The ‘Star Wars Stories Project’ Is Strong with the Fans

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Star Wars Stories Project The Star Wars Stories Project Is Strong with the Fans

If you were at Comic-Con one year ago, you’ll likely remember passing by the Lucasfilm pavilion as Stormtroopers and Wookies stood in line – patiently waiting to immortalize their most intimate Star Wars-related stories onto film.

Now, any fans who missed the first round of The Star Wars Stories Project, are being given a second chance to don their favorite Star Wars cosplay outfit and spill the beans on what the celebrated sci-fi franchise means to them.

According to a recent post at the official Star Wars events page, Lucasfilm will be on-site this August at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando to collect another batch of fan-stories. Previously, interested Jedi Knights and Sith Lords were able to submit their stories online, in addition to live on the Comic-Con show-floor. However, this year the submission process will be significantly more rigid: fans will be required to make it to the conference – and are strongly encouraged to reserve an appointment ahead of time.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Star Wars Stories Project, here’s the teaser video:

“Soliciting movie memories and fan nostalgia, the Stories Project is an ongoing initiative dedicated to chronicling the fan experience by inviting fans – young and old – to share their own anecdotes, missives and personal experiences through video testimonials. All four days of the convention, fans will have the opportunity to have their fifteen minutes in the spotlight, to tell their story as only they can tell it.”

A second round for The Star Wars Stories Project certainly hints at something big happening at Lucasfilm. While it’s definitely possible that Lucas is putting his own Star Wars documentary together, to potentially combat the recent release of The People vs. George Lucas (which focused on the outrage some fans feel toward the Star Wars legacy), The Star Wars Stories Project seems more like a love-letter to fans – for potential inclusion in an upcoming Blu-ray collection.

While some fans certainly think Lucas should be atoning, the filmmaker has remained unapologetic for any questionable decisions. As a result, it seems unlikely that The Star Wars Stories Project is merely damage control or a way for Lucas to pad his ego.

Whether or not The Star Wars Stories Project gets its own theatrical release, or appears tied to the forthcoming blu-ray collection or a 3D re-release, I’m excited to see what Lucasfilms puts together.

While it’s easy for us to be cynical about Jar Jar Binks or Greedo shooting first, it’s important to remember the joy in the countless, small (and some big) stories that Lucas has inspired.

Don’t forget to book your Star Wars Stories Project reservation or visit room W305 B from 11 AM to 1 PM or 3 PM to 5 PM any day between August 12-15.

Source: Lucasfilms [via /Film]

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  1. Wow, lucas just wants to milk the star wars cash cow for all he can…

  2. man i know im going to get som heat for this. but the prequels were awsome man they tied in to the originals perfect. i found the stories to be compelling and epic i dont care what anyone eles thinks it provided more depth into the jedi and the sith it did show who darth vader was and why he was the way he was. so if anyone wants to bash lucas for telling it the way it should of been then thats all your opinion. but i DO think he needs to continue the saga i know it ended with the end of the empire but i think their are stories in this universe that are left untold. not cartoon wise either. i would be into it if they went the cgi final fantasy advent children direction not what they did with that theatrical kids film which i did enjoy but a serious badass cgi film on the lines of the new knights of the old republic and the force unleashed 2’s cgi previews i would enjoy at least one film in that style. if geaorge wants to milk this franchise at least give us somthing thats worth a watch. kids for 9 to 14 dont really know star wars the way people from 19 to 50 know it and i think the reason why we are hating on lucas so much is cause hes thinking of the kiddies and the stroies weve seen then then the stories that should be told in a way we adults would have them. again i dont care if i take heat for this but thats what needs to happen with the franchise continue the saga no reboots we need true star wars stories

    • I thought the first two were OK, but 3 was great, even though it contains the ultimate puss-out from Vader at the end. But the story was great. I actually loved how the story was told in ‘Revenge of the Sith’.

  3. They were decent…except those giant plot holes. Lucas should of stuck with producing instead of writing/directing like “empire” and”jedi”.

    • Lucas did write jedi and most of empire, plus he directed 70% of Jedi.

  4. its funny how bad fan boys and girls pick aprt things that really dont need to be picked apart take things for how it is you have no control either accpt it or just dont watch it its that simple. you talk about plot wholes yes their were plot wholes but the over all film the performances the way the movies came together is what matters. and yes im a fan boy to im into every geeky thing ever iv even picked apart tdk for scene to scene but you know what the over all final film comic art video game is what it is and if you think you could do better? why arnt you working in the film industry? i know its my opinion to accept things for what they are but thats reality. you arent the ones making our entertainment. and i bet youd make a mistake with other just as well. art is what it is accept it

  5. It’s called consistency. If you’re gonna tell people that you wrote a WHOLE epic years ago than have it actually be consistent. And it’s not that they weren’t enjoyable it’s just they didn’t add up to what was said before. And most of all…I can pick apart whatever I want, it’s america! And i don’t work in the film industry cause…I don’t want too. You’re like a baby.

