‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D’ Review

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Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace 3D Review Star Wars: Episode I   The Phantom Menace 3D Review

Anyone who is interested by the idea of viewing Episode 1 in a full-fledged theater experience again (regardless of the 3D visuals) will likely enjoy themselves.

Sixteen years after the Star Wars trilogy concluded with Stars Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, George Lucas returned to the galaxy far, far away for the first of three prequel films. Despite the inclusion of some fan-favorite characters and beefed-up special effects, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace was mostly panned by critics – and even die-hard fans of the series had a hard time hiding their disappointment.

Almost 13 years after Episode I debuted in theaters, Lucasfilm is set to once again re-release the Star Wars (now) hexology – this time in post-converted 3D. The 3D re-release also marks the first time moviegoers will actually be able to see the story of Anakin Skywalker play out chronologically in theaters. That said, despite the film’s flaws (which have been recounted time and time again), does The Phantom Menace offer enough 3D spectacle to make it worth another trip to the theater?

As mentioned, the purpose of our Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D review is to help our readers make an informed decision about the 3D re-release, not spend too much time revisiting the overarching problems with the film (a cheesy portrayal of Anakin Skywalker, underwhelming backstories, and of course Jar Jar Binks, among others) that have been regurgitated by fans and critics alike for over a decade.

Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace 3D Podracing Star Wars: Episode I   The Phantom Menace 3D Review

Anakin’s podracer in ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D’

Even with the a few enticing 3D visual sequences, it’s hard to look past the failures of the prequel trilogy story lines and Episode I is still (arguably) the most bizarre of the bunch (remember Midi-chlorians?) - following 9 year-old slave-boy Anakin Skywalker after a chance encounter with Jedi masters Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi as well as the captivating (and significantly older) Queen Amidala. That said, the larger over-arching story beats, such as the Darth Maul encounters and the Trade Federation dispute (which leads to the larger galactic war) may, for some viewers, be a bit more interesting this round – now that we know how exactly the events ultimately play out.

Brand recognition and eye-popping visuals helped edge Episode I on to gross over $924 million back in 1999 (over $1.1 billion in today’s dollars). Ultimately, despite the “3D? Us too!” approach of the 2012 re-release, the combination of fan-favorite characters as well as exciting set-pieces (which don’t benefit much from the 3D) will most definitely make the re-release a profitable experience (albeit still flawed and mostly underwhelming). However, it won’t be due to the effectiveness of the 3D upgrade itself.

While the marketing has focused on the 3D presentation, it’s hard to recommend moviegoers pay the upgraded price simply to experience the series in an added dimension because in most cases the image is flat. Even in sequences that viewers might expect would really benefit from the added depth (such as the Gungan/droid army battle) – and, even the ones that do work, aren’t likely to make it worth sitting through the film’s less successful moments (Otoh Gunga, for example). Obviously results will vary from theater to theater but, while Episode I 3D post-conversion itself doesn’t present a lot of ghosted images, the effect doesn’t really enhance more than a couple of the film’s larger action scenes (basically podracing and the “Duel of the Fates”).

Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace 3D Darth Maul Star Wars: Episode I   The Phantom Menace 3D Review

Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul, & Obi-Wan Kenobi in ‘The Phantom Menace 3D’

Fans of the series who do choose to shell out money for the 3D re-release will, no doubt, find it hard not to be extra excited during the podracing scene – which, despite all of the problems with overarching film coupled with mostly underwhelming 3D applications, is almost (but not quite) enough to make the trip worth it. First person shots of the track, ground-level views of the racers tearing over the terrain, and other intriguing action angles make this scene in particular the flagship moment of the experience – basically none of the other sequences even come close (with most failing to earn their 3D stamp altogether).

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Lucasfilm manages to do with future 3D re-releases – as there are plenty of scenes in the larger saga that could offer-up some genuinely breathtaking 3D fun (similar to the podracing sequence) - such as the Geonosis Coliseum Battle, Death Star trench run, and Battle of Hoth, to name a few. However, much like the Phantom Menace 3D, these would still be very isolated moments in films that were never intended to be presented in 3D, meaning that the majority of the runtime will still offer a pretty flat picture at a premium price.

