Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Universe Being Modeled After the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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star wars spinoffs kasdan kinberg Disneys Star Wars Universe Being Modeled After the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

We’re still waiting to learn who is going to be directing Star Wars: Episode VII, with Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class) currently rumored to be the top contender for the job. However, it appears that Disney has plans far bigger than a third Star Wars trilogy, now that the studio has acquired Lucasfilm.

It was confirmed last week that Lawrence Kasdan (co-writer of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) and Simon Kinberg (co-writer of Sherlock Holmes) are penning new Star Wars installments in addition to Episode VII – which is being scripted by Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3). We’re now being told that those projects might not be Episodes VIII and IX after all; instead, Kasdan and Kinberg could be writing separate films that also take place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

THR has learned from its insiders that Kasdan and Kinberg are “not necessarily” working on Episodes VIII & IX; rather, their screenplays could end up serving as either official ‘Episodes’ or spinoffs that revolve around side characters outside of the Skywalker clan and their close acquaintances (Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, etc.). Disney CEO Robert Iger has said the intention is to release a new Star Wars movie “every two to three years” – beginning with Episode VII in 2015 – but it now appears that some of these films could indeed focus around “other pieces of the expansive mythos.”

However, it’s worth noting that soon-to-be Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has announced that the company wants to produce a few (Lucasfilm) movies on a yearly basis. When you put the pieces together, it does seem feasible that there could be Star Wars spinoffs released during the interim between ‘Episodes’ (after Episode VII releases, that is). Moreover, the indication now is that Disney and Lucasfilm are relying on a set of blueprints for constructing the expanded Star Wars movie universe that resembles what was used to build Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, with the ‘Episodes’ narrative thread serving in the same unifying capacity as Avengers installments in the MCU.

Star Wars Logo Disneys Star Wars Universe Being Modeled After the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Star Wars Expanded Universe literature and the Clone Wars animated TV series have already demonstrated there are countless worlds to explore and stories to tell – outside those concerning the battle to restore freedom to the galaxy – and the vastness of the setting makes it easier for writers to avoid getting bogged down in the task of tying all the events of the Star Wars galaxy together (whether working on a new novel, comic book, TV show, and now film).

That’s to say, the task of building a shared Star Wars movie-verse should prove to be much simpler (and cleaner) than putting together a coherent Marvel movie-verse proved to be in Phase One of the MCU. After all, the events that transpire in a standalone feature about a single side character (such as the Boba Fett movie proposed by Joe Johnston) need not have much – if any – effect on the central ‘Episodes’ thread, so there’s wiggle room for various screenwriters to come in and experiment by telling different sorts of Star Wars stories.

Are you intrigued by the idea of an ‘expanded’ Star Wars movie-verse? Let us know in the comments section.


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  1. For all those concerned about side stories–look no further than Firefly. That basically is the would-be story of the Millenium Falcon and co., and it was awesome. That type of story in the Star Wars universe would be even more awesome. The criminal underwold in this universe is one of the best aspects of Star Wars, most of my favorite books were about Han Solo on his own, bounty hunters, or even Shadows of the Empire, none of which had anything to do with the Jedi/Force aspect.

    • Agreed, but before they go into movie after movie… I’d like them to make good on a Live-Action Star Wars TV series which has been thrown around by Lucas since Ep3. The series was supposed to take place between the events of Ep3 & 4, showing the rise of the the Rebellion without the Jedi which was alluded to in a deleted scene from Ep3. Now, if you go by the books, Vadar and his Apprentice could make an appearance during this time period, but that is not necessary to pull off a Rebellion Series.

  2. To quote; “I’m getting a bad feeling about this”, end quote.

    This is exactly what I feared was going to happen with the acquisition by Disney, namely a production-line franchise that is made purely for monetary reasons rather than any greater story arc being played out – which the prequels at least had on their side, they were the legitimate other half of the story, regardless of their (very) considerable flaws – this is pretty much a confirmation of intent by the Mouse House that they couldn’t care less about ‘Star Wars’ being a saga, it’s now a tentpole cash-cow franchise… well this is one punter who won’t be sitting in the cinema opening weekend (or any weekend for that matter), the only ‘Star Wars’-related product I’ll be passing over the checkout in future will be when they re-release the original Trilogy’s theatrical versions onto nicely restored and anamorphic DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s, after that, I’m done with ‘Star Wars’, period.

