Stargate Movie News: It Has A Working Title

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sg 1 pic Stargate Movie News: It Has A Working Title

For most of this year, I’ve been hovering and watching for any news about any Stargate movies.  Various articles or snippets around the internet suggested one thing or another.

Back in September, Amanda Tapping mentioned that the Stargate SG-1 movie was approved and could start filming after Stargate Universe is done filming.

Now comes news that the working title for the next Stargate SG-1 movie is called Stargate: Revolution and it includes bringing Jack O’Neill back “in a big way.”

Brad Wright and Carl Binder penned the script and the story in the script takes place in the time between Stargate: Continuum and Stargate: Universe.

The original plans were to shoot the movie this fall but the economy put that off.  Now we just need to wait for Universe to stop filming, and if everyone sticks to the rumored schedules, we’ll be having ourselves a new Stargate movie.

I personally can’t wait to see a new movie.  I can’t get enough of the old-styled Stargate show.  I don’t mind Universe, when I don’t try to compare it to the 15-year track record that Stargate developed.  But I need some of what we’ve become accustomed to and it’s great news to hear that they’ve got a working title for the  Stargate movie project.

I hope they keep Stargate: Revolution as the title.  Catchy title, for whatever that might mean!

Source:  GateWorld

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  1. Hey “Old Man,” how’s it going?

    I think at the root of SGU is a cheap tactic to capitalize on someone else’s vision and adapt it to an established franchise, changing it to something different than it has been. I have to think that their ratings made them feel like this was what they had to do.

    Aside from that, it is very much like BSG, except the Galactica found itself a stargate…

    And looking at it on it’s own merit, I am enjoying the show.

  2. Hey Bruce healed up nicely from some surgeries this summer. Kind of ate the summer up. Now I’m playing catch up, but doing fine, thanks for asking.

    Well over the last 7 or 8 years you have had a lot of the star voyage shows end. I think almost everyone thought WTH when “Atlantis” ended. It was like the train just suddenly, ran out of tracks. Like you say “cheap tactic to capitalize on someone else’s vision and adapt it to an established franchise.” However we’ve had cross pollination for years. It’s been slowly building where all the franchises looked the same. Especially technologically. So why did the adoption of “BSG’s” tone and story elements seem like a cheap shot? You said it, while it’s taken years for the tech to equalize, matter transmitter technology, FTL, Hyperspace, Wormholes, advanced scanning technology, they scarfed the “BSG” story tone opening day and grafted it to “Stargate.” So why did it happen? Why didn’t a better conceived plan get put together earlier? Did they really think they could coast? Well apparently not just coast, but on auto pilot as well. The third big mistake is not making necessary changes and improvements. Viewership commitment is heading for a big problem if the show continues on the present course. Even though they have had inklings of added real science its not enough for most people. They are bored and feel they’ve been handed a substandard cast and direction. I can see your point about its own terms but it’s not enough…

  3. I think comparing SGU to BSG is such an insult, BSG was a terrible and overhyped mess of a program that ran out of ideas before season 2, the characters were dull and the acting poor. I will never understand peoples love for it.

    • And yet BGS is one of the highest rated shows of all time. Every singles season of BSG is rated higher than any season of SG. BSG is personally my favorite program followed by Six Feet Under, The Wire and Sopranos.

  4. “the characters were dull and the acting poor.”

    Wait, are we talking about BSG or SGU? Because those things apply to both…

  5. BSG! No one can dare claim Robert Carlyle’s acting is anything other than amazing on SGU, as much as i like the show, he is the only reason I am still watching.

  6. I’m going to back DrSamBeckett.

    Only because I really hate and distrust Dr. Rush and I can’t get to that phase of disliking a character unless the actor has done a good job ticking me off.


  7. Rush is such an interesting character, the things he does are appalling, when the viewer realised that he had chosen to remain on destiny because he knew the ship wouldnt really crash into the sun, was an amazing piece of television and i was rivetted during that episode. he is a real piece of work, and that is a genuine testament to Robert Carlyle’s talents as an actor, because the character might have been boring in the hands of someone else.

    I keep watching for two reasons. I cannot wait to see what Rush does next.

    And the effects. I know they are rarely used, but whenever they are, the exteriors of the ship give off a truly hypnotic beauty, like when it descends into the gas giant. Awesome

  8. OK, so why don’t we just rename the show to “Dr. Rush’s Shenanigans” Because last time I checked, the Stargate: Universe had more characters than that, and sorry, but none of them can act, and none of them are even remotely interesting. I’m not sure if I can stand watching a show with so much crappy acting, crappy dialogue, crappy characters, and so many gimmicks to try to convince me of how “edgy” and cool the show is just to see what Dr. Rush will do next. But that’s just me.

