10 ‘Star Wars’ Spin-off Films We Want to See

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Star Wars Standalone Spinoff Films Ideas Discussion 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve surely heard what may be the biggest movie geek news of a generation: Star Wars is headed back to theaters for a new trilogy of films – starting with Star Wars Episode VII, which is being directed by J.J. Abrams.

In addition to a new trilogy, we now know that Star Wars standalone spinoff films are also on the way, which is why we are here to pitch “10 Star Wars Spin-off Movies We’d Like to See” – presented in no particular order of awesomeness.

NOTE: We’ll be sticking to storylines that are either already established through the expanded universe or have already been rumored for production. Epic EU storylines like The Thrawn Trilogy, New Jedi Order or Legacy of the Force are big enough to have their own movie trilogies, so you won’t find them on this list of standalone film ideas.


Shadows of the Empire

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Movie 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

An “interquel” launched in the 1990s, Shadows of the Empire fills in a lot of the gaps between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. This includes Leia’s search for a captured Han Solo, the construction of Luke’s second Lightsaber (the green one), and a power struggle between Darth Vader and Prince Xizor, leader of a galactic criminal syndicate, for the favor of Emperor Palpatine.

Released as a multi-media project, the Shadows of the Empire novel followed a lot of the Original Trilogy characters – but the popular video game for the Nintendo 64 introduced fans to Dash Rendar, a smuggler buddy of Han Solo who aids the Rebel Alliance during Han’s carbonite siesta.

WHY IT WOULD WORK: Shadows of the Empire offers a nice balance of the familiar and the new – and considering the considerable changes that occur between Episodes V and VI, this bridge piece would be a smart addition. Sure, you may want to skip segments requiring an aged Mark Hamill or Carrie Fisher to appear onscreen – but Vader, Dash, Boba Fett and Xizor are all great dramatic personae to explore.


Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Movie e1361478043259 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

Based on the popular video game series, Knights of the Old Republic takes Star Wars fans back some 4,000 years before the rise of the Galatic Empire. A former Sith – mentally “reprogrammed” by the Jedi Council – attempts to solve the mystery of his own identity in time to stop his traitorous former apprentice, Darth Malak, from leading a Sith army against the Republic. That quest involves locating a map and uncovering the “Star Forge,” the source of Malak’s military power.

WHY IT WOULD WORK: KotOR would be akin to exploring Medieval times of the Star Wars universe. We’ve only seen Jedi and Sith working in measured numbers; all-out battles between armies of them would be geek-EPIC. The games had enough depth of narrative and character to attract millions of fans; a movie would therefore have plenty of ripe material to draw from, including a great story of redemption not seen since Vader tossed the Emperor into the pits of the Death Star.

BONUS: This wouldn’t have to just be a great standalone film. Given the expansive nature of KotOR (in sequel games, comic books, etc.), a successful first film could be the gateway to a whole new Star Wars spinoff saga. However, even as a one-time experience, KotOR would be thrilling.


Dark Forces (Jedi Knight)

Star Wars Dark Forces Movie 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

Dark Forces was a two-part Star Wars spinoff game released on Windows PCs in the late ’90s. Like Shadows of the Empire, it started as an “interquel” that filled in story gaps from the original trilogy; the sequel game picked up after Return of the Jedi and would therefore fill in gaps between the original trilogy and the upcoming sequel trilogy.

The games follow Kyle Katarn, a former Imperial soldier who becomes a mercenary when he learns the Empire killed his parents. Katarn is hired by the Rebel Alliance for jobs that include stealing the Death Star blueprint schematics and thwarting an attempt to produce a new, more powerful, Imperial Trooper. In the sequel game, Katarn learns of his own latent Force powers and embarks on a quest to stop seven “Dark Jedi” from corrupting the “Valley of the Jedi,” a burial ground with powerful ties to the Force.

WHY IT WOULD WORK: Dark Forces is a tale that could offer stylistic opportunities to do something different. Katarn’s journey from evil soldier to noble mercenary to Jedi warrior is a rich arc, and would be the perfect vehicle for an up-and-coming action star. Envision: a Batman Begins-style film that uses editing and anachronistic narrative to carry us through the entire ballad of Kyle Katarn over both video games. “What takes a man from the guns of the Empire to the sword of the Jedi?” Let’s find out!


