‘Star Wars’ Saga Coming To Blu-Ray; Update on New Animated Series

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star wars picture Star Wars Saga Coming To Blu Ray; Update on New Animated Series

Dedicated Screen Rant readers might recall that in his 10 Movies That Need a Blu-ray Release editorial just a few weeks back, our own Mike Eisenberg rightly called out Star Wars creator George Lucas for scuffling his feet on the matter of the Star Wars Saga’s Blu-ray release.

Well, according to Lucasfilm Director of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet, the Blu-ray edition of all six of the Star Wars films is in the works after all, though he declined on giving an official release date.

Sansweet made the following comments on the subject at C2E2 over this past weekend:

“We have been at work for a couple of years working on—I won’t call it the Ultimate Set because we keep finding stuff—but, a very full set of all six movies on Blu-ray with lots of extra material. We’re finding all kinds of scenes from dailies that have never been seen before. Beyond all of those things that you know about… there are some real treasures.”

That said, Sansweet did assure fans at the expo that the highly anticipated Blu-ray version of the blockbuster sci-fi series would be out sooner than later.

Star Wars Blu ray Star Wars Saga Coming To Blu Ray; Update on New Animated Series


Meanwhile, the Lucasfilm representative did let out an interesting tidbit concerning a new Star Wars television series — by the sound of it, the upcoming animated Star Wars comedy show we reported on just two weeks ago.

Sansweet confirmed that there would be a new animated TV series in the style of The Clone Wars, set in the post-Return of the Jedi Star Wars universe that would follow the cast of the original trilogy (Luke, Leia, Han, etc.).  He also added that “not everyone who dies in sci-fi stays dead” and that fans would find out what he meant in about 3 to 4 years.

Until we hear anything else on this new show, expect lots of fan speculation as to what exactly this means.  Is it possible that Darth Vader and/or Emperor Palpatine will be returning from the dead?  If this is a comedy show, will we get to see Han and Leia dealing with the wacky, sitcom-inspired struggles of marriage and having kids?  Or something else along those lines?

Jar Jar Binks Star Wars Saga Coming To Blu Ray; Update on New Animated Series

No, don't worry, he wasn't in the original trilogy, remember?

Of course, there’s always the most important question — do fans really care about this in the first place?

We’ll keep you posted as further details roll in.

Source: /Film, IGN, Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. Awesome news on both the animated and Bluray series but my question is where do I get that poster at the top of the screen its EPIC!!!

  2. I imagine he's talking about Boba.

  3. I imagine he's talking about Boba.

  4. I don't know about a physical copy of that poster… but I have been using that picture as my Desktop off and on for a year or so. :)

  5. most likely yoda will make a return and obi-wan as well idk i will watch with as much opend mind as posible

  6. Well the original trilogy is so sacred to fans. It holds a very special place in many of their hearts including my own.. If he makes this cartoon out to be a comedy and being helmed by Seth Green or something. Then it would be akin to a spit in the face by George Lucas to all of us. This would show what he thinks of his original trilogy. —- Don't make it a straight up- “COMEDY” George. We've waited wha— 30 years for some more stories from that original mythology. Don't pull a mulligan. Lets see the adventures of Han, Luke, Lea, Chewie, and the Droids again! Yes there was some funny scenes in it, but it was an action adventure movie right? Lets do this right man!!!

  7. btw I can't wait till we DO get the blu-ray saga. I hope it comes out this year, but I'm not holding my breath. I think it's probably just damage control on their part. and its somewhere on the list of priorities not a top one. It will get done when it gets done…. ugh…. Maybe in a year or two? UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! — whenever they mention something without a release date– that automatically sounds very far off… later rather then sooner.

  8. I read that there was a novel that talked about how Bobba Fett shot his way out of the monster.. So, I can imagine it would be easy to guess Fett lives. That would be so bad ass if that was true. Bobba! Bobba!! Bobba!!!

  9. i think the clone wars is cool,but i would rather see a live action tv show!.

  10. Yeah, my moneys on Boba Fett also.

  11. According to Star Wars EU (expanded universe) canon, Boba Fett DID shoot his way out of the Sarlaac pit he fell into in ROTJ. So yeah, he's definitely up for a return.
    Not that I know that off the top of my head or anything… ;)

  12. My bet (and hope) is that the new cartoon will be just like the Clone Wars cartoon, rather than a comedy show. I'm sure that the goal in all of this is to come up with an excuse to manufacture new Star Wars toys.