    Anyway, at least you’ve found a show to keep you entertained. I’m hoping V doesn’t turn into another BSG also, lol. And House is still on, so that’s pretty sweet…

  9. @the old man
    You wrote “I think SGU’s biggest problem is that production of the episodes has gotten too far ahead of the fan base feedback.”

    Ah, but that’s not exactly the case. They did have feedback. One of the producers gave fans the description of characters (some of the names were different at the time) and the basis of the show before they started filming. A lot of fans said they didn’t like the show as it was described, or the characters. People said it sounded like “Voyager 90210.”

    The fans’ complaints were dismissed because the producers/writers believed in their abilities so much that they were sure that once the fans saw SGU they would love it and ‘get it’. And the creators of SGU believed that the few fans that didn’t love it and ‘get it’ were a small minority that they could afford to overlook. So when the show aired and people still had the same complaints, I was reeling from how the producers/creators were acting like they were shocked.

    I still miss Atlantis. And what you said about SGU here – “Why didn’t a better conceived plan get put together earlier? Did they really think they could coast? Well apparently not just coast, but on auto pilot as well.” – is the exact reason why I think the last couple seasons of Atlantis were mediocre, but still good enough to keep watching. I think they got used to a format and just started recycling ideas around it instead of remembering that there is still an entire city to explore and that the show had a lot of untapped potential for new story lines.

    I want them to tap in to that potential if they make the movie because as much as I love Atlantis, more “auto-pilot-coasting” isn’t what I as a fan wish for.

  10. Very interesting thoughts Morena. I like to think if making a show is a process then preview testing is kind of a feedforward control rather than feedback. A one time one typically. Now it would be interesting if they could isolate the group and when the show runs a few episodes plug the opinions in addition to the feedback and graph the result. Feedward and feedback control used just like your making beer on an industrial scale. Oops! I might have said too much… ;)

  11. Thanks to the old man for your thoughts. Concerning feedback/feed-forward in relation to making the show, I think it’s both that count. Feed-forward(what people want)is usually given in addition to the feedback(what people think) about current ideas/projects that they are given informationn on, and both help. Your beer analogy is spot on in my book. I would love to see those graphs btw, but now maybe I’ve said too much:)

  12. I have re-watched the SG1 and SGA series plus the two movies and waiting anxiously for the new movies for both to come out. I really HATE STARGATE UNIVERSE. It has to be the worse TV show on SYFY in history. I fell asleep during the last show and am not planning watching it again. I dislike the sex on this series, either Gay are Hetro. Both should have been eliminated. The Destiny is still in the parking lot, waiting to go someplace in the Universe… never will happen. Poor casting, poor writing, poor directing, It’s boring flop.

    • then you dont know wot your missing its got to be the best sg series so far

  13. Lol… I have to laugh at everyone praising “Stargate: Universe”. If you are making a 13 to 22 episode season, putting the ship and crew into jeopardy in episode one and recovering is predictable. Add the personal life drama in between, and the main plot looses steam quickly. Nothing is grabbing hold. I don’t think I’m interested in a “Stargate: SG-1″ movie now. I kind of think they killed the franchise by altering Jack O’Neil’s personality in SGU.

    “Stargate: Universe” is making me not care about “Stargate”, which is similar as how “Star Trek: DS9″ and “Star Trek: Voyager” made me feel about “Star Trek”.

    “Stargate” overload has begun, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

  14. SGU is a flop and the facts are simple, Stargate fans expect science fiction not life-time drama. After re-watching every single SG-1, SGA episodes, all of them this year (back-to-back) from the first to the last episode (total of 10 years plus two movies for SG1 and 5-years of SGA) and enjoying each and every episode, SGU appeal is deteriorating fast. It all comes down to — no one cares what is happening back on Earth, we are concerned with the here and now, we are concerned with this new/old ship and what it has to offer, we are concerned with the crew and how they interact with each other (not sex), we are concerned with the aliens out there on other planets, AND are concerned that STARGATE Franchise has lost it’s edge .

    There is no leadership in the entire series just constant bickering Young and Rush and Rush and everyone else. Rush has over played his part. The writers are to blame here.

