SyFy Cancels ‘Stargate Universe’

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stargate universe canceled SyFy Cancels Stargate Universe

Two months after SyFy announced that the Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica was coming to an abrupt end, another franchise staple for the network has been given a pink-slip. After much speculation, SyFy announced today that they will not be picking Stargate Universe for a third season.

Fortunately, fans of the series will not have to worry about a sudden disappearance of their favorite show from the television schedule, as SyFy still plans on airing the 10 remaining episodes of the second season. Of course, on what day and in what time-slot those episodes will air is still yet unknown.

The Stargate Universe series premiere garnered a respectable 2.4 million viewers. Unfortunately, as the series continued, it began to lose viewers week after week. When the second season took its hiatus on November 30, the show was averaging around 1 million viewers per episode – which is slightly higher than the ratings Caprica was receiving when it was canceled.

With news of Stargate Universe being canceled, one has to wonder how this will impact the subsequent episodes and inevitable end of the series. While everything has been planned for Gauntlet to be the second season finale, the producers may choose to tweak the last remaining episodes in order to get a proper send off to Nicholas Rush, Everett Young, and the rest of the Destiny crew.

Of course, with no real knowledge of Stargate Universe’s production schedule, one can’t really know how many of the episodes have already been completed – or if a last minute shift in the seasonal plot-line would even be possible.

Now that Stargate Universe has been canceled, it begs the question whether SyFy will attempt another series based on this popular franchise. While Stargate has been a staple on the network over 8 years, the ratings of this latest installment haven’t been promising.

stargate universe cast SyFy Cancels Stargate Universe

Even though Battlestar Galactica has been given a resurrection after Caprica with Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, another series from Stargate is unlikely. With Caprica, many cited the complete disconnect from the original series, and lack of Cylons and Cylon fighting, as their reason for not tuning in. Fortunately, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome picks up in the 10th year of the first Cylon war, which should interest those that originally passed on Caprica’s overly dramatic storylines.

Unfortunately, in the case of Stargate, there’s no real time-line of events that producers could fall back on and cite as being something they know would work as a television series this time around.

Hopefully I am wrong. Whether you’re a fan of Stargate or not, the series has had a rich and diverse run. It would be extremely unfortunate if it simply came to an end.

Stargate Universe is expected to return in spring 2011, on SyFy

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  1. The ending of s.g.u ? Did I just fall asleep? Like the show and the network? Over the last couple if years I have noticed networks producing less and less. Know wounder viewership is down now, We forget and find other interest. up to a year between seasons. sifi station really dosnt have anything left for me to keep me watching. They left the show with too many open questions. Will the finish like farscape and bring it back for one more season? Or a tv movie(s) to answer the unanswered questions like firefly? Or will I be just another disapointed gaiter?

  2. We want SGU back!

  3. WHAT!? NO NO NO, Im already sad that Ill probably never be able to see another Atlantis, now THIS? You have to be kidding. Stargate Atlantis, and Universe are the best imo. I really hope they continue, I love the cast, the story everything. No more shows about guys chasing figments of our imagination. Let Stargate live.

    • I really don’t understand how these guys at syfy still have jobs. they don’t realize scifi fans are the most loyal in the world, they also actually buy products. a savvy advertiser would rather have a 100 scifi fans over 1000 regular tv viewers. they know the value.

      they are nuts cancelling all the good shows and never even allowing them to conclude. don’t they know that is pisses viewers off so bad it makes them tune off. i stopped watching syfy, accept sgu, when they cancelled caprica like they did and did not even give it closer.

      they are idiots. i am a die hard scifi fan but they have lost me with their idiotic programming decisions. they should at least shows come to a conclusion. sgu, let them get home for instance. give it a 2 hour movie ending. something.

      they are real idiots over there and do not understand the market at all. they will continue to lose fans and sooner rather than later advertising dollars because they do not understand their own audience

      i hope they get it together.

      • Though I do hate that SGU was canceled, you are completely wrong when you say SyFy doesn’t understand their audience. The cancellation of SGU shows how much they do understand their audience. Their audience simply wasn’t watching SGU so they canceled it. How is that not understanding the audience? SyFy wants to show programs that its audience actually watches, and SGU simply wasn’t one of them. They understand the audience. It’s just that the audience doesn’t understand what it takes to keep a show alive.

        • One man army, I am sorry you never watched the show and gave it a chance. As all new shows season one was slow to get off and was corrected in season two and was building a great loyal following. Syfy has shown the same poor judgement before with many other shows. Especially, not ending them properly. A good example of a show that shows what loyal fans can do was Friday Night Lights. Like many of the shows Syfy cancelled it had very loyal, product buying consumers and fans. They bought products and the show landed on the 101 and was extended and ended properly. One of these type of fans is worth 10 fans like you. This is not intended as a knock on you, it just means that a loyal scifi fan, is worth his or her weight in advertising gold.

          This was a good show, it deserved to end a proper way. Syfy has lost my loyalty by once again ending a good show without closing it properly. It would be one thing if they did it rarely, but they do it on a consistent basis. It is not just me, there are a great many of us, people upset the way they choose to end good shows with no regard for the fans.

          I just wish there was an alternate channel. There have been a few more shows popping up on alternate networks that are great scifi, fringe is one example. So there is hope but it is too bad, Syfy is losing allot of money by losing viewers like me.

          • Uhm, I did watch SGU and was really enjoying it. Up to this point, I have seen every single episode of Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe. Thanks to Hulu, I am going back through every episode of SG-1 again right now. I am a major fan of the series, you know, and hate to see SGU come to an end so soon. However, the audience in general is not watching SGU. That is why it is getting canceled. SyFy wants a more general audience, and that kind of audience just doesn’t like shows like SGU.