    • Of course they are driven by money. Just because it may be their primary motivation doesn’t mean it is their only one and it certainly doesn’t mean the films will be produced with any less genuine enthusiasm, imagination and care as the original trilogy.

      From a business point of view, the films will have to be of a high quality. Being Star Wars, they will have a core group of fans who will see the them no matter what, but after the controversial opinions on the prequel trilogy’s quality, I think a good percentage of potential cinema goers are going to base their decision on whether to see it in theaters or not on the early word of mouth.

      Another benefit of the money/business side of Disney is that there is more accountability now. I think one of the biggest problems George Lucas had with the prequel trilogy wasn’t necessarily his ideas, but the absoluteness in his implementation of ideas. George owned essentially everything. There was no way for somebody to say “no George, racist Roger Rabbit doesn’t belong in this galaxy”, it was his risk, his say. In a Disney production, every decision made is accountable to someone higher up. The director is to Kathleen K, Kathleen K to the Disney Board of directors and being a publicly listed company, the Disney board are accountable to the shareholders (who are also accountable to each other in a way).

      When it comes the the proposed “production line” of films Disney wish to produce, I think the very fact they want to produce film after film means they have to take quality into consideration. Releasing film after film is going to require a steady returning fan base. One or two bad films and the marketability of billions of dollars of future film earnings is at risk. Take the James Bond franchise for instance, especially the Daniel Craig series. Casino Royal had a wonderfully revitalised feel to it. With Quantum I think they where trying something a little different and while it wasn’t perfect, it was still a good film and they looked hard at where they went wrong and corrected for it with Skyfall. If Star Wars is to be run as a similar franchise, they’re going to have to give the audience good films in exchange for repeat viewership.

      • Y’know, I’m not too big to admit when someone else is right, but you’re absolutely right about the accountability thing, Prpavers dude, George Lucas’ story arc for the prequels was actually very good and pretty smart, but it was how he executed those ideas onscreen that was the undermining of that trilogy as a whole, it would have been infinitely preferable if Lucas had written the story outlines himself then handed them over to an outside screenwriter to turn into a screenplay – like he did with ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and (to a lesser extent) ‘Return of the Jedi’ – plus hired an outside editor to help shape a much tighter and more focused final cut, the very fact he owned everything and had all paid full-time Lucasfilm employees surrounding him certainly meant there was no objective voice giving alternative views and suggestions, it was all George all the time… and the results spoke to that unchallenged regime of deference.

        I sincerely hope there is a culture of active collaboration in this upcoming new trilogy, it certainly worked in the original Trilogy, and if the reviews for Episode VII prove stellar, then I might reconsider going to see it, but until that time, I just remain naturally skeptical about the need and reasons for further ‘Star Wars’ movies, but we shall see in the fullness of time, I hope I’m proved wrong…

  3. At home with the Binks’. Three movie evolution detailing how Jar Jar went from being relatively quiet and harmless to the most annoying non Chris Tucker entity ever committed to film. I sensing a real character arc here…

    *chomps on cigar*

    • lol

  4. Armageddon has come. This is absurd. That is all.

  5. Anyone who thinks that Disney would pay $4 Billion for the rights to Star Wars and then limit that to only making 3 more movies are deluding themselves. I’m hoping to get killer Star Wars films for the rest of my life.

    • You can bet on it!

  6. Five words for these guys; Shadows of the Empire movie. Please, take my money now.

    • Shadows of the Empire, The Force Unleashed, and The Old Republic. All are absolute MUSTS.

  7. Please expand “The Force Unleashed” story line into a movie!!!

    • That would be GREAT!

    • yes definitely

  8. Boba Fett.

  9. I’ve no problem with a sequel trilogy in principle, if they get the talent behind the camera right – and keep George Lucas at arm’s length – they’ll do well and the films will rock, I just wish they would leave it at that though, do we really need films about side characters in the SW universe?