As a result, instead of 3D visuals, a better reason to see Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D would be simply for the purpose of enjoying the saga on the big screen once again (or to introduce younger viewers to the series who, prior to the re-release, have probably only seen the films at home). Despite the problems, there’s still plenty of (flawed) fun to be had. Anyone who is interested by the idea of viewing Episode 1 in a full-fledged theater experience again (regardless of the 3D visuals) will likely enjoy themselves – and can count the 3D podracing as a bonus. However, moviegoers who were hoping the 3D experience would make-up for the film’s many shortcomings, will probably continue to feel cheated by the first Star Wars prequel.

If you’re still on the fence about Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D, check out the trailer below:


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Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D is rated PG for sci-fi action/violence. Now playing in theaters.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. I really, REALLY don’t understand how people can continue to throw money at this trash. Especially the prequels. Lucas has turned the whole series into a joke, and I refuse to spend any money on Star Wars movies again, unless it is the original, unaltered trilogy. I’m going to watch Harmy’s Despecialized Editions, because that’s as good as it’s goingto get. The prequels and 3D crap can all go to hell.

  2. I was a huge Star Wars fan up until I saw The Phantom Menace in 1999. It was an absolute turd of a movie and it pretty much destroyed the whole saga.

    Go see Red Letter Medias reviews of the prequels instead. Much more fun and entertaining than seeing the actual films.

    And don’t give me that “aimed for children” BS. There is not a single kid on the planet that can tell you what The Phantom Menace is about. I have no idea what it’s about. Something about trade routes, over taxation and blockades.

    • If you found the storyline of TPM beyond your comprehension then you’re learning disabled ….

      • If you think this movie made sense, you were only there for light sabers and lazer blasts. The overall story line was boring and there wasn’t anything about the character development that made me give a damn about anything that was happening. Quit polishing this turd.

        • You mad that the Phantom Menace and ROTS are the best Star Wars movies made? Yeah, you mad, stop living in the past.

  3. Episode I. Looked like amateur hour. The story was confusing as well as the filming. I’m no expert of cinematic directing or producing but what was up with that awkward scene when young annakin was saying his goodbye to C3PO? The scene all of a sudden went to a first person perspective of 3PO. Why? What was the reason and why wasn’t this style ever used at any other time in filming any of the six movies?

  4. Thought the world of this series, but almost slept thru this 3-D version. Unless he does #4 in 3-D, save your money.

    • I could see it now: “Watch Greedo shooting first in 3-D!” ;)

  5. Alright so what is exactly do you naysayers hate about EP1 ?

    I always hear it destroyed starwars or it sucks but never do i hear actual reasons…mostly when i hear anything it’s Jar Jar or the cgi

    the cgi is available now deal with it…though to much is too much ala EP3 and maybe 2 as well…actually ep1 had the least cgi and a good balance.

    for the guy above,what is so hard to understand about the story?basically the future emperor is manipulating things from behind the scenes

    he uses the trade federations greed to get them to set events in motion that forces the republic to call forth a clone army they have in reserve(very ethical huh?) and get himself elected head guy,then take control of that army and brutally suppress all resistance,everyone else maul,anakin etc. ,are just pawns in his schemes that’s the short of it

    • Right, I didn’t find the story too hard to understand either. I thought it was great how they showed a master manipulator gain political power through creating war and then gain the trust of the people by being the one to bring peace. It told the story of how the Sith gained power in the original trilogy.

    • What was wrong with EP1?! How about the HORRIBLE acting by the kid who played Anakin (Jake Lloyd) and even the young Natalie Portman’s acting wasn’t that great either. EP2 & 3 were just as bad because of Hayden Christensen’s bad acting. The acting just plain SUCKED in Episodes 1,2 & 3 and it made it hard to lose yourself in the fantasy to make believe it was real. That’s also why EP6, Return of the Jedi, was bad. The actors mailed it in and the Ewoks? Come on! Space Teddy Bears?! How kid commercial could you get?!!

