‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs Are ‘Origin Stories'; First One Based on Han Solo?

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Star Wars Logo Art Star Wars Spinoffs Are Origin Stories; First One Based on Han Solo?

Putting rumors aside that Star Wars: Episode VII might be titled A New Dawn and that Benedict Cumberbatch may be playing a Sith villain in the new trilogy, we do know that Disney, Lucasfilm and director J.J. Abrams will be shooting the first new live-action Star Wars installment next year for a 2015 release.

We also know that after it releases, the Star Wars franchise will expand into new territory with spinoffs based on screenplays in the works by Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg according to Lucasfilm and Disney boss Bob Iger. Episode 7 is just the beginning in what we can now confirm will be annualized releases, and the first non-episodic project might be an origin story for Han Solo.

At the  Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo spoke on the topic of Star Wars explaining that the the market is “extremely hot” for any form of media pertaining to the brand from a galaxy far, far away.

In addition to increased revenue from licensing and expanding internationally with that avenue – and increased merchandising in various forms – Disney plans to make their first priority the crafting of a great live-action feature film to bring the saga back to theaters. According to Variety, Rasulo confirmed that the plan for Lucasfilm is to indeed have one Star Wars film per year, beginning with Star Wars: Episode VII and followed up by “origin story films” in between the trilogy installments.

Star Wars Hyperspace Star Wars Spinoffs Are Origin Stories; First One Based on Han Solo?

The official word, although not specific, coincides with previous statements from Disney execs and reports claiming that characters including Han Solo and Boba Fett would get their own spinoffs, telling stories of their younger adventures. Bleeding Cool claims that Disney has already begun the casting process for a young Han Solo for what would likely be the first of the origin stories, a monumental task for the simple reason that it’s almost impossible to picture another actor stepping into Harrison Ford’s iconic Han Solo shoes.

If Star Wars Origins: Han Solo is in development for 2016 and casting has already begun, we can expect many announcements on the official Lucasfilm website in the coming year since production would need to begin in the next Star Wars film before Episode VII even hits theaters. More Millenium Falcon and Chewbacca the better, right?

In other confirmed and official Star Wars news:


Star Wars: Episode VII is tentatively slated to reach theaters by Summer 2015, though it could wind up delayed until the Winter Holiday Season.

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Sources: Bleeding CoolVariety

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  1. Boba Fett. Tell his story from The Clone Wars up to Episode V. If you’re unsure who to get, why not Daniel Logan, the guy that played him in Episode II and voiced the character in Clone Wars? Better yet, restart production on Star Wars 1313, the ground works for which have already been laid with regards to a PS4/XBO/PC release. Potentially awesome film with a potentially awesome game. Please?

  2. Wait…wouldn’t a Han Solo origin story just be Firefly with less crew?

    • I would love to see Joss Whedon do a Star Wars movie. If these stand-alone movies are successful enough that Disney keeps pumping them out for a long time, maybe Joss could have a go at it after he’s done with Avengers.

    • Yeah, but with aliens. Or, Firefly was basically “Millenium Faclon Chronicles” with more crew. 😛

      • Joss gas already, it’s called episode 1 the avengers assemble!! Did anyone get to the bottom of why destroying a ship in a wormhole rendered the bad guys useless? In Ep 1 I understood but in avengers…….

    • Yes, but wasn’t FireFly just Star Wars with less budget and less originality?

      • Yes, but isn’t Star Wars just a bad incarnation of Asimov’s “Foundation” series?

  3. When Han Met Chewie directed by Rob Reiner. I’m sold.

  4. Lando and Solo: Enter The Falcon

  5. If there serious about a young han solo, then only this guy could do it realisticly, Anthony Ingruber, looks and sounds just like the real young Harrison ford, any other actor would just kill the character because we know it obviously isn’t Harrison ford, but Anthony Ingruber could convince us that it was Harrison in his younger years, he is an excellent actor.

  6. I don’t care how Solo became a smuggler and u don’t care how Boba went from kid holding his Dad’s head to a quiet guy in a cool outfit and ship.

    Those stories have endings so where is the drama? Boba wears a version of Jango’s armpit and flies his ship…what other mysteries are there to explore.

    I want to see something new with unexpected outcomes…I want to see a Bib Fortuna or a Lobot origin story!

    • Armour, not armpit! :)

  7. I’d like to see my favorite character get an origin story, General Grievous. Sign on Gary Oldman to play him

    • Best idea I have heard about any of this new films.

    • General Grievous is your favorite character in SW? Wow. I’ve never seen someone write that before.