  13. Also, the Emperor returns in a clone form of himself in the EU.

  14. Ah yes, I almost forgot about the Dark Empire series. We shall see if this new SW show follows suit and has Palpatine return as a clone as well.

  15. it had better be the original versions of the trilogy. or at least have the option to watch them that way.

  16. They need to make the new series based on the Heir to the Empire, Dark Empire, and New Jedi Order novels. The material in these books would make a great animated series. That is if they do not intend to film another trilogy in the future. (smirk) It would be great to see some epic space battles with Star Destroyers, Galaxy Guns, and the YuzonVong armada of living ships. Unfortuneately, my faith in the force has waned as of late and they will most likely screw this up. To coin a phrase…”I have a bad feeling about this!”


  17. I really can't see being able to get all the principles together to do the voice work. Especially Harrison Ford the only actor whose career wasn't ruined by this movie, as Seth MacFarlane once quipped.

  18. Myself and many others (including Mr. Lucas himself) thought that Seth Green and the guys over at Robot Chicken did an EXCELLENT job finding some humor and making some jokes of all the Star Wars content, including the original trilogy stuff. I love the original three as much as anyone else, but the pedestal some people hold them on is just unbelievable. It's not like they're the Dead Seas Scrolls or something and it doesn't take anything away from them if you make a joke about the fact that Leia and Luke are brother and sister and they kiss. Like Seth Green said in their announcement of this new series, to believe that there was nothing else going on in the entire galaxy is preposterous.

  19. You have been brainwashed !

  20. Why is there no word on that live action show??? THAT'S what Star Wars fans want to see!

  21. I wouldn't mind seeing a Seth Green Star Wars series too– but not if it's done INSTEAD of continuing the story of Return of the Jedi. There's been numerous spoofs of Star Wars through out the years. Nobody is treating it like the Dead Sea Scrolls here. It's just that there's been tons of spoofs and no serious treatment of a continuing star wars story. The Clone Wars is a prequel that does not have many of our favorite Star Wars characters. It would be really good to see the old characters get tackled. This would be a wasted opportunity if we get a sequel to Star Wars and it ends up being a Spoof. It would it feel not only redundant but a lost cause. A disappointment to say the least.

  22. LOL cool man!!!

  23. Their's no word, because Lucas hasn't had any intent! Why don't people realize that the best stuff has already been done? I don't get that. Your hanging on like grim death!

    Speaking of death, can you imagine what the net will be like when Lucas finally does pass? Secret unpublished scripts, treatments, and people will come out of the wood work like termites swarming in springtime. I bet the Science Fiction movie genre will be messed up for at least a decade. Someone will write a play for Hamill calling it something like The Skywalker Diaries. Old Mark will play in an on stage cave talking about all his successes and failures after the Jedi returned. They might even call it that; “After The Jedi Returned.” Shoot.. I expect to see MacFarlane using that in a couple of weeks ;-)

  24. Mark Hammill better be involved in this. He doesn't even need to play Luke (his voice has aged, after all) but the guy's a stellar voice actor and this project is just screaming for his involvement.

    As for the Blu-ray, if these aren't the original, unaltered versions of the films than its a pass for me. And they had better be a thousand times better quality than the shoddy DVD release we got. Seriously, the “color-correction” they used was abysmal. Hoth is not blue and Vader's saber is not pink. Don't even get me started on the Phantom Menace dvd and its ridiculous pink filter over everything. These movies deserve so much better than that.

  25. I don't think the new series is intended to be a continuation of the story though. I think it's just going to take the framework that many are familiar with and build from there. There have been plenty of expansions and continuations of the characters from the original trilogy in books and other media, just not major productions. I agree with you that it'd be great to see them put some of that on the big screen or even the small screen in a series.

  26. Yeah the first editions will be striped down original stuff no extras. They'll probably neglect even enhancing the sound to Dolby Digital. Then watch closely as the marketing machine takes over and sprouts a thousand incremental releases…

  27. I would really like some stories post ROTJ, but if its going to be Lucas comedy, I might just have to sit this one out.

  28. I have a very bad feeling about the animated series. If it takes place after the original trilogy and it includes the main characters like they say, I guess he's just going to trash all the novels and comics that have been written about those characters. He's already seriously disrupted the storylines presented by the novels with the current Clone Wars cartoon. I'm afraid this will be even worse.