          • Also, dlbott, they may be losing money by losing you as a viewer, but they are earning much, much more money from the viewers of their other shows which are doing much better in the ratings. Canceling one show with poor ratings isn’t much in their eyes when they have Sanctuary, Warehouse 13, Eureka, and several other shows producing higher rating than SGU. Those are still good shows in my eyes and have yet to end. The ratings are at fault here, really, not SyFy. SyFy would not have canceled SGU if the rating were what they should have been.

          • dlbott, I, personally, would have loved to see McKay enter the Destiny. His guest spot a few weeks back offered hope for me. If they could somehow develop ties with that planet and make it the new Icarus planet, that would allow McKay to enter the crew and really start to fix things up on the Destiny. It would also liven things up for me. McKay is much more intelligent than Rush and Eli combined, after all. Don’t know if any other SGU fans would have liked that, but I sure would have.

  4. Now, I have never watched any of the Stargate shows on TV. I went to se the very first Stargate movie in the movie theater when it was first released with Kurt Russell and James Spader, and thought it was the stupidest idea for a movie. Now, just so you know, I was watching Sci-Fi/Horror movies when almost everyone of your parents was just kids, and some of your parents weren’t even born yet. I’ve watched almost every single Horror Sci-Fi movie ever released before the 1960’s and back. I don’t care for most of the Sci-Fi/Horror movies made after 1980, with few exceptions, so I know my Sci-Fi/Horror movies. I know what I like, and what I don’t like. On the top of my don’t like list is CGI crap, 3-D movies, and, drum roll please, Sci-Fi Channel and their pitiful Saturday night movies. They make my stomach turn. When I think of it, I can’t stand almost everything on Sci-Fi Channel period. How is Wrestling Horror/Sci-Fi? Those shows where people walk through supposedly haubted houses say, did you hear that? Oh Please, Puke time. I don’t understand how the Sci-Fi Channel and the parent company NBC, hasn’t been sued yet for blatantly ripping off from REAL Movies. Take this past weekend. Marvel released the new film Thor on Friday, then on the very next day, Sci-Fi releases The Mighty Thor, with all the CGI crap and a terrible story, so much so, that I shut it off when Loki killed Odin. That part just pissed my off to no extent. How can a King of the Gods be killed? I not only read comics while growing up, I majored in History, and read books on Historic events my entire life(which is well over 50 years), and I know, the real legends of Thor and Valhalla. Odin can’t die. Yet, Sci-Fi must think that everybody that turns on their pitiful station is stupid and don’t know real History. So, that’s one reason why I despise Sci-Fi Channel, next reason, the remake shows that were on TV, during some of the very worst periods of Sci-Fi movie, TV show making. And, what do they chose to remake(that’s another thing that I hate, and Remake, reboot. If I hear the term Reboot one more time, I’m going to through a bottle of Jacks through my TV set) one of the worse shows from the 70’s, Battlestar Gallactica. That show sucked then, I can only imagine how much it sucked in the remake for TV. I can say, that there have only been one TV show from the 70’s & 80’s, to be remade within the last two years that I actually enjoyed. And, that was “V”, funny thing, I hated the original back in the 80’s. It was terrible. So, now here comes the Stargate shows. I thought the entire premise of the show was idotic. I just want to know, just what Civalization deposited all these gates all over the Universe, when I fact, that idea used to make me crack up laughing at the stupididy behind it. So, now there were 3 shows I believe that had the name Stargate attached to it, First, was the Original Stargate SG1, then Stargate Atlantis, and finally Stargate Universe. Well, out of curiosity, I tuned in last night, and soon after I did, I found myself switching to other stations desperately looking for something else to watch, but there wasn’t anything. So, I tried and did my best to watch this terrible show, that was all over the place. And, what happens at the end, was so predictable that I wasn’t just about to turn the channel one final time, but I just had to see which of the last few were going to sacrifice themslves. And, it turned out to be the village idiot that stepped up. Then, it just left you hanging. Well, I’m so glad that I never wasted any more of my time on this pitiful show. he only actor that I ever recognized was Lou Diamond Phillips, who I partically like as an actor. So, I bid adue to this terrible son of a remake, and pray that who ever is in charge at Sci-Fi dies, him and his whole team, and they bring in real Sci-Fi People, writers, Directors and producers that know what real Science Fiction and Horror is all about and they completely start from scratch with the station, first thing to jeteson, make believe Wrestling crap. I really wish they would show real sci-Fi and horror movies going all thee way back to the very beginning with the silents classics…Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” & Alfred Hitchcocks “The Lodger”, and work they’re way up to the Universal Monsters, then the 1950’s giant monsters like “The Giant Behemoth”, “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms”, Howard Hawks “The Thing from Another World” George Pal’s “When Worlds Collide” and so on. Hell, they can even earn the right to call themslves The Sci-Fi Channel if they made those kind of changes. But, lose the shows like Stargate Universe and so on.

    • Okay, you are so full of it that it isn’t even funny. Of all your so called knowledge of real history, you seem to forget to realize that the Norse gods are a myth. Besides that, you have absolutely no idea about the beliefs in Norse gods, apparently. ALL of the Norse gods could die. The Norse gods were the most human of ALL gods and were capable of death like humans. That is a basic belief that abounds in pretty much ALL versions of Norse mythological belief. You see, the Norse belief in Ragnarok was the destruction of EVERYTHING, god and human alike. You apparently didn’t study your history well enough there, buddy. Maybe you need another 50 years to develop more knowledge. Also, what is so stupid about the idea of a Stargate? You do realize that the premise is theoretically possible, don’t you, or is your understanding of theoretical physics so limited that you just don’t see the possibility?

      One final comment. You apparently do NOT know what true sci-fi is. Stargate IS true sci-fi, period. Your statements are NOTHING but flat out ridiculous. Please get a clue.

      • Oh, boy. Sorry to make you mad by correcting your misinformation concerning Norse mythology, moron. I seriously doubt that you knew enough about history whatsoever to even forget about it, considering how you don’t even understand Norse mythology well enough to even debate it. The Norse gods COULD, in fact, die. That was an underlying point of the belief system in Norse mythology. You, simply put, need to continue your education in history because you, simply put, didn’t even understand enough of it to begin with. You need to get a clue and respect your own elders, moron, because you have absolutely NO idea what true sci-fi is.

