Syfy Renews Stargate Universe For a 2nd Season

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stargate universe Syfy Renews Stargate Universe For a 2nd Season

Knowing how everyone is in love with Stargate Universe, I thought I’d share the news that Syfy has given the green light for a 2nd season of  SGU.  It’s a 20 episode order…  Please, stay calm folks.

Right now SGU is in a very long mid-season break.  It won’t return until April, so you have time to recover from the shell-shock you’ve been put through so far!

Screen Rant readers are not alone in their emotional angst about the show – that fact has been evidenced in previous SGU articles we’ve posted.  SGU is a controversial issue with fans that have come along for a 15-year ride of Stargate and it has been noted that many aren’t too happy with this dramatic change of pace.  (Would that be an understatement?)

Despite the core audience being tossed around by this new approach, it doesn’t sound like the showrunners are looking to change it any time soon.  At least if you go by this quote:

“We’re dealing with 15 seasons of expectations with a certain fanbase,” executive producer Robert Cooper said. “Hopefully, as the show goes on, people will appreciate ‘Universe’ for being its own thing.”

In case you can’t wait for any insights, they said that now that we know things about the characters, the show will become more serialized and we’ll see more situations on the ship as opposed to the attempted dramatic injections of Earth-based drama.

We’re also going to finally get to see a full-bodied alien!  See, now we’re talking!  But of course they say the aliens are going to be along the lines of a District 9-like alien.

Why do they have to keep saying things like that?  They’ve compared their show against other shows and now they’re comparing their aliens to popular movie aliens.  Why oh why do they have to keep drawing comparisons to other successful shows instead of actually trying to be their own personality?  Grr.

Aside from that, what is going to be interesting is that in the 2nd part of this 1st season, which they’re now taping, the crew is going to become decisively divided about what Young (Justin Louis) did to Rush (Robert Carlyle).

Hehe…  that was one of the best things to happen to that man.  You’d think he’d learn.  He’s been beat down by Greer, and now Young.  Who’s next?

Dare I ask how Screen Rant readers are feeling about another exciting, 20-episode season of Stargate Universe?  (I’ve ducked and covered…  let ‘er rip!)

Source:  THR

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  1. Don’t care what fans of the old shows say, I am into it.

    They have my attention. The show isn’t perfect, but I am really enjoying. Also didn’t enjoy previous the previous two series.

    Yeah, I know, I know. I must just “be dumb” and “not know good story telling” or “good characters.” Yada yada yada.

    Bring on Season 1.5 … If that is good. Bring on Season 2.

  2. I still don’t like it but for some reason I keep watching.

  3. I will now light myself on fire! Kill me now… This makes me crazy! Can they just call it something else so that I don’t have to feel like it should be better cause it’s called SG? What an amazingly crappy thing to do for a 15 yr fan base. Next time just leave me a car bomb I might enjoy it more – at least a car bomb would be over quicker. Maybe they can take all the hate and channel it into making the show more enjoyable to those who are true SGers. Anyway, back to lighting myself on fire (where is that lighter…gasoline? gasoline?)

  4. Wait, everyone is in love with SGU?

  5. I still don’t like it but for some reason I keep watching.

  6. Wow, syfy is retarded… This is one of the dumbest and most annoying shows I’ve ever seen…

  7. I still enjoy it, still better than all the other sci fi on tv at the moment. Oh right there isnt any!

    And I cant believe its on hold until April!!! Are they having a giraffe???

  8. The worst thing about the show: communication stones. Make them break or something.

  9. I agree about the stones, or at least use them as proper plot device, like suddenly discover one of the crew isnt who they claim to be, because maybe someone else has a set of stones.

  10. Sam… don’t do it.

    Ken J: I presume you didn’t like BSG either!?

    M-Cat: It’s a secret thing no one admits to.

