‘Star Wars Rebels’ May Feature An Original Trilogy Character

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Star Wars Rebels Logo Black Star Wars Rebels May Feature An Original Trilogy Character


The last few weeks have been busy and turbulent ones for the most diehard fans of Star Wars, learning that not only had the cast of Episode VII been assembled, but that the massive expanded universe of Star Wars fiction had been ruled non-canonical. But it isn’t just J.J. Abrams’ film which represents the next dose of canon content: that also comes in the form of the animated series Star Wars Rebels. And according to recent reports, one beloved character from the original trilogy could be joining the cast.

To date, Disney has been fairly forthcoming with Rebels details. A series of videos have introduced fans to the cast, ranging from the ‘cowboy Jedi’ Kanan to the new Twi’lek pilot Hera, and the team’s impressive muscle. While the Disney XD series will be taking hold of the torch passed by The Clone Wars, there was always a question of whether Rebels could succeed without any of the recognizable stars of the live-action films. So it may not be surprising that according to Star Wars fan site Jedi News, Disney has saved one of the most well-known cast members for last.

While covering the new Hasbro toy lines set to be released in the coming year, promotional artwork was released detailing the many hero and villain figures, children’s masks, collectibles, and more. Among the confirmed characters and secondary figures that are all but expected for any Star Wars line was one item which caught their attention: ‘Rebels Obi-Wan Kenobi.’

Star Wars Rebels Obi wan Returning Star Wars Rebels May Feature An Original Trilogy Character

Obi-Wan Kenobi in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’

The fact that this incarnation is referred to as a ‘Rebels’ variant on the iconic Jedi is telling, even if the artwork or final designs may still simply be placeholders. But if Obi-Wan Kenobi will be appearing in Rebels in some capacity, it marks a brand new entry in the life story of one of Star Wars‘ central characters. And according to those now entrusted with the brand, it will be canon for future stories and spin-offs.

Adding even more enthusiasm to Kenobi’s potential return is the fact that the series is being overseen by screenwriter Simon Kinberg, currently also at work on a spin-off Star Wars film. Kinberg has previously cited the original trilogy of films as his main inspiration for crafting the next era of the series, so it’s entirely possible that Kenobi will be on hand simply to offer guidance (as he did to Luke Skywalker) to the show’s new unorthodox Jedi, Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze, Jr.).

star wars rebels trailer Star Wars Rebels May Feature An Original Trilogy Character

As Rebels will be bridging the gap between the sudden rise of Emperor Palpatine seen in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and the Imperial juggernaut seen in Episode IV: A New Hope, Kenobi’s presence would offer something new for fans of both trilogies. As the first trailer for the series promised, the show will be set in a dark time of the fictional universe, as entire societies are being brought to their knees. It seems that while the show’s stars will band together to oppose the Empire, they may begin the fight that will lead to the eventual Rebel Alliance.

Until now, movie fans were led to believe that Obi-Wan Kenobi simply allowed the Empire’s conquest to proceed, relegating himself to the shadows and conceding the fight for the next decade. If Rebels seeks to tell a different story – one that shows Kenobi’s efforts to stop Vader and Palpatine didn’t begin and end with watching over Luke Skywalker – plenty of fans might get on board.

We’ll keep you updated if confirmation of Kenobi is released, but for now, what do you make of this apparent reveal? Are you more interested in Rebels, or are you hoping to see something entirely new?


Star Wars Rebels premieres with a one-hour special this fall on Disney XD.

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Source: Jedi News (via Screen Crush)

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  1. Wasn’t that gap reached with Star Wars force unleashed with the formation of the rebel alliance or is that now no longer a canon to the timeline?

    • For better or for worse (depending on your opinion), the game is no longer canon. Some would argue that it was no longer canon in the first place.

      • Particularly since the sequel to the force unleashed was utterly terrible.

    • It isn’t part of the new star wars cannon, and that game is considered expanded universe which they don’t consider as the main cannon timeline.

  2. Personally I still liked Force Unleashed’s telling of the rebel Alliance’s origins and it was actually a realy cool way to tie things together, it’s a shame that absolutely nothing from the games will make it into the mythos again, Starkiller,Revan, Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade were probably my favorite characters to come from the EU I wish they’d find a way to make them still a part of the story.

    • Yeah, I always thought it was cool that Darth Vader himself basically created the Rebel Alliance and started the war.

  3. “Kenobi’s presence would offer something new for fans of both trilogies.”

    …there are fans of the prequels?