The Force Unleashed

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Movie 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

The Force Unleashed was another popular Star Wars video game, released in the late 2000s. The story is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and follows “Starkiller,” the son of two Jedi who is taken under the wing of Darth Vader when he is discovered as an infant during one of Vader’s raids on the few surviving Jedi.

Vader trains Starkiller to overthrow the Emperor, but when Palpatine learns of the new apprentice, he forces Vader to betray Starkiller and leave him for dead. Instead, Vader spares his apprentice and secretly tasks him with stirring up the rebel forces opposing the Empire. Thanks to Jedi Master Rahm Kota, Starkiller learns the lighter side of the force but ultimately falls in battle against the Emperor. In the end, his family crest becomes the sigil of the new Rebel Alliance, and he is transformed into a martyr for the cause.

WHY IT WOULD WORK: Force Unleashed adds some new depth to established characters like Vader, Princess Leia and her adoptive father, Bail Organa – all of whom Starkiller meets on his journey. In terms of “interquels,” it is one of the most interesting and epic – though some may fairly argue that the story leans a bit too close to Luke Skywalker’s arc in the original trilogy. (The sequel game – involving Starkiller clones – may also be a bit too much for a movie.) However, with the right young actor…


Republic Commandos

Star Wars Republic Commando Movie 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

Derived from a mid-2000s video game and a series of spinoff novels, Republic Commando delves into the Clone Wars from a unique angle: the viewpoint of elite squads of clone soldiers (most often Delta and Omega Squads).

Picking up from Attack of the Clones and running through the time period after Revenge of the Sith, the RC saga examines the more militaristic side of the Star Wars universe. Eventually, the commandos are forced to examine themselves and their role in the war as the Republic they fought for transforms into a Galatic Empire, in which clone soldiers must either become Imperial Soldiers or renegade mercenaries fighting alongside Rebel and Jedi forces.

WHY IT WOULD WORK: Republic Commando is a Star Wars story unlike most others, in that it examines not only a soldier’s life in the galatic war – but a clone’s existence, as well. Watching the shifting moral outlook of the soldiers would be a nice rumination on the effects of war and politics, while divided allegiances in the wake of the Empire’s rise would be gripping wartime drama for these brothers-in-arms.

BONUS: Since they’re clones, you could save a bundle on casting, since your lead actor (Temuera Morrison as Jango Fett) could play all of the main roles (when the soldiers are not in helmet, of course).


The Adventures of Obi Wan Kenobi

Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi Movie 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

He stands as one of the most iconic figures in the saga (disappearing body trick, FTW!) – and while his story has been further explored in prequel films and spinoff projects like The Clone Wars animated series, there is still enough room for Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi to get his own movie.

Whether delving into Obi-Wan’s younger years (as explored in Expanded Universe fiction like Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest); filling in the gaps in his life during Episodes 1 – 6 (The Clone Wars, his exile years before A New Hope) – or maybe just a portrait of the man that covers all that aforementioned material – Kenobi (man, general, Jedi master) is a complex, pivotal character who can surely support a standalone film.

WHY IT WOULD WORK: People love Obi-Wan; actor Ewan McGregor is still around to play adult and elderly versions of the character; and there’s the added benefit of possibly leaving room for Liam Neeson to return to the franchise (as Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan’s mentor) in a much better fashion than Phantom Menace afforded him. Plus, Star Wars could use a good Medieval Knight-style film, and Obi-Wan’s adventures could certainly be spun in that way.


Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction

Star Wars Boba Fett Twin Engines of Destruction Movie 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

Boba Fett is one character already rumored to be getting a spinoff film, and while there are many great stories about the Mandalorian bounty hunter/clone that could be told, Twin Engines of Destruction is one we definitely want to see onscreen.

As part of the Star Wars: Bounty Hunters comic series (which is ripe for adaptation in its entirety, really), Twin Engines chronicles the story of Jodo Kast, a young bounty hunter who gets himself a suit of Mandalorian Armor that looks like Boba Fett’s. When Jodo goes around collecting bounties on the premise that he is superior to Fett, Boba decides it’s time to defend his reputation. With a bit of subterfuge, Boba lures Jodo to the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta for a final showdown.

