SyFy Cancels ‘Stargate Universe’

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stargate universe canceled SyFy Cancels Stargate Universe

Two months after SyFy announced that the Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica was coming to an abrupt end, another franchise staple for the network has been given a pink-slip. After much speculation, SyFy announced today that they will not be picking Stargate Universe for a third season.

Fortunately, fans of the series will not have to worry about a sudden disappearance of their favorite show from the television schedule, as SyFy still plans on airing the 10 remaining episodes of the second season. Of course, on what day and in what time-slot those episodes will air is still yet unknown.

The Stargate Universe series premiere garnered a respectable 2.4 million viewers. Unfortunately, as the series continued, it began to lose viewers week after week. When the second season took its hiatus on November 30, the show was averaging around 1 million viewers per episode – which is slightly higher than the ratings Caprica was receiving when it was canceled.

With news of Stargate Universe being canceled, one has to wonder how this will impact the subsequent episodes and inevitable end of the series. While everything has been planned for Gauntlet to be the second season finale, the producers may choose to tweak the last remaining episodes in order to get a proper send off to Nicholas Rush, Everett Young, and the rest of the Destiny crew.

Of course, with no real knowledge of Stargate Universe’s production schedule, one can’t really know how many of the episodes have already been completed – or if a last minute shift in the seasonal plot-line would even be possible.

Now that Stargate Universe has been canceled, it begs the question whether SyFy will attempt another series based on this popular franchise. While Stargate has been a staple on the network over 8 years, the ratings of this latest installment haven’t been promising.

stargate universe cast SyFy Cancels Stargate Universe

Even though Battlestar Galactica has been given a resurrection after Caprica with Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, another series from Stargate is unlikely. With Caprica, many cited the complete disconnect from the original series, and lack of Cylons and Cylon fighting, as their reason for not tuning in. Fortunately, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome picks up in the 10th year of the first Cylon war, which should interest those that originally passed on Caprica’s overly dramatic storylines.

Unfortunately, in the case of Stargate, there’s no real time-line of events that producers could fall back on and cite as being something they know would work as a television series this time around.

Hopefully I am wrong. Whether you’re a fan of Stargate or not, the series has had a rich and diverse run. It would be extremely unfortunate if it simply came to an end.


Stargate Universe is expected to return in spring 2011, on SyFy

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  1. I can’t even tell you another show on scyfy that I watched. Maybe ghost hunters but you can watch a rerun because the same thing always happens : a bump, a thump, some weird sound and maybe some thermal anomaly. I was really getting into sgu and was looking forward to them exploring more of the ship. Oh well… one less thing to clutter up my dvr.

  2. The first season of SGU was awful. It was so slow in its pace that watching mold grow seemed faster. The first few episodes of the second season seemed to be going down the same path.
    But then it started picking up speed and turned into a fairly interesting show. Unfortunately it had lost so many viewers that its hard to get them back. Flash-forward did the same thing and by the time they corrected the mistake, it was to late.
    Here’s why people tuned off to the show.
    It took almost two seasons for the people on destiny to find the bridge of the ship.
    As for syfy channel?
    I wouldn’t give that piece of crack laden rodent droppings 5 seconds on my DVR.

    • Totally disagree. The first was good, great character stuff. It didn’t need to rely on introducing new aliens or worlds episodically and that’s what made this Stargate show special.

  3. I’m kind of torn on this. The show started out slow and boring but it has gotten better; I still wouldn’t call it Stargate but it did get intriguing. You had high ratings for SG1, moderate ratings for SG-A, but low ratings for SG-U; shouldn’t that tell these execs that the formula they had with the 2 previous shows were the key? Even when they had guest appearances from SG1 or SG-A, the characters were too serious. Let’s hope they give us a good finale.

  4. Regarding Stargate Universe’s production schedule, they wrapped principal photography on November 19, leaving the last ten episodes in the hands of the post-production crew (SFX, etc.).

  5. I’m torn. Part of me says: “That show SUCKED. It was trying to go with a formula (dark, gritty, tense) that IS NOT THE FORMULA of a Stargate-themed idea. It failed because it’s like Justin Bieber becoming gangster: fake, and uninteresting.” The other part, the part that knows what Ancient is, the part that knows the chevrons and everything: “…-sob-…I hate you, SyFy.”