        • One_Man_Army and XTrust_No1X,

          OK, that is ENOUGH from you two. I’ve let this go on too long already.


          • What? All I was doing was correcting some of his historical misinformation.

            • One_Man_Army (and XTrust),

              First, I don’t even know how you managed to get through Xtrust’s initial mega-comment – I was only able to with great difficulty. Use paragraphs, people! While your initial reply was condescending, Xtrust is the one who went off the rails, and I hadn’t really noticed it until now.

              Xtrust, if you can’t be civil, you’ll be gone – your initial response was WAY over the top.

              I just want people to get along and for the conversation to be civil around here.


              • I must apologize then. However, I was condescending only because XTrust basically insulted just about every fan of the Stargate franchise with his original post. Added on top of that, he completely misrepresented an important aspect of Norse mythology and pretty much acted as if he’s all knowledgeable on all subjects, especially history and science fiction when his own statements clearly show he is not. I think I had good reason to be condescending.

                • One_Man_Army,

                  No worries.


    • Geez dude! Against my better judgement, I feel the need to reply to this. I’m not even going to touch the Norse mythology thing…I do agree with you that there are many classics out there produced before the 80s (although anything about accidentally produced megafauna is physically implausible, making it laughable scifi), but by being completely dismissive of everything since is just childish.

      Post 80s, yes, movies amped up the special effects and loudness to pack people into theater seats and quality could suffer. But that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t good scifi (hard and soft) being made. For instance:

      – Bladerunner
      – ExistenZ
      – E.T.
      – The Road Warrior
      – Ghost in the Shell
      – Primer
      – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (yes, it really is a science fiction film)
      – Children on Men
      – Moon
      – District 9
      – Inception
      – Jurassic Park
      – 28 Days Later
      – I am Legend
      – Pitch Black
      – Idiocracy
      – Cloverfield
      – Serenity
      – Minority Report
      – Signs (it had it’s moments)

      Get thee to a Netflix account, because you’ve been missing out! I particularly recommend Primer and Moon.

      Now, as for Stargate’s plausibility, yes, there are certain aspects of all the series that border on the ridiculous, but that’s true of all series TV. The season episode structure doesn’t always ideally compliment story structure, so sometimes there are filler stories. Some of the characters and villains (and even the practice of resorting to clear villains) can be silly (and Star Trek in all it’s incarnations was guilty of this as well). However, the core characters in Stargate have always been enjoyable, and the writers made it easy to care about the characters, and that’s what keep us fans coming back.

      The concept of a stargate itself is totally within the realm of science fiction. Our current knowledge of physics shows that wormholes are totally possible. There is nothing that we’ve so far discovered to rule them out (and it fact, the documented phenomenon of quantum tunneling may be proof positive, albeit on a small scale). Whether it would be possible to construct a stable wormhole that could be used to transport energy and matter in a meaningful, unscrambled way, is a matter of speculation. But as of right now, science can’t rule out the possibility.

      The other main premise of the show is that an ancient civilization traveled through the galaxy(s) hundreds of thousands of years ago depositing Stargates on planets, connecting them, and making interstellar transportation pretty much instantaneous. So there are two scifi ideas here: the development of intelligent life on other planets long before us, and interstellar spaceflight (to deposit the stargates).

      Based on recent research (the Kepler mission in particular) we know that at least 50% of stars have planetary systems. We can expect that to go up as we build better telescopes and increase survey areas. That means that habitable planets are probably very, very common. And that means that life, is probably very, very, common in the universe. That also increases the chance that ancient civilizations probably developed far before ours.

      The other issue is interstellar travel. Straight out faster-than-light travel is impossible, but warping space to travel faster through it is not ruled out by our current knowledge of physics. It would still take a really long time to travel between stars, but it could be plausible for a committed civilization with the right technology (like a fusion reactor). If enough ships were sent out, a civilization could populate a galaxy within hundreds of thousands of years.

      So Stargate is actually founded on some plausible ideas, and should be considered fairly ‘hard’ scifi.

      • You know, I wouldn’t say faster-than-light travel is straight out impossible. It is impossible with our current level of understanding, to be sure, but if we came to actually understand the physics behind it, it is theoretically possible. Faster-than-light travel is improbable, not totally impossible. I wouldn’t rule out faster-than-light travel, either.

        • Faster-than-light travel is actually time travel, when completely within the context of spacetime. Everything in normal spacetime travels at the same speed: the speed of light. If you move through space, your speed through time is slowed. If you remain completely still (relative to other things) you travel through time at the speed of light (which is what you are doing right now if you are sitting still reading this). If you travel through space at the speed of light, your travel through time comes to a standstill. If you travel faster through space than the speed of light, you would start traveling backwards through time. This was predicted by relativity, and has been shown to be true at the quantum level (look up the concept of a Feynman diagram to see why).

          However, if you get out of the context of normal spacetime, then it would be possible (not saying it is for sure) to travel from A to B technically faster than the speed of light. This is where warp bubbles (going between spacetime) and wormholes (going through spacetime) would come into play. Warping space is what Destiny is doing when it uses its FTL engines.

          • That’s only true with our current understanding. With later understanding, faster than light travel will yield different results. Our understanding right now is simply too limited. Even in normal space time, faster-than-light travel is still theoretically possible. It is certainly not straight out impossible, yet. We just don’t understand enough right now.

  5. hope dont end the story, otherwise sci will be the never ending story channel, nobody else will trust them on stories.

