New Details on ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Animated Series Characters

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Star Wars Rebels Animated Series Setting New Details on Star Wars: Rebels Animated Series Characters

With Star Wars: Episode VII on the horizon thanks to the new ownership at Disney taking the reins, the studio has been making their intentions clear: look to the future, and stop dwelling on the past. While that means more films than ever before, it’s also bad news for fans of the original films and The Clone Wars, as progress meant abandoning 3D re-releases, and cancelling the animated series in favor of a new one.

Given Disney’s focusing on the future, we were surprised to hear that Star Wars: Rebels - the animated series replacing Clone Wars – would once again be set in the past, following the formation of the Rebel Alliance that ultimately defeated the Galactic Empire. It seems not everything is changing at Lucasfilm, as new rumors concerning the show’s cast confirm that younger viewers will again be the prime audience.

According to sources of Bleeding Cool, not only will Rebels be set in the narrative gap between Star Wars: Episode III and IV – detailing the early days of the Rebel Alliance – but the main characters will also be teenagers, not experienced soldiers or Jedi. Besides confirming that Luke Skywalker isn’t the only member of the Rebellion who shot his first Stormtrooper before the age of twenty, we have to wonder: does this make the appearance of established characters more or less likely?

Star Wars Episode VIII 8 Alfonso Cuaron Simon Pegg New Details on Star Wars: Rebels Animated Series Characters

Although the feature films are undoubtedly the top priority for Disney, these new details are yet another sign of the studio’s commitment to drawing ‘inspiration’ from the original Star Wars films. Teenage heroes, while now somewhat of a staple in blockbuster films, have been a trademark of the Star Wars saga since the beginning; first Luke, then Anakin led the franchise before reaching adulthood, and the casting calls for Episode VII once again imply a core roster of teenagers going forward.

There will still be some who believe the leaked pitch for Star Wars: Reclamation – an animated series set in a genuinely new chapter of the Star Wars universe – would attract far more attention and excitement than a series following an army whose future and victory (and greatest heroes) is already well-known. That being said, it’s no surprise that the studio would prefer to keep the creation of the next major chapter in the Star Wars saga constrained to their feature films, not a weekly Disney XD series.

Despite that fact, we’d argue that there is reason to be optimistic – for the most devoted Star Wars fans, at least. After all, The Clone Wars was ostensibly directed towards a younger audience, but over the course of its four seasons found a way to add some truly inspired storylines to the larger fiction, and help offer justification and backstory to some of the series’ most important characters. Lest we forget, being set between both trilogies also means the writers of Star Wars: Rebels could have access to supporting characters from both.

star wars spinoffs kasdan kinberg New Details on Star Wars: Rebels Animated Series Characters

The space between Episode III and IV is largely accepted to be nineteen years (with some wiggle room), during which time nearly all of the characters seen in the original trilogy – Wedge Antilles, Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, for instance – fell under the “teenage” category. While it’s unlikely that any of these characters would headline the show, it would be feasible for them to crop up in the larger story. Only time will tell which old favorites or brand new characters will take up the Clone Wars torch, but we’ll keep you updated as more reports arrive.

What do you think of the decision to once again follow a group of teenage heroes in the early days of the Rebellion? Does the opportunity to see more characters from the original Star Wars trilogy make up for the show not being set in the future? Or is it the feature films you’re waiting for? Sound off in the comments.


Star Wars Episode VII is currently targeting a 2015 release.

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Source: BleedingCool

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  1. I still miss The Clone Wars, but this seems interesting. I would give this a shot.

  2. STAR KILLER!!!!!

    • +1

  3. ^^ NOOO THANKS!!

  4. Along with the nightmare casting call sheet that leaked a few days ago, this new cartoon further proves that Disney is pushing the future of Star Wars to mimic a combination of Hunger Games and Twilight. The hard-core SW fans will hate it, but Disney could care less about them. Disney wants the teenagers, because you get them young, and brainwash them for life. Ugh.

    • Hard core Star Wars fans have hated pretty much the last 15 years of the franchise, so I wouldn’t blame Disney too much.

