Stargate Atlantis IS In Its Final Season Now

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stargate atlantis season fivep Stargate Atlantis IS In Its Final Season Now

Well Bite me.

Just when I get comfortable with Stargate Atlantis after losing Stargate SG-1, they go and pull the plug on it. Yep, it’s been announced today that this, the fifth season of Stargate Atlantis, is its final season on television.

With the culmination of this fifth season, Stargate Atlantis will air it’s 100th episode titled “Enemy at the Gate.” The 100th episode will air in January of 2009.

They’ve added to the cancellation message that the Sci-Fi Channel has green-lit a two-hour movie based on the series. It has yet to to be titled, but the film will be written by executive producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.

The movie will follow up on the final season of the series.

The successes of the previous two Stargate movies, The Ark of Truth and Continuum have been successful enough to generate additional plans to continue to expand on the SG-1 and Atlantis franchises.

Despite this being the last season of the folk we’ve started to get used to following, like Rodney McKay getting braver, Woolsey developing into a better base leader and what not, we have to start bidding farewell.

Oh no, with Ronon going away, my wife is going to get very grumpy.

I noticed that in the press release, they didn’t touch on the issue, maybe hoping to generate more of a sales momentum,

BUT (yeah, isn’t there always a “but” in there somewhere?), back in early April I had reported on a new series being developed called Stargate: Universe. It was created by Stargate: Atlantis co-creators Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper.

In SG: Universe, the series will take place on a ship that was part of an Ancient experiment that involved two ships. One that automatically populated the universe with Stargates, the other to follow up and explore.

So Stargate will move onward, continuing the mythos. And like I hoped in my other post, I hope they twist it up and make it unique versus the usual story outlines they’ve been presenting to us.

Image and News Source: Gateworld

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  1. Ah man! Bruce, you all have to stop giving us all this bad news! :o)

    For the last couple of seasons, I hadn’t gotten into SG: Atlantis but I have for this season…and now they’re dropping it! Well, let’s hope SG: Universe is as good or better than it’s 2 predecessors.

  2. John “Kahless” Taylor: Sorry. I know how you feel. I’ll take a trip down there and smack some people around… Maybe I can knock some sense into them!

    There’s an interesting tidbit out there about this cancellation:

    The premise is that Sci-Fi probably did not want to cancel Atlantis. It is one of their better rated shows, but then once the shows go to DVD, MGM doesn’t have to share it’s profits.

    It’s conjecture, and an interesting one at that!

    On the other hand, they’re going out while the show is still pulling in fair to good numbers.

  3. I’m surprised its cancelled, when I read it yesterday it hit me.

    But the new show sounds interesting

  4. Oh what the bloody f*****g hell!!!

    This. Royally. Bites. Arse.

  5. Yeah, this is truly bizarre news. I thought the show was really coming into it’s own, and now they dump it.

    My entire family is bummed.



  6. My interest in the show kinda waned last season when they hyped the return of Carter as the new commander at Atlantis, only to have her shunted to the side for nearly every episode I tuned in for. Then she’s out replaced by Woolsey.

    I can appreciate a show that takes bold steps in changing it’s regulars up, but you can get too much of a good thing, and in this case, it made it harder for me to adjust to all of the adjustments. More balance would have helped.

  7. Yeah, I thought adding her to the show was done in a pretty half-hearted way and honestly, I was not sad to see her go. I was actually really looking forward to seeing Woolsey develop beyond this season.


  8. It seemed to me this show was always trying to find its footing.
    I did admire the cast though.

  9. I had always hoped that instead of Amanda Tapping, they should have brought back Michael Shanks. His character always had more interest in Atlantis and might have brought in a bigger draw in terms of ratings.

  10. Daniel Jackson, Teal’c & Ronon. Wouldn’t that be a great spinoff!?

  11. Just watched the two latest episodes. I’m more annoyed than ever that they are ending this series. It has at least another couple of years left in it.


  12. I agree Vic. This is bogus. This is one of my favorite shows and a staple of my Friday nights. What the hell is it with networks dopes who cancel shows that people LIKE?!?!?! What’s next? Dr. Who? Probably since I love that show, too!