  6. You shouldn’t have cancelled this so quickly… that aside, ending it this way is quite… irksome as well. Maybe nothing was going to please me though since I didn’t want it to end. Either way, at least do a movie to tie up the story like SG-1 did. kinda

  7. I’m disappointed this is coming to an end. I think this series was different from SGs of the past though. Those were filmed with more light and were more light hearted. I liked that about them. Maybe if this one hadn’t been so dramatic it could have gone farther. Either way, I would have continued to watch it as I still enjoyed it.

  8. One man army, one thing I would remind you is that we are finding out more and more every year that much of what we thought was myth, turned out to be based in fact. Much of ancient mythology and gods could possibly be based on visits from E.T.’s. Watch the ancient alien series, watch with an open mind.

    There is allot that science can’t explain and a great deal of ancient evidence. I was skeptical going in, but after watching there is really compelling evidence out there. Some of the ancient architecture and caves can’t be explained any other way. The one cave complex in Sumaria I think it was was amazing and no way the people could have built in without metal tools and other technology etc. I mean we are talking about the oldest civilization known to man.

    A really well done series that changed my mind about ancient aliens and allot about scifi.

    Like I said though, we are finding most myth’s are actually based on reality. Or what ancient people’s reality was at the time. Like the islanders in world war two who thought we were gods and made planes out of jungle vines and trees to worship with hopes we would come back again. Exactly how many myths and gods were created eons ago.

    • I already know this. That’s actually what I told XTrust after his extremely insulting original post. I believe that all myths and legends are based in some form of fact. However, in Norse mythology, XTrust said Odin, the king of the Norse gods, can’t die. A very important aspect of Norse mythology, however, is that all of their gods, including Odin, are more human-like than gods of other ancient cultures and could actually die like humans do. As long as the Norse gods are not killed, they are immortal. However, certain things or events, as in the case of Ragnarok, could kill them. They are warrior gods who embrace humanity. That is a very important aspect of the mythos that XTrust misrepresented. Though I don’t believe Norse mythology is based on aliens as you do, I do believe there is a more down to earth explanation. Also, I was talking about the mythology itself, not the reality on which it is based because no one really knows the reality on which Norse mythology is based.

  9. This is the only stargate franchise that I watched each and every week, whether on tv or on demand or on the internet… the only one and now it’s gone.

  10. army,

    I don’t believe all myths etc. were or can be explained by ET’s. I do believe that there is a multitude of evidence that some were. Not suggesting the norse were. You seem to really know your stuff there, congrats. I was very skeptical about all of it but being a scifi fan I went in with open mind. I don’t understand why it is not more mainstream now however. The world wide evidence is astounding, especially among first peoples.

    I don’t know where it leads, or even where it fits in to my christian reality. I do know that the evidence for a great many things we can’t understand is growing everyday.

    We are beginning to live in the X-files, lol….

    • Well, I actually quite enjoy the Stargate franchise. I really don’t believe any of the myths are base on extra terrestrials myself because I believe there is a more down to earth explanation for them. I got into Stargate SG-1 about a year prior to the premier of Stargate Atlantis and got caught up by watching the whole of SG-1 online. Since then, I have been a major fan of the franchise and hate to see it end. I hope that in time, maybe when the economy improves and MGM gets the funding necessary, the franchise will continue. It may have ended now, but its ending doesn’t have to be permanent. I mean, there are still several potential stories for the series. SGU started out slow. I think that was the real problem for the show. Its slow start is why the ratings were low. Though it really did start to pick up in the past season. I was actually beginning to like Rush a bit, and I hated him pretty much throughout the first season. Just think what they could do if they brought McKay on board.

      • Rush is a fantastic character (and I was shocked when I first saw the casting of this show, with him and Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips — these are all film *thespians*). He’s the darkest main character SG has ever tried, and kudos to the writers for going there. He’s also a very real character–I know people like that. He’s not a cliche or a cartoon, and he provides some real conflict. You may not like him, and you’re not meant to, but he’s well-crafted.

        • I didn’t like him at first because of his earlier character where he wasn’t all that trustworthy. His actions at the very end of the first season and throughout the second season, however, changed my opinion of him. He grew on me, and I actually began to like him. Though, I would much prefer someone more like McKay.

          • We’d all prefer more McKay. I’d watch him read the phonebook 😉

            • The one problem with McKay, though, is that he’d likely have all the systems on the Destiny working in a matter of months, which wouldn’t leave much in the way for suspense. However, I much prefer his character over Rush. His character could bring both brilliance and humor to the Destiny, which I think was lacking a bit on SGU. His guest spot on SGU a few weeks back planted the idea that some day, maybe McKay will make his way onto the Destiny. Who knows? Maybe later, it could be an idea for an eventual SGU movie. The franchise can still be revived, after all, with the right kind of funding.

  11. After watching this thread for awhile, I’ve been wondering, why does MGM have to go with a channel at all? Why couldn’t the show be online only, like exclusive content to Hulu or Netflix? With an online audience there should be ways to make viewers more valuable to advertisers. As a viewer, I would be more than happy to give advertisers some data about me (like anonymized product preferences, or product feedback) in return for a show I really enjoy. There has to be a viable financial model there. I’d even pay a couple of bucks to see each episode, or pay to subscribe.

    Maybe we’re all barking up the wrong tree — we should be campaigning Netflix or Hulu (or even another channel like USA) to pick up another season of SGU, even if it’s a shorter season.

    • Well, several episodes of SGU and every single episode of SG-1 are on Hulu, so it would be a good route to go. Maybe on Hulu Plus for those who pay for that service. Maybe someone should start a petition for that. It would be great for the franchise to live on somehow. Somehow, TV without Stargate won’t quite be the same.

  12. First of all for all of you die hard SciFi fans out there all of the nonsense started i think when some dummy decided that it would be a cool thing to change the spelling of the network SyFy looks ridiculous if you ask me.

    That said for the most part the only thing that i can think of that can explain all of this is someone with no Science Fiction talent or mind has purchased the network and decided to uni latterly change the entire network, come on Wrestling on SciFi what the hell is that? Sure wrestling is fake but it belongs in the same category as all of the B rated movies that the network has been airing recently.

