‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs Are ‘Origin Stories’; First One Based on Han Solo?

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Star Wars Logo Art Star Wars Spinoffs Are Origin Stories; First One Based on Han Solo?

Putting rumors aside that Star Wars: Episode VII might be titled A New Dawn and that Benedict Cumberbatch may be playing a Sith villain in the new trilogy, we do know that Disney, Lucasfilm and director J.J. Abrams will be shooting the first new live-action Star Wars installment next year for a 2015 release.

We also know that after it releases, the Star Wars franchise will expand into new territory with spinoffs based on screenplays in the works by Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg according to Lucasfilm and Disney boss Bob Iger. Episode 7 is just the beginning in what we can now confirm will be annualized releases, and the first non-episodic project might be an origin story for Han Solo.

At the  Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo spoke on the topic of Star Wars explaining that the the market is “extremely hot” for any form of media pertaining to the brand from a galaxy far, far away.

In addition to increased revenue from licensing and expanding internationally with that avenue – and increased merchandising in various forms – Disney plans to make their first priority the crafting of a great live-action feature film to bring the saga back to theaters. According to Variety, Rasulo confirmed that the plan for Lucasfilm is to indeed have one Star Wars film per year, beginning with Star Wars: Episode VII and followed up by “origin story films” in between the trilogy installments.

Star Wars Hyperspace Star Wars Spinoffs Are Origin Stories; First One Based on Han Solo?

The official word, although not specific, coincides with previous statements from Disney execs and reports claiming that characters including Han Solo and Boba Fett would get their own spinoffs, telling stories of their younger adventures. Bleeding Cool claims that Disney has already begun the casting process for a young Han Solo for what would likely be the first of the origin stories, a monumental task for the simple reason that it’s almost impossible to picture another actor stepping into Harrison Ford’s iconic Han Solo shoes.

If Star Wars Origins: Han Solo is in development for 2016 and casting has already begun, we can expect many announcements on the official Lucasfilm website in the coming year since production would need to begin in the next Star Wars film before Episode VII even hits theaters. More Millenium Falcon and Chewbacca the better, right?

In other confirmed and official Star Wars news:


Star Wars: Episode VII is tentatively slated to reach theaters by Summer 2015, though it could wind up delayed until the Winter Holiday Season.

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Sources: Bleeding CoolVariety

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  1. If they are going to do stand alone origin stories, I would stay away from Han Solo. That would necessitate a different, younger actor playing the role of a science fiction icon. No need, and probaly little desire for it. Feature some of the other characters instead.

    • Boba Fett
      Qui-Gon Jinn

      Heck, they already ruined Darth Vader’s origin story with the prequels!

      • +1 !

        Recasting Han Solo would be a way worse job than recasting Batman.

        A Boba Fett story years would be better anyway, maybe his early years hunting Jedi!

        • Haha. Yes…if they attempt to recast Solo, they’ll probably allude to a bunch of half-decent actors before announcing, to the disappointment of many, Ben Affleck…

          Seriously, though, don’t do it. I think many of us would rather just see the big three…Luke, Han, and Leia (as played by the original actors)…in Episode VII, and possibly beyond.

          • Summer 2016… You got to know him first as the galaxies most daring scoundrel. Now discover how his name became synonymous with the Kessle Run. Featuring Shia Lebouf as Han Solo, and Shaquille Oneil as Chewbacca with the voice of Dennis Haysbert as the Sith Lord Darth Vader and featuring Kristen Stewart as the young princess Leia Organa. So join us this summer as we follow the zany misadventures of our favorite Correlian Smuggler in… Star Wars: A Wookies Best Pal.

            • And the young male leads will have to go shirtless, of course, in keeping with today’s practice in film.

              • well, I prefer Chewie, C3PO and R2 shirtless, actually. Jabba also.

            • no sneakypete…Zac Efron is Solo!! ;)

      • No Jeff… George Lucas ruined the Darth Vader prequels

        • That is whom I meant, although I said “they”.

  2. Palpatine Origin all the way. Benedict would NAIL it.

  3. I’m not that interested in spinoff movies for Star Wars I wouldn’t mind if there was an animated series focusing on Han but a movie just doesn’t interest me

    • Why not both!???

  4. I’m in for the origin story, but Han Solo… man… it’s too risky.
    Who would dare play the part ? :/ Han is such an icon. I don’t think something like that has ever been done.

    • They said that about other iconic roles and people have managed to slot right in there easily. Especially in comic book movies.

  5. Chris Pine = Young Han Solo

    • Too old. He’s 33. Solo was around 30 in A new hope.