WHY IT WOULD WORK: Twin Engines has a pretty straightforward story, but it’s one that could open the door to an exciting part of the Star Wars universe not yet explored onscreen (the bounty hunter underworld). It would also feature one of most iconic characters in the franchise (Boba Fett), while literally serving as proof of why he’s such a beloved (and feared) badass. What’s not to like?


Rogue Squadron

Rouge Squadron Movie 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

Clone/Imperial troops aren’t the only soldiers on the Star Wars battlefield that need their story told onscreen; the X-Wing squadrons of the Rebel Alliance played a big role in the defeat of the Galatic Empire.

In a story that has spanned novels, comic books and video games, Rogue Squadron chronicles famous X-Wing dogfights from the original Star Wars trilogy and beyond, tracing the continuing adventures of heroic Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles and his new squad of recruits, in the era following the Empire’s collapse.

WHY IT WOULD WORK: George Lucas might not have had success with Red Tails – but the WWII dogfight segments were impressive evidence of what CGI can bring to aerial action. While even casual Star Wars fans have an affinity for trusty ol’ Wedge Antilles, it’s not impossible to re-cast the character with a headlining name. Otherwise, original Wedge actor Denis Lawson is still available for (and welcome to) the part. Surround Wedge with a crop of fresh-faced young stars and we would have something akin to Top Gun – only with Star Wars spaceships. Pretty awesome, right?


When Han Met Chewie

Chewbacca Han Solo Star Wars Spinoff Movie 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

You can fold it into the already-rumored Han Solo origin film, or make it the focus of a movie all its own – either way, we need to see a story about the meeting and bonding of smuggler buddies Han Solo and Chewbacca.

He’s a Corellian roughneck with a heart of gold, and he’s a noble Wookiee warrior. Together, they’re the unstoppable, parsec-hopping duo that will one day help bring peace to the galaxy. But today, they’re on the run and just trying to complete their latest job. It’s hard out there for a smuggler…”

WHY IT WOULD WORK: This is the 48 Hrs./Rush Hour/21 Jump Street-style buddy action/comedy the Star Wars universe needs. Cast a wise-cracking actor as young Han Solo, throw in a bunch of semi-racist Wookiee jokes, a love interest, a semi-noble quest and a dash of Indiana Jones-style adventure, and you have the sort of hit film the whole family buys tickets for. (And big merchandising opportunities thereafter - Wookiee doll$, baby!)

BONUS: The opportunity to give Chewbacca his own starring role. ‘Nuff said.


Yoda’s Seven Samurai

Master Yoda Star Wars Seven Samurai Movie 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

It was recently rumored that Man of Steel director Zack Snyder was interested in doing a Star Wars film based on Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai (and its remake, Magnificent Seven). Around the same time, it was also rumored that a Yoda standalone film could be on the horizon. Our thought: Why separate those two ideas when they clearly go together like PB&J?

Do we need to know the origins of baby Yoda (a story that has remained mysterious throughout Star Wars lore)? No. What we NEED to see is how that most unlikely of little green men earned his status as a galatic hero and legend. Zack Snyder’s “Jedi Seven Samurai” could do just that, by showing us an instance where Yoda’s wisdom and strength bested insurmountable odds, distinguishing him as a true Jedi master and hero.

WHY IT WOULD WORK: It features one of the most beloved (and marketable) Star Wars characters, in a story whose themes and ideas are so relatable to everything that makes Jedi cool (discipline, honor, courage, willpower, sword skill). Jedi have always been intergalactic samurai – so why not give us a samurai epic with a sci-fi twist? It practically sells itself.

BONUS: You could also include characters like Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) and other Jedi Council members in their (slightly) younger years, adding some nice familiar faces to the tale.


What do YOU want to see?

Star Wars Logo Art 10 Star Wars Spin off Films We Want to See

With so much Star Wars lore having been established via the expanded universe – and all those stories that passionate fans have been either writing down or kicking around their own heads for years – there are plenty of great ideas for Star Wars spin-off films that we haven’t touched upon here.

Be sure to share some of YOUR ideas with us in the comments.


Star Wars Episode VII is aiming to be in theaters sometime in 2015.