    I used to watch this network all the time in fact i had to upgrade my cable package and did so simply to receive the SciFi channel, Well since they decided to cancell all of the decent shows i decided to dial back my tv spending i completely shut off my cable and satellite services as there is nothing to watch anymore just crap and more crap.

    Reality show this reality show that who the hell wants to watch a bunch of people argue about something why would we want to do that wen we can just turn the TV off and go in the other room and listen to our family instead.

    I don’t know about all of the other people on here but i assume there are quite a few of you out there that hold the same opinion that i do regarding the SciFi channel.

    most of the shows they air and i have even sat through a few of their SciFi only movies and to be honest i would like those hours of my life back as i have completely wasted them on this garbage somewhat like i am wasting my time here evidently the network does not even read the posts here as i have read them all and none have anything good to write about the network in the past several months to a year so evidently they don’t care about ratings or they would stop canceling good shows and replacing them with crap like Ghost hunters and Wrestling

    Hell i have a thought maybe all of us fans out here can start a fund to collect enough money to buy out the network and then FIRE all the nitwits working there now and replace them with loyal SciFi fans that can get the job done right.

    With Caprica i liked that show yes at times i thought it was a little boring but in my opinion it was setting up for an excellent seasons to come if they would have just stuck with it and made the plot lines a little more direct and to the point. but to simply cast it aside without any warning is a fatal mistake on their part, I feel this pissed off so many people that watched scifi on a regular basis and with all of the other stupid decisions they have made before this nonsense well it was the last straw so to speak and they simply did what i did.

    Now all i do is watch netflix when i want to watch TV as for the news its a pack of lies anyway so why bother i say if you want false hope dont watch the news watch SYFY instead.

    Good luck out there and thanks for reading my rather lengthy complaining session. on the bright side my ranting has an ending!

    I thing that if this network has any hope of retaining what little viewers it has left they need to start reading these comments and posts listed here.

    • Don’t get me wrong because I see what you’re getting at. However, the only thing SyFy does care about now is the ratings. SGU has bad ratings on the network. However, the ratings for both Ghost Hunters and wrestling were consistent and much higher for the network. They are actually two of the network’s most popular shows right now. The network doesn’t actually have little viewers as it is, anyway. The ratings for SGU have been poor. However, the ratings for Sanctuary, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Ghost Hunters, and even WWE Smackdown have been more than decent for the network. I can tell you right now that the network has much, much more than a little viewers, and with their attempt to gather a more general audience, they will likely have no problem retaining their current viewers, seeing as their current viewers have been watching all of the other shows that have not been canceled. SyFy shouldn’t have canceled SGU, to be sure, but the cancellation of SGU is proof that all they care about is the ratings right now. They want more viewers, so they broadcast more of what the general audience wants, which obviously includes Ghost Hunters and wrestling.

      • army,

        you mentioned a couple shows that i do watch and think are great, eureka, warehouse 13, i am not naive enough to think they don’t care about ratings. it is ratings, ie number of viewers, that determines how much you can charge for advertising and how many advertisers they get.

        as i said before they miss it when it comes to the loyal fans who actually buy products, they don’t get that part. the problem is they don’t close these shows out properly. if they did that they would not have so many fans like me up in arms.

        i wish the 101 would pick it up. they did a great job on friday night lights and made allot of money and gathered some great fans by doing that. they closed the show properly. then nbc decided to go ahead and buy the their episodes and air them. they were idiots too, lol. i think the same group, nbc owns syfy, they make the same mistakes.

        i would like to see the 101 pick it up and run with it, scifi is a more expensive proposition however. upside is technology is making it much more inexpensive to do.

        i too think it is a mistake for syfy to air wrestling etc. this is not the decision a scifi ceo would make. they are owned by someone else and that is the problem.

        they are losing a great many fans by not doing things properly. shows like fringe and others are taking viewers and ad dollars that could be going to syfy network.

        hopefully, someone will pick up sgu and finish it.

        syfy needs to get it together

        • Though it is true wresting doesn’t really belong on SyFy, it is actually producing some good ratings for them. Smackdown is now one of SyFy’s highest rated programs, currently producing a couple million viewers every Friday night for them. Also, NBC is the parent network behind SyFy. That, right there, is another major problem. SyFy is becoming more and more like NBC by the season, which definitely is not a good thing. NBC has problems closing shows out properly, as well, mainly because all they care about is the ratings. If a show isn’t good enough for them, they will cancel it before even giving it a shot. There was once a time where SyFy wasn’t like that, but they are now and it sickens me. I’d say it has more to do with their ridiculous re-branding to SyFy than anything else.

  13. army,
    Thanks for NBC confirmation, i was not totally sure. You are right, it does explain a few things. NBC exec’s should get the boot too. They don’t have a clue and that is why I believe they are last in the free network wars. You have to be willing to give a show a chance and then close it properly.

    What is even more sad for me is that NBC has now purchased versus. I fear it means the doom for another great network. All the great sports that are covered so well there will fall to the wayside with NBC at the helm, like cycling and MMA, and bull riding. Really the only place you can watch cycling and PBR. It saddens me.

    sci-fi has not been the same since syfy. still have a couple good shows but with NBC in charge they could be cancelled tomorrow, lol. they do not understand how much more valuable the scifi fans are.


    • If Eureka and Warehouse 13 keep doing well in their upcoming seasons, those will likely stay. Alphas sounds interesting, as well, but with how NBC handled Heroes in the past, I don’t have much hope for it. What SyFy really needs to do is to get back to basics and start developing the kinds of shows that succeeded for them in the past. That will very likely bring the old audience back.

      • army, yea i don’t think nbc can do anything right. you are right, they blew it with hero’s, another show they did not end correctly or even handle right. they had a great hit with those fantastic loyal fans and blew it.

        alpha’s does sound interesting but like you i don’t hold much hope for it because it is nbc.

        i can only hope they won’t ruin eureka and warehouse 13. they almost did with eureka.

        i wish they could just be different than nbc.