  11. I hated the new BSG, it was terrible. No likable characters, stupid ‘ oh this makes a nice comparision to the current situation in the world, war on terror’ nonsense. It was desperately pretentious, and just… bad!

    SGU is a million times better. Dr Rush is one of my favourite tv characters of all time now!

  12. Spoilers ahead********************


    most people are saying he’s annoying but I also like Dr. Rush and think he’s the most interesting character (not annoying like the dumb chic) because of his obsession with the ship and the chair. I also like the colonel (whatever his name is) who left Rush on the planet (at least until he did that). And now it’s on hold until April??????

  13. @Bruce

    Nope, I can never understand what all the big deal was about BSG. I found it to try WAY too hard to be dramatic and political. Nobody reacted, talked, or responded like real people would to whatever situation was at hand. It was like at every waking moment, they are like asking themselves “What is the most dramatic way I can respond to this?” then they did… I seriously hate movies/tv shows that do this. SGU I find is worse because it tries to mimmick BSG. So it’s like second-hand stupid…

    When I’m watching a show and like every 2 minutes I’m asking myself “holy crap, does anyone act human on this show??” It is kind of hard for me to enjoy it, lol. I found myself asking myself that basically everytime someone opened their mouth on SGU or BSG…

  14. Rush is fantastic, I love trying to work out his motivations! And I like Colonel Young as well, he is a good foil for Rush. It was a cracking episode, and while it is obvious how Rush will escape, he will have great leverage over Young when he gets back.

  15. I personally like SGU, I haven’t really liked SG since the first few seasons of SG-1. I also think Robert Carlyle is doing a graet job with the Rush character, the super intelligent sleaze ball that you just love to hate. Robert Carlyle maybe…well to good for this show and is one of the main reasons I started watching it.

  16. First time posting, long time lurker…

    When I first heard about the storyline for SGU I was like “this could be interesting, as long as it’s not BSG meets Voyager while hunting for Dr. Zachary Smith…”

    Then I read a few things about it here on Screen Rant before it aired and was like, “oh crap, well, at least football is starting, and my Eagles look to be awesome this year – oh, and any team stupid enough to hire Michael Vick… er, you mean the Eagles hired Michael Vick??? Oh crap…”

    Then I watched the first episode and thought “I’d rather watch the “younger & edgier” SG-1 in “Wormhole X-Treme!” on the WB…

    Then I watched a few more episodes, and I finally thought “would someone just kick Rush’s arse already!!!!”

    Then I watched the last episode and thought “Wow, Colonel Young took his hands off the stones long enough to find his own stones and put Rush in his place. And why haven’t we seen more with Eli spying on Vanessa using a Kino?”

    In the end, I think us die-hard fans of the Stargate series will probably stick it out. As much as I hate bad story lines and such, it’s not as bad as I feared it would be, and they have left enough twists up to this point to make me devote time in April to see what happens next.

    That is, if SyFy is still even there – I fear by then it will be Wrestling & Ghost Hunters 19 days a week by then…

    - Bradyhawke

  17. @Bradyhawke

    that was some funny stuff right there.

    Don’t go bashing my Eagles because they signed Michael Vick. I am a dog lover so I understand why people despise him but I can forgive just not forget.

  18. I’m kinda surprised that they renewed SGU for Season 2 when Season 1 isn’t even finished being filmed yet. Do I love SGU? No. Do I hate it? No. Despite being a bit slower and darker than its predecessors I find myself interested in the show. The characters, aside from Rush and Col. Young, are fairly interchangeable. Eli is obviously the comic relief. I DO think this show holds some promise though. There are FAR worse shows on TV (not including reality crap) and there really isn’t enough sci-fi shows out there at all. I never got into BSG at all, but I am slowly being won over to SGU. I just hope they pick up the pace a little bit.

  19. SGU has a new direction, following shows like BSG into soap opera land. Now we have Caprica coming out soon and its also a soap. So sci-fi in general has changed course and left me behind, in the mean time I can only hope someone is planing a good sci-fi action adventure to fill the current void.

