Roland Emmerich Planning ‘Stargate’ Movie Reboot, Possibly a New Trilogy

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stargate movie reboot Roland Emmerich Planning Stargate Movie Reboot, Possibly a New Trilogy

Filmmaker Roland Emmerich is heading back to the Independence Day well with the sequel ID Forever/Independence Day 2, and for years now it’s been rumored that he might do the same on his less-successful sci-fi movie franchise, Stargate. Emmerich’s 1994 feature stars Kurt Russell (Fast & Furious 7) and James Spader (Avengers: Age of Ultron) as members of a pioneer expedition that uses a centuries-old interstellar teleportation device – one uncovered during an archaeological excavation – in order to travel to a distant alien world.

Stargate grossed a respectable $196.5 million worldwide in theaters ($71 million in the U.S.), but ended up spawning multiple TV spinoffs – Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe – rather than a big screen followup. In an interview in 2012, screenwriter/producer Dean Devlin said that he and Emmerich had originally intended to make a Stargate movie trilogy, but also mentioned that the duo were still interested in revisiting the property in cinematic form (despite more than 15 years have passed between installments).

However, although Devlin meant a Stargate sequel at the time, Emmerich more recently informed Digital Spy – during the same interview in which the director mentioned his plans to meet with Will Smith about the latter appearing in Independence Day 2 – that he and Devlin are now looking to reboot the movie series instead (and realize their unfulfilled dream of a trilogy in the process):

“We went to MGM, who has the rights, and proposed to them to do a sequel, but as a reboot… and reboot it as a movie and then do three parts. Pretty soon we’ll have to look for a writer and start.”

Emmerich’s Independence Day sequel is scheduled to reach theaters in Summer 2015, but in the Digital Spy interview the filmmaker said he thinks a launch date in 2016 – the 20th anniversary of the original alien invasion blockbuster – is a more likely scenario. Which is to say, it could be a few years before Emmerich is able to focus and dedicate his time to rejuvenating the Stargate movie property – even longer, should Independence Day 2 prove $ucce$$ful enough to birth a series as planned (something Emmerich has spoken about in the past).

Kurt Russell and James Spader Stargate Roland Emmerich Planning Stargate Movie Reboot, Possibly a New Trilogy

Then again, time isn’t so much of a demand, now that we know the next Stargate film is going to be a reboot; meaning, it’s not, per se, necessary to bring Russell or Spader back to the franchise. Not to say there isn’t any wiggle room for having either of the actors doing their part to hand the reigns over to a younger cast – like what is expected to happen in the Independence Day sequel – and many of the longtime Stargate fans would be happy to see either an older Col. Jonathan O’Neil (Russell) or Dr. Daniel Jackson (Spader) up on the big screen again.

How about it: are you okay with Stargate being rebooted, given the amount of time that has passed since the first movie? Do you still want to see cast members from the original film (or maybe even one of the TV spinoffs) reprise their roles in the reboot?


Independence Day 2/ID Forever is currently scheduled to open in theaters on July 3rd, 2015.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. I liked the movie but not the tv show I didn’t like that big BLack guy

      • Indeed!

        • @Draagyn

          Best response, ever, I laughed out loud! 😀

        • Perfect response Sir ! :)

      • didn’t like his character he was really boring and I just didn’t take to him and he was a big part of the tv show

    • @Bray

      Your loss, the tv show was AMAZING. Big black guy and all…

    • Teal’c was an amazing character.

  2. I wouldnt mind a reboot. The movie was good with setting up the universe but in enjoyed SG1, Atlantis and Universe more.

    I actually would rather have a continuation of SGU where they wake up from hypersleep/cryosleep whatever. it could work, it has only bee two years so i dont think the actors have aged to much. I actually just saw that one kid in defiance and he didnt look to much older.

    • Yes… bring SGU back please.

    • Agreed. SGU should definitely come back. I can think of at least one actor that’s busy on another show though (Once Upon A Time).

      • I don’t know, didn’t enjoy SGU AT ALL. Saw the first few episodes and it seemed like they were trying WAY too hard to make it “edgy” and cool. I would say bring back SG-1, because that show was amazing, but if RDA doesn’t return, which he wouldn’t, it won’t be worth it. After he left the show lost all of its steam…

        • Like many shows, it gets better the more you invest into it.

          Once they are in Voyager/Lost In Space mode, it gets much better.

        • I liked the pilot for SGU, but after getting a few episodes in, I lost interest. I just did not find the characters endearing enough to care about. And I hated the math nerd kid using those “kino” things.