        • Well, SyFy was different from NBC once upon a time. It’s just that NBC has been taking a more proactive role in how SyFy does things lately.

          • Yea, it is sad that the exec’s at nbc have been obviously taking a more active role at syfy. big mistake… they should leave it alone and let sci-fi guys run it.

            I look forward to the show coming up about an alien invasion, looks interesting. Can’t remember the name or what network, do you know which one I am talking about? Looks like great fun… the event has been an ok scifi show, although i doubt allot of it. if they have the tech to bring millions here thru a portal/worm hole or whatever they would not need a virus to eliminate us. having a hard time buying that part. they would obviously not need a virus to do it.

            i thought battle la was a pretty good example of what might be more realistic. anyone coming here would have the tech to get rid of us, if that was their goal. why, because in coming here they obviously have faster than light travel or the ability to use and control worm holes or bend space.

            do you know which show and network the alien invasion show is coming on?

            the silver surfer

            • That would be Falling Skies. It premiere on TNT in about a month. I’m looking forward to it myself. I haven’t actually seen Battle LA. However, concerning The Event, if you have been watching it like I have, they are using the virus to eliminate the human race so they can make room for their own people. Their planet is dying and in the universe of The Event, Earth is the only planet they know of that supports their people. The virus is a means to make room for their people when they come. According to the previous episode, the virus will kill off 98% of the human population in 5 weeks. The original goal of the Sleepers in the show was to kill 2 billion people to make room for their own. I can buy it. If you think about it, it makes plenty of sense. The Sleepers are more advanced than humans, but they are working off of a very limited supply. They can only do with what they got, and that really isn’t much considering how they stranded themselves on Earth.

  14. i understand the use of the virus, i just have some reservations about it. they had the tech to take the airplane out of the sky and to hit the monument in washington. i just think if you can do that and have the resources to build this giant portal you probably would not need a virus to do your dirty work. i think they were in a boat without a paddle, the writers etc. because nbc was not supporting them. great story line that could have really gone far. i really enjoyed the show… i was looking forward to discovering what the writing on the scroll meant and where the kids that were kidnapped fit in. future episodes that we will never see, lol…

    i hate nbc.. stuff like this makes me leave their network and not want to watch them at all.. cus when i get into something i don’t know if it will be there tomorrow.

    falling skies, yea i can’t wait for that…

    terra nova looks to be pretty good as well. not sure what network it was on…

    i am disgusted that several of the shows i enjoyed were cancelled. lol.

    these guys need to get some regular folks like you and me to set them straight and keep the right shows on the air.

    i am really upset that over half the great shows i watched this year were cancelled. beginning to wonder about cancelling the networks.


    • Well, you do have to understand that the Sleepers in The Event had extremely limited supplies relatively speaking. The weapon they used to destroy the Washington Monument was extremely limited. At that time, they only had enough power to take out the Washington Monument and nothing else so they bluffed the President. Also, their use of transporting the airplane was also extremely limited for the very same reason. Neither one could kill humans on as massive a scale as they wanted. They wanted to kill off at least a third of the entire planet’s population. Transporting a plane and destroying a monument simply aren’t enough to do that. They wanted death on a massive worldwide scale, and the virus was the only obvious conclusion with what they had at their disposal. You have to realize that the Sleepers didn’t really come to this planet prepared to kill off the population. On the contrary, at first the Sleepers wanted to integrate into the population peacefully. They simply weren’t prepared kill off at least a third of the planet because that wasn’t really their original objective. It was the actions of Thomas, followed by the actions of President Martinez, that altered the objectives of the Sleepers. They simply didn’t really have the supplies necessary to actually build a weapon that would kill at least 2 billion people, so the virus seamed like the only possible way to do so.

    • I found a few misspellings in my previous post, but I’m sure you still understand what I was trying to say.

  15. Well, for me the final episode just made my point. They had the power to bring a planet here, lol. So in reality they did not need a virus. Bringing the planet here did not solve their problem. Reality it would have torn the earth apart, changing it’s magnetic fields and polarity and its gravity. It would not have survived. If they were bringing the planet here then it would repair it’s atmosphere and they would not need earth anymore. I know they had to end it quickly and I commend them giving us some sense of closure but it left much more questions and was a bit over the top. For me, if they could do that, then they needed no virus and they really did not need earth. They just needed it to get their planet here.

    It was a great show, I am disappointed in the network for canceling it and I will probably not watch them anymore.

    • Actually, the gravitational pull of their planet wouldn’t necessarily tear the earth apart. Sure, their planet would tug on ours, but it wouldn’t be enough to tear ours apart. Also, I seriously doubt the earth’s magnetic field and polarity would be altered much if at all. The gravitational tug of their planet would be a problem, but it would not necessarily affect the magnetic fields and polarity of ours. The earth could very well have survived. Even the people on the earth could have survived, just under much harsher circumstances. What I’m really curious about is more to do with what the Sleepers would have evolved into if the show were to continue. That is what would have killed off humanity. The virus was to make room upon their return. Humanity, however, apparently wasn’t to survive the evolution of the Sleepers.

  16. Well there have been allot of models down about comets or asteroids either hitting the moon or coming close and just a minor change would affect us dramatically. Not only our gravity but our magnetic polarity. Just a slight change in the moon affects us. Our magnetics are already beginning to shift according to some scientist. It has more to do with the holes that have appeared in our magnetic protective shield. These holes, some of which appear to be permanent and have not closed are affecting the earth. We will see more earth quakes etc. as the push pull and the earth tries to maintain. We have already seen the affects in the last few years. We will see more earth quakes and volcano’s and drastic weather according to the scientist. The affects of bringing in a planet that close would be dramatic if not life ending on the earth. Scientist have theorized that even a large comet coming too close to us could bring a wobble affect on us and drastically affect us. It is scary stuff. Especially when you factor in that we are setting on the largest super volcano on the earth and it is in the cycle to explode anyway, lol. If it does man could become extinct unless we leave lol….

