Stargate Movie News: It Has A Working Title

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sg 1 pic Stargate Movie News: It Has A Working Title

For most of this year, I’ve been hovering and watching for any news about any Stargate movies.  Various articles or snippets around the internet suggested one thing or another.

Back in September, Amanda Tapping mentioned that the Stargate SG-1 movie was approved and could start filming after Stargate Universe is done filming.

Now comes news that the working title for the next Stargate SG-1 movie is called Stargate: Revolution and it includes bringing Jack O’Neill back “in a big way.”

Brad Wright and Carl Binder penned the script and the story in the script takes place in the time between Stargate: Continuum and Stargate: Universe.

The original plans were to shoot the movie this fall but the economy put that off.  Now we just need to wait for Universe to stop filming, and if everyone sticks to the rumored schedules, we’ll be having ourselves a new Stargate movie.

I personally can’t wait to see a new movie.  I can’t get enough of the old-styled Stargate show.  I don’t mind Universe, when I don’t try to compare it to the 15-year track record that Stargate developed.  But I need some of what we’ve become accustomed to and it’s great news to hear that they’ve got a working title for the  Stargate movie project.

I hope they keep Stargate: Revolution as the title.  Catchy title, for whatever that might mean!

Source:  GateWorld

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  1. I just … can’t … fathom… peoples’ … affection for this series!

    I loved the original film. I mean REALLY loved it.
    Then they went and made a series and stuck Richard Dean “who’s you daddy” Anderson in the middle of it as the single least believable “colonel” ever set to celluloid.

    What idiot thought that a “wise cracking” military officer teamed with a cardboard alien, a stereotypically absent-minded “science type”, and a blonde would be a worthy follow-up to the original Stargate film?

    I’m sorry, I just needed to rant.
    I keep reading people post on this forum about how much they hate M. Knight Shyamalan’s films out one side of their mouths, and praising Stargate: SG-1 out the other, and it just churns my stomach.

  2. You obviously haven’t seen more than a few episodes.

  3. @Mike E.

    Uuhhh, actually, he may be wise-cracking, but if you watch enough episodes you KNOW that when it counts Jack O’Neill is a great person to have on your side. He always proves to be a very capable leader when he has to be, but then he’s a funny wise-ass in between. The show relied on the chemistry between the characters and that was part of the reason why it worked, because O’Neill and Jackson are polar opposites at times just like in the movie, but I personally feel that Michael Shanks plays Jackson with a lot more intensity than James Spader, but that’s just my opinion. I really liked Kurt Russell’s Jack O’Neill but RDA’s was great too.

    I can’t wait for this movie, especially if it’ll STAR Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O’Neill this time instead of the new cast. I hope they just cancel Universe already and stop filming it so they can move its budget over to add on to the budget of this movie and start filming it early… Stargate Universe is downright horrible. I’ve given it like 3 last chances already, and it’s disappointed me with every episode…

  4. Oops, forgot to elaborate on the O’Neill/Jackson point. They are polar opposites at times and the writers do a great job having them argue it out, a lot of the very realistic morality versus completing the mission type questions that sometimes get raised in real life. Of course, it started to go downhill after around season 8 or so when they started to feature RDA less and less and he became almost exclusively a wise-ass and those dramatic moments started to get fewer and farther in-between… His dramatic moments were great.

  5. I like SGU. But I am glad to hear this is back on schedule, but what about Stargate Atlantis:Exticntion??? I want to see more Mckay!!!!!!!!!

    Richard Dean Anderson’s O’Neil is one of TV’s greatest characters. He took what Kurt Russell did in the movie and made the character his own in a big way. I love everything stargate related.

    Here’s what they should do. Combine the best parts from all 3 series, have O’Neil, Jackson, Carter, Teal’c, Sheppard, Mckay, Dr Rush. Make a movie with those characters, big budget, imagine the possibilities!

  6. I’m with Ken J on this. The SG-1 series was one of my favorite TV shows (after the cancellation of FarScape) and for many of the reasons just mentioned.

    Hopefully, RDA will come back as the lead because, while I love Ben and Claudia for their work in FarScape, they did not belong in SG-1.

  7. Farscape was fudging awful! One of the worst dung heaps to ever work its way onto a television screen.

  8. Actually, despite hating this series, I watched it, every week (with a few skipped episodes here and there) for a number of years.. there was nothing else on. And I was home sick at the time.