    If the new trilogy fulfills it’s very considerable potential, Disney will easily make back the $4bn they spent to purchase Lucasfilm – between theatrical, home release, and merchandise sales – plus a very substantial long-term profit margin, maybe they shouldn’t ruin it by trying to turn it into a Marvel-style franchise, make Episodes VII-IX and then let it go gracefully and on a high note, fulfilling George Lucas’ original vision of a nine-film, trilogy of trilogies saga… just my opinion though.

  10. C’mon guys…. Everyone has to be excited by these potential movies….

    Star Wars Origins: Boba Fett
    Star Wars Origins: Han Solo or When Han met Chewie
    Star Wars: Imperial War ( war film style based on the war between the Alliance and the Empire)

    • When Han Met Chewie sounds like a bad comedy movie haha

  11. 2015: Star Wars Episode VII
    2016: Boba Fett origins Movie
    2017: Han Solo origins Movie
    2018: Star Wars Episode VIII
    2019: Boba Fett movie sequel
    2020: Han Solo Movie sequel (how he met Chewie and Lando)

  12. Ok seeing some of these comments may have changed my mind a little. A darth maul movie would be amazing. A Boba Fett movie would also be amazing. But I foresee it all getting watered down so much. I don’t want to see Wolverine Origins happen to Star Wars. Let’s be honest people. That movie was a waste of great talent.

    • I would like a Darth Maul movie. But seriously, Boba Fett? He’s a cool guy in an outfit I’ll give him that, but we already learned he became a bounty hunter just like his dad, Jango Fett. Took after Jango once Mace Windu killed him.

      I always had the idea that if there was ever going to be one, and only one, more Star Wars movie, it would come to Earth. The dark side would overpower the Jedi, forcing them to flee the galaxy in order to defend themselves. This leads them to discovering the Milky Way, where they settle on Earth (and maybe other planets. you know, “aliens”). The people would grow to forget their culture after branching across the world. All of them except what they called “The Mayans”, which predicted the coming of the Sith on 12/21/2012. The revelation would spark the last of the Mayans to warn and train the people for the attack. The Mayans would train people in the ways of the force and the Chinese would train people in the art of swordsmanship and combat, ultimately ressurecting the Jedi people for one last stand

      • Are you related to George Lucas ? Because that sounds as lame as The Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull !!

        • Never said it was a good idea. It was one i had a few years ago.

      • That’s one heck of a spinoff, it would never make it to theaters though.

    • You may be right about the “great waste of talent” portion, but let’s not forget that this is StarWars. It HAS to be good, there shouldn’t be a waste of anything because they have a reputation to live up to, do they not?

  13. think about, there is such a vast amount of material here to work with, the possibilities are endless… you could make star wars movies for any/every genre.

    aside from the obvious “Origins” type stories which I think, aside from a single Boba fett/ Han Solo origin movie, are a terrible idea.

    but you could get mission impossible/james bond style spy movies with the bothans stealing the death star plans.

    top gun style action dramas with the X-wing series type

    buddy cop movies featuring stormtroopers, which would be effing awesome.

    crime thrillers with bounty hunters/smugglers/imperials

    various horror movies using the wide array of species from the universe

    war dramas around the various wars in the universe

    even a movie or two about the imperial guards from the crimson empire series, which i loved.

    some of these may sound a bit silly, but there are great directors out there licking their chops, waiting for an opportunity to take the reigns of a film in this franchise and will jump at a chance to do so.

  14. Meh. Star Wars (for me, at least) has always been about the Skywalker family (and close acquaintences).

    Create a grand trilogy that wraps up the storylines in eps 4 thru 6, and I’m happy. I could care less about a Fett, Maul, Binks, Hutt, etc. movie. In fact, I would question how receptive general audiences are to these spinoffs outside of the main movies.

  15. oh this is so funny! haters can stay home! i’m stoked that disney took over..they are gonna do such a good jobs with it. reading this stuff gets me so excited!

  16. I’m like the idea of expanding the movie universe, as long as the novels and comic books, etc that have already told some amazing stories aren’t ignored and as long as they don’t label them as “Episode___” leave the numbers to the PT, OT, and ST

  17. No one seems to remember the bridge-story between the “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”, “A Crystal in The Mind’s Eye”. It may have actually been between “A New Hope” and Empire but it was so long ago that I an no longer remember.