    I wonder if we get everyone on this and all the other movie/tv sites to flood SciFi with emails to save the show if it will have any effect.

  13. Yeah Andy, they’ll probably send us E-mails about their new Friday line up.. retreads, like “Lost” episodes. I thought I would be up for “Jeremiah,” because I dropped HBO when it was just a few episodes in. After all these years it just didn’t hold any allure.

  14. I wonder how many cast members will get on the new show?

    They always find a way

  15. That’s exactly what they should do, just get the cast of both cancelled shows and stick them in the new one.
    Maybe SciFi won’t notice. ;)

  16. You know, it’s weird that they will end this series as soon as it got its footing, while with SG1, it lost its footing as soon as RDA left but they tried to keep it going, but in the end, it just wasn’t the same without “Jack.”

    They should do a movie with the full cast of both SG1 and Atlantis, that would be interesting. Although having to split attention in so many directions will not give any of the stars the attention they deserve.

  17. I have recently gotten into stargate via reruns and had been watching Atlantis this season…better to go out on top I’d guess….I see it this way, there is 15 seasons worth of Stargate to watch…that’s not bad IMO

  18. Yeah, SG-1 should have ended when RDJ left the show… maybe it IS better that they go out while Atlantis is still good, but really, I thought they had at least one more good season left in there.


  19. They are deliberately aiming the new Stargate Universe series at a “younger audience.” *shudder* That’s usually TV exec talk for pretty faces, wooden acting and bad soap opera.

  20. Oh yes, I’m sure you’ve all seen the 200th episode of SG1 where they mock the typical “younger hipper” movement in new tv shows right? LMAO! That was the best part next to the Team America spoof… The Farscape spoof is right up there too, especially since two of them are former cast members, lol.

  21. I loved the 100th and 200th episodes.
    Again, showed the sense of humour and awareness the show had.

  22. This show never really got Atlantis right. :-(

  23. I have been a loyal follower of stargate sg-1 and atlantis from day one after all these years how can I live without them.
    Someone better come up with something, with guest stars from the old gang of both series, they are like my family I will realy miss them, but of course I knew this day was coming it’s just hard when it does. It’s not often that a series comes along and is so good you can’t wait for the next episode. Oh well one can only hope.

  24. Yah, that’s how I felt about SG-1, never got into Atlantis as much. But since SG-1, I’ve really gotten into Rome (through the DVDs) and just finished the finale yesterday, now I’m sad again… Titus Pullo!!!!!!! lol

  25. “stargate sg-1″ “Alice Thru The Looking Glass” meets Egyptian mythology.

    “SG Atlantis” Alice Thru The looking Glass” meets “The Vampires”

  26. I am going to cry. First they get rid of SG1 which was really coming to terms with the lost of RDA. Yes it was different but it was still very good. The addition of Val to the team whilest not producing some horrible two alpha female situation where they compete was fantastic. They both had their own niche.

    So no SG1, no atlantis, very soon no Battlestar (and don’t get me started on the second half of the last season to be shown next year) They have taken away Start trek. Where are we meant to go next? Heroes, which while good, is not forfilling in the way that the others are its ‘pop sci fi’. Doctor who – that far to fluffy and blatantly moral with emotional group hugs at the end of each show?

    How are we to forfill our need to travel to other worlds, understand new civilisation discover that people everywhere while different are the same.
    Learn about no existant ancient peoples? Have deep and meaningful political discussion about religious zelots (the ori was enspired)

    So MGM above is a list of what we require from the new SG Universe. What we do not want is SG county, Hollygate or god forbid bigbrother in space.

    Please include old members of SG1 and atlantis. If you make it and we will watch.

  27. @Mila

    Yeah, I hear you. Seems like sci fi fans won’t have anything space-related to watch after Summer 2009. I hadn’t thought about that!


  28. I am totally bummed!!

    i just watched ‘the queen’ and it totally kicked ass!

    what about a spin off on the wraith? or maybe tayla as there wraith leader? that would be a nice one…

    and for god sake! put Ted on the steady team!! give him a little stargate outfit and let him join in!

    cheers and respect from holland!