‘Star Wars Rebels’ Teasers & New Character Details

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As Disney takes command of the Star Wars brand, we’re going to see the brand changing and growing in significant ways – headlined by Episode VII‘s release in 2015. However, new endeavors also apply to the animated front, where Disney XD will launch the new animated series Star Wars Rebels in 2014.

The show will take place between Episodes III and IV, exploring how the rebel alliance grew from the ashes of the Sith-led coup that destroyed the senate and Jedi Order in one fell swoop. New teasers – appropriately titled “Spark” and “Ignite” introduce this ‘flicker of hope in the darkness’ premise to the show; we also have new details on some of the show’s characters.

First Check out the teasers “Spark” (above) and “Ignite” (below):

The Heroes

So far, we’ve known that Rebels will revolve around a “cowboy Jedi” named Kanan (voice of Freddie Prinze Jr.,). Kanan is Jedi trained, but abandoned the ways of the order falling the fall of the Jedi, adopting more of a smuggler/bounty hunter identity to blend in and survive in the Empire. That was already an interesting staring point for a Star Wars story, but it’s not all we’re getting.

In the featurette above we meet “Ezra” (voice of Taylor Gray)  a street-smart young thief from the planet Lothal who has a mysterious control of a power he doesn’t realize is The Force. When Ezra meets Kanan, the pair bond over their quasi-Jedi natures, and from there it’s off for some hopefully thrilling galactic adventures.

Also along for the ride will be Chopper, the droid that accompanies Kanan and Ezra – learn all about him in the video above.

The Villain

star wars rebels inquisitor villain 570x380 Star Wars Rebels Teasers & New Character Details

Hunting down the last of the Jedi in the universe will be a Sith known as The Inquisitor – and thanks to revelations of Toy Fair 2014 in NYC this past weekend, we now know that like Darth Maul, the Inquisitor’s “Lightsaber lance” weapon will also be able to split into two.


Star Wars Rebels Chopper and Female Mandalorian Star Wars Rebels Teasers & New Character Details

During Toy Fair 2014 in NYC we got even more details on the Star Wars Rebels character lineup. Two more heroes were introduced at the event: a yet-to-be-named female character who sports Mandalorian armor in the style of Boba Fett – and Zeb, an alien character who is actually based off the original designs for Chewbacca, done by legendary Star Wars OT conceptual designer, Ralph McQuarrie.

You can see both characters fighting for the good guys alongside Chopper in the image above. (Our conversations with the toy makers also confirmed that both Zeb and lady-Boba are indeed on the side of the Rebels.) While further details on both Zeb and the female Mandalorian are currently scarce, we expect them to get their own featurette video introductions very soon. Check back for UPDATES.


Star Wars Rebels will premiere on Disney XD in Fall 2014.

Sources: Star Wars YouTube

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  1. dont the have enough money for better loking animation design?

  2. Yikes, Ezra looks like Prince (not of Persia)… Aren’t there any cool Jedi characters left in the galaxy?

  3. Wow…does THAT look like s***.

  4. Would have been better if they included Starkiller.

    • THANK YOU!!! They want to make a series that details how the Rebel Alliance came to be…maybe they should include the character most responsible for starting the rebellion in the first place.

      • Last I recall, there were quotes saying that The Force Unleashed wasn’t exactly canon, so …

        • Exactly, while the first one might have been a good game, the story was not exactly the best, and to credit starkiller as the inspiration for the rebelion would be a disservice to the franchise

          • Lets see one of these quotes then. And if its not canon it should be.

  5. Better Animation would mean more time needed to do it, for final fantasy the spirits withing (it took them 10 years) i think !

    • Perhaps, but that Final Fantasy movie came out in 2001. Since then animation tools and rendering capabilites have increased by leaps and bounds. There is no excuse for a multi billion dollar company to come out with cheap-ass animations like that, not even for a children’s TV show.

  6. When Rebels begins exactly?!

  7. I hope they take some of the dark elements from clone wars series and hopefully when the actual release of the show the animation will be better

  8. Haha! Animations that look like that 3D Monkey Island game from 2000 and an android that jumps around as if made from rubber. I was hoping for a step up from that terrible Clone Wars show but it has gotten worse! Sorry, I’m out.

  9. So is this like a remastered videogame from 2003?

  10. Those Kanan drawings were awesome compared to the cgi renders.

    Kanan, “They never said who was your father. I am your father”

    Solo, “Whhooooaa!”