    SyFy execs were simply trying to follow a trend, and the trends these days are making things darker, grittier, and adding more violence, and/or sex. Honestly…? The show was like “Season” 9 of Scrubs. It was something that needed to be scourged from the face of the Earth. Had they gone with the SG-1 or SGA formula, where there’s always gonna be hope, there’s gonna be on-screen flirting, and most of all, UNREALISTIC INTERACTIONS WITH ALIENS (Doctor Who, anyone? :-D), the series might have run for five, maybe six seasons, as with SGA. Right now… All we can expect, if we’re still following trends, is that we’ll get another show, and they’ll follow the formula they’re TRYING to set (see: Batman Begins/The Dark Knight), and we’ll be treated to another flop, that WILL flop, and confusion will be in the offices of SyFy headquarters.

    Caprica Buccaneers for the win!

  6. I’m a big fan of SG-1 and I liked Atlantis until it started sucking in the last two seasons. So I expected to hate Universe. But the show was great. I’m extremely disappointed that it’s been canceled. I was looking forward to another sci-fi show with a planned 5-season story. You don’t see that every day.

  7. Booooooo! They better give it a good send-off. And if they can’t, we deserve a TV Movie.

    I agree that they didn’t have a great 1st season, but it got better toward the end. And season 2 has been great! I have enjoyed every episode. It is ridiculous that right as the show is picking up some great narrative momentum, they cancel it. I understand that networks need shows that generate strong numbers, but I wish they would have given it some more time.

    Unlike most SG fans, SGU was really my first foray into the Stargate world. I got really into it, and I liked the darker, more serious tone. Too bad.

  8. I love guys like Rush.. intelligent and mysterious lol

  9. damn im still miffed damn!

  10. booooo

  11. Why do people not learn from previous mistakes. If the dramatic formula did wor for previous science-fiction shows (Except “ST: DS9″), why do people think it would have worked for the “Stargate” franchise.

    “Stargate: Universe” style (science-fiction drama) counterparts that have failed:
    (1) “Caprica”
    (2) “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”
    (3) “Earth 2″
    (4) “Earth Final Conflict”
    (5) “Surface”
    (6) “V” (2009/2010)
    (7) “Knight Rider” (2009)
    (8) “Doll House”
    (9) “Fringe” (Soon to be canceled)
    (10) “Highlander: The Raven”
    (11) “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven”
    (12) “Heroes”
    (13) “Heroes: Villains” (Dead Before Arrival)

    Just to name a few. What made people think science-fiction and drama are a successful combination. Only a very-very-very-very few shows that use the formula survive. Even though some of the above mentioned were enjoyable, the drama meets science-fiction genera application has almost always meet with failure.

    Once I watched the first season of “Stargate: Universe”, I knew from day one its days were numbered. Lol..

    • ..If the dramatic formula didn’t work… <— Fixed wording.

    • I too knew from the first episode of Universe that is was toast. I’m STILL pissed off that they canceled Atlantis!

      Poo on you SyFy. What a bunch of terds.

    • Fringe is going to be cancelled? Nooooooooooo! UGH! Why do I even bother investing my time and energies into these shows when they get cancelled after a season or two (or three). CRAP! I’m really loving Sanctuary on SyFy and hope that it’s doing OK enough to continue to stay on the air. Anyone know?

    • Earth: Final Conflict ran forever.

      Heroes had a respectable run for a genre show.

      Lost – which you didn’t mention – was a phenomenon.

      V isn’t cancelled and is coming back with an expanded cast.

      Highlander: The Raven failed because people were all about Adrian Paul, not a Susan Powter look-alike…

      Sorry, but I think your premise is a bit off.

  12. Extremely disappointed in SyFy these days. Most days actually. The station seem to have completely lost their way.
    Thank goodness series like Babylon 5, Star Trek and other fringe series came out long beforehand, otherwise they would have never become the classics they are now if SyFy had anything to say.

  13. Although I was never a fan of any Stargate series, I saw the original movie in the movie theater and didn’t like it that much, not enough to waste my time watching it on TV, and the same with Battlestar series. But, I must agree with Christopher, that Sci-Fi(I refuse to write it any other way)lost their way, which was more than obvious when they started to show one of the most obnoxious kind of shows, Phoney wrestling garbage. This is a Sc-Fi Station and ONLY horror/Sci-Fi should be broadcasted on it, nothing else! Personally, I would love to see the old 60′s Chiller Theater TV show to be the basis for the Sci-Fi Channel, with those kind of movies being shown on this station. Movies dating from the very beginning of Horror and Sci-Fi all the way back to the legendary Silent films like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Lon Chaney films, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lodge, then all the monster/horror/Sci-Fi movies that followed all the way up to Aliens to be shown. I’d love to see the original idea movie behind the Alien Franchise..”It! the Terror From Beyond Space” and movies like it on the Sci-Fi channel, especially since they make horrible cheassey movies that I can’t even watch sometimes. And, this way, the younger audiences can see the true beginning of Sci-Fi/Horror, the way it was made to be seen, not with all this again, cheesey CGI garbage. But, I guess I’m asking for to much, because, coming from an original fan of horror/Sci-Fi/Monsters that is older than 50 years of age, the people who run the Sci-Fi Channel are ammatures, and don’t have a clue how to run a Specialized Channel such as The Sci-Fi Channel.