Artwork Sources: Fanpop, Comic Vine, Paul  Youll, Mauricio Herrera (El-Grimlock)LucasFilm, Wookieepedia, Dark Horse Comics

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  1. Ermahgerd ster wers mervies

    • LOL

  2. Great list as a whole. The new trilogy and these stand alone films should really focus on the different sides of the Star Wars Galaxy. I mean the Jedi Knight mythology is huge part of it, and should always play some role depending on the story, but I feel the prequels, games, and books as a whole really repeated the same struggle over and over of the constant Jedi vs Sith ordeal. The prequels could have delved deeper into the war side of the story, there are bounty hunters, gangsters, mercenaries, and many more things we haven’t really seen. The prequels really distilled the magic that was the original Star Wars story.

    So I like the proposal within the list to explore other plots and storyline that we as an audience really have not seen before.

    I can imagine a film of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Carlrissian, and Boba Fett. Why just focus on how the first two meet. Make an epic story of Han Solo and Co. Have Boba Fett try to capture Han but become unlikely ally when all them must face a new enemy only to resume their feud in possible sequels. A story of Clone Troopers and Rebel Soldiers etc we be great. Maybe have a crossover at one point. Possibility is endless.

    I can definitely imagine the Seven Samurai- style film with Yoda. Imagine a reinvented Samuel L. Jackson, Liam Neeson, and maybe Ewan McGregor so on and so forth. That will be a nice way to take full advantage of these actors and the characters they play. That will be an awesome reunion. In fact just lessen the ties to the prequel trilogy by having these characters be very different.

    One story a friend and I imagined is like the idea in the paragraph be very different but post- Jedi. Mace Windu survived war-torn merc, a Qui-gon Jinn who inexplicably alive but in a stasis all this time (may be a clone or revived mysteriously or other), Boba Fett who must now work with these old Jedi, and other interesting minor characters that can be based on characters from the EU or new characters from the trilogy.

    • @Archer: Not bad! I like the way you are thinking about the Chewie and Han prospect. I still think it (the plot) should be around how they meet and I think you can also add in Lando and company as well. I see this as a both/and instead of a either/or.

      The 7 samurai prospect is equally inviting. We never got to see Mace Windu really go badass except for a few minutes in EIII. I would also want to see Qui Gon and a young Kenobi, mixed in with four other barely materialized jedi’s who where the bees knees.

      I will pass on your re-imagining of the samurai film since it includes cloning Qui Gon. The cloning answer is to convenient and tired already IMHO.

      The 7 samurai to me, should take place a few years before Episode I.

      • Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I agree with Han and Company film can have a bunch of layers. Assuming it standalone, of course if there is intended sequels we do not want to show too much but I think having Lando at least introduced as well and the story of how Han won the Falcon can tie up nicely.

        Personally I prefer my idea which is just Yoda Mace Qui-Gon and Obi Wan with others seven samurai style film honestly as well. I thought of it as prior to episode 1 as too really dig deep into the history of these guys in a nice interesting fashion. The latter was just reiterating an idea of friend who wants to truly get away from the prequels a far as possible but still see these characters and take advantage of the actors who were severely not used to the best of their abilities. I enjoyed the concept of having basically these once thought dead individuals Mace Qui-Gon Boba Fett etc havin to cope what has happened over the years while having to work together despite the tensions and resentment between them. Eg) Boba having to work with the man who killed his father, Mace blaming Qui- Gon for Anakin’s discovery and eventual turn etc. it’s obviously a rough sketch with much much cleaning up . And yes the cloning thing is overrated but hey if there’s a point to any of this it is to try and find new ways to make such a long surviving franchise interesting an fresh as possible while still dealing with familiar themes and plot devices.

        Thanks for the response!

  3. Han and Lando would make a much better origin buddy movie than Han and Chewie which would be ultra lame. The dialog from Chewie (which sounds like garbled yawning)is not sufficient enough to carry a 90 minute buddy movie adventure where two characters go back and forth and feed off each other. It would get old real fast hearing Han talking all the time and translating what chewie is saying.

    • @Rick Hunter: I couldn’t disagree with you more. If R2′s chirping and beeping never got too old in all 6 of the films he has been in with C3PO then I think we can make it with Chewie and Han. Besides, acting isn’t always dialogue, most of it is facial expressions and body language. It wouldn’t be impossible to pull off. Besides Chewie is a follower not a leader, Han can do all the talking.

