Star Wars: Lawrence Kasdan Working on Boba Fett Spinoff?

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star wars boba fett spinoff movie Star Wars: Lawrence Kasdan Working on Boba Fett Spinoff?

The last few months of 2013 were filled with big superhero movie casting news – Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and Dwayne Johnson as… someone in the DC-verse – but the first quarter of 2014 looks to be dominated by Star Wars casting announcements, once J.J. Abrams finishes the script for Episode VII and preps to begin shooting this spring (for a December 2015 release date).

Besides legitimate facts (read: not rumors) concerning Episode VII, the new year should also bring us solid information on the developing Star Wars spinoffs. To refresh your memory: Disney and Lucasfilm intend to release one Star Wars film a year (beginning in 2015), beginning with a third movie trilogy and two character origin story features in between Episodes VII, VIII and IX, with a Han Solo origin film potentially being first.

Disney CEO Bob Iger previously confirmed that Lawrence Kasdan – who is co-writing Episode VII after having co-penned The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi some 30 years ago – and Simon Kinberg (screenwriter on X-Men: Days of Future Past) are working on Star Wars spinoffs “derived from great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga.” Rumor has it that the characters in question are a young(er) Han Solo and Boba Fett, and director Jon Schnepp recently lent further credibility to the possible Boba Fett movie with his comments about the project.

Here is what Schnepp had to offer AMC Movie Talk (via CBM):

“One of [the Star Wars spinoffs] is Boba Fett. It is. I know. I know for a fact. I will never reveal my source, but it is the one written by Lawrence Kasdan.”

Schnepp, for those unaware, was a character designer, voice actor and director on Metalocalypse, in addition to having worked on other cult Adult Swim cartoon series like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He doesn’t have a reputation for starting rumors that prove false, plus his comments align with previous reports on the likelihood of a Boba Fett spinoff – which, if accurate, would implicate that Simon Kinberg is working on the Han Solo origin film.

boba fett star wars episode 2 attack clones Star Wars: Lawrence Kasdan Working on Boba Fett Spinoff?

Young Boba Fett in ‘Episode II – Attack of the Clones’

Boba Fett’s first live-action appearance was in The Empire Strikes Back, but the character was introduced in animated form in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special released in 1978.

Episode II: Attack of the Clones established that Boba is a clone of another bounty hunter clad in Mandalorian armor, Jango Fett, and was raised as Jango’s son prior to the former’s death at the hands of Mace Windu. Boba’s subsequent history has been explored before in Star Wars Expanded Universe books (see: K.W. Jeter’s Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy) and the Clone Wars animated TV Series, but the spinoff movie will likely ignore any previous events that were not depicted on either the small or large screen.

It’s feasible that the character could make an appearance on the animated Star Wars Rebels TV series, weaving the strands between the TV show and the Boba Fett spinoff even closer (given their shared continuity) – per Disney and Lucasfilm’s plan to embrace the Marvel Studios’ approach to shared universe construction. That might explain how Schnepp heard about the project; given his ties to the animation industry, he could’ve gotten his scoop from someone working on Rebels.

Are you interested in seeing a Boba Fett origin story/spinoff? What other spinoffs do you hope to see in the future? Let us know in the comments section!


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

If the Han Solo origin film/spinoff arrives in 2016, then the Boba Fett spinoff would release in 2018 (or vice versa).

Source: AMC Movie Talk [via CBM]

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  1. I’d rather see a sequel that shows he survived the Sarlacc.

    Maybe have the movie be a flashback that takes place while he is inside of it and then he escapes at the end.

    • I’m on board with this idea.

      • I’m bored with this idea

    • This is good………………

      I’d like Christopher Nolan to get his hands on this…………..

      I believe he could take Fett to Batman Levels…..easily.

      • Uhhhhh… NO!

        • No Nolan!

          • I agree. Nolan only works with good ideas and a Boba Fett spinoff isn’t a good idea.

