‘Star Wars Rebels’ Trailer: The Fight Against the Empire Begins

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It’s Star Wars day 2014 (a.k.a. May 4th), and with it comes the full-length trailer for Star Wars Rebels, a show that examines the rise of the Rebel Alliance in between the events of Star Wars: Episode III and IV. The Disney XD animated series will also establish the new canon for the Star Wars universe, now that Disney owns Lucasfilm and intends to coordinate all future Star Wars “Expanded Universe” material spanning all platforms (movies, TV show, books, video games, etc.).

Judging by the trailer above, Rebels is cut from the same cloth as the current wave of Disney XD Marvel cartoon series (see: Avengers Assemble, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.) – as one would naturally expect, and not in a bad way either, per se. Such entertainment is intended for consumption by a younger crowd than the upcoming Star Wars live-action movies, much like the difference between Marvel/Disney shows and the Marvel Film Universe.

The Rebels team includes characters who’re clearly tailor-designed to appeal to certain demographics, such as the young street rat Ezra (voiced by Taylor Gray) who has Force potential and yields a laser-slingshot (he almost sounds like Disney’s Aladdin, if he existed in the Star Wars universe), in addition to the Mandalorian Sabine (voice of Tiya Sircar) – dress in pink armor because, duh, that’s the color all girls love (pardon the sarcasm) - whose skills include explosives and… um, graffiti. And what kid-friendly program would be complete without a token cute sidekick – here, in the shape of grumpy astromech droid Chopper.

star wars rebels characters Star Wars Rebels Trailer: The Fight Against the Empire Begins

Kanan, Zeb, and Sabine on ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Snarkiness aside, the Rebels cast also includes Twi’lek Hera (voice of Vanessa Marshall), who pilots the starship Ghost and is the “mother” of the show’s makeshift family unit; Kanan (voice by Freddie Prinze Jr.), a Jedi who’s stayed under the radar by passing himself as a Han Solo rogue-type; and tough, but smart Zeb (voice by Steve Blum), an alien whose appearance is based on conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie’s original design for Chewbacca.

The animation style of Rebels is meant to adhere closer to McQuarrie’s approach on the original Star Wars movie trilogy, though it’s hard to tell yet whether that means the show is more visually-expressive or just “cartoony.” It also remains to be seen whether executive producer Dave Filoni improves on his work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars with Rebels – though, so far, the latter feels more like an unexceptional Disney brand than anything else.

Again, to be fair, the show is meant for kids to watch, so they’re the ones best fit to judge how enjoyable this series is – not to mention, ultimately decide if Rebels is a hit or miss, as far as ratings go.


Star Wars Rebels premieres with a one-hour special this fall on Disney XD.

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  1. They ended Clone Wars for this…ugh.

    • You really shouldn’t judge before actually watching the show. It might surprise you.

      • I typically don’t. But this…this is a DisneyXD show. Plain and simple, it was built from the ground up with children the sole intended viewers. Ultimate Spider-man, that new Avengers show, the Hulk show…Anything that plays on the channel is designed to draw kids in, and essentially no one else. The way I see it, if I can’t enjoy their current lineup, this show isn’t going to be any better than those.

    • Exactly how I feel. Not a fan of this trailer.

      • Agreed. “Clone Wars” was a better product.

        Guess what is going to happen to “Star Wars: Episode VII”?

    • I am with you brother !
      For this…,really F**king Disney ! Clone Wars was a real good mature show ,and Disney pisses all over it !

      Hope its better then it looks,but it’s a shame they had to stop Clone Wars !

  2. THIS was the announcement? I would have preferred the release of the title for the new movie. And does that mean that The Force Unleashed is disregarded now?

    • Yeah, Dave Filoni revealed a while back that Rebels would not be taking any cues from TFU.

  3. Looks like typical Sidney crap aimed at teenagers. A Manadlorian Punk Rocker, seriously? It has “This is not for you, this is for stupid kids” written all over it, and it’s a complete retread of the New Hope, which kinda cheapens the New Hope. Aren’t Luke and Ben the last of the Jedi? Where were all this as*holes all that time?

    • *Disney, i seriously need to proof read this things…

      • Dave Filoni, the show runner of this show and the previous Clone Wars knows Star Wars backwards and front. Like the Clone Wars, I expect the show will probably start rather lightheartedly like its predecessor before maturing in later seasons. Like you said…Luke is eventually the last of the Jedi…

    • “This is not for you , this is for stupid kids” is what star wars has always been about. It’s a kids movie that’s enjoyed by adults but it’s still a movie for kids.

  4. The trailer looks about on par with The Clone Wars. Although I would have preferred they do more of that, I’ll at least give this a shot.

  5. Never watched The Clone Wars series, I heard it was good so I might check it out some time. Nothing looked particularly bad about this, but nothing made me feel as if I absolutely had to see it either. I haven’t watched the Disney XD shows. I watched most of Ultimate Spider-Man’s first season, and I really saw no point in sticking with it. I heard Avengers Assemble was just as bad, and Hulk and The Agents Of Smash was worse. I probably won’t even watch this show to be honest. I may check out the debut episode if I’m really bored that day, IDK.