      That said, I think Lando should be represented in the film so we can see how their relationship soured or grew distant.

      • R2′s bleeps don’t get old because throughout the 6 films, he only has a couple “lines” now and then. Allow him to “speak” on a regular basis and I’m pretty sure it’ll become quite tiresome. Same goes with Chewie’s gargles.

        • @BFG666: I seem to remember for instance in E 4 he and 3PO having lengthy screen time once they jettisoned from the starship cruiser up and until the creature cantina scene. Again, there is more to acting than just dialogue. It can be done, in fact, it would be MORE interesting because they don’t both speak the same language.

          • My point was you don’t hear him constantly during the whole movie like you would any main character. Anyway, it being more interesting remains to be seen but I find it highly doubtful.
            Then again, as you said there’s more to acting than speech and they could go all Valhalla Rising on him, but R2 is a pretty talkative tin box.

  4. I’d like to see a Palpatine origin story. Darth Maul could be included here too.

    • yes they need to adapt the Darth Plagueis novel

  5. Im surprised the KOTOR comics haven’t been discussed, Zayne Carrick is the best hero after Luke! Plus you could also throw in Revan and Malak turning to the dark side, as the comic didn’t really get to that before it ended.

    Also, Legacy would be great cause its about a skywalker but its so far in the future that its a whole new story, with a great villain I might add.

    And an anthology bounty hunters film would be amazing. short stories of boba, dengar, bossk, IG-88, 4-LOM and zuckuss!

    And how bout a stand alone Quinlan Vos film?!?! Lucas had big plans for him as he specifically asked Dark Horse to write story depicting his survival of Order 66, and he was supposed to be a central part of the live action TV show that might not ever happen now…

    • Word.

  6. I’d like to see more new characters rather than recast the originals (Solo) or squeeze all the cult status out of the minor characters (Fett). It was bad enough we had Boba’s origin story in the prequels.

    I’m surprised they’re looking at existing characters for these stand alones. The prequels showed how fickle the SW fan base can be. Do they really want to risk the wrath over some 2-bit Solo-Chewie buddy film?

    • @Strawbear: I think we will see some new characters but you don’t walk away from your well established characters easily. Think of the Bourne movie with now Jeremy Renner, he was good but he is no Matt Damon.

      You shouldn’t be surprised at them for looking at the existing characters, its called marketing and branding. Yoda is a bankable brand, so is Solo and Boba Fett. The question really is, do they want to risk the loss of revenue over new characters that no ones knows and possibly no one really relates too? People will line up to see a movie about Solo or Yoda they just have to keep the story fresh and relevant keeping in mind today’s audience which will still contain a heavy portion of original SW fans.

  7. I’d like to see a film based off of “Death Troopers” and “Red Harvest”. It would work because zombies are really popular now.

    • Also it features Han and Chewie in it.

  8. I really hope that if they do a “Seven Samurai” themed film, they do not use the usual suspects from the prequels. It could be okay, but I would much rather have new characters than Yoda, Mace, etc. Really, the ideal setting for such a film would be back in the Old Republic era.

    I cannot see the powers that be green-lighting a Shadows of the Empire film, but it would kick. Guri, anyone? (She is Prince Xizor’s human-replica android bodyguard.)

    Rogue Squadron is just begging to be the basis of a television series. The novels that I have read follow a great ongoing storyline that is perfect for episodic television, and introduce a fascinating cast of new characters so that Luke/Han/Leia don’t have to be re-cast. And it is not all about dogfights, either. There is plenty of intrigue, covert operations, etc.

  9. For Force Unleashed why not use Sam Witwer, seeing as he voiced and did the face model for him in the game.

    • Because that would make to much sense!

  10. Shadows of the Empire would be awesome on film!

  11. Great List. I would include the Darth Bane storyline as it talks about life and death of Darth Bane, the man who changed the sith order to make it one master and one apprentice. its an incredible story to use and has a ton of epic fights between Darth Bane and the rest of the sith

    • There will never be a Darth Bane movie because of “The Dark Knight Rises”

      • So, according to this logic, there shouldn’t ever be a movie character named Jones because of Indiana? Doesn’t make sense to me.