    • You should see some of the comments on RedLetterMedia’s reviewing videos. They’re vicious.

  4. Nice, good news. Obi-Wan as a mysterious badass maybe?

    • This aggression will not stand, man

  5. Well hopefully they can still use Starkiller to some extent. This would be a cool show to have him in.

  6. Im really sick of cartoons and CGI Star Wars.
    I hope someday, they release some live action series or something.

  7. I fear for this series. The trailer seems to be very bright and light-hearted. For me, Clone Wars was artistically very good, with a good line between lightness and some heavier subjects. Rebels seems to be right up the kids-show-alley… :-/

  8. Obi Wan’s inclusion would buy me in a heartbeat. I would enjoy watching lots of stealth solo missions to gather information. I think there is room to meet Leia via Mon Mothma in later series, if they happen.

  9. Quick question On this EU subject Is it everything Post Star Wars being thrown out or is it pre original trilogy stuff like I like knights of the old republic and I love the Old republic MMO aswell

  10. Come on people! Are we just going to let it go? I mean, are you satisfied the way the Clone Wars ended?

    The so called lost missions were initially cancelled but when Lucas saw how strong the backlash was, he authorised these chapters. He cancelled The Clone Wars so that people at Disney could carry out their own projects.

    Quoting Eric Goldman: “the show got cut off of course, with many storylines we’ll never see and with some big plotlines never wrapped up.”

    That’s why I’m mad at Lucas. Besides we have never really discussed why the prequels weren’t as successful as the original films. One of reasons IMO was that the plot was focused on politics but in a cheap way. They should have a story similar to House of Cards.

    • Alright, first off, it wasn’t Lucas himself that cancelled The Clone Wars. The Clone Wars was simply a casualty of Lucasfilm’s re-managing as well as network issues. It was also already planned to end at season six based on the production notes. So you getting pissy at Lucas for “cancelling” the series is even more ridiculous. There’s also Dave Filoni, the supervising director of The Clone Wars, who could have worked harder to ensure that the latter had a full season, but went along with the cancellation, probably because he can continue the threads here, since he’s the executive producer. This will also be even more of the case if Obi-Wan will be making appearances throughout the show.

      And you don’t know if the series will continue any of the storyline threads. Trailers for upcoming movies and shows aren’t meant to reveal the stories, they’re meant to promote and draw people in to see them. Considering Dave Filoni is the executive producer, he might just make sure of that. And even if it’s not in the show itself, there will be books that continue the story. It was even mentioned that they were thinking about continuing it in books.

      And people discuss all the time why the prequels weren’t as successful. But if you actually look at it, the prequels were very successful financially. Critically they were more divisive, but they were still successful movies. A lot of it also has to do with many people being disappointed that they didn’t meet their expectations. But whether you like the trilogy or not the facts are that the trilogy was successful, possibly more so than the original trilogy, since they spawned a lot of new material that have been critical acclaimed. The original trilogy is better, but I really wouldn’t say that the prequels weren’t as successful as it. They did make money and they do have fans and they gave us The Clone Wars, along with Knights of the Old Republic and various other projects.

  11. OB1 was my favorite character in the PT and TCW, but I don’t want him to be in Rebels. I prefer that he stay on Tatooine protecting Luke and waiting for that fateful day that R2 goes to find him. The Kenobi book was great and set that up very well. And I’d love to read a book detailing “Ben” training with Qui-Gon (as it relates to TCW Lost Missions Yoda arc.

    We know that the main cast of Rebels will be in every episode, at least in season 1. And it looks like most of the first season will be based on the one planet they’ve shown. So I don’t think a trip to Tatooine will be in the cards. Better option for an OT character will be Tarkin, Vader, Han/Chewie, or perhaps even Lando…or even all of those. Leia may even be a good possibility, but she’ll only be about 13/14 around the time of the series. So, I’d guess she will show up in later seasons that are closer to ANH.

  12. Are they actively trying to destroy the entire premise of Ben Kenobi from the original movie? Unless they very carefully fit him in without the Empire ever properly knowing about him, then the idea that he hid on Tatooine for 19 years watching over Luke completely crumbles. The least they can give us is an actual working continuity in what little canon there is left.

  13. “Obi-wan Kenobi. Obi-wan. Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. A long time.”

    “I hhaven’t gone by the name of Obi-wan since, oh, before you were born.”

    Luke was born in Revenge of the Sith. This series comes well after. Great job of keeping the new “canon” consistent. You’re already doing great!