    So yes, I saw considerably more than a few episodes. And I still think the writing is dreadful, the situations laughable and the character development pathetic. MacGyver’s role in this series was about as believable as Paris Hilton would be as a nuclear physicist. I’ve known enough military men (all officers) to know that he wouldn’t BE a colonel with the kind of attitude he had.

  9. @Mike E.

    Sorry, bud, loved the show (at least through season 9). It wasn’t BSG – it was more akin to classic Trek. It had it’s serious moments but it was lighthearted and not afraid to poke fun at itself.

    I miss it.


  10. Any news about the Atlantis movie ?

  11. Sg1 was never meant to be serious, it was meant to be fun, and fun it was, every week. SGU needs some humour.

  12. Actually I preferred James Spader’s dorky but cute interpretation of Dr. Daniel Jackson. I thought the more intense Jackson was just not as much fun, and it was this sweet character that made me love Stargate in the first place.

  13. Ok if all we are waiting for is SGU to done filming then just cancel the show and tell them they are done filming… It’s an ok show but no where close to SG-1 or Atlantis. I cannot wait for this movie!!!

    @Mike – if you hated it that much you really should have watched something else… And I think you are vastly underapricating a show that has a huge and devoted fan base. And it should be obvious that the show was at least above average since it has lasted so long and has such a fan base.


    We’ve had 2 SG1 Movies already and they cancelled Atlantis with the promise of a movie to wrap things up – don’t go back on you’re word!

  15. @Mike E

    Actually Mike, yes a lot of people in the military are the stereotypical gung-ho serious military men, but I don’t think you know a lot of military men if you say there are no goofballs in the military… Heck, the dorkiest, goofiest, member of the group of friends I have is a Lt. in the US Army. Of course none of us would salute that idiot butterbar, but still, lol. And I know some Captains and Majors who are seriously goofballs when they’re not in “officer mode” and giving orders and what-not, like if he’s not standing in front of their men performing an official duty, and you’re just talking to them, you will hear nothing but jokes from them. Albeit I don’t know any Colonels personally, I knew a few Majors that are like that and that’s just one rank away, so I doubt that if they get promoted to Colonels that they will all stop being sarcastic goofballs… Yes, the Colonels I have encountered all seem pretty serious, but like I said, I’ve only seen them in the capacity of their duties, not in any personal time or anything like that, so they COULD be have a sense of humor after all, lol.

  16. Remember, we ARE allowed to have our likes and dislikes.
    So SG-1 just does not do it for me. Having a “huge fan base” is not really a particularly important factor in my appreciation of a TV show or a film. I like it or dislike it based upon the quality of the writing (SG-1’s, for me, was very poor) and the acting (ditto).

    As for senses of humor, all the officers I’ve known (right up to colonels) have had them. None of them acted like fratboys, however (yelling “who’s your daddy” at the enemy while firing at them? puh-lease).

    I so far mostly like Stargate: Atlantis (although I HATE when they include supposedly intelligent characters who are social idiots to the point of being a health hazard to themselves and those around them).

    And so far, I am totally loving Stargate: Universe.

    I’m not against humor. I loved the old Star Trek. Humor has its place… but that’s the whole point: IN ITS PLACE.

    The Stargate film had touches of delicate humor. Well-placed.

    I wish the studio had not taken control of the Stargate brand and decided to create a TV series, instead of the film trilogy that Emmerich and Devlin had originally planned.

  17. @Mike E

    You’re right, there’s no arguing the show is very different from the original film – but I like them both for different reasons.


  18. @mike
    I’m not saying that you have to like the show… No one should have to like anything (kids & veggies maybe???) My point is that just because a show wasn’t written for your taste does not make it poorly written. The fan base should not sway you into liking it, but it makes your arguement that the show was poorly acted/written weak. You just cannot be as popular as the show is and be poorly written or acted let alone both. SG just simply wasn’t for you… And again I would suggest not watching shows you don’t like.

  19. I think that Stargate SG-1 is the best sci fi show on tv to date. RDA made the show what it was which was great. I guess I’m going to have to go back and watch Continuum. I thought Baal killed O’Neill. I might be wrong. Hope so.
    The original movie was good but the series is by far better. still watch it all the time.

  20. @ Mike
    Poorly written shows with nad acting don’t last 10 seasons.
    Jack’s was written off sor the actor’s personal reasons.
    If you don’t like the show why are you even bothering with posting to this page.

