Roland Emmerich Planning ‘Stargate’ Movie Reboot, Possibly a New Trilogy

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stargate movie reboot Roland Emmerich Planning Stargate Movie Reboot, Possibly a New Trilogy

Filmmaker Roland Emmerich is heading back to the Independence Day well with the sequel ID Forever/Independence Day 2, and for years now it’s been rumored that he might do the same on his less-successful sci-fi movie franchise, Stargate. Emmerich’s 1994 feature stars Kurt Russell (Fast & Furious 7) and James Spader (Avengers: Age of Ultron) as members of a pioneer expedition that uses a centuries-old interstellar teleportation device – one uncovered during an archaeological excavation – in order to travel to a distant alien world.

Stargate grossed a respectable $196.5 million worldwide in theaters ($71 million in the U.S.), but ended up spawning multiple TV spinoffs – Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe – rather than a big screen followup. In an interview in 2012, screenwriter/producer Dean Devlin said that he and Emmerich had originally intended to make a Stargate movie trilogy, but also mentioned that the duo were still interested in revisiting the property in cinematic form (despite more than 15 years have passed between installments).

However, although Devlin meant a Stargate sequel at the time, Emmerich more recently informed Digital Spy – during the same interview in which the director mentioned his plans to meet with Will Smith about the latter appearing in Independence Day 2 – that he and Devlin are now looking to reboot the movie series instead (and realize their unfulfilled dream of a trilogy in the process):

“We went to MGM, who has the rights, and proposed to them to do a sequel, but as a reboot… and reboot it as a movie and then do three parts. Pretty soon we’ll have to look for a writer and start.”

Emmerich’s Independence Day sequel is scheduled to reach theaters in Summer 2015, but in the Digital Spy interview the filmmaker said he thinks a launch date in 2016 – the 20th anniversary of the original alien invasion blockbuster – is a more likely scenario. Which is to say, it could be a few years before Emmerich is able to focus and dedicate his time to rejuvenating the Stargate movie property – even longer, should Independence Day 2 prove $ucce$$ful enough to birth a series as planned (something Emmerich has spoken about in the past).

Kurt Russell and James Spader Stargate Roland Emmerich Planning Stargate Movie Reboot, Possibly a New Trilogy

Then again, time isn’t so much of a demand, now that we know the next Stargate film is going to be a reboot; meaning, it’s not, per se, necessary to bring Russell or Spader back to the franchise. Not to say there isn’t any wiggle room for having either of the actors doing their part to hand the reigns over to a younger cast – like what is expected to happen in the Independence Day sequel – and many of the longtime Stargate fans would be happy to see either an older Col. Jonathan O’Neil (Russell) or Dr. Daniel Jackson (Spader) up on the big screen again.

How about it: are you okay with Stargate being rebooted, given the amount of time that has passed since the first movie? Do you still want to see cast members from the original film (or maybe even one of the TV spinoffs) reprise their roles in the reboot?


Independence Day 2/ID Forever is currently scheduled to open in theaters on July 3rd, 2015.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. *BIG -not- BOG

  2. If they do the trilogy correctly, I think “Stargate” has the potential of putting “Star Trek” out of business.

    • good luck with that

    • Indeed.

      • (That was a Teal’c attempt at agreement that they would kick A** – star trek is good, but Stargate is FAR better.)

  3. Who is everyone trying to matter what format stargate comes back in, it will be watched.

    Most intelligent way to address it though would be to find some closure for SGU..maybe by addressing the atlantis conclusion with the city sitting on earth, maybe the ancient tech will be utilised to contact the sgu people and extend the possibilities……….

    • I love that idea! Stargate U – although the worst in the franchise – still deserved an ending. So did Atlantis – we never did get that promised movie.

  4. So far that is the best idea for a Stargate reboot

  5. I loved Stargate film when I was a kid. I mean i saw the movie 3 times in the cinema and on the VHS. I hope they do this right! I wouldn’t mind a reboot but I would really love to see James Spader back as Dr. Daniel Jackson. I hope, really really hope they do this right.