  14. It’s funny that the only show on Syfy that isn’t getting it’s butt kicked in the ratings is Friday Night Smackdown. Funny thing is that Smackdown is even on Syfy considering it’s professional wrestling and NOT science fiction.

  15. i say every one needs to stop watching syfy. stargate universe was the best. my girlfriend just got interested in it and was looking forward to watching it with me. that’s about the only thing on syfy that i watched. i looked forward every week for it. to many TV station canceling good TV stows for shows that every one else has that are the same thing over and over.

    • Same here. My GF could actually watch and was interested in the characters with SGU.

  16. This is by far my most favorite Stargate show and it’s because it’s the first one that doesn’t rely on introducing new aliens, worlds or tech every single episode. The characters are enough and it makes everything they do, every situation they face THAT much more special and meaningful.

    This is also the one must-watch-as-soon-as-possible series for me and I am shocked and disappointed Syfy is ending it. This is what the channel is all about and I think this is a huge fail on their end.

    What better show are they going to replace it with? Give it a third season.

  17. SGU sucked more butt than my ex-wife. I’m not sad to see it go. Way too much in-fighting between the characters. This is exactly what SyFy deserves after putting on crap shows like SGU, Warehouse 13, and freakin Wrestling, not to mention changing the network name change.

    • vast variety -you suck. .

      • Only on Mondays

  18. Well……Sci-Fi channel just TOTALLY lost me as a viewer….Why bother watching anything there when all they will do is cancel it and leave ya hanging……….Good bye “SyFy”

  19. I have to begrudgingly put myself into the “it’s for the best” camp.

    I loved the original series, SG1 and liked Atlantis but they admittedly have explored literally every nook and cranny of the IP. So going on a “Lost In Space” theme reminiscent of ST Voyager (which I did enjoy thoroughly) felt a lot like, “been there seen that”.

    I watched it but my interest started to wane almost immediately when they introduced such hokey devices as the mind swapping stones.

    Does the franchise have a future? Well considering SG1 explored literally every earth based mythos and then ended with the destruction of a race of near gods, where can you go from there? Atlantis probably explored the last of an ever dwindling list for good source material to draw from which leaves what? They seem to be following in Star trek’s shoes for ideas…….TNG = SG1 (great start), DS9 = Atlantis (remote outpost theme, check), ST Voyager = Universe (lost in a spaceship, check), that would mean a prequel SG series? Enterprise failed as would this idea.

    Maybe they can borrow from the greats once again and boldly borrow the STtoS to the TNG idea and move SG into the distant future? About all that’s left and may work but production values would need to be high to pull it off.

  20. I’m fed up with this channel now. I was annoyed with “hiatus” business that seems rampant in the entire television industry (and is killing any fan loyalty in my opinion). Now more of this “rasslin” crud being introduced on yet another channel makes me want to puke. If that’s the only thing that gets ratings, why doesn’t every channel just start airing “rassslin” and get it over with? All Rasslin all the time! I should start a new network and call it TRC, The Rasslin Channel fuhcrypesake.

    What happened to originality? Banal sameness, that’s what the suits want I guess. They can have it. I thought this channel was going to be better, silly me…

  21. i recently herd a rumour that stargate universe was getting cancelled, which i didnt believe untill i checked this website. This in an outrage!! Granted, with SGU going completely in a new direction compared to SG1 and Atlantis why cancel? I was a massive fan of SG1 and Atlantis and im now a massive fan of SGU, the way its set i think is brilliant, every episode litterly ends leaving me Hanging on the edge of my seat waiting desperatly for the next episode. With the second half of season 2 coming in spring i really think it would be a mistake to end it to so soon. theres so many possibilities and situations that could happen to the crew i think it could go on for a few years. I also read that the cancellation is due to ratings, i think syfy should check again… I myself, dont have the luxury of owning cable tv at the moment so i watch SGU ONLINE like, i think many millions more. If Syfy advetise the program a little more or if the show was shown on none cable networks then i really believe SGU could be saved. I am one fan that would be dissapointed to see it leave.

  22. Well so long Sci-Fy channel, you no longer have a single show I would watch. I do not know how you make your decisions, but some feedback re dismal ratings.

    Whoever moved it from Friday to Tuesday is directly responsible for the ratings drop. Has to be one of the worst TV scheduling decisions I have ever seen.