      • Haven’t hardcore Star Wars “fans” hated everything since Empire?

        • I liked Ewok Adventure – Caravan of Courage. : )

          • You and I are probably the only ones that liked that lol. Star Crusahh crash!

    • It is a dark time. The time of the ‘real’ Empire!

    • So your saying that the characters from the original trilogy are never suppose to have kids?

  5. “Star Wars: Rebels” is a step forward in time. During the last eight to nine years, the “Star Wars” franchise has revolved around the past. “The Phantom Menace”, “Attack of the Clones”, “Revenge of the Sith”, “Knights of the Old Republic”, and “The Clone Wars” were all prequels.

    What a lot of people haven’t figured out is that “Star Wars” is over. Regardless about how they dress up the set, “Star Wars: Episode VII” is going to recycle: Empires, Rebels, Jedis, Siths, etc…

    Finally, “Star Wars: Episode VII” is going to be geared toward a young female population. Its what Disney does.

    • I love how Disney is now ruining the franchise by making it for kids. News flash dud, the series has ALWAYS been geared towards children. Don’t be upset because you had to grow up.

      Disney are not ruining anything. They’ve shown in the past with other purchases they’ve made that they won’t interfere. They own marvel and I’m pretty sure the avengers turned out ok. Stop blaming Disney, as long as they still get to count money, there will be minimal interference fom them.

      • George Lucas already ruined the franchise by writing/directing three s****y prequels.

      • Original Star Wars film: Star Wars was nominated for 10 Oscars including Best Picture and won 6 of them. But just being nominated for it showed Fox and Lucas, who knew all along, that this was not a “kids’ film.”

        The Empire Strikes Back: a more serious and adult film, which was helped by the new, darker storyline

        That`s from “The History of Star Wars”

        But even that 90s documentary, the making of Star Wars, talks about Lucas having a difficult time getting the movie produced. Time and time again he tried to convince studios that it wasn’t a kids movie.

        I’ll give you the point that it is now, and since Jedi, has been, a kids movie. Disney’s not going to change that.

    • No. First you want to explain to us why in some semantic twist the next prequel is actually a sequel since there are older stories. That’s not edifying at all, dude. Plus, if you want to play word games, they are all steps backwards. Just as you say star wars is over, it is all set in the distant past anyway. But that’s where you make even less sense. Your assertion about how it’s all been done can be said about any ongoing story, most notably our own: history. The same elements are recycled and patterns repeat as they are want to do in human nature and nature in general. Your argument works just as well for discouraging folks from watching Empire. I think what you meant is that you feel certain that no one will ever create a worthwhile story in this universe again. That has already been disproven, first by Empire, and later by many derrivitive projects with merit and creativity.

      You are correct perhaps that Disney wants a lead female, because anything less would be inconceivable. Where you are wrong is in assuming that it will be mostly or exclusively a female lead story. Disney cannot afford, especially with Star Wars at this juncture, to radically shift their focus away from the boys they have hooked by alienating them. If you think ep 7 is going to be Star Wars for girls, then you underestimate how much Disney likes money. They want the whole world to watch the movie and buy it six months later, not just the angsty teen girls.

      • You have an abundant amount of time to waste to write such a foolish argument over a proposed tv show. Don’t waste yourself!

        • I agree 100%

        • Hopefully you were responding to the guy above me, since I was responding to his misguided comment. It took some breaking down, but I think I illuminated some confusion. Also, I wasn’t talking about a proposed TV show, but a film that is in production, and I am absolutely correct about Disney wanting to add girls without alienating boys. So if you were talking to me, then I guess the jokes on you, since not only did you read what I wrote but you didn’t even get it. THAT is a waste.

    • See you at the head of the line in 2015!!

  6. Hopefully Ahsoka will show up!

    • That would be cool. But I hope that they show WHO was the one that create the rebellion in the first place.

      Spoiler Ahead

      Darth Vader.