  6. IMHO this franchise was played out through the TV series and going back to a cinematic version will do little to make it better (and in many cases worst because you will never get the depth the multiple TV series had….even if spread out to 3 movies)

    Move on and stop rehashing the past (RECENT past even)

  7. I like the movie, I like the shows, I pretty much just like the whole concept and world. So, basically new Stargate in any form is fine by me. If he can find a way to make it fit with the shows, all the better, but I’d be okay with seeing more of Emmerich’s vision of it too.

  8. I believe that they should bring back the stars from the spin off series Stargate Sg-1. The fans recognize the stars from the series. I mean you don’t see comic, dragon, ect. cons doing panels with Spader and Russell.

    • I agree. I think that the best ones to reprise the roles are those who were popular, such as SG-1 for the TEN long seasons. Star Trek (original) only had THREE seasons, so this says to me that there is a lot of people out there who liked Stargate as a franchise/concept – (it lasted longer) and so would be happy to see another one. I loved all the movies, and all the tv series as well – and Daniel Jackson will ALWAYS be Michael Shanks in my mind. But now I own every single movie, tv series and book written about Stargate (ok, maybe a few of the two star rated ones I haven’t bought yet, but all the decent ones, SG-1 and Atlantis – they didn’t do any books SGU, unfortunately.. at this rate, I am going to write one, just to finish it off like it deserves to be.. what happens to them and the stasis pods??). I became a fan LATE, never seeing it on tv. I never saw the movies when they were in the box offices either. But I have since become a fan and since I have bought and rewatched them on Bluray again recently.. I am ready for more Stargate… please do some more??

  9. If you are a Stargate fan you know what to do.

  10. SGU or a sequel to Stargate with Russell and Spader.

    We did have Imaginationland, though.

    “Are *you* ready, Kurt Russell?!”

  11. I Would love to see it to be just like stargate SG-1 wouldnt change anything . im watching it right now again . Great work best iv seen every episodes a few times … love it

    • I’ve just started watching Atlantis yet again. I always miss something the first time. Love it and am sad that it’s gone. ANYTHING new that’s Stargate will be a winner for me.

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      • An intelligent society would delete the people who spam…or commit crimes….no need for deterrents or security dynamics when the problems are removed….just saying.

  13. Financially it’s a great idea, it will definitely do well in the box office but I do think it’s too soon considering how long the TV series ran.

  14. I really hope they sequel stargate! I am not sure how to play off bc if it goes as sequel to movie it may contradict the tv series, however if they spin off the series the Gould are destroyed and who will they pick for adversaries? Either way I hope they find a median to maybe spin off from movie without complete contradiction to series but some things are can’t be hlped… I would enjoy it and if it does contradict that is fine they can explain it away like they did in the new Star Trek movies that contradicts the old ones.

  15. NO, NO, NO. BIG NO!

    I am all for continuing the TV series whichever sg-1, atlantis, sg-u…. or create a new one… and would NOT think of seeing (bad) Russel as O’Neil…. noone can replace RDA!

    The movie was awesome to introduce the concept and rock the sci-fi world… but SG-1 did AMAZING to continue the stargate franchise….

    Please, please don’t ruin it.

    The only movies I’d like to see is from MGM to continue / round up the series.


  16. It is so sad that these guys have run out of ideas. Stargate the movie, and the series that followed were all quite good. I do not see the need to reboot the series and make it all different.

    That said, if they want to reboot and cover things that never appeared in the original or series, that might be cool.

    Or maybe they can get JJ Abrams to write a time travel story that reboots Star Gate like they did Star Trek. We all know that time travel is possible in Star Gate, so what a perfect way to crap out on almost two decades of excellent writing, and just start over because you are too lazy to learn the universe.

    I am not holding my breath.