            • Why do people think nolan is a master artist and can turn anything to gold?

              • Good point Kevin, especially since the Dark Knight series sucked.

                • The Dark Knight trilogy did not suck. Not for the smart members of the audience anyway. And yes, Nolan is a genius.

                  • Thank you AL!
                    Who could POSSIBLY think the Dark Knight Series sucked………and if they do then their opinion has no merit in my book.

            • A Boba Fett spinoff is a good idea IF they use stories that take place AFTER Episode VI. There are fantastic books and stories about that character after surviving the fall into the sarlac pit, we need a movie that redeems the bad decisions Lucas made with that character in Episode VI. As for Nolan, he’s a fantastic director and I’ve yet to see a film by him that I was disappointed by, but something as big and fantasy oriented as Star Wars is? I just don’t see that brand blending with his storytelling.

    • Interesting idea, though since Disney purchased the franchise all Star Wars expanded universe stuff has been reduced to fan-fiction. Fett escaping the Sarlacc might be considered non-canon now

      • The EU has never been anything but fan fiction. Lucas went on record long ago saying that the only canon is the movies, book adaptations of the movies and the Clone Wars TV show. The rest is just other people’s interpretations and should not be considered canon (which is why so much of the EU was blown up in the prequel trilogy. I can only hope that much more of it is blown up in the sequels) Boba Fett escaping the Sarlacc was just part of that fan fiction.

        • Actually, Lucas has gone back and forth when it comes to the EU. There are stories he personally considers part of his universe, and stories he doesn’t. But no, the EU is not just “fan fiction”. Like I said, Lucas changes his mind all the time when it comes to the EU, the main question is which stories will be adapted and which stories won’t. But yes, the EU, more or less, IS canon. Yeah, the prequels rewrote certain parts of the EU, but a lot of the writing in those movies DID follow pre existing storylines for that time period.

    • I have already read the novels. As far as I am concerned, the after ‘Episode VI’ story lines have already happened. I already know what happens to Luke, Leia, Han, etc…

      Read The Bounty Hunter War trilogy.

      Nothing coming out of Disney’s version of ‘Star Wars’ can replace Timothy Zhan’s novels. Everything that needed to be said has already been said.

  2. We saw his origin in the prequel movies when he was just a child and saw his father Jango die, making him angry and become the murderous bounty hunter we know him as.

    I’m not sure we need anything showing him after the Sarlac pit because he died, digested for 1000 years.

    Maybe show him during his bounty hunting heyday before Jabba hires him to capture Han although honestly, I don’t see a need for a Boba spinoff anyway. Just because he’s popular, doesn’t mean we need to ruin his mystique and awesomeness by exploring his character.

    • Given that the official announcement said the spinoffs would focus on characters not part of the overall saga, a Boba Fett spinoff is just rumor. Ain’t gonna happen.

      • Boba Fett is big money for licensing. Therefore, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when”.

      • I interpreted that to mean characters that are not Main characters. In which case Fett makes perfect sense…and Solo makes no sense at all. So I dunno wtf.

  3. Artistically, this could go either way. It could be worthwhile, but I personally did not approve of the inclusion of Boba Fett in the prequels. Which is to say, I’d like to see some bounty hunter action, but I do not need to see any more cutesy, mystique-eroding origin story.

  4. Not really interested in a Boba Fett spinoff . I would much rather see a Darth Sidious (Palmatine)spin off or maybe Yoda.

    But I definitely want to see a Darth Sidious origin story showing how he turned to the darkside with his master, and how he developed his plan to take over the universe, up till the moment Vader throws him over the rail.

  5. Obnoxious and Anonymous first posted about this last night, minutes after it was stated. Funny how all the movie news sites are picking this story up after the initial article was shared countless times. It wasn’t even news beforehand (and wouldn’t be now) yet no credit has been given. Not blaming you guys here but venting to the community at large.