  20. @Andy S, I’m not surprised SGU was renewed as it is SyFy’s number 2 show after Ghosts Hunters. I’m surprised they haven’t canceled the SyFy channel.

  21. @M-Cat

    (thread hijack warning!!!)

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Eagles too (especially the way they handed it to the Giants on Sunday night), but they got rid of Dawkins (my 2nd favorite player), and now Westbrook is hurt (my favorite player), and even though some people can forgive but not forget, I have a hard time accepting that the NFL let Vick back as soon as they did – not to mention the “easy” sentence he served – if that was you or me, we wouldn’t be breathing free air inside of 10 years…

    (…thread reconnect)


    I totally agree with you, I’m expecting SyFy channel to be off the air before Cablevision ever gets around to updating the logo for “The SciFi Channel” on the channel selection screen…

    I’m holding my breath for that good SciFi/action show as well, something tells me I might have to start writing it myself though, as well as getting ready to pitch it to a completely new network/channel that might actually carry science fiction…

  22. Gang:

    I have to ask, and this is for clarification sake ’cause I’m trying to get where you come from:

    When you refer to the show as a “soap”, am I misinterpreting that all you want is mind-numbing, ship destroying action all the time?

    How do you get around character development with nothing but action?

    How do you avoid a show becoming a “soap?”

    That’s what I ponder at the moment. (I think I know, but I want to see that I’m on the same page with you folks.) -Bruce

  23. I liked the occasional SG-1 show, but I found the series drastically too light hearted to be about what it was about. When it moved into Atlantis I thought “Let’s give that a chance” and while some of it was good, I never could get past Ronin of all things.

    For all you wailing on about SGU, think about “Ronin” for a minute. Could you come up with a more idiotic name or write-by-the-numbers wannabe Worf by trying? Seriously. Grab Michael Dorn if you really want some Klingon that bad. The addition of that character absolutely killed anything I had ever hoped for Atlantis to be. I flushed the rest of the series down the toilet.

    SGU isn’t perfect, but they pull tricks that I like, and I’m Sorry to those who don’t like it, but I don’t see the wanna-be-drama-queen attitude you’re describing in the show. Maybe I just like the whiny drama tropes too much.

    Good tricks:
    1. Disjointed narrative in pilot episode.
    2. No bridge, no engine room, etc. There’s room to grow here without a typical Star Trek trope creeping in.
    3. The killer worms episode and ending with a message-in-a-bottle. No idea how many times they looped, etc.
    4. No white knights and no saints.

    There’s more, but I find I can look forward to each episode to learn a little more about the castaways (I refuse to think of them as crew) and maybe some new thing about Destiny.

    I’ll keep watching, eagerly.

  24. Bruce

    I don’t care about a character’s past, their actions speak for their character. I don’t care if they are gay or their love life or personal tragedies or anything about their past.

    In Stargate the movie my only complaint was the silly drama of Jack O’Neil’s son’s death and guilt, who cares, quit crying and get to work.

    I enjoyed the movie ‘Crank’ as it was action all the way through and didn’t have to be board with drama and dialogue for long periods of time.

    Yes, give me none stop shot-em ups, car chases, airplane crashes and blowing things up.

    Also give me the intellectual side of humanity instead of emotional baggage of losers/quitters/defeatist.

    These are things I can relate to in my real life, I have an above average IQ, I love science, I work in the high risk timber industry, I am a licensed pilot, I sky dive, white water canoeing, I have a custom hot rod, I am an adrenaline addict and want a show that fits me.

    Personally I found the excuse of character building insulting, its long drawn out drama and hand holding by the writers while wasting time between commercials filling dead space.

    I hope this answers your question.

  25. @Bruce

    It doesn’t have to go from one extreme to another. Just because some people complain that it’s just a soap opera doesn’t mean what they want is some mindless action show. Most likely they want something in between maybe? Yes, that area does exist! lol.