        • That’s a weak comparison because Jones is a normal name. Bane isn’t, and when people mention the name Bane, most likely they will mean the Batman villain because of the well received movie that made over a billion dollars.

          • Except Sith names always come with the Darth title and everyone knows Darth is a Star Wars thing.

            • “Bwahaha Darth Bane? when Darth Bane is dead.. You have my permission to pee in your pants”

            • People are going to laugh and make jokes if they hear Darth Bane. It will NEVER be taken seriously.

              • i was born in the dark side i was molded by it raised in it .

  12. i’m just a casual fan i dont know all the ins and outs of the characters or that but i would like to see a yoda back story

    i dont know why but i have this vision of yoda when he was younger not actually looking like a fairly tall strong looking physically gifted buck, dunno if that plays but just something i’ve always thought

  13. Great list! Personally, I would also like to see a stand alone film for Darth Plaqus, Bane, or Sidius.

    Force Unleashed wouldn’t be a problem. I’m sure Sam Witwer would love to play the character again, I don’t see why not.

    As for Shadows of the Empire, this is how you make it: Have it focus on Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the new characters, have subplots like Leias search for Han off screen, but talk about them, and end the film with the deleted scene from Return of the Jedi with Luke constructing the green lightsaber :D

    • As for SOTE, that’s a really awesome idea to end it with that scene. Basically make a movie about the villains and their power struggle. Or put that scene somewhere in the first third or middle to introduce Dash when he comes to rescue Luke from the swoop gang at Kenobi’s hut. Then the second half could be the Dash story (stealing the Death Star plans from Suprosa, fights with bounty hunters, etc) intertwined with the villians’ power struggle up through the Battle of Skyhook. Good way to include the original characters but not require the actors.

    • Over have them landing on tatooine getting ready to rescue Han the way the book ends!

  14. I think they should go with the ” Rise of Vader” story line. Would be a great way to bring outthe depth in Vader…

  15. Don’t look now, but this story might be prophetic. Rumor has it Drew Karpyshyn (the lead writer for KOTOR) left the employ of Bioware last year to begin work on a KOTOR screenplay at the request of Kathleen Kennedy

    • No he only pitched a script that is most likely not related to Star Wars because he pitched it to a different company.

  16. My favorites out of the proposed stand alone movies would be:
    a) Han and Chewie
    b) Yoda and the Seven Samurai

    Keep in mind I am more of a movie buff than a Star Wars geek. I have never read any of the EU stuff or played the video games, I don’t have that much time on my hands.

    First, Han and Chewie, Chewie was one of my favorites in the orig trilogy as he remains pretty much a mystery. We know he is a warrior but he never got to show off his badassery much in 4, 5, or 6. I actually wanted to see him throw three stormtroopers down a hallway but that didn’t happen. I would like to see a more fierce Chewbacca, more like a pit bull than a chocolate lab. That would be fun to see. I also would want to know how they became friends and why Chewie is so loyal to Han. This would also give us a chance to an even more wiley Solo which is also choice.

    Second, Yoda and the Seven Samurai, this is perfect in that we could see why Yoda is such a bad ass master as he instructs Mace,( who is also a mystery) Qui Gon, young Kenobi, and four new characters who are jedi’s that maybe come from the Clone Wars or EU. Yoda is the ultimate Sensei and to finally see more of Mace and Qui Gon can’t be a bad thing ALONG with some new characters. This film could take place a couple of years before Episode I.

    • Yes to the idea to see an epic fighting Chewbacca! Every time I hear Han’s line to C3P0 of how wookies tear limbs off when they lose I always get such a fearsome vibe that we as an audience have yet to see. Not having the Wookies in Return o the Jedi I believe was a terrible mistake. And Ep III in that respect was such a tease as we did not see that much of the wookie battle or Chewbacca.

      Making a 7 samurai with those characters will be epic. But I would not mind seeing some of the characters reenvisioned for the film.

  17. Raam Kota deserves a film, he’s one of my favourite characters and I think it would be interesting!

  18. I would love to see a general grievous movie I met Matthew Wood who does greivous at Star Wars celebration III got to talkto him for about 15min one of the nicest guys

  19. A story centered around General Greivous’s life

    • Dude, seriously?