    Therefore, get out in the universe and do what Statgate personnel do, explore the ship, explore planets, meet aliens, learn about the ancients, FORGET ABOUT SEX and HAVING A LISBIAN ON THE SHIP, HAVING FAMILY PROBLEMS BACK ON EARTH, GET RID OF THE STONES AND THE BACK AND FORTH TO EARTH TRAVEL (this is getting mighty old). In fact, the entire cast and show, is getting mighty old, boring, (poor, poor casting and even poorer writing)

    Stargate is not supposed to be REALITY TV with family squabbles or, BGS, LOST, ENTERPRISE (even Enterprise met people and explored). These people on Destiney are all supposed to be military (with leadership understand) or highly intelligent scientist with a knowledge of chain of command. If Stargate does not fixed SGU it is doomed.

    I agree with a previous viewer:

    “For a show that is supposed to take place at the far edge of the universe, SGU makes its viewers feel like that they are still stuck in a parking lot. Where is the sense of discovery, wonder and danger?”

  15. Additionally, give us back the same writers asd SG1 and SGA (really gives us back the shows, cast, directors, etc. as SG1 and SGA). The cast in both were great. They made you want to watch each and every week. They made you want to purchase the DVD’s. GET RID OF SGU and hurry up with the SG1 and SGA MOVIES.

  16. Stargate Universe is written by the same writers…
    they’ve aimed their show at a completely different demographic than the core set of fans that most of you folk are a part of. that’s why it’s not agreeing with you as well. totally different tone in story and now you know what they meant when they warned us that this show will be character driven… just like BSG… the character stories take place and the other events fall in on the outskirts, interrupting the character developments they toss at the viewer.

    this is, what it is unfortunately.

  17. Prior to SGU release they did say it was a ship that had no way to return to earth, they didn’t say they would use stone for 9 epidsodes to return to earth in other peoples bodies, they didn’t say they would use sex acts as a drawing card, they didn’t say that Rush would be so overbearing and argumentive to the deprivation of the show. They didn’t say that there would be no leadership on the entire ship. Whoever cast this monotonous drivel needs to rethink their choices because the actors can’t act or their lines have no feeling. The story is a deadend because there is no adventure even in exploring Destiny (hey, they haven’t explored Destiny yet). BSG was so boring I can’t imagine any one in their right might putting money behind another duplication. SG1 and SGA were hits for 15-years that should have told someone that it was done right with the story, cast, directing, production, etc. Everyone should write to SYFY “feedback” TELL THEM.

  18. I have been enjoying SGU quite a lot, Rush, Young and Eli are great. I will definitely keep watching, I still love SG-1 over all others but this more than serviceable and should only get better.

  19. I do not like SGU, because one minute your on a space ship the next we are back on earth walking around in a different body, it breaks up the whole program. How can people be on a space ship and not really explore that ship. When they went to a planet to get water, nobody was surprised shocked or even worried. It’s just wandering and the camera work with the shaky camera and movement is not helping.

    I love the star gates, Star Gate 1, and the Atlantis started poor but worked it’s way up wards, but Universe looks to hap hazard to me. But hell I from Wales in the UK so it must be me.

  20. It’s not you Robert. The fundamentals are just that and reach internationally. Keep writing what you think here. We want many, many views for sure…

  21. Cant wait to see the movie, it makes my theory research about the other pryramids in Egypt existing on recent pyramids go on .

  22. I’ve got to say I’ve always loved anything from Star trek to Star Gate, but I have to say Star gate was always the top show for me. When it came on! the family sat down and watched it and really enjoyed it, but universe has disappointed, the stupidy and cheapness of going back to earth by moving stones has caused this show to move into an area of stupidity.

    On the whole star gate has been involved with science and the idea of the future and space travel ok tongue in cheek.

    But imagine if it was me going to a new planet for crying out loud I’d be excited scared nervous, this bunch it’s like a Saturday night out.

    It does need a good dose of reality or make it a new type of program take it away from the star gate all togther.

  23. Well, I’m delighted that there will be another movie.

    I just spent the weekend re-watching both Stargate movies and several episodes on dvd of the ORIGINAL Stargate show (I really can’t stand the new SGU despite my love of Robert Carlyle, they have made it too dark and depressing, the hipster/BSG version of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis) and I was just wondering about a film myself. Thanks for the info!

    I respect people’s opinions, and the need to hit the demographics for the network, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that my favorite show has turned into something that it never was, and I don’t think was ever supposed to be. But, whatever. Just my opinion.