    I am starting to wonder if people at Sci-Fy channel HQ are deliberately attempting to make the franchise go out of business, because if I was attempting to scuttle the ship, this would be my first act.

    As for that Sanctuary garbage, wow!! What spectacular rubbish that show is. Mega disappointing on a scale I would scarcely have believed possible.

    I think I am starting to get it now, producing trash like sharktopus is the standard, anything that rises above that level is to be terminated rather sharpish, what ho!!

    Eyebrows through the roof and all that chaps!! Oh well History channel at least has a few items that will fill my TV screen henceforth, sayonara.

    Maybe some Station execs should be contemplating honor and sepukku at dawn live on TV. Now that I would watch!!

  23. That is great news. Now if they would just bring back Atlantis. The problem with Universe was the characters. They were too antagonistic to one another. Always plotting and scheming behind one another’s backs. Stargate SG1 & Atlantis were about team work and light hearted comedy. While the first season of Universe got me hooked I was over it about 4 episodes into the second season.

    Stargate is a great concept and I think there is room for one more show, should they choose not to save face and re instate Atlantis. But they need to go back to the original concept, bumbling explorers getting themselves into trouble.

    As for SyFy as a network, I personally don’t see it lasting much longer. They have a very specific fan base and those fans are starting to boycott. Why, because SyFy shows now support or commitment to the programs they put on air. A lot of people get really hooked on a program only to have it canceled after one season. Or the scheduling will be so off the map the rating will be poor because no one knows when it will be on.

    SyFy, when you developed these shows you have to be prepared to stand behind them. If you do, so will your viewers. But allow them to build an audience before you destroy them. Oh more episodes for the good ones.

    • Actually, this is terrible news for those of us who were hoping for an Atlantis movie and more SG-1 movies.

      I was a big fan of SG-1, and Atlantis, but the last couple of seasons of Atlantis were awful. I don’t know what happened. So I was shocked that the same team of people brought us Stargate Universe, which was extremely well-written.

  24. SGU was pretty much the only show I looked forward to watching every week. It brought Stargate right up to date. The cast and storyline was great and the special effects detailed. I really enjoyed it. Such a surprise and shame it wasn’t watched by more people especially considering the quality of the show against the other poor offers, but I guess space based dramas and real Sci-fi is considered too geeky for most. Instead of wonderful shows like Stargate that provide escapism and spark the imagination, people now seem to opt for dull shows closer to our depressing, post recession, darker real lives… – WHY??

    • Big Bang Theory, would be the other show on my list of shows that I look forward to.

  25. I am Extremely disappointed in SyFy, they should never have been allowed to take over the stargate TV franchise i was very upset to see Stargate Atlantis end at season 5 and i am now very peeved with them for cancelling SGU.
    I hope SyFy die a gastly DEATH as a network since they do not care about the Fans. Only the bottom dollar or ratings. Ratings aren’t a true gauge of the popularity of a show.
    ‘Shame On You SyFY’

  26. The last time I stopped watching TV was in 1989 when one of the networks took 4 outstanding shows that all showed on Thursday night and put all of them on separate nights of the week. I unplugged my TV set and didn’t watch TV again until 1992 when I moved in with my now husband who own a TV set. Star Gate Universe was the only thing that I truly enjoyed on TV. I thought it was intelligent and amazingly creative. I have been waiting for its return and found out today that it has been canceled. I am so disappointed that I have pulled the plug once more. That is it for me. If I find a show a like they cancel it. Maybe I should be happy I don’t like TV much anyhow and I will get more done. Kay Hogan

  27. Hey folks,

    SGU has issues. SyFy has issues. SGU writers went a different way from previous Stargate series. And no one watched. SyFy did its predictable thing and killed the series. No Harm No Foul. It costs a heck of a lot of money to put decent Sci Fi shows on air. If no one is willing to watch, why should one spend hard earned bucks? I think the switch from Friday to the Tuesday night grindfest was a mistake. Part of the reason BSG was such a success, was its positioning on Friday night after the 2004 jugernaut of SG1 and SGA. SyFy changed its approach on Friday night and went for a low cost drive with the wrestling thing. Still gets the same ratings. But at a much lower cost. Hence the rebranding as the immagination station. Science Fiction as a brand you make money on is dead. Science Fiction is simply too expensive to produce and will not get you the advertising dollars a network needs to survive. Sucks, but is reality.

  28. “Now that Stargate Universe has been canceled, it begs the question whether SyFy will attempt another series based on this popular franchise.”

    Please fix this.

    Also: terrible, terrible news.

  29. SGU is one of the best series on SyFy that has been developed in the past two years. If it is possible to notify MGM of its popularity, could someone please let me know who to write to so I can provide positive feedback to save the show? Thanks!