    Good ole yellowstone, such a beautiful place, hard to believe it is actually the largest super volcano on the planet, lol….

    It has been great corresponding with you… maybe we can keep in touch…


    • Here’s a little tidbit for you. Scientists estimate that the magnetic field is constantly shifting at an average rate of just over 6 miles a year. In 2009, it was observed that the North Pole was moving toward Russia at more than 30 miles per year. At that rate, some scientists predict that the North Pole could be over Siberia in a matter of decades. However, this constant shifting is just that, constant, and shouldn’t really be affected by asteroids, planets, or moons, at least according to most geophysicists and astronomers. This constant shifting is more to do with the inner and outer core of our own planet, not the gravitational affects of other spatial bodies. I’d say we are due for a pole reversal. However, geologically speaking, it could be several thousand years, or even several hundred thousand years, before another one actually comes. There was a time in the earth’s past that the pole didn’t reverse for about 40 million years.

  17. Those models certainly are not the real thing, however. If it was a mere asteroid, I could guarantee you that the only risk of that is if the asteroid actually hit this planet and was big enough to do some serious damage. If the asteroid just passed close to our planet, we likely wouldn’t notice any effects whatsoever. Also, such an even should not affect our magnetic polarity in the slightest. A change in the gravitational field does not really affect the earth’s magnetic field.

    Also, it’s not that our magnetic field is beginning to shift. It’s been shifting since the very beginning of this planet. The magnetic field of the earth has reversed itself several times over the past 4.5 or so billion years. We won’t really see more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as some doom sayers say, not any more than what the earth has been through in the past, anyway, when the magnetic poles shifted before. However, the last pole reversal according to many scientists was around 780,000 years ago. The shifting of the earth’s magnetic field really has nothing to do with the holes in the magnetic field. The shifting has always happened and will continue to happen as long as the earth isn’t destroyed, while at the same time the field itself is getting weaker. However, such an event as a planet coming to share space with us, or more likely make war with us as is apparently the case in The Event, shouldn’t really affect the earth’s magnetic field. Gravitational field, yes. Magnetic field, no. The magnetic field, in reality, shouldn’t really be affected by that particular event. I’d be more willing to bet that both planets would survive the process, just under some very extreme circumstances, at least until one planet, probably that of the Sleepers since they are stronger, destroyed that of the other, either through their apparent evolution or whatnot, and took its place in full.

  18. I agree with you to a certain etc. The problem is these models are all exactly that, models. The reality is we really just don’t know. We can make small scale experiments and try and project what might happen if they were really the size and scale of planets. Even the science that says the poles have shifted in the past seems to be debated by scientist with camps on both sides, which is usual for science of this nature, especially physics.

    I would say too that magnetic and gravitational are more closely related than we think. The core is a liquid and it moves all the time. Gravity does have an action on the core and thus our planets magnetics. Volcanoes and the release of lava on the scale of a super volcano is theorized to have a magnetic effect and may trigger a reversal.

    The holes also do have an effect on our big magnet, it is being weakened all the time.

    Moving a planet into space so close to us would effect both us and the moon. There would be a tremendous wobble effect. Think of it like throwing a stone into a calm pond, only the pond is space, and space that is close to us. The stone has a great ripple effect on the water, the bigger the stone the bigger the effect and the corresponding damage on other things.

    Most people never realize that the moon is one of the only reasons we have life on this planet, especially to the extent that we do. Most scientist believe that even though we are in the goldie zone the planet would be desolate without the moon. These subjects are fascinating and it is amazing to me how many different groups of scientists there are.

    They can’t seem to agree on much, lol… kinda like the republicans and democrats, lol…

    My personal view is that all of it is connected, gravity, magnetics, earth, moon, etc. One thing the scientist can agree on is that we are changing things and not for the better. Man is destroying what took millions of years to create. Here is a weird example for you: in arkansas man has caused thousands of earthquakes by their methods of drilling for natural gas. It is astonishing to even here the oil and gas companies try and play it off like they are not the cause.

    Bottom line, I loved the show and wish they would have left it on, for no other reason than it sparked such great conversation here.

    I have enjoyed our conversations.

    • Actually, the science that says the poles have shifted in the past is largely not debated at all. The vast majority of scientists have agreed to it. The timing of the shifting of the poles, on the other hand, is widely debated in the scientific community because of it’s unpredictability. Some do certainly predict that the earth is ripe for another polar shift right now. Others think we are still thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of years away from one.

      Though it is true that a change in gravity can, in turn, cause a change in the earth’s magnetic field due to gravity’s effect on our core, the change, I bet, would only be minimal on the magnetic field. I don’t think it would be significant enough to affect our magnetic field much. It is the gravitational effects of the spatial body that we’d have to worry about, really, not the changes in the magnetic field of our planet.

      I can tell you this. Mankind does have potential to destroy this planet, and in large part has in some cases. However, scientists certainly do not agree on the extent to which mankind has been destroying this planet. There is still a huge debate among scientists as to whether mankind is the cause for the climate change we are currently experiencing. Thousands of scientists may agree that mankind is the cause. However, thousands of other scientists believe it is a completely natural climate change. For every scientist who believes men are the cause for global warming, I can give you another scientist who believes that that is nothing but alarmist hogwash. Both sides have their own very convincing supporting evidence, but it is a debate that will be going on for decades. Personally, I do believe it is all connected. Just not to that extent.

  19. I wish I had saved the shows, there were two, I had watched that made reference to these subjects. Needless to say they had opposing views from different scientist. There were some that did not believe there was a shift at all and yes there were those who questioned the time frames. There were arguments put forth by both sides, it was interesting.

    My favorite scientist is the one whose name I would not try and butcher but I know you will know who I am speaking, japanese decent, great salt and pepper hair, lol. Professor in New York.