  17. Stargate SG-1, SGA and SGU have extremely in-depth story lines while they clash lightly, the information is transferred quite well. If they are going to do this they need to understand the universe they are immersing themselves into. I really hope they develop SGU and SGA with these films as both have extreme potential for continued story-lines. While SGU failed early the second seasons massive ramp up in story really got it back on its feet, unfortunately, pirating movies hurts TV-series more then anything else.

    I am all for the trilogy, Micheal Shanks is definatley more Daniel Jackson then the original actor regardless of Spaders initial development of him and I am keen to watch it regardless as all die hard fans will be.


  18. I’d be more interested if this was a Brad Wright
    Jonathan Glassner operation. Mcguyver::Shanks > Russell::Spader

  19. As much as I enjoyed Russell and Spader in the original movie, it’s too late for them to be the main characters again. But they should have a part. I would buy my tickets today for the trilogy.

  20. The worst part about the SG-1 series was the whole team aside from Dr. Daniel Jackson. O’Neill going “huh?” like an idiot every time Sam explains something and asking that she explain it in easier words. Sam being the expert on everything, even able to beat a seasoned Mongol chieftain in hand-to-hand combat, to fill the feminist propaganda quota. Teal’c being used for the Strong Silent Negro propaganda character that only exists in Hollywood’s fake world. (Oh, sorry, did I hurt anyone’s feelers now?) So yeah, make it a reboot without those characters and you’ll be golden.

  21. Must have Amanda Tapping. This would be a huge series of films.

  22. I would like to see a movie where the casts of the three Star Gate television series come together to fight a new enemy. They could wrap up loose ends for the Star Gate TV shows that did not have adequate closure and bring back all the fan favorites like Amanda Tapping, David Hewlett, etc. Perhaps this could launch movie sequels as well as new TV series.

    I liked the first Star Gate movie, but really became a fan of Star Gate due to the actors that portrayed the characters in the television series. They were excellent. It was their chemistry that the fans like. I think I watched Star Gate Atlantis mostly to see what trouble Rodney McKay would get himself into- I would hate to see those characters and actors overlooked in a new movie reboot. Not to mention the fact that there are many fans now who have no connection to the original movie.

    • I like the idea of bringing in the cast of all the past series (SG1 Part A, SG1 Part B, Atlantis, Universe), wrap up Universe quickly and cleanly, deal with a new threat, and introduce a new enemy and a new team to carry on into a new series.

      If you want to work this into a reboot, a lot of movies lately have used time-jumping, and some manner of this is the only way to reboot a series while respecting the original. We could start with Universe, wrap it up – perhaps on a planet with timewarp tech (get back to Earth and get time travel in a single McGuffin) – then jump backwards in steps and see all the other casts, where we see quick scenes from popular events (probably with recreations of scenes with added material), then wind up with events before the original discovery – which causes everything else later to change, a la Star Trek. Perhaps the time travel is associated with gate activations in reverse chronological sequence, ending at a pre-discovery activation and the destruction of the McGuffin. Our new team settles in the 1900′s and doesn’t make waves. End of movie. Except for a teaser in the credits – where a new enemy sees our trail of chronal energy and starts to follow it back to Earth.

      Then the series starts. Perhaps the destruction of the McGuffin causes some kind of ripple that pulls in the Ori, which then get into a war with the Goa’uld, and both are only a side topic for the series. Maybe the new enemy comes from the other galaxy where Universe was heading, a small group who follows our team back, and conquers and expands (maybe they destroy Abydos or some other familiar place), and our new small group is trying to track them, learn from them, and ultimately defeat them – but not for several seasons, when a new enemy comes up. In the meantime, we only have one old glider (1900′s era, rings but no cloak), enhance it with some minor tech stolen from the new enemy, and we scavenge parts from the Goa’uld for repairs.

      The key to success will be the chemistry of the new team. Smart, good scifi, and some humor mixed in.

  23. I’d rather see a “reboot” featuring Richard Dean Anderson as an older Jack O’Neill.

    Note the two ‘l’s. He’s twice as good. Half as sane, twice as good.