      • please! you say 1-3 are terrible because anakins acting but what about 4-6. Mark hamil wasnt any better than christensen.

    • Well, I was a 12 year old kid when Episode IV came out in 77, and it was absolutely the most magical, mind-altering movie experience my young imagination could want. It had everything: cool robots, (R2 is still my favorite character in all the movies), a cool teenage hero, his cooler older brother starship pilot, and his cool wise old grandpa with the accent that made him sound really smart. Add a 7 foot Bigfoot who the older brother can understand, and a giant guy in a dark suit with a breathing apparatus and James Earl Jones’ voice and you have a classic movie experience, only topped by the sequel.
      In Episode 1 you have none of that. You have Liam Neeson, who should have played an adult Anakin IMO, as a not so wise Jedi, who are not so mysterious now that you know they’re just enforcers of a bland universal democracy with crazy ideas like elected Queens who wear Kabuki make-up and lower their real voice an octave to impress royalty, and that Jedi force powers are really just a random blood infection,(they’re called mitochondria in our galaxy). This particular idea just made me want to puke. Lucas literally destroyed the idea that the “Force is all around us,” and made it so only beings with a particular blood type can use it.
      “I got the Force,”
      “Aw no, man. How long are they giving you?”
      Then you have an army of androids who can be disposed of with no feeling of guilt or pleasure at their demise, which was the same problem with an army of clones in the sequel. A young kid with apparently no acting ability other than what you would get from one of Gary Coleman’s random friends on Different Strokes, playing the boy who would become one of the greatest villains in movie history. Though I lay most of that blame on his director.

      You have silly ideas that refute the groundwork laid out in the first three films beginning with the ruination of the Force as a mystical power attained through skill and discipline to “I don’t recall ever owning a droid.” What? You don’t recall R2D2? Anakin builds C3PO? Why would you have him do that? What would be the purpose? Just so you can have another character down the line say, “Wipe his memory.?”

      And, of course, the kicker, Jar-Jar Binks. Mesa sorry, thata dona workfame. Capice?
      In short, there is so much wrong with these movies that they ultimately destroy whatever joy you got out of the first movies. Of course, I could be writing to a 20 year old, in which case, maybe these are your version of Star Wars. But to old men like me, Lucas sold us down the river. And for what? An easy buck.

      • Melvin, you hit the nail square on the head! You should be a professional reviewer. I was 21 when the original Star Wars played in the theaters and was completely blown away, as you were. Younger people can’t relate to that today because of all the technology that surrounds us, but I remember leaving the theater after that movie and realizing how primitive my car was.

        As for Episode I, I saw the 3D version today (never saw any of the prequels before) and what a disappointment! Everything you said was absolutely true, not to mention that the 3D SUCKED! The vast majority of the film was still in 2D, and even the scenes that were in 3D were only PARTLY in 3D, i.e. a person in the foreground appeared in 3D, and nothing else. This was obviously a half-hearted effort by Lucas in order to milk every last drop out of his cash cow. I felt ripped off throughout the entire movie. Star Wars is dead.

    • As much as the TV series (Clone Wars) suck, it actually reveals a lot of the backside story and helps you understand all the politics and connections between side characters.

    • The criticism of the story is in relation to the argument that the movie is aimed at kids, because the story is boring and political and likely to be missed or not understood by kids.

      You seriously don’t understand the criticism of the movie? I can understand you disagreeing with it, but I think you conveniently omitted the bulk of it. Never have I read complaints about the special effects or CGI.

      Rather, it’s the poor character development, the horrible performance of the kid who plays Anakin, the abomination that was Jar Jar, the introduction of Midichlorians (and destroying the mythical, super-natural quality of the original), that the acting was sub-par even for the veteran actors, and the direction and script were very poor. Dialogue was rudimentary at best, while the framing of some shots were just bad, and everyone seemed to do the walk-and-talk popularized by West Wing.