    I remember when I first saw Fett on the TV. He was instantly my favorite for some reason….(probably because of his jet pack and the fact that even DARTH VADER had to tell him to tone it down). Since, his first appearance I have always wanted him to have his chance to shine…..

    IMO I believe that Christopher Nolan could knock this origin story out THE PARK….possibly turning it into a trilogy of some sorts.

    Set on some dark gritty planet where he has to kill for money, because that is all he was ever taught.

    • How could Star Wars fans not want to see this movie?


      It’s because I don’t need to see more of a character from the original trilogy that I may have liked. It’s like origin stories for classic horror movie villains, we don’t need to see why they are what they are, leave it as one big mystery or risk destroying that character’s popularity.

      I honestly believe that people who want to see more Boba Fett aren’t real Star Wars fans anyway.

      • You don’t think a Boba Fett spin-off is a good idea. I want to try to convince you why it could work.

        Im not saying that it will go down this way, in fact it probably wont, but maybe a glimmer of what i have to say will shine through the final product. And of course the reason they chose a popular character is because brand recognition=$$$, however the recognition produced by having a familiar character doesn’t only have to be of purely financial benefit. Boba Fett is a familiar character, and even if not everyone is asking for more of him, a lot of people are.

        And with this popular character who is familiar, whose armour is recognisable and whose character is being demanded, there is a chance to explore different aspects of the star wars universe without alienating a large part of the audience. He is also an established bad ass, allowing for an exciting story with some cool action. Its also a chance to explore darker and grimier parts of the fiction, getting away from jedi orientated stuff. Now i am not a massive star wars fan, i couldnt care less about the actual parts of the universe, but following a bounty hunter in to some exciting territory could create a film with fun and unexplored aspects of a universe that can be thrilling attention grabbing film. Imagine a gritty, grimy, fun boba fett film explored by people such as Rian Johnson, or Neil Blomkamp. Generic suggestons but it doesnt mean that they don’t inspire the imagination.

        Of course it is easy to mess up, but, you know, optimism.

      • I agree.
        Its happening to a degree with Legolas in the Hobbit 2. The Legolas that we saw & loved in the LotR’s movies is being changed by the writers having to create a story that never happened.

      • “I honestly believe that people who want to see more Boba Fett aren’t real Star Wars fans anyway”.

        Really Dazz? The thing is, Boba Fett is still a really popular character, and means a lot to MANY people. The reason why there aren’t a whole lot of fans rejoicing over the idea of a Boba Fett origin is because it could go either way. Many fans weren’t satisfied with the back story they gave him in Episode II, so they’re nervous about there being another disappointing movie about that character. That being said, for me personally, the best Boba Fett stories take place in the EU, which is why I’d like to see that also on screen. Lucas wasted the character in Episode VI, I’d just like to see a movie that redeems that.

        That being said, I do agree with you that we don’t need anything else with that character taking place before the original trilogy, it’s unnecessary. The Clone Wars gave me a story that showed him becoming a bounty hunter, that’s all I need.

  7. He was already shown in Attack of the Clones as a snot-nosed little brat that watched Jango die in a stupid way. God, how I hate that movie but thats neither here nor there. I’d be all up for a Boba Fett movie but I’d rather they tie it and the Han Solo movie together.

    • I was VERY disappointed in the portrayal of the Fetts as well. Jango should have had major fight scenes, and they should have had more details about Boba.

    • I’ll take Jango having his head cut off by Jedi Shaft, then Boba getting knocked into the Sarlaac by a blind man. Just saying.

  8. How bout a Darth Maul spinoff?

    • I said that as well, but for some reason my comment was removed?

      • Removed for being too awesome. I’d love love LOVE a Darth Maul solo movie.

  9. I’m sorry, but I’m really not interested in all these Star Wars spinoffs being talked about. We already know all the important details and motivations of characters like Han Solo, Boba Fett and the rest. Channel all this energy into making a new trilogy of the very highest caliber instead of watering the franchise down with unnecessary films that will only exhaust their audience.