    • Ahsoka and Lux Bonteri would make perfect sense as major characters. As they have pictured both, they will hardly sit idly by as the empire grows…they might not be teens, but they would be still young. They could at least be used as mentors to some new characters, if they really really want some 16-years olds as mains, and their appearance would give a sense of continuity from the Clone Wars to Rebels as well.

      Young Boba would be a perfect major villain, and there’s the question of what use the emperor would have had of Maul, since Palpatine spared him exactly because of that.

  7. Cancelling an amazing animated series like the Clone Wars is simply stupid imo! I’ve enjoyed the series from the very first episode and I’m NOT a teenager or even younger! I see NO reason to cancel it for yet another animated series to take it’s place?! Why not have both animated series going at the same time, at least until the Clone Wars isn’t popular anymore?!

    • I agree, Clone Wars becoming an awesome show, elevating itself above the status of mere kid animated series. It would’ve been nice to at least have 2-3 seasons more, finishing off the gap between episode II and III.

      There are rumours that some episodes were already completed for a pending 6th season and that now those episodes will eventually become available online.

      • I know this is off topic but does anyone know if they’re going to put together that final season of Clone wars created from the work that they already have done? Clone wars was absolutely brilliant and I would like some closure. I’m still excited about Rebels because I am intrigued by it and it would have been nice if the birth of the rebellion was covered in Ep 3.

    • cancelling it from one day to the other was stupid, but it could not have gone on forever. I’ve seen the “trailers” for the 6th season, and if I remember correctly they wanted to air some three story-lines at some point. Wonder if they will show how Appo made it from sergeant (he appeared in the Umbaran storyline as such) to commander, and how Rex got out of the game.

  8. I’m willing to give this series the benefit of the doubt but what troubles me is the younger audience part. The author makes the point that the Clone Wars was originally for a younger audience took some adult turns and great storylines, the difference I see is this is now run by Disney. Cartoon Network let Lucasfilm do their thing and just run the shows. Dave Filoni was relatively free to do what he needed. I don’t know if that will be the case under Disney. As long as it is nothing like Detours then I think it can be ok.

  9. I’m still sad the Clone Wars is over (but there will be a few “bonus” episodes released online soon) but this show does sound interesting. As long as the tie up some of the sub plots from the Clone Wars in this series, I’m good :)


  11. The long rumoured Starkiller based production maybe?

    • no no no. stop it with this stupid starkiller crap. That was a video game and a EU novel. They are not going to rehash old crappy EU stuff. Stop it, please, just stop it.

      • There are better ways to make your point than telling people they like crappy things and demanding they shut up. We aren’t voting on the stuff you know, we’re all just talking about it. You might have said “Any old material seems very unlikely to me, and that is fine because Personally I never liked that story because…”. See how easy it is to make a point without being a prik? Work on it!

  12. As for the teenage thing Star Wars has always been a coming of age type story…always.
    I am interested to see what they do with Rebels… Darth Vader?… Leia?… and so on..
    I also think it’s smart to keep the new movies separate.. I don’t want a cartoon lead in.

  13. I pretty much agree with everyone though that the “aimed for kids” line REALLY makes me nervous. The Clone Wars got much darker and more grounded as it went on, sure, but people still DIED in the first season. I just hope they don’t tone down the violence or anything like that.

    • Man, go listen to the current Rebel Force Radio podcast. Dave Filoni is on it and specifically when he talks about the Clone Wars he says that those had to be aimed for kids, also.

      Don’t Worry, everything is going to be ok.

  14. It would be good if they mentioned the first force unleashed game since that actually showed the founding of the main rebellion as well as the origin of the rebels logo.

    I hoped Disney takes notice of what has already been set in that period and don’t contradict it.

    • Yes! That first game had such strong cut scenes and story ideas. I’d like those elements addressed, but I’d also like a full telling of that game’s story adapted to a screen.

    • Honestly, this is my third post on this stupid Starkiller crap. Go do some research. Force Unleashed is not main canon. It can be and will be overwritten. Why do you EU people insist on stories already told, to be told again!

      Go play the video game and read the book over and over again. Lucasfilm has already stated that they are forging ahead with new stories.