      • Because a 33 year old is WAY too old to pull off a 30 year old. LOL I can’t believe how ridiculous that was Martin.

        • Are you serious ? If they are doing an ORIGIN STORY the actor must have 20 year top. THINK stupid.

          • how do you think stupid?

  6. Plus, the movie will be shoot in what ? 3 years ? that means they need to cast now someone around 18-20 years old… I have no idea really.

    My first pick was Liam Hemsworth but he’s too old now.

  7. yeah cause a 30 something year old never played a 20 something year old before in film.

    • So Johnny Depp then?

  8. It might not be to bad if done right…..they could probably get Harrison Ford to look a little younger and base a flashback origin story off of a story that is happening in the present…perhaps he is doing some type of run for the rebels that causes him to run back through his childhood, possibly to Leia…so the bulk of the story would be a Han/Leia ( Ford/Fisher ) movie.

  9. Yawn…

    I don’t care for friggin’ origin stories. We all know how it plays out, so there is nothing of interest to tell us, and whatever they do it’s going to demystify and ruin those characters. I want to see new stuff in the Star Wars universe, a place so big and diverse that you wouldn’t have to resort to boring ass origin stories.

    • agreed there! that’s goes for all prequels. But Solo and Fett? count me in, ESPECIALLY if they don’t bring Fett back post Jedi like the EU did.

    • …and we all know what a mess they made of Darth Vader’s origin, in both casting and story, in the prequels.

  10. I’d rather they focus on expanding the universe rather than the established characters. We don’t really need to know how Han got his start. I’d much rather learn about the actually important things that happened or are happening in other parts of the galaxy.

  11. I am not enthused for a series of origin films. Expanding the Star Wars universe with new
    Characters and stories is more what I’m after.

  12. I think Ben Affleck would be interested.

  13. Robert Downey Jr. as the young Han Solo would be awesome!

    • Wait…what? The guy is older, and certainly looks older, than Harrison Ford when he played the character.

    • Ah, no. Far too old for an origin story.

  14. Kermit the frog as solo,
    and Ms Piggy as Leia …Perfect !

    • actually, a muppet star wars would not be such a bad idea…

      • Kermit in a yoda origin would be fantastic

  15. The only person I want to see an origin story of is Boba Fett. Unfortunately Han Solo seems inevitable. I hope they just stay away from Yoda. If they want more movies outside the new trilogy, I’d rather see more side stories and new characters. That rumored 7 samurai/jedi idea sounded amazing. Too bad it was just a rumor.

  16. Disney is making a huge mistake here, a Hans Solo stand alone film would be bogus. Instead they should focus on a Boba Fett Trilogy, and a witches of Dathomar trilogy that begins telling the story of a young Darth Sidious – and the relationship he and the witches of Dathomar had with his master Darth Plagues. The first act could also detail the birth of Darth Maul and the seduction of Quinlan Vos.
    The second act could explain why Darth Plages used the force to conceive Anakin Skywalkers and why Palpatine and the Witches of Dathomar turn against their former master. The second act could also continue telling the story of Quinlan Vos’s struggle with the darkside and his taking on a Palawan – Aayla Secura.
    The third and final act would cast Quinlan Vos as the protagonist rejecting the Darkside (the witches of Dathomar) with Aayla Secura in the role of the redeemer, along with the a back storys on Maul’s training, how Palpatine’s business ventures led to Separatist Crisis, and how Sidious the and Witches turn to seducing Dooku after Quinlan Vos’s redemption.

  17. i would like to see a Palpatine and Yoda origin movie. A Han Solo origin movie doesn’t interest me very much either. I like the character but i dont think Han solo can hold his own movie

    • Lovable rogue working as a smuggler in dangerous missions with a 7 foot furball and several characters trying to arrest or kill him?

      That sounds like the perfect Solo movie to me. Plenty of story there.

      • Yeah, Han Solo has his own movie written all over him. He is arguably the coolest character in the Star Wars films (no disrespect to the others), and obviously has a colorful past, a great sidekick, a spaceship that is practically a love interest, shady friends and a snarky wit. Color me there.

        Palpatine could be great as well, I cannot deny that. But a Yoda film is in my opinion the worst spinoff decision that they could make. Yoda was at the height of his power as a character in 1980. IMO it has been all downhill for his mystique since then.

        • Especially when you see poor yoda doing cell phone adverts here in the UK. Every time I see one it kills me just a little more inside :(

  18. confirmed: Benedict cumberbatch cast in young han solo film as khan

  19. if Harrison Ford is involved in a solo stand-alone, it might be pretty good.
    he did an intro in the young Indiana Jones.
    I’m thinking more of him telling a story, maybe after Chewie’s death, of how they met. maybe at Chewie’s funeral or something. Maybe even sitting around with Lando, Luke and Leia even. and as he tells the story, we see the story.