  11. so they put a young Qui Gon Jin and Han Solo in a blender and got Kanan

  12. Still a bit annoyed the cancelled Clone Wars, hope the last episodes are worth it.
    Animation does indeed look a bit dated to say the least but I had that thought also with Clone Wars and grew quite fond of that style so who knows :)

  13. I guess Disney has never seen a single piece of Star Wars “rebel” gear. That or they just feel the need to change little things for no reason. Watch the first trailer, does anyone else know what Im referring to? If not, then dont consider yourself a true star wars fan.

    • TxB quote

      “Hey, if you don’t see the thing in a 30 second clip, you’re not as awsome a fan as I am.”

      You are just stupid.

  14. Lots of peeps concerned with the animation, but surely these are all animatics at the moment!? I would think the final result would be much improved. It has to a least be “Clone Wars” standard.

    • Scratch that. I was looking at the wrong videos. All the shots are too fast anyway, so I can’t really gauge how it looks.

  15. Doesn’t look impressive at all. As mentioned above, why didn’t Disney invest more on this series. It looks like this series is going to have the same fate that “Beware the Batman” had.

  16. what a heap of junk ! More trash to sell plastic s**t to kids who dont know any better . The animation looks cheap and the characters look like something from tarzan or aladdin . How hard is it to make something decent from the star wars universe ? I mean really ? Disney have trillions to spend and i have seen better stuff from fans . RIP star wars

  17. If this is the “final” product, then yes, the animation doesn’t look great. Considering that it is the same animation team from the Clone Wars, I think it is in good hands. I gave up on the Clone Wars about halfway through the first season. By Season Five, I had a friend who kept telling me story arcs from the series, and loaned me his blu ray sets for season 2 and 3. I need to spend some time catching up on the series so I can watch season 6 when it debuts.

    The thing to remember is that this cartoon is aimed at kids, the same as the Clone Wars. Why does everyone who is an adult think they “own” the concept of a series, whether it is Star Wars or super heroes? I’m always excited to see new stories about my favorite characters. Yes, I watched Star Wars in the theater in 1977 at the age of 6. It is a HUGE part of who I am, as a fan of going to the movies and enjoying sci-fi and fantasy. Perhaps “Rebels” will be the series that gets a young Star Wars fan excited to go see Episode 7, without knowing anything else about the series. My mom tells me that I was telling her all about Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker before we even went to see the movie, just from buying bubble gum cards and reading about them. I don’t remember that at all, but I do remember seeing Star Wars in the theater.

  18. I have to join the chorus – that does not look very good, from these previews, anyway. On so many levels.

    But I have to say, that phoenix-inspired tweak on the Rebel Alliance logo, in the first little video, is very cool. I just hope that they show some of the actual established Rebel characters, such as Mon Mothma, etc.

  19. Im not gonna hate cause I haven’t seen it yet but what really bugs me is the new sith I hate how they add a new sith lord to hunt down jedi it should be Vader the sith rule of only 2 makes it so theres only a master (Palpetin) snd his apprentice (Vader) why add a third one specially if its not StarKiller

    • I was thinking the same exact thing.

  20. This looks promising, of course I’m apprehensive, the same as when The Clone wars started; should be good though.

  21. Pathetic fan boys complaining like little girls. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. Simple.

  22. All right I’ll say it : I miss Genndy Tartakovsky animated Clone Wars series.

  23. Yikes. No offense to those who think this looks good, but…yikes. My waning spark of hope has been extinguished, as this looks like Disney in the worst sense of the word. After so many years of kid oriented cartoons and years of waiting for the grittier, live action, adult respecting multi series offering we were promised… These images are completely disheartening. If they had said the show was for kids when it was announced I might have not gotten my hopes up a bit. My nephew will probably love it, but I find it to be further degradation of a story that used to be dark and compelling. More derivative , candy colored kid fare, at the expense of franchise integrity is the last thing I want from Star Wars. I am depressed by these images. At least if they had made those other shows, and made them well , I could enjoy more sophisticated story telling while the kids watch this cartoon. Now ep 7 is the only hope for turning the franchise around. Sadly, good Star Wars is an increasingly small percentage of the cash juggernaught.

  24. What’s the point of another Sith lord? Why can’t it be Vader? He would certainly be hunting down Jedi who survived Order 66 over the next 20 years. This new Sith lord looks like Bruce Spence’s character from ROTS. I want to see Vader, Palpatine, and Tarkin (for obvious reasons :)), in this series! And since when does a Star Wars character have blue hair?