    • Word of warning, the first season of the Clone Wars is pretty bad. It improves in the second season but doesn’t really start to find itself until the third.

      • I would suggest that the first season is “bad” more in the sense of being boring/slow, not bad in the same way as one might call the prequels “bad” if one happened to feel that way.

  6. Hey, it might just be me but the YouTube embed is not working. I even tried watching the video on the app and it’s working on there either.
    What’s going on?

    • I am having the exact same problem.

  7. I will give this show a chance,it may not be as dark in tone as The Clone Wars,but it looks like it could be fun. Star Wars:Rebels seems like it might have the same tone as Avatar:The Last Airbender(a show that Dave Filoni used to work on,btw),it seems it is going to be more lighthearted in tone,with a little drama added in certain moments of the show,we shall see,soon enough.

  8. Looks goofy to me, but I’m not the target demo.

    Why did you guys take the link part out of our names in the commenting?

    • Probably because most of the people who used it linked to dodgy sites with viruses or their own personal sites that could’ve potentially “stolen” readers away from here.

  9. I still don’t get why they have to have a different Sith lord for the villain, instead of Darth Vader.

    • Probably a lame sith assassin taking the place of Ventress.

  10. Let’s go back in time before the launch of Clone Wars and you’ll hear all of the same early complaints about kids shows and cartoony visuals. And much to everyone’s surprise fans started to actually ENJOY the series – especially when more familiar characters and themes began to develop.

    I’m sure as this series progresses and moves closer to the start of the New Hope era its going to be the same thing. I for one am giving this show a chance. And who cares…my son is totally stoked for it. And anything that gets him excited about Star Wars is good in my book.

  11. Well, the video does not seem to be working. That is a shame.

    Going off of the previously released material I think this show looks interesting. Since it will be considered canon, I hope they build slowly from the edges and do not get to quickly involved with the heavy hitters. Regardless, it would seem that it is possible for this story to be quite dark even for a cartoon. It sounds as it will be serious and slapstick. The art is fantastic. It reminds me of my prints.

  12. Underwhelming trailer, but I won’t judge this show until I actually watch it. The Clone Wars earned my respect, and while this does seem like it might be a bit “lighter,” it could still be a lot of good fun.

    I happen to love the Mandalorian girl with the pink helmet. I mean, yeah, obviously reaching for a demographic, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t an extremely cool “pop art” sort of creation. The alien based on the early Chewbacca sketch, however…let’s just say that that might not have been Ralph McQuarrie’s greatest contribution to Star Wars concept art.

    I am curious as to how they’ll explain/justify having a Jedi and an apparent Sith running around during this period of Star Wars. But anyway, we’ll see…

    • Yoda and Obi-Wan believed they were the last of the Jedi. They also could not tell that Palpatine was Sith. So, there force sense is a bit lacking in omniscience. The force encompasses the entire universe, all of existence.

      Another point, Obi-Wan lied and not over small things. Obi-Wan kept secrets from Luke and used him as a weapon against Vader and the Emperor. He believed in his cause to such a degree that he was willing to give his life. Yoda speaks in riddles constantly. Even if all Jedi were gone then there would still be force sensitives and lightsabers.

      • Yeah, there will always be Force-sensitive types with lightsabers. I can come up with an explanation for these Rebels characters — I’m just curious as to what the show will have to say.

        Just to be geekish for a second, I think that a more “realistic” show set in this era would not have a lightsaber-wielding character. Of all time periods, this one should be light on Force antics, etc. Not that it bothers me, but, you know, this Jedi character is there because ‘Star Wars has to have Jedi.’

        Also, I do understand that Obi-Wan and Yoda did not necessarily know everything, or tell everything to Luke. But at the same time, I think that a lot of Star Wars has involved retconning, since A New Hope. Not that I’m upset about it, but I believe (perhaps erroneously) that Obi-Wan and Yoda were originally intended to be literally the last Jedi. Statistically, that would of course be unlikely, but it would fit with the mythic foundation of Star Wars.

  13. I really want to like this show, but the animation is really not helping any. I think this show will once again make the good Rebels out to be invincible and indestructible while the Empire is made into a joke like the droids in Clone Wars.

  14. to all those people who are going ot say, “well how can you be judging the show if you haven’t even seen it yet” need to understand that argument is complete bull s*** because the point of a preview is to give you a little bit of an early “view” of something that is to come before, which is the definition of the word “pre”,it comes out. Meaning its there to give you a quick little glimps at what to expect and is to give you an idea of the tone of what all is going to be happening in the story. I mean you wouldn’t advertise the movie Up with a bunch of singing princesses because that would give the audience the impression that it’s going to be about a corny Disney princess with a primitive story line rather than about an old man that is trying to complete an adventure that him and his late wife had been dreaming about. 
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