  20. Not that it couldn’t turn out well, but this sounds like a terrible idea. Why do we need to see how Han Solo started out again? There was never any lingering mystery in his character that would really justify any curiosity in his past. All we’ll get is an actor who probably can’t outdo Harrison Ford, some sort of contrived story to give the character a more ‘deep’ origin and maybe some Chewie.

    If they wanna do origin stories, even Boba Fett would be a better choice (although I’d rather they didn’t do origin stories at all). The character’s cool enough to get audience interest but not so developed or prominent that an origin movie would undercut his appeal in the original movies. And there’s much more freedom to write whatever they want for an origin story.

  21. Just make more so I can listen to everyone lose their minds over a movie.

  22. jar jar origin story….for disney

    • Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Haha.

        I wouldn’t wanna see that and dammit, I’m one of those people who saw Episode 1 at the cinema during opening weekend and still can’t see any reason for people to hate Jar-Jar Binks. Just never understood the hatred for that character.

        He’s never carry a movie though. Don’t think any Gungan should really. Is he Gungan? Haven’t seen the movie in over a decade.

        • He is a Gungan, although if you ask other Gungans they might deny it.

          (Okay, he did kind of redeem himself.)

          • Meeessa wanna see jar jar

  23. If they are going to do origin stories of already established characters then Boba Fett and Yoda get my vote but not Solo cos it won’t be Harrison Ford so it will be a Disney style film with some young actor trying to pull of the Han Solo role and it will just disappoint (IMO anyway)
    Wouldn’t mind that 7 samurai thing with yoda in there though, and boba fett needs better service

    If they were to do origin stories for some of the new characters though that would be fine with so long as the new characters are worth a whole solo movie (don’t show the origins of the young skywalkers for example)

  24. I am a huge SW fan. Still, I think that a SW type film every year is overly ambitious.

  25. This could be the role Benedict was rumoured for maybe?

    Dunno, just tossing it out there at random. I don’t even like the idea myself to be honest, it’s just the first thing I thought when I read the sub-text before clicking on the article.

  26. I would approve of a Han Solo origin story. I usually do not go for them – Wolverine was a mess, the prequels already wasted Boba Fett, Yoda would be a terrible choice – but there are some excellent novels based on Han’s backstory, the type of material that I would love to see onscreen.

    Plus, Han’s world of smugglers and the darker underbelly of the galaxy would be a nice change-up for Star Wars and the usual Jedi-related stories.

    Recasting, if done well, does not bother me at all. Harrison Ford cannot go back to playing young Han obviously, and I think that there are some young Han (with Lando, Chewbacca, etc.) stories worth telling.

  27. Makes you wonder why Lucasfilm hasn’t done any of this already, they had the franchise since 1976 and only 6 films (2 of which were poor at best)……..

  28. Why would they make an Origin story about Han Solo? Yes , he was cool in the original trilogy and one of my favorite characters throughout star wars.. but do we really need another prequel ? Will a stand alone movie be worth explaining how he met Chewie , swindled the falcon from Lando and made the kessel run in less than 12 persecs? We all know that story already. I don’t think that market needs that right now especially knowing what happened to the prequels . I think that we need to move forward with fresh new characters with stories moving along the same timeline of EP 7. Something like the formula of Marvel with the stand alone movies and culminating with the Avengers. This can be a better option rather than going with an origin story. The galaxy far far away is too massive for us to be limited to these existing characters like Solo and Boba Fett. If they dont do stand alone movies within the timeline of EP 7, then I suggest that they go way back as in Knights of the old republic timeline. That will really give fans a fresh outlook on the star wars universe.

    • I wish they had done that with Star Trek.
      What those crappy writers should have done is make these star trek movies leadiing up to the first ten minutes of the new star trek. those 10 minutes were all that were good about the new star trek flix.
      it was a different crew, and SHOULD HAVE been about their adventures.
      then the 3rd movie (hopefully the last) would culminate in kirk’s birth. that would be one helluva finale.

      just glad they’re not the writers for star wars. then i’d have to stay away from star wars too.

    • +4

      this is actually a really cool idea. you should be in hollywood.

    • Knights of the Old Republic would be great as well as the beginnings of the Sith Empire and the splitting of Dark Jedis.

  29. Aaron Taylor-Johnson
    Ben Barnes
    Jai Courtney
    Kit Harington
    Daniel Brühl