      EU. NO NO NO NO NO. Just stop it!

      • Does it hurt your feelings that bad that other people think Starkiller is a cool character?

      • Easy there, Stupidhead, you’ve jumped to way too many conclusions. FU is some kind of canon, as was Shadows of the Empire. They may or may not contradict or ignore all of it. Researching will tell you that new stories are coming, but so will common sense and any understanding of how money is made. I don’t know if that story is considered EU, since I know nothing about the EU stuff and have warned (politely) others who expect their favorite books and comics to be the source of new movies. That won’t happen. On the other hand, between the years of discussions of creating as many as THREE live action tv shows set in the era between the films, a new cartoon in that era, and a promise of more films than the expected 7,8,9 trilogy, the prospects for filling in those years are rather high. Given that, it makes a lot of sense that at least SOME of the ideas from FU will surface. They were crafted elegantly, declared canon, guided and approved by Lucas, and put together some very crucial missing pieces and revelations of the story. When the writers enter the same early days of the rebellion era, do you really think they will ignore every clever solution that has been invented? No, they aren’t making any games or books or comics into movies, but if for instance any one of those live action shows ever exists, then the writers will have plenty of time and space to delve into details beyond the premise. Not only may FU details and characters appear at some point down the road, but they may have been intended to for many years already. I don’t want a bunch of half assed old stories being remade for the screen, but if you are going to tell stories from an era that has some meticulous material right from the source, then picking and choosing what works and what is fun to integrate is not only plausible, it might make for the best case scenario. They will do whatever they want, and I hope it includes some cool connections to the pre-existing canon of FU. Not sure why that makes you cry, but you should probably get over it and stop insulting people. Nobody likes a spazzed out nerd, so get a grip or shorten your name. Maybe you are too young for the Internet?

  15. When will the trailer come out?

  16. Still sounds cool. I could care less whether it is aimed at teenagers or elderly alpacas – if it is good.

    • “elderly alpacas”

      You mean Bothans?

  17. What made Star Wars a phenomenon was Ep.4-5 broke away from the typical sci-fi genre of its time. Generally, sci-fi movies before were low budget, campy,corny, sappy, children oriented stories ike Flash Gordon. Ep.4-5,changed the genre by the high production value(orchestrated music, special effects, “dolby” surround sound), storyline realism and adult/mature themed, and the actors script was witty.Sci-fi became “cool”, that adults could respect the tone of the movies. Ep.1-2 went back to the kiddie themed formula and Lucas white-washed Han shooting first, Luke screaming like a girl jumping off the platform in ESB were the main drawbacks an especially Anakin-whiny, unmanly emotional teen to Vader’s “No” changed the persona of what fans perception of the warrior, a Sith Lord to a dweeve with emotional problems. The future of Star Wars success will be the direction of a mature themed stories that is true to realism/science/dimensional characters. Harry Potter is a perfect example of stories that connects all ages and doesn’t sugar coat. That’s what Star Wars is or should be.

    • Agree with the added unbounded imagination, which, I firmly believe, J.J. Abrams will not achieve.

  18. I was a huge fan of the clone wars animated series and plan on buying them all as a collectors item on blue-ray. I think the rebels show is a good idea and I’ve been waiting for them to tell a story between episodes III and IV. I think there is a wealth of story to tell about the rebellion. It would give Mon Mothma,Bail Organa and the planet Alderaan some more screen time. I’m ready, let’s pray they get it right.

  19. So you’re surprised they decided to focus on the past in the animated show but then you’re not surprised that they left the post-ROTJ stories to the films rather than the animated series? Which is it? This time period always made the most sense for the new animated show. It gets away from the storylines of the prequel movies, doesn’t constrain any post-ROTJ storylines for the moviemakers, it’s a generally unexplored time period and plenty long enough to create enough stories to fill a TV series.

