing on SYFY that wasnt retarded.
    2) I’m mostly just POed that there is no ending, because the whole friggen series was about getting to the ending

  14. Just got finished watching Common Descent and Epilogue. WOW! Just great. I loved these shows. I’m so pissed that SyFy cancelled SGU. It’s really gotten very good this past year. So sad :-(

  15. Really! I can’t believe that they’re going to get rid of this show. The only reason that it has such low ratings is because nobody but true syfy fans watch syfy anymore. There is just too much to choose from and science fiction is dissolving. Why don’t we try another time slot. I bet if you scheduled it in the Ghost Hunters time slot you’d get a different result. ( No offense GH ). My point is that we get rid of a true sci-fi show and I see that we are bringing in a 1400/Hero’s show called Alpha’s. Sorry. . .but I think I’m a bit hero’d out. I’ll catch up on any SG show’s I might have missed while that air’s. Maybe we should schedule it on the same night as Eureka and Warehouse 13, a little comedy mixed with a little drama. Perfect syfy night in my opinion.

    • First of all, it’s 4400, not 1400. Second, BOTH 4400 AND Heroes WERE true sci-fi shows that had an excellent concept. It was just the delivery of the concept that failed. Alphas is a true sci-fi show, as well, and if Alphas is done right, it can succeed.

  16. I would also like to add that “Serenity” was also a great show that wasn’t given a fair shake.

  17. Sorry. . .”Firefly”.

  18. Been trying to find a letter writing campaign and I found this today

    Every name counts!

    The story telling lately has been really great. I can’t believe SyFy cancelled this show without giving the 2nd half of the season a chance.


  19. I really want them to bring this show back, it had a slow start but I have started watching every week now. The issue I see is that they expect people to watch the show as it airs rather than taping it on a DVR or watching via the internet.

  20. Now that its geting down to the last episode in 3 days or so from now im realy started to get a little depressed and a little POed im watching the second to last episode now and i can already tell they are going to end the same as sg1 with some kind of BS that will leave all of us SG fans lying in the mud (clif hanger) again and not even give us an end

    also i liked caprica its the origion story of the cylons ending was good though true not much fighting unless you count the virtual BS but still a good show for all you complainers. some one should realy invent those halo bands would be awsome


  21. Also SGU should stop using time travel as an excuse to do something every 3 episodes thats my only complaint i have

  22. Syfy Channel: Short for ‘syphilis for you’

  23. My husband and I have really enjoyed Stargate Universe and are both unhappy it is ending permanently. We wish someone with clout would change their mind and make sure it stays on the air for a while.

  24. I do hope they change their minds. The characters took some time to develop. The writing of the shows as the series went on got better and better. I look forward each week to Stargate Universe and have always been a Stargate fan.

  25. How sad that they’re dropping quality television, but keep airing those hideous Saturday night movies.

  26. What they need over at SyFy is more shows about two guys in a dark room going “you hear that?” and a marathon of movies with a giant something fighting a mega something else….or maybe a giant snake who fights a tornado in New York….ya that’s the ticket. Maybe I can work at SyFy

  27. Oh, I know, how about Stargate Wrasslin!
    I bet they would run that for 10 seasons.

    ok…rant finished

    • james I hear that.BSG was the only series in recent memory that was allowed to come to an end.Maybe someone will do a movie like they did for FIREFLY (SERENITY).

  28. I think the problem was that the series started off real slow. The story idea was interesting and the first couple episodes made me want to watch after that things moved to slowly. It would be nice if they would have held off canceling it for another season because i think the show has been picking up speed and i was looking forward to watching it.

  29. cant believe its over im so depresed now what will i do on monday nights sancuarry sucks i could watch chuck but the seasone finally is next week i gusse i will have to watch cops on g4 incase you havent figured it out yet tv fracking sucks now

    • It seems that all the good shows get cancelled.I still miss the SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES.Well at least I still have SMALLVILLE.Oh yeah that show ends this friday.

      • i agree all the shows i have enjoyed watching over the last 7 years have been ending or have already ended including sgu and smallville there is really nothing left for me to watch on syfi anymore, i have never posted a comment before but this is getting ridiculous. i cant believe that the ratigns are so low syfi must be getting ratings from ppl that dont actually watch the programs they have been running.

      • Well there is always Dancing With The Stars and WWE, who get all the ratings.
        Who am I kidding. This is a bunch of BS. Tired of shows getting canceled without an ending=Z *crys*