  6. Valid points all around, if you think the prequels were great though you need to get out and watch more movies. Still entertaining, but far from great films or “art”.
    The prequels just happened to be the biggest let down in movie history is all.
    Looking back at them we will recognise them as being some of the first films over run by CGI (for good or bad).
    Empire to this day is still a great film, a film Lucas did not direct or pen the script for.

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop being interested in star wars.

    • Well said

  7. STAR WARS is forever

  8. This is most probably the beginning of an effort to boot interest for a 3-D re-release of the series. So many movie makers and studios are considering this, since Cameron is going back and doing it to “Titanic.” It will be in theaters again soon, and considering these are proven movie titles with built in audience appeal and recognition, prepare to be bombarded.

    Fans can clamor till the cows come home, as long as Lucas is alive and or in control, new Star Wars films beyond #6 are a pipe dream. Lucas has lost any ability to sustain the quality of story you saw in the first three produced films in the 70’s and 80’s. He refuses to give up story control. Besides any more stories would be Lucas just repeating himself only the characters might change.

  9. I wish they would shut up about those movies and move on to another star system already. I am a big fan of the books and there is so much cool stuff that happens after Return of the Jedi. I am sick of seeing stuff about the Clone Wars. I want to see Thrawn, the Yuuzhan Vong War, and I would love to see the Legacy of the Force series brought to life. I would also be interested in seeing a series about Han Solo. I think that would make the pimp TV show. I don’t even care if it is live action. Cartoons are just fine with me. I am just sick of hearing about the same people over and over. I am also tired of them re-releasing them everytime a new format comes out. It is not so much the fact that they are putting them in blu-ray, it is the fact that they are trying to make it a big deal. So what, my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary is in blu-ray. I could see them re-releasing the original 3 films to add the scenes that is cool. Now it is going to be in 3-D? That could be cool but it would be even better if it was the Thrawn Trilogy shot in 3-D.
    Back slowly away from the camera and go sit you old butt on the couch. You can have all the rights you want. You are the Hugh Heffner of all nerds everywhere. Just stop trying to write or direct these movies. Give them to competent writers and directors that bleed Star Wars. There is not a writer or director in this world that wouldn’t take on that project. So please, shut up, make your money, and leave Star Wars to the people who are chomping at the bit to get their hands on it.

    • Tater, I think your failing to appreciate how Lucas feels about it. It would just go too much against his personal grain to do what your asking, or are you telling?!. See if I was in Lucas’s shoes that comes off as pretty arrogant and no way would I release control to that attitude. Lucas was the first “Star Wars” fan, and he risked everything to bring it to life. It’s like me saying hand over your Car Tater you can’t manage it anymore. You’d laugh and spit in my face…

      • I would hand you my car if it meant that I was gonna make a billion more dollars off it and it look better than when I handed it to you.

        • Wow don’t let any of your current or any future kids read that! They’ll be calling you Mr. Mom and I wouldn’t wish that on you, I’m not sadistic after all.

          Really you’d allow somebody the bragging rights that some stranger “made you?” I’m surprised. If Lucas did that it would destroy any of the credit he has left of being a great film maker. If your young, and you have your life ahead of you it’s much easier to say to yourself; I have plenty of time left to create a legacy, but face it, Lucas doesn’t have that kind of time. He wouldn’t leave this life with a stain like that on his family name, even for 2 billion dollars…

  10. there is some very good comments here,, I have often wondered myself about a new series of Star wars Films would look like.., would George let someone else, or would he he do them. There is one interesting name that could really do a great job on a few new star wars films and this guy is a big fan he has been at a few things connected to star wars,, it no other than Christhoper Batman Nolan,, I think if there is ever going to be anyone who can do true justice to new star wars films, its Nolan.

    Tho star wars is very very hot property, it means allot to us all and we all want the best for it. Weather we are for or not for the prequels,, we care about star wars its been a part of all our lives form the time we entered the cinema and where knocked out by the Gigantic destroyer firing on the tantive ship,, and the Entrance of the commanding pressence of Darth vader,, from there on star wars became a powerful imprint on our lives and it was and has become a topic of our lives in every stage, from figure to dvd, from costume to exibittion, to the sound of John williams.

    we hold very strong ties to it,, there is a magic of star wars that keeps us running back,, there are not many space films like it,, and and because we care so much about it is because it stirs the God like and child like wonder inside us..

    the buzz we get at the age we are now at still running out to buy the figures,, and ships ,, oh Than God for George Lucas what an incredible mind..