        • I was about to give up on SGU, until about episode 8. Around then, the nature of the episodes changed. They progressed from a daily struggle for survival to a point where the character expansion could occur. By the end of season one, it was excellent sci-fi. To anyone who gave up before the middle of the first season, I can only encourage you to stick it out, or even jump to the middle. Most will not be disappointed, and in the end, you will regret that the whole story was not allowed to be told.

    • awesome idea I really like that man

  3. I’d like to see a continuation of the tv shows or new show. SG1, Atlantis and Universe films and crossovers. Maybe a new series before a complete reboot

  4. JACK. Jack O’Neil

    • Jack being one of a couple short forms for John or Jonathan…

    • @Dredd

      That’s O’Neill, with TWO L’s…

  5. Using the Stargate SG1 and or Atlantis cast makes more sense! Stargate Sg1 started from where the original movie left off. If there is going to be a movie or movies they should keep consistency with cast and story from where the story finished with the SG1/Atlantis series.

    • +1

    • +2

  6. Actually when I first heard they were going to create a direct a sequel I was against it because that would have invalidated everything from SG-1.

    A full on reboot though to start a new mythos in the Stargate universe, well that might work.

  7. Everyone who agrees the new films if

  8. Anyone who agrees the new films need to respect the TV franchises story lines need to tell @rolandemmerich and @MGM_Studios on twitter!

  9. Yes, yes & yes – I’m in for a reboot!!

  10. Reboot staring Gina Torres!

  11. rebooting it is a waste of time, if we cant get spader or russell back
    for the next two films then its a waste. we already saw what happened with
    conan the samoan and total recall going irish, etc. just pick up the story
    of the original and make it 10 or 15 years later.

  12. I think if they do this then it should be way in the future. 15-20 years after and if they can’t get Russell or Spader for big roles, then make it small ones where it maybe involves their kids taking SG into a new dimension that hasn’t been discovered yet

  13. Bringing Stargate back? I’m so in.

    SGU was super under-appreciated – it was the best-written show.

  14. I’m a no for this as for me Stargate will always be about Richard Dean Anders, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge. It’s already an extremely well fleshed out universe and Roland Emmerich doesnt have the skill to top that.

    • *Anderson!

  15. I would rather see them do another season of SGU, the best of the series.


  17. I liked the movie and the Stargate Atlantis series… never cared much for the other stuff. Will be interesting to see if they erase all the TV series stuff when/if they make another movie.

  18. I want them to finish SG:U :(

  19. I really miss Stargate so I’m all in for what ever Stargate, reboot, film , new tv show they want to do.

    • +1

  20. Again lame, regurgitated Hollywood crapo… give the dog a bone!

  21. I love Stargate, and this possibility puts a smile in me. I would not mind either a reboot trilogy or a return of Russell and Spader. In any event, I would love to see more of a direct continuation of the Egyptian themes in the original film. SG-1 was a very good series (that went 10 seasons and still felt like it ended too soon!), but between the two, I have always found the film the more compelling.

  22. I’d much rather see a reboot than a sequel. I feel like a sequel would be a slap in the face to SG-1 and everything that followed. Emmerich needs to understand that Stargate is much bigger than just him and his movie. Reboot all the way!

    • agreed

  23. I would love a reboot but have the members from the show with at least a small cameo to honor all they did in taking it from a semi obscure movie series to a massively popular TV series which lasted 10 seasons and spawned two spinoff series.

  24. I really liked the movie and wanted more, when I heared about the tv show I was totally agaisnt it. I wanted more movies lol then ended up loving SG1. Now I just think the series was way too good and created its own thing. Don’t really think I’ll be to into a movie that doesn’t follow what happen in the series.

  25. Thought the original was a great adventure/Sci-Fi flick. I would rather have a sequel than a brand new reboot, it’s not like they can’t use James Spader again, the old dude native from the Mummy series and Kurt Russell could now be a General after moving up the ranks. Even if it’s just to initiate a new story, the only odd thing would be why has it taken 15-20 years for them to consider going back? Spader would obviously be living there after finding his lady love, so maybe he makes contact with Earth if the other dimension/planet is being attacked and they need help. Enter Kurt Russell and his military team. I think that would work, not crazy about them trying a huge trilogy. I would rather them see how a second one did and see if it justifies a third. Either way, I want to see the original main cast back in it for sure.

  26. I wwould like to see ;;;STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESSS;;;;;Kind of new STAR GATE that could work as modern action scifi movie ,but still folowing star gate mytus……

  27. “Stargate” was a fantastic movie. Since the tv-series abandoned the original premise, I think rebooting the film series would be fantastic. Unlike the other BOG franchises, “Stargate” only had one theatrical film.

    I hope they go back to “Stargate’s” roots.