      Lucas benefited from having Lawrence Kasdan writing the scripts for Empire and Jedi, as well as having someone else direct them. He would have been better served had he handed off the reigns here, too.

  6. Don’t care for the prequels and don’t care for 3-D movies. Honestly, I just don’t see the appeal of the 3-D concept. I see 3-D objects all the time, so I’m not gonna pay for it.

    I’ll pass and if I need a SW fix, I’ll just pop in the OT. It might be VHS, but at least they’re the original versions.

  7. Episode 1 is the weakest of the 6, but Darth Maul and the Pod Race are great! I still feel that this movie is way too underrated. What irritates me is the 3D! I took my friend to see it ’cause he never saw 3D. He didn’t really notice anything, and I hate it more! I read why Roger Ebert hates 3D. I moved the 3D glasses off repeatedly and noticed that the 3D makes the overall image so congested and gloomy! I love the theater experience and I tried to give 3D many chances, but I think there is no hope for it! I was impressed for about 14 seconds and irritated for about 2 hours! And all those Lucas changes that he ever did won’t add up to the 2 hour congested gloom of 3D!! I’m done with it! Its all about money! Higher ticket prices! Even this hated movie made over 20 mill over the weekend, too bad 3D wont go away! I like the movie and hate the 3D. I think 3D is the worse thing than all of the changes that Lucas could ever do to the films! Drag me by gunpoint and I’ll go to the other films!

    • The majority of 3D films are not very well thought out. Up, Toy story 3, Coraline, Avatar and Hugo are the only 3D films I know of that have really understood how to use the medium as a storytelling tool as opposed to a quick money making gimmick.

      Current 3D conversion technology is limited and as 2D films were not designed to be 3D, they will not perform well. Unfortunately the thought of seeing your favorite 2D classics in 3D will always be more exciting than the reality. If you really want a truly 3D immersive experience this year, then the one to watch is Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus. I’d be very surprised if he delivered a poor 3D film.

      Dont’ give up on 3D yet my friend. Allow filmmakers time to learn how to use it creatively and for theatres to come to their senses and admit it is wrong to charge extra for 3D. I’m sure theatres didn’t increase their ticket prices when films went from black and white to colour or from mono to stereo and then 5.1 surround. If so then tickets to see The Artist should be half the normal price!

  8. still better than Twilight

  9. Poo on this…

  10. lucas tooked my 17 bucks for 3d effects you can’t notice. i literally took off my glasses some times to see if it was 3d

  11. So I just came back from checking the movie out. I’m a big SW fan and though I know EP I is really weak as a story I think the 3D was good at least… you have to remember this is post- conversion and it will never be the same as shot in 3D. But to me it is a very good conversion. And a lot of scenes were added a good amount of depth which I really liked.

    Of course my opinion is mixed with the way I saw it, it wasn’t only 3D but something new they are calling 4DX which basically adds moving seats, wind effects and such which are sincronized with the movie. It’s very well done. So the pod-racing and space battle were an amazing experience! :-D

    • That had to be one of the coolest experience ever. I actually had the went to 4D show as well at the Baltimore Aqaurium. It was Dieago in 4D which had the movies seats, wind, and smells. Some other things too but yeah it was blast.

      • It was extremely cool! I’ve seen 4D movies before but the pod race scene was meant to be shown like a roller-coaster ride through the 4D experience!!!

        Lucas will certainly get my money from the next two also! Especially to experience the starting battle sequence on Revenge of the Sith in 4D! I’m pumped already! :D

  12. you made me vote 1 star and no option fro 0 stars :(

  13. All these whiners posting about what big SW fans they (supposedly) are and then rip the movie.

    Name. Something. Better.

    • Watching paint dry: in 3D

    • My God, man! I don’t have enough time to do that! Life is too short. TRY. READING. BOOKS.