  26. @Bruce

    Being a fan of the Stargate series, I will say that I was hoping for something that worked with the previous shows (SG-1 & Atlantis) a little better than just “you’ll see some characters from those shows… and we have a Stargate too!”

    I enjoyed BSG somewhat, though the filming style did annoy me enough that there were plenty of episodes I missed for the sake of avoiding a headache from watching swaying cameras…

    (…and what’s the deal with that anyway? It was a very cool and amazing filming technique when used in Saving Private Ryan – I have to say, the opening 25 minutes of that film alone was Epic – but since then, I’ve yet to see that style of filming utilized when it would make the most sense. BSG abused it, and now SGU is abusing it, which just makes it look like the clingy ugly chick wanting your attention that blocks you from locking down that “last-call” (dude, she looks like Cylon #6!!!) hottie you’ve been buying Appletinis for all night – you know shes there, but you still want the hottie…)

    Since SciFi, er, excuse me, SyFy is “expanding” their repertoire of shows it wants to air, I was more than willing to give SGU a shot for a few episodes, despite all the posts and blogs (and their less than enthusiastic fan responses) detailing information about the show. It really did come across from many sources (at least, it did to me) that they not only took the show in a different direction, but that they butchered it from the original story line.

    I don’t mind a show or movie taking the time out to provide us some background on the characters, especially if those backgrounds will bring insight into what these characters will end up doing when they are faced with a situation that will test them. But it really did seem like (again, at least it did to me) that they were taking a very long time getting around to the point where these characters would finally realize “ok, we are stuck here, lets get our crap in order”. Instead, we are stuck watching a ship where all but 1-2 characters are the “wrong” people to even be there, and we are forced to watch “why” they are the wrong people by watching them use the stones to go back to Earth and just become more miserable by their circumstances. Maybe that’s the point the writers wanted to make, but at some point, you need to stop kicking the horse when its down…

    This is not to say I’m hating SGU – actually, I’m becoming more interested in watching what happens next. They have left enough cliffhangers for me to be willing to watch it come April. I just think that they may have taken too long to get to the point that they could have reached in 2-3 episodes. As stated above, I’m glad Col. Young found his “stones”, and I’ve been liking Dr. Rush & Msgt. Greer since the 1st episode, not to mention Vanessa James (Julia Benson, DROOL).

    I think the story is moving along better now, and as long as we don’t have to deal with heavy stone usage (heavy stonage?) in any following episodes, then I could see myself sticking around to see how the story progresses. If they decide to give us a few more episodes of “background”, then I’ll flip over to Food Network or just wait for The Soup to come on…

    - Bradyhawke

  27. @Bruce

    “When you refer to the show as a “soap”, am I misinterpreting that all you want is mind-numbing, ship destroying action all the time?”

    I don’t want that. I want character conflict AND mind-destroying (the chair), worm shooting, time looping-action. SGU has delivered for me. Those have been the strongest two episodes.

    “How do you get around character development with nothing but action?”

    You don’t really. Good writing can accomplish both though. On its best days, SGU has accomplished both.

    “How do you avoid a show becoming a “soap?”

    Honestly, some of that is just more a function of budget in shows like this and BSG. They can’t have amazing dogfights in space every episode because they don’t have the coin to do all the VFX every time. So, some it has to be more character conflict. If it is meaningful conflict that advances the story and makes you care about the characters, it is fine.

    If it is filler conflict that doesn’t amount to much in the grand scheme = Soapy.

  28. Evan stated:

    “Yeah, I know, I know. I must just “be dumb” and “not know good story telling” or “good characters.” Yada yada yada.”

    A) just “be dumb”
    B) “not know good story telling”
    C) “good characters.” Yada”
    D) Yada yada yada

    UH, the answer is A (you might be dumb)!!!

    And also sprinkle in there are not enough sci-fi shows out there to switch to as an alternative