    • Fans like me have been waiting YEARS for more Boba Fett, while others feel the same way about Han Solo and his space pirating. IMO it’s best to give the fans what they want. Marvel is already slotted to take the audiences attention when it comes to new space adventures, so Disney should focus on supplying Star Wars fans what they’ve been asking for.

      • And fans like me want to the story of Star Wars to move forward into new, uncharted territory, not spend its creative energy retreading old territory. We know enough about Han Solo’s past and Boba Fett’s past, if nothing else show us their next chapter. But more preferable yet, incorporate the best of those ideas into the new trilogy.

        Marvel’s isn’t the only spacefaring series out there, Star Wars has found success competing against giants like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, etc.; they don’t need to copycat Marvel’s formula in order to get the attention of an audience. Is the story structure of Star Wars so weak that the franchise needs to resort to mimicry to survive?

        What Star Wars fans have been asking for are high-quality stories that further the Star Wars Galaxy with a sequel trilogy. Diluting that material with cash machine films every year will weaken that most important story.

  10. Yes! The bounty hunter who killed a Jedi!

    • Boba Fett didn’t kill any Jedi.

      • There’s this book my uncle told me about. Before the events of the original Star Wars trilogy. Where he actually killed a Jedi.

  11. I’d be all for a Boba Fett spinoff that actually makes him live up to his reputation. Because seriously, he barely even *does* anything.

    • That’s cause he wasn’t meant to do anything or be anything…just a minor character to get Han to Jabba, and he dies like a b*tch in the Sarlacc pit. It’s only fans who made such a big deal out of him.

      • And the truth shall set you free!

      • You act like much of the Boba Fett stories were written by twelve year old fans online, but no, they were written by brilliant writers who, at the time, were licensed to make their own stories canon to the star wars universe. Lucas has gone back and said “Boba died in the sarlacc pit” but it’s too late for his opinion. Boba Fett’s story arc after Episode VI is canon, the only way it won’t be will be if Lucas writes his own story that contradicts those events.

        And yes, Boba was created to be a minor character, but not a nobody. The whole point was marketing, making a new character to get fans excited for, and it worked. Boba was immediately popular with the release of Empire Strikes Back, which was the point.

  12. I would love a Boba Fett movie but not an origin story. I agree with others here, origin stories often ruin characters, we already got enough of Fett’s story to know why he is a bounty hunter, thats enough. Just give us a movie about Bounty Hunters with him as one of the main characters. Hell i would even watch a movie about a bunch of stormtroopers, sort of the galactic war from their perspective.

    And why does everything have to be a trilogy? Especially the new star wars movies. We know now that Disney is going to keep making star wars films as long as they make money so why bother structuring the new star wars movies as a trilogy?

  13. so is the actor that played Jango gonna be cast in this? isn’t Boba a clone of him?

  14. Can’t stand the lame little kid that played him in the prequels and that whole storyline was so freakin cliche anyways. Love Kasdan of course, so that’s a great sign already.

    I’m just hoping it’s done right visually. He better not have 18 new gadgets with guns that look shiny and new when all we’ve ever seen of him is an almost Mad-Max in a space suit, a banged up stealthy ship and weapons that look like he made them with wear and tear. It needs to be exactly like that and that kind of feel in the atmosphere of the movie. Everything needs to look dirty again, because he’s in a dirty business with Jabba and the Empire any way.

    • Agreed.

  15. The teaser trailer alone would cause most fanboys to faint if we heard the sound of a Blaster, followed by the sight of Boba Fett flying out of the Sarlacc Pit on his jet pack while Luke, Leia and the crew were blissfully unaware of it.

  16. I say combine the two also. I’d much rather see a Boba Fett film than Han Solo, simply because we’ve had Capt Kirk in recent years and in August we’ll get Star Lord. A Han Solo solo venture, (see what I did there) will be more of the same…
    I’m more intrigued by the prospect of an EPISODE 10!!!