    He has some great theories and beliefs.

    Did you watch the ABC news piece where the scientist in Arkansas discussed the study about correspondence between shale drilling and injection and the increased number of earth quakes. The numbers of increased quakes since they started injecting all those chemicals and water into the earth over a fault line was astounding. It cracks me up when the spokesman for the oil and gas says something stupid like “increased quakes, it’s just natural”, lol…

    You know it is like common sense, fault line here, lets take the lite natural gas out of the rocks and replace it with heavy mud, water, and 3000 chemicals, most of which are known killers, it will be all good, it could not possibly cause any problems, lol…

    Another time where greed wins. Injection drilling for natural gas is a bomb that has already begun to explode. What is worse is that people don’t care. Haliburton and others have quietly conspired to dump tons of chemical waste back into the ground with the excuse they need them in the extraction process. Someday we will find out how much money they were secretly paid to get rid of all this crap, lol. The other thing is most of these chemicals are not used in the extraction but in just filling the area left behind by the process. You don’t need cancer causing chemicals to do that. And the republicans and tea parties want to get rid of the regulations and government watch dog departments. It is hilarious.

    So what are your thoughts on 2012???

    • Well, I’m certainly not going to say that ALL scientists agreed that there were shifts, just the vast majority of them. Scientists will never ALL agree on something. That would be against the concept of science. However, there is much more debate about the time frames than there is about whether there were actual polar shifts.

      I didn’t watch the ABC news piece. However, I do recall reading something like that on the internet. If done responsibly, shale drilling can be very beneficial. Of course, the key word is responsibly.

      It’s not that Republicans and the Tea Party wants to get rid of regulations and watch dog departments. Quite the contrary. They want to get rid of the dead weight to make the job easier for those watch dog departments. I’m against dumping hazardous chemicals into the earth myself, and anything to make that job easier is fine by me.

      About 2012, let’s not make this a more political discussion, please.

      • Ha ha, you confuse me, not the political race, but the speculation around the prophecies that it is the end, lol… as far as shale, well you hit the nail on the head, responsibly. So far they have proven, mostly, that they can’t do that. A young man from up north did a documentary about it that started out just to document what was happening in his own area and ended up all over the country. It was very eye opening. I knew some of the people in colorado who were affected. very sad, it was aired on hbo, wish i could remember the name, i think you would find it interesting.

        They would not even tell congress what they were injecting in the mud, finally after lawsuit it was disclosed. That list was asstounding and included so many cancer causing elements it was scary. I worked the oil fields myself and I can tell you that the chemicals are not needed. Good old clay does thhe trick just fine, no chemicals needed. Mix the mud right we did not need any chemicals.

        The chemicals were only added when they discovered how much money they could make getting rid of the stuff for people. Sad, very sad..

        Anyway, ya think the hopi and mayans are right about next year, lol

        • I don’t know about that. I’ve heard about some responsible shale drilling being done up north, though I can’t quite remember where exactly.

          Considering next year, I very seriously doubt it will be the end of the world. End of the Mayan calendar most certainly, but certainly not the end of the world. However, as I Christian, I’d be willing to bet that that end will come in my lifetime. One can never know exactly when, but all the Biblical signs point to it being some time in the next few generations.

          • I was with you until Nostradamus. That too is bunk.

            • @Fringe & OneManArmy – I understand you both feel strongly about your Biblical and non-Biblical beliefs but this isn’t the forum to explore those feelings. You’ve both had your say so I’m going to ask you to end the discussion please and get back on topic.

              Thanks for your cooperation.


              • One man, let me know where the thread ends up so i can follow. i enjoy conversing with you.


                • No problem, dlbott. There’s always email if you have an email account. I’d reply with my email here, but I don’t really want to give it out where a bunch of strangers would see it. Do you have an account somewhere where I can send you a private message, such as IMDB? If you do, I can let you know my email in a quick private message.

  20. Paul, in retrospect, my expressing my belief probably wasn’t a good idea. I must apologize. It did get off topic. I didn’t mean for it to.

  21. A lot of people do watch Television shows on the internet now and you should see how many viewers you have online instead of watching the ratings on Television.

  22. Paul, we have gotten a little off topic, well allot, but it keeps the thread going and adds great value to the site. Google and other search engines hit this site on a great many more hits with these extra comments. So don’t knock em too bad. I think it is great that a thread can grow and move in different directions. Like I said it does help the site.

    Army, I agree the bible has proven to be the most accurate historical record. Ironically, the other old religious works also have similar things to say, for instance they all have a flood event etc. Modern archeology has proven such things as the parting of the red sea.

    ok, paul I am done, where should we continue or start a new thread.


  23. i loved the way they ended the season but hated that they cancelled it. SU was one of the best series on syfy. I miss it. it was all about the characters and the action only amplified it. i did think the way they left it was perfect if they later decided to pick it up. i also thought it was kinda bad form to kill the series just as the main characters were coming into their comfort zone with their strengths abilities. but those are just my opinion. but i really would love if they brought it back.

  24. Star gate universe can pick up and take off lacks the potentical. Carecters from the first two played a key part Shepard gain the higher rank after being a rebelious solder doing thing his way that was a hook. Star gate sg-1 was three main characters perfect for the script. The fist two were awesom i didnt even know they exzisted till two years ago and just now decided to watch SGU . The script is dark makes the entire events happining on a ship ur hook can be an armoda after them trying to cover there trails on an Earth/ man kind doom. There were the wrath , the half acended evil dictator. Ur for getting that ur scrips can consist of many not just a bunch of humans and one evil race make it more. Use history as a guide three against two or three agains three war. And what ever happened to Telk from SG-1 his entire race didnt dissapear. Atlantice covered that like a vail bring it back opean ur mind put the show on a more convienent time

  25. Do you think they will Do a movie rap up ? like they did with the Fire fly series ?