    The story only came out in paperback and was well-written. I was under the impression at the time that this was going to be the next story in the original trilogy but it was not to be.

    It would be nice if Disney revisited this well-devised story for one of its new movies…

  18. I can’t believe the cynical nature of star wars fans. I completely get the idea that Disney is out to make money, but I also believe they wouldn’t be so crass as to make the “Saga” watered down or in some way less of what is has meant to people over the past decades. The reason they bought it was because of this rich and admired history it has. They know people expect very big and wonderful things from it, if it continues on the big screen. Why is that so many of you are condemning something that hasn’t even been made yet. It’s ok to be cautious but some of you are seemingly downright negative prior to knowing anything of the project and who is actually “WHO” and what is actually “WHAT” seems to me your Star Wars experience ended after return of the jedi anyway. So why do you bother to comment with such negative comments. You would be disappointed even if was a great film. I can here you now, There is no way “Disney” just made that OMG.. It will be crap to you for this reason alone.
    As for me I am a child of the 70′s and was actually apart of everything from the beginning and for me yes the prequels are not what we expected, however there is not one child out there that didn’t love them for what they are. We often forget that these films were made for children and were never intended to be the mass adult themed film series we keep expecting them to turn into. Yes, I like you want the universe to expand and be thoroughly primed over with a fine tooth comb prior to anyone standing in front of a camera but I also want the films to have the magical feeling that they’ve always had. I don’t blame Lucas for selling his dynasty to the mouse. After all, that is going back to the root of what he always wanted star wars to be. A fantasy space adventure FOR CHILDREN … The sooner you accept this the sooner you can start enjoying the star wars universe again. And who knows maybe Disney will throw us “evolutioners” a bone here and there. Enjoy what your given after all it’s all you have for now at least – and just imagine yourself enjoying it, if you have loved it so much for so long why not.

  19. Why can’t anyone making suggestions ever just put two and two together? We all know we could have a movie that details Han and Chewy meeting and starting their careers as sumgglers while having to deal with the Empire’s constant interference


    have Boba Fett appear making his start as the fresh, but tough as balls, rookie bounty hunter that serves as the main antagonist in Han and Chewy’s adventure.

    Of course there would be more plot elements and a greater plot scheme that just Han, Chewy, and boba running around and shooting at each other for two hours, but if we just wrap the seperate movies for both Han/Chewy and Boba Fett into one single thing it could make it even more justifiable and worth while to have than just two seperate stories. Wouldn’t it work even better if both character arcs could play off each other in an epic fashion detailing the events that led to where we find Han, Chewy, and Boba when we catch up with them in the original trilogy?

  20. I would love a Boba Fett or a Han Solo and Chewbaca movie, I always wanted to see how those two became friends

  21. Of course they are going to make spin offs. How else can they bring Darth Maul back from the dead to sell merchandise to children

  22. would like to have the story of Corran Horn and Mirax Terrik done in a star wars movie,

  23. Lets face it anything resembling the prequels or Expanded Universe needs to go. I don’t mind it being designed for inspiration, sure it would make sense to have linked films. A Boba Fett solo flick, like Iron Man. They can make solo novels for characters the general public has never heard of like Darth Bane and release Fett solo novels, but why not a movie?

    This what fans wanted to see for years. But George Lucas, the hard ass has to make everything adhere to his “vision” on the big screen.

  24. It would be nice if disney would get the rihgt to dark hourses the old republic. that is one I like made in to features.

  25. Are you kidding? This is going to be terrible. This is the death of Star Wars. It has now been transformed from art into a money generating machine. This happens every time a brand is bought after it is already well-known. Whatever crap comes afterwards will be Disney leeching profit off whatever fans are left deluded watching it.

  26. @morl0ck

    lol As if Star Wars wasn’t a money generating machine before? They bombarded everyone with lunchboxes to every genre of video games, to cartoons, to all types of merchandise and comics and what not and you decide to complain now?

    In fact, the term money-generating is pretty much synonymous with LucasFilm or anything with Lucas in it. I am very interested by this event Disney=Pixar+Marvel+StarWars etc etc weird

  27. I’m all for them setting up star wars with its own cinematic universe. The possibilities are endless also certain characters like Bobo Fett and Jaina Solo get their own movie.