Stargate Atlantis IS In Its Final Season Now

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stargate atlantis season fivep Stargate Atlantis IS In Its Final Season Now

Well Bite me.

Just when I get comfortable with Stargate Atlantis after losing Stargate SG-1, they go and pull the plug on it. Yep, it’s been announced today that this, the fifth season of Stargate Atlantis, is its final season on television.

With the culmination of this fifth season, Stargate Atlantis will air it’s 100th episode titled “Enemy at the Gate.” The 100th episode will air in January of 2009.

They’ve added to the cancellation message that the Sci-Fi Channel has green-lit a two-hour movie based on the series. It has yet to to be titled, but the film will be written by executive producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.

The movie will follow up on the final season of the series.

The successes of the previous two Stargate movies, The Ark of Truth and Continuum have been successful enough to generate additional plans to continue to expand on the SG-1 and Atlantis franchises.

Despite this being the last season of the folk we’ve started to get used to following, like Rodney McKay getting braver, Woolsey developing into a better base leader and what not, we have to start bidding farewell.

Oh no, with Ronon going away, my wife is going to get very grumpy.

I noticed that in the press release, they didn’t touch on the issue, maybe hoping to generate more of a sales momentum,

BUT (yeah, isn’t there always a “but” in there somewhere?), back in early April I had reported on a new series being developed called Stargate: Universe. It was created by Stargate: Atlantis co-creators Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper.

In SG: Universe, the series will take place on a ship that was part of an Ancient experiment that involved two ships. One that automatically populated the universe with Stargates, the other to follow up and explore.

So Stargate will move onward, continuing the mythos. And like I hoped in my other post, I hope they twist it up and make it unique versus the usual story outlines they’ve been presenting to us.

Image and News Source: Gateworld

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  1. Hey Mike!

    Thanks for visiting us all the way from Holland!!

    Yes… I’m totally bummed too. This new… (Maybe I should rephrase that since most developments seem to be in the planning stages for a period of time)

    This development put extra pressure on the creative forces that they had better produce something pretty dang good in the next stargate rendition.

    They need to retain us, the viewers who liked characters from SG or Atlantis, they need to be careful how they extend the SG mythos and they need to make it unique enough to not mirror the character mix we’e seen duplicated from SG to SGA.

  2. I had totally forgotten about this thread. I had come across an article on and thought it would be great to post it on Screen Rant. Vic had to remind me Bruce already posted it. I think a Wraith must have sucked all the juice out of me and that’s why I can’t remember a fracking thing! :-)

  3. That’s it I’m D-O-N-E.

    I have avoided buying or renting the other “closures” for the 1st series as I viewed them as pure $$$$$$ grabs & so I will also do with this.

    I already pay for my tv access via my DishNetwork pkg which includes the Sci-Fi Channel so if the “closures” don’t show-up on my tv then I won’t see them.

    If I had not already been an Atlantis watcher when they pulled this “closure” crap with the 1st show I wouldn’t have watched the 2nd. And now since they pulled this $ grab crap again BUT this time BEFORE the next series starts then I’m NOT going to watch the 3rd. Screw-em!

    Star Trek folks never pulled this (which is a series of series that Stargate has stolen story ideas from MANY times, BTW) $ grab crap by trying to “blackmail” ppl into paying $ to see movies for “closure”. ST did their closures on TV (well, except the original but that WAS canceled B/C of ratings) for their series & the movies were BONUSES NOT “CLOSURES”.


  4. are you freaking kidding me? this is the only time i get to sit down and watch tv, and they have the nerve to pull it? Can’t we petition it or something? I mean seriously, i think if scifi pulls this show, the channel might have a hard time getting ratings…does that make sense? this is stupid!!!! they cant pull the series!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hell just watched the last 2 episodes of the last season of Atlantis.
    5×19 Was really ridiculous having a Wraith lose in Vegas or something. Besides the lack of fictional coolness this episode should have been used to make more of the last episode. Would have liked to see the people of the earth finally included in all the space fairing things.
    As a stargate universe earthling I would be getting more and more mad of the fact they keep all of it hidden. Atlantis should never have been cloaked at the last moment.

    This sudden ending of Atlantis sucks. Now there is no more quality sci-fi. Only low budget stuff which is amusing but not great.

    Maybe they could do some remakes of older great shows like:
    - Earth Final Conflict
    - Space: Above and Beyond
    - Sliders
    - The Visitor
    - Odyssey 5
    - Threshold
    To name a few.

    • Well, you have to just look around you to see why it would never make sense to expose the people of earth to such things. Just think of the political and power grab! The right-wing religious freaks would find a reason to make it against their gawd’s supposed laws. The neo-cons would want it to be used for war and profit for their corporate interests. The average redneck would say it costs too much money and call it an entitlement program. The mess would be never ending.

      I honestly prefer to imagine that there are such programs that we have no way of knowing about, and that mankind is doing something far better than the mundane crap that we see day-to-day here on earth. For instance, in the town where I live, there’s constant bickering about by the entitlement bicyclists wanting cars to go away, by empty-headed parents complaining about the bleachers at the high school, there are the snowbirds who want everything to be just like it was in the place they fled in Ohio, there are the corrupt politicians who put out a bid for garbage contract and then went with the high bidder, there are those who constantly want to rape and pillage the environment for personal gain.

      Yes, these shows are an escape and allow me to hope that there are people doing something better and fighting the good fight out there.

  6. I

  7. I know I’m five years late on this thread, but I only started watching the series this year, via my Amazon Prime membership. I’m SO HOOKED on the Stargate series – both SG-1 and Atlantis. It really is upsetting when they jerk a show that has allowed viewers to become so entrenched in. SyFy did the same with the Warehouse 13 and Eureka shows.

    Of course, now I just refuse to watch ANYTHING on SyFy, but then again, all they have is pathetic wrestling and cooking shows.

    I’m a serious science fiction fan and am feeling a bit lost as to a series to jump to. Some grab me, some don’t.

    In Atlantis, I must say that the most fascinating things have been (1)the evolution of Rodney McKay and (2) inclusion of Todd the Wraith.

    :::sigh:::: I guess I can start over with Season 1. After all, I find I sometimes miss big chunks of an episode, either from distractions here at home or snoozing off watching at bedtime.

    Oh, and in case anyone from SyFy is reading (I doubt they do – they don’t seem to care what fans think) in the past, we only had Dish Network to view local channels, SyFy and HBO. Once we can get HBO without required Dish Network account, we’ll drop it all. We’re all about streaming content and SyFy isn’t worth anything now.