      • Yes, what?

        • I don’t think there’s enough “flesh” (no pun intended) to this character for a movie. And he’s just not relatable enough compared to a multitude of other characters.

          • I definitely think he is dynamic enough to make a movie about. He doesnt need to be the protagonist, but it could be about a Jedi during the Clone Wars where he is the main bad guy

  20. I have zero interest for “interquels” or what have you. Tired of those stories in general (the ones we’ve seen already), want new star wars but fresh stories exploring new materials from the SWU. Much much prefer things like either Stuff from old republic or even older with tespects to the swu timeline. Yoda’s rise to master with that seven samurai angle would also be awesome. Anything dealing with the main arcs seen or touched on in episode 1-6 is meh for me unless they continue the stories.

  21. Besides the aforementioned Force unleashed, I’d like to see Crimson Empire made into a movie. Think about it: A lone Crimson guard, still loyal to Palpatine, having to join the rebels to take on the empire that wants to undermine the way Palpatine had set up the Empire. Another title I’d like to see in a movie would be Star Wars: Legacy. This deals with the grandson of Luke Skywalker, Cade, as well as the Imperial Knights (think of them as imperial jedi) who are only loyal to Baron Fel the current emperor of the imperials. This has many sith lords also.

  22. it is too bad that it has taken so long to get to the point of making more movies. i personally would like to see the Thrawn Trilogy made into a set of movies. it would be better if they were pretty much verbatim from book to movie but the original cast is way to old now and the idea of replacing them with younger actors doesnt feel like it would work.

    although, JJ pulled that off in Star Trek…

  23. I think a Rogue Squadron series of movies would be cool. Get Michael A. Stackpole to write and they would be a sure fire bit. These most certainly could have Seven Samurai/spaghetti western style storytelling.

    Origin story of the Emperor. What was the cause of his fall to the dark-side. A sequel could have him defeating his master to take his place.

    Darth Maul Movie

    Jabba the Hutt movie.

    A movie where Jar Jar Binx is hunted and killed by a bunch of rabid fanboys.

  24. The Republic Commando idea needs to be made, but not as a movie. It needs to be made as a series akin to things like Band of Brothers. A long-running, ‘military-life’ series based around the Republic Commandos would be an amazing thing to see.

    It would delve not only into the lives and missions of these soldiers, but also how it affects them, and how it changes than and humanizes soldiers that don’t normally get it.

  25. What about Darth Bane

  26. all about Kyle Katarn, great story line already in place, could really see that working well. Jedi Knight II when he discovers his force powers is powerful stuff. I think if they had Luke train him (Hamill should get a cameo) then have him prove himself to earn back his lightsaber. It def. goes back into the old mysticism of claiming your “sword” and is definitely very symbolic in nature. I hope this one gets made for sure, great characters and placement within the great universe.

    Shadows of the Empire could be cool because people already have an idea of it with the games, toys and book itself. Def. a decent storyline

    I like the idea of an Obi-Wan tale too, you know he didn’t just “sit around” for 20 years while waiting for Luke to come of age. I like the idea that Qui-Gon visions could come into play, which is something Revenge of the Sith hinted at, but never showed. Liam Neeson and Ewan back together would be a powerful combo. I actually really enjoy both of their acting in The Phantom Menace other than the cheesy dialogue, terrible CGI they were forced to be put in and those stupid midichlorians. Otherwise, they were probably the best acting tandem in the prequels, Portman and Hayden were horrible. And Portman’s a good actress!

    • Hamill is too old now for a Kyle Katarn movie depicting the events of the games.

  27. I kind of like the idea of an older Ewan McGregor having a bit of a Western style story in the desert between III and IV.

  28. Why so much focus on the Jedi? they were morons! The less supernatural characters were always more interesting to me.

  29. Star Wars Episode 7 has to be based on Dark Empire storyline, because Luke wears his father’s armor (vader armor) in war and Palphatine resurrects and makes luke go to the dark side or a new emperor comes.

    • Awful

    • All that cloned emperor stuff was just as bad as Spider-Man’s clone saga. It would take one hell of a creative pair of writer/director to make it interesting.