  17. The only way an origin story for Fett would make sense is if he shows up alive and well in the VII episode. Telling a story of a character you know is dead doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea, especially if he gains traction with the audience. Look at this awesome bounty hunter! BTW, he dies eaten by a sand worm.

  18. Here’s what they should do:

    Release the sequel trilogy and have the New Jedi Order series be a “soft template” towards those three movies, and then link that series with the Legacy Comic Book Arc, serving as a “soft template” for Episodes 10-13. And after all is said and done, fanboys will be laying their tears towards their pillows, thinking that no more SW films will be released until a BOBA FETT/HAN SOLO SPINOFF FILM IS ANNOUNCED. Instead of having both characters having their own movies, why not merge them together since their character aspects are so much alike. Then afterwards, we can have a duology starring Yoda and Palpatine (since Sidious was once the apprentice of Yoda), and show how Palpatine has transcended into a Sith. Maybe add cameos of Count Dooku as well.

  19. Dark Horse just lost the Star Wars comics license. Just happened. Holy cow…

  20. If it’s not Han & Chewbacca,really,who cares?!

    • A lot of people, actually.

  21. According to some die-hard Star Wars fans I know, Boba Fett was never really a huge character in Lucas’ eyes and become a cult figure over the years due mostly to fan reaction. Connecting his heritage to the whole clone storyline already gave the character more play then was originally intended, so why does there need to be more exposition on the character aside from money?

    “Origin” stories have become a lazy device in movies that play into some people’s need to have everything laid out in sometime unneeded details. I can see this turning into the trend for the new Star Wars movies. They could do Luke and Leia’s childhood, Lando’s days as a smuggler and ladies man.

    • You have to wonder if Boba Fett was meant to be so important, why did they debut him in the Holiday Special first?

  22. “Boba Fett”?? Is that what sheep walk on??

  23. I want a Darth Sidious origin story.

    • Read ‘Star Wars Darth Plagueis’.

      People need to start reading books. rofl…

  24. Any plans for a Salacious Crumb back story film? It could focus on how he came into the service of Jobba the Hut. Many fans are demanding such a film. With a core audience of 12-30 becoming the primary fan base,the film and spin-off merchandise could bring significant earnings. Fans would love to know more of Jabba’s back story;this would add to the film’s appeal.Please consider this instead of Bobba Fett,

  25. The announcement clearly says the spinoff movies will be focused on “great Star Wars characters who are not part of the overall saga”. That lets Han Solo and Boba Fett out, unless Disney changed their minds. I would argue that both of these characters are part of the saga. LOL. I cannot WAIT for real news to come out so these annoying rumors stop.

  26. So Kasdan is working on spinoffs and Michael Arndt is no longer working on Episode VII. That leaves JJ Abrams as the primary screenwriter. God help us all!

  27. I would rather see a Palpatine ,Darth Sidious origin story. I would love to see him as an apprentice after he turned to the darkside. And see him train Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and Vader. I think people would like to see the differences of the Sith and how they do things.

  28. George and Disney are too late. Between the years 1979 and 2008, the events that take place after ‘Return of the Jedi’ have already been explained.

    I would have done a ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” movie.

  29. Folks. Sorry for repeating myself…

    If you want to know the origin or expanded stories, you can always buy the novels from Barnes and Nobel. I have read over 18 ‘Star Wars’ novels. All this stuff people want to know is written in books. While I may hate the prequels, I do enjoy the post-’Return of the Jedi’ novels. Only a handful of people can write solid ‘Star Wars’ stories.

    Go buy a ‘Star Wars’ novel.

    • I have read those books, and as I mentioned in earlier comments, I love them. That being said, I’m very interested in adaptions of those books, I’d love to see a lot of those stories on the big screen (especially some of the stuff with Boba Fett, since his final chronological appearance in the movies is him falling into the sarlacc pit like a b@%ch).