‘Star Wars Rebels’ Character Video: Freddie Prinze Jr. Is a Jedi Cowboy

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Star Wars Rebels will bridge the gap between Episodes III and IV, as the Galactic Empire, led by Darth Vader and his ruthless master, Emperor Palpatine, look to tighten their grip on a galaxy in turmoil. The “Order 66′ attempt to wipe out the entirety of the Jedi Order did not fully come to fruition, as we are introduced to a new Jedi named Kanan, who will be voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.

Prinze Jr. in no stranger to the world of science fiction, especially space operas. While his role in the disastrous 1999 adaptation of Wing Commander as Lt. Christopher Blair may not have won him any fans, Prinze surely regained his sci-fi bravado with his voice-over work as Lt. James Vega in Bioware’s Mass Effect 3. The talented and handsome actor proved that given the right material, he possesses talents far beyond his looks and charm.

Avatar: The Last Airbender and Clone Wars alum Dave Filoni has the talent to give Prinze the quality material he needs to succeed. Filoni, alongside talented writer and producer Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Young Justice), knows how to build new and exciting worlds with characters that viewers can come to care about.

Freddie Prinze Jr as Kanan in Star Wars Rebels Star Wars Rebels Character Video: Freddie Prinze Jr. Is a Jedi Cowboy

At first glance, Kanan comes across as a Han Solo-like figure, who has Jedi abilities as well as a cool looking lightsaber. In the production video, Filoni describes him as a “cowboy-Jedi,” who is forced to forgo the ways of the Jedi in order to blend in with a post-Order 66 society.

Exploring the gap between the two Star Wars film franchises could be a very exciting prospect. Books and other forms of media have ventured into this tumultuous period, but never a large production series that we’ll be able to watch on a week-to-week basis.

The era bridging Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope is nearly two decades long, so Filoni and Weisman should have plenty of room to create a plethora of new adventures for Star Wars fans to enjoy. Do you have any hopes or fears as we enter into this new age of a Disney/Lucasfilm collaboration?


Star Wars Rebels premieres this fall on Disney XD.

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  1. I find that I just cant give a shiz about cg/3d animated shows, it just always looks bad to me.

    • Me too! I can’t stand it.

      • Shouldve gone with a symbiotic titan art style
        Also if I ever get my stormtrooper comedy series id want it like the frisky dingo/archer xtacles show animation.

        • So you mean the original Clone Wars cartoon style.

          Alas, I think Genndy Tartakovsky’s just going to making movies for a while.

          • Why yes.
            And if not that, how about avatar: tla/korra anime-esque style.

            • Which would be amazing.

    • I personally miss The Clone Wars animated series that aired prior to Episode III.

    • I always found the Clone Wars to be a thoughtful and well written television series. I personally liked it a lot better than the prequel trilogy, but of course that’s just my opinion. I thought the characters were good and there was always a compelling story to tell.

      • I agree about The Clone Wars. Even though it shared the timeframe and characters with the prequels, it was generally much better-written and refreshingly mature a lot of the time.

        The original “2D” Clone Wars was cooler-looking for me, but more about visuals.

        Anyway, they both redeemed Star Wars *to an extent.*

      • Agree with you !
        Show is sadly missed ! Disney had to cut everything those as.holes !
        Even the Live Star Wars show won’t be the same anymore !

    • To be fair though, Clone Wars wasn’t that bad, and CG isn’t always s***. Look at Frozen for example, or How to Train a Dragon, those didn’t look like s***.

    • I will respectfully disagree. While I myself prefer 2D or 2.5D animation, CG has proven to be more than good when pulled off well.

      As far as the series is concerned, I see commentators here cringing on the “Jedi-cowboy” remark and calling this product garbage from the get-go. I have to shake my head at that. The remark does not immediately mean “he will be a cowboy and a Jedi”, Jesus people! It’s just a comparison, a close approximation. That would be like saying “she’s a modern day Morticia Addams” or “they’re basically Bonnie @ Clyde with laser guns.” And calling a product garbage before it even airs or before at least several episodes (or a season) is out? Well, my friend (the one who made the remark, not you Cody), you have some growing up to do.

  2. So… Kanan is Kyle Katarn…

    • My thoughts exactly.

  3. Jedi cowboy……smdh

  4. I guess that this character’s premise sounds cool. Living off the map like Obi-Wan, but younger and more exciting, perhaps.

    However, that picture at the top is hideous. I’m a little afraid that in spite of all the talk about Ralph McQuarrie concept art-inspired design, Filoni is going to go off the cute end, so to speak. And I’m not a chronic pessimist.

    Also, Wing Commander is a much under appreciated film, in my opinion. Sure, it has some problems, but it has some wonderful redeeming qualities as a fairly unique sci-fi film. Yeah, it was a commercial disaster, but deserves more credit than the dismissal that it often gets. I even think that it covered some of the classic Star Wars themes that the prequels threw away.

    • Oh yeah. I really like the Wing Commander movie, even though it deviated a lot from the games. Which is very weird, considering that it was directed and produced by the maker of the games, Chris Roberts. Also, that musical score of Wing Commander is amazing!

      Unfortunately the Blu-ray seems to have undergone the same subpar treatment as the DVD back in the day (which was non-anamorphic, thus ditching a lot of the possible image resolution).

      • Exactly. I recently watched my DVD, and spent a good part of the film being distracted by not being able to get the picture set to the “ratio of reality.” Bummer.

  5. Jedi Cowboy… really? REALLY? I have a bad feeling about this.

    • That’s just how the show’s creators describe him. The character isn’t *really* a cowboy.

  6. Wow! Disney is really milkin the ‘Star Wars’ Cashcow till its bone dry.

    I feel sorry today’s generation of kids that are kept getting offered garbage. Also their parents who have to pay for it.

  7. Wow tough crowd around here. I don’t know what you guys are looking for but the characters and tone of Rebels look awesome. The Inquisitor looks menacing enough and Kanan looks like he can fit in with Han, Luke , Leia . I think its a winner and I can’t wait to watch it.

  8. ‘Space Cowboy’?

    Oh Disney, please don’t ruin Star Wars.

    • Of all the things which could ruin Star Wars, a “Jedi cowboy” isn’t it. There have been terrible, terrible things with the name Star Wars on them from almost day one, and you could argue it’s indeed ruined as much as you could that it’s still going strong.

      My only experience with a Star Wars cartoon was Droids… And that was pretty terrible.

    • And for sweet justice, Han Solo was a “space cowboy” as you said.

  9. I’m just happy there will be Jedi in the series.