  21. that was anything but bad acting and yea Jack’s part was written out in season 9. too bad he didn’t stay instead of getting sent to the Pentagon.I think it said that RDA decided to leave because of Wiley (his daughter)

  22. Wow, now that’s just odd. You like Stargate: Universe despite it’s wannabe “look how edgy and cool this is” gimmicky feel, horrible acting, horrible writing, horrible dialog. It’s like a teenager directed wannabe battlestar gallactica show. Yet you’re so critical of SG-1 because the main character actually has a sense of humor…

    Hey, I know you’re entitled to your opinion, I’m just expressing my opinion about how odd I feel that is. In my opinion Stargate: Universe is a complete waste of time and money. I wanted to enjoy it but found that it tries WAY too hard to imitate BSG and to have younger and “edgier” characters. Like the Lt. that’s always making out or humping some random girl in every episode so far, or this Lt. Johansen who seems incapable of buttoning her top button. Talk about unbelievable military officer behavior, how about perpetually being out of uniform?? Or someone getting to the rank of MSgt who can’t seem to keep his bad temper in check, ever. I would think that if someone was to have a decent career in the military moving up the ranks, even if they had a bad temper that they would be able to hide it in public…

    It’s basically a teen soap opera in space. Every episode is more people bickering, Lt. Scott humping someone, Rush trying to trick people, Eli cracking pop-culture jokes, Chloe being flakey, *yawn*

    Cancel the show and bring on the movie…

  23. I’m with Ken… Cancel the crap show that does nothing for SG fans and give us the movie
    (and we’ll take some more SGA too)

  24. No stargate is bad in my opinion. It’s all good.

  25. Sam says: “Ok if all we are waiting for is SGU to done filming then just cancel the show and tell them they are done filming.”

    LOL… Kudos Sam, best articulated opinion in the thread thus far. 😉

    I think SGU’s biggest problem is that production of the episodes has gotten too far ahead of the fan base feedback. Before it can be tooled and tweaked the season will run out, and that will be the end of a weekly “Stargate” series. I’m thinking some of the top brass just want to move on and create shows that have better margins and perhaps generate more advertiser interest. If a product becomes too entrenched its weaknesses become better known than its strengths as seen from an advertiser point of view.

    Hey timetraveler your one of the few here, other than myself, that’s mentioned James Spader’s portrayal of Jackson. Spader ended up in TV anyway, I’ve always wondered if he wouldn’t have been better off if he had stuck with this character. Guess we’ll never know. It’s hard for me to dismiss, because he did it first and I think I liked his portrayal as much as Shank’s, maybe more. :)

    It will be interesting to see how this shakes out in the next 6 mos. Perhaps I’m way wrong, lets hope.

  26. I’m with Mike E – SG1 really does suck.
    I’ve been watching the first 5 series on Sky 1 catch up after watching the fantastic Atlantis, and I must say, SG1 is a real disapointment.
    The chaarcters are so dull and RDA is really boring. He onlty showed an ounce of emotion in the episode Red Sky – in SERIES 5!
    RDA looks like he can’t be bothered to be there, Tappings just going through the motions, Shanks seems like he’s only there for the money.
    Only Judge is really delivering great performances week out.

    I really hope it gets better. Atlantis is so much better in every respect.

  27. As you guys know, the moment we hear anything about STARGATE EXTINCTION (Atlantis) movie, you’ll see it here.

    As far as what does and does not work for individuals, different tastes can be respected. SG-1 grew on me with the more episodes I watched. It’s the most palatable entertainment on television some days, period.

    Universe is its own creature that is far from SG as any SG series out there… and they warned us about that. We just kept wanting more of what we’ve come to love and that, I think is the biggest disappointment to date. That the equation that was SG [(-1)(-A)] didn’t renew in this new rendition of Stargate.

  28. Thank God we have ”HULU”.
    Great ,It’s like you had put in a DVD….
    HULU keep’s adding more shows of SG1..Yeahhhhhh..
    The best Jerry,the best….Mike In Kingstown…

  29. Yes Bruce as you state in your last paragraph. So at that point, as an artist do you stick to your vision and get canceled, or do you accommodate others in the hopes that something like your timing might be off and you need to wait to bring on your personal vision? Can the “Stargate” franchise encompass “BSG” themes and tone? A lot of people don’t like that. Maybe it’s the fact that all those series had ended quite close together. It was too soon to try a move like they did.