  20. I was/still am Mad pissed that they Cancelled Clone Wars … That show was so good and it geared towards my age . imo I’m 17.. I love every story and Season … I invested my Time every Sat on Cartoon Network to watch a Ep when it showed .. It’s the only reason I ever got interested in The whole Star Wars Universe anyhow… This Rebels seems interesting and different . . I’ll wait until the trailer or sumin to see if it caught my attention

  21. Meh!

    Wasn’t into the Clone Wars as an canon event and was further turned off by the prequals.

    Caught a couple of episodes of Clone Wars the series and it didn’t float my boat much either…. the quality of the CG and the character designs more than anything.

    What I’d like to see is some of the novels turned into an animated feature, bit like what DC did with The Dark Knight Returns (although Weller as Bats = NO, should of been Conroy, always should be Conroy).

    The Thrawn Saga would make an excellent series of animated features and the X-Wing series would be a lot of fun.

    • A rather sobering thought is that trhe animation is not done, here, in America with skill and finesse. Very sad. No talent in the USA. And generic story telling, as well.

      • THAT, I definitely agree with.

    • Finally someone says it. I haven’t said anything for fear of getting jumped on, but yeah, I didn’t really get the Clone Wars. I watched quite a few episodes with my kid, but, with the exception of a few stories, it didn’t “float my boat” either.

  22. Starkiller is a good character, and Force unleashed is canon. (source:LUCASFILM) However, Starkiller and Maul can’t both be in it, since Sam Witwer voices them both. It could replace Force Unleashed 3, though. The Force Unleashed 2 ending needs fixed. I don’t care how it happens as long as it happens.

  23. I REALLY, REALLY wanna see Ferus Olin. The Last of The Jedi books were very good, and he’s a good character because of his relationships with Vader and Obi-Wan. I really wanna see Sam Witwer in a role too, either as Starkiller or Ferus or someone new.

  24. I haven’t been impressed with the EU’s and Zahn’s Thrawn series doesn’t have the ambiance of the 1977 movie. Disney Studios, we learn from their history, have demonstrated they are inept when it comes to approaching the science fiction genre, The Black Hole, serves as an example.

    Having said this, they are equally inept and at a loss in doing so in the animation, Treasure Planetr, serves as another numbing experience of reminder. Now, the question is will this be cg animated or traditional hand drawn?

    I am of the opinion, they will be mediocre nevertheless.

    • Oh God. The Black Hole. I could write pages about how terrible that film was, but it can really be summed up by “Oh God. The Black Hole.”

      • Yes. Disney weren’t sure how to do a science fiction movie and with that phenomenal movie of the summer of 1977, Disney Studios took that as their cue to go into action. As I said, Disney Studios was not sure how to do a science fiction movie. The Black Hole. In more ways, an appropriate title.

    • Damn, Avis. I did a double take, I thought I had expressed these very thoughts. Plus, I just woke up. ROTFLMAO : )

  25. Star wars rebels seems epic and I’m the most hardcore star wars fan i know but i could be wrong

  26. I would be very sad not to see Starkiller(Sam Witwer) in the series since he is Star Wars cannon and it would be nice to see what happens after Force unleashed 2

  27. I tink I wud luv d 3 trilogy 2 feature d Yuuzhan vong war,we nid 2 hav a storyline dat has an expanded universe,I tink we nid 2 see new sentient species…nd some diehard starwars fans ar always hyping d second trilogy,I wudnt say dats so kul,dey were kul in der tym bt dnt y’all wana knw bout d great hyperspace wars,Naga Sadow,Freedon Nadd,Lord Scourge,The emperor(darth vitiate),D mandalorian wars,Revan,Darth Malgus nd co….der is nothing lyk d past in starwars cus its a timeline nd dey shud exploit it…I wana go bak 2 d era of lightsaber combat occuring frequently,nt kenobi blockn blaster bolts wit his lightsaber 4rm bounty hunters dat he neva kills…both past nd future in starwars is relevant

  28. Teenage heroes… really??? Oh, god… Starkiller… what do people see in him????? He’s just a boring bland overpowered skinhead Gary Stu

  29. Is it just me or does this new show remind anyone else about the Last of the Jedi book series.

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