  8. What everyone has to realize is yes they will expand the universe, but they won’t do all your favorite B-rated SW novel stories. They’ll do what they want, you’ll pay money to see it, and that’s that. I liked the prequels. Yea I said it, I really did. I grew up on SW and really hope that Disney brings it back. They’ll do a Han Solo origin, with Chewie, Boba Fett, and Lando involved. Then probably a Sidious/Palpatine origin IF they have time. They’ll do these origins in the original trilogy characters, like Han and Obi-Wan. I would love to see a real Obi-Wan origin that ties into Qui-Gon’s and Windu’s story. After the original trilogy, they might delve into new characters or Prequel characters.

    • Brenden, you’re wrong. If I am not interested in the focus of the origin movies, I won’t pay to see the movie.

  9. I don’t know if anyone here follows the Den Of Geek website, but in the comments section of their version of this article is a very funny game being played between posters. Essentially the game is to come up with amusing titles for future Star Wars movies, by augmenting titles of other movies with Star Wars terminology.


    Enders Game = Endor’s Game
    Layer Cake = Leia Cake
    Lethal Weapon = Lethal Wookie
    Eyes Wide Shut = Eyes Wide Hutt
    This is England = Sith is England
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang = Chitty Chitty Bantha
    Casino Royale = Cantina Royale
    The Land That Time Forgot = The Lando That Time Forgot
    10 Things I Hate About You = 10 Things I Hate About Yoda
    Big Foot & The Hendersons = Biggs Foot & The Hendersons

    It’s actually quite addictive.

  10. So much talk. Star Wars this, Star wars that, and nothing’s happened.

  11. While any ‘Star War’ story is potentially exciting, I hope they keep the subject matter to the relevant points in the Star Wars timeline. I want to see epic tellings of the original Jedi/Sith war, not Zach Efron dresses like a 25 year old Han Solo getting the keys to his first ship.

  12. I think I’d rather see Cumberpatch as a Jedi Master that never took on a Padwan or was never trained by a master. He learned it all on his own, very experimental and bookish. He believes this is the only true way to understand and align with the force and that learning it through another only muddies the purity of it. Standoffish he also has issues dealing with people as others would.
    When he comes to executing it he has no master but it has come at a price. Injuries incurred, physical or mental, in coming to learn the discipline needed. He doesn’t necessarily follow the Jedi company line and and does not believe it should be used as a weapon for a police force. He comes out of seclusion under his own terms when he thinks things must be “righted from a wrong that has been done” to restore balance.

    • …and was never trained by a master.

      • PS: That was a typo…

    • I like this approach . Somewhat of a Rouge Jedi – That explains why Yoda never detected him :)

  13. Joblo did say it was Han and then Boba Fett after Ep 8. They were right about the Dinobots, so I take them with some credibility.

  14. In my opinion the best way to do these origins would be to do the right characters…han and chewie would be good because nobody knows that after episode III the wookies get enslaved by the empire and actually build the first death star, han rescues chewie on accident and chewie owes him a life debt. Boba Fett would be awesome because it would show people that he is one of the only people in the galaxy that can kill force users and that vader payed him to exterminate the remaining jedi after the purge. and whatever sith villain they use they would have to do flashbacks of him learning it all on his own except for his sith holocrons to teach him. all in all i hope they do it right and the characters they choose justice.

  15. Brian Geraghty could make a good Han Solo…

  16. I don’t know about you but I am worried. Disney, jj abrahms, basing it around kids possibly even han and lukes. This could turn out to be like another episode 1 debalacle. Where they just didn’t do the brand justice “Meesa jar jar binks” The true star wars fan base who keeps it alive is aging and though the wars will never be allowed to be super violent or vulgar or anything like that. I fear Disney may just try to push out some sugary garbage aimed towards pleasing kids. Or even though the prospect of new yearly movies is great they could just start just throwing out sub par crap So that Disney can try and get kids begging mommy and daddy for overpriced merchandise once again. Even though there are many great novels they could be basing new movies on. Lets be honest about abrahms he had success with star trek but both of those where kind of remakes I believe. I mean vader and emperor palpitine are dead and this is how many years later. Will they still be fighting a surviving empire is the rebellion still going on. What about this lone sith who trained himself what power will he have without the emperor. Although I don’t want to be cynical with everyone including myself very exicted about this movie. Just putting out legitamite concern. Lets all use the force and have a new hope. That this movie is as awesome as 456, and though 123 where good. They could’ve been much better I think amd that was with lucas in complete control. We where kind of told to just be grateful we got anything at all you know. I have higher hopes for this one but as I said a lot of us are just a little worried I think

  17. Brokeback Falcon