  14. I found it to be more enjoyable second time round but mainly from a nostalgia point of view. I found the image to be flat and i kept taking the glasses off to check. Nothing really stood out in 3D. In all it was nice to see it again and the CGI yoda over the puppet was a plus.

    I think episode 2 and 3 will be significantly better conversions due to them being shot entirely digital and with deeper depth of field shots being used in the scenes, 3D does not work with shallow depth of field shots which leads me to be underwellmed at what the old trilogy will look like in 3D, they were shot on film (like episode1) and favoured shallow depth of field to direct the viewer around the screen unlike in 3D which uses deep depth of field to pull you into the environment and pulls the depth to train your eye. Mainly im just looking forward to them being back in the cinema

  15. Fall asleep in 3D!

  16. I took my 11 and 9 year old boys to see The Phantom Menace in 3D. They know the story and the background, and love Star Wars as do I. Here’s a quote from my 9 year old, “Daddy, I forgot it was in 3D” If you wondering whether to go or not, just listen to my 9 year old, don’t.

  17. I don’t understand why people hate on the prequels. I am a big Star Wars fan and I enjoy them better then the others. Sure, Episode One isn’t in my top three but it was good enough in 3D. Though throughout the movie in 3D, you can tell these weren’t made to be in your face kind of movies. Everything that was a hit before are simply being re-made as a money scam.

    • I overall agree to some extend, i think it is great to see the prequels as a extension to conclude Episodes 1-6. They are really good movies but received some harsh and unfair criticism which i don’t think it deserved especially for Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith which got a 90% in rotten tomatoes critics reviews. I think what is most interesting is how some people hate one movie and love it at the same time. You look at criticism of the Dark Knight Rises and some major controversy will come as you either think its great or terrible. Lets all hope Disney inspires itself from the original trilogy and not destroy the legacy of Star Wars. The only film which i hated in Star Wars was that mediocre Clone wars animated movie which i prefer to think did not exist.

  18. I love star wars, I really do, i I was taking me glasses of with some scenes and to tell you the truth I was not impressed. I thaught this would be a little improvement but it felt as if i was not getting value for money here with this, tho i am glad to see starwars out there again but i would
    prefer that
    They should skip the prequels for 3d and just show the originals in 3d, that would be much better. . Lucasshould get his head out of the box and make a few more new star wars films too, WIll he ever move past RTHJ and give us some new star wars movies, Im really dying to see it happen,

    Has he ever heard the saying to be perfect is to change often,, if he did we would have some great new fresh star wars films, we would have some great people working with him on the new adventures of the Star wars universe on the big screen, that would be after RTOJ,, why does he play it safe and do the next instalments ,, its nuts to keep going around and around.

    Give us new star wars films that deal with after RTOJ enough is enough !
    it all seems like a money making scam to fool the public into thinking they are going to get a great experience watching episode 1 in 3d,, do they think people are stupid or something !

    Lucas is gifted I just wish he would try fresh things with starwars like some new ones !

  19. i just want to say too i agree with allot of you who where finding it hard to stay awake ,, i was nodding of myself, yawn yawn ,,

  20. George Lucas suffers from the same affliction as the makers of the TV series LOST.
    They both have no understanding of the real reason behind the success of their initial creation and both projects, in the end were totally screwed up.

    Red Letter Media does a fantastic and entertaining job if deconstructing why TPM fails as a movie (or even a story) on so many levels.

    George Lucas is arrogant, money hungry and untalented. He clearly doesnt understand comedy (jar jar binks wtf?), romance (anakin/padame wooden implausible storyline) or casting (I felt sorry for Samuel L Jackson).

    I hope Lucas grows anothet chin and chokes on it.

  21. George Lucas suffers from the same affliction as the makers of the TV series LOST.
    They both have no understanding of the real reason behind the success of their initial creation and both projects, in the end were totally screwed up.

    Red Letter Media does a fantastic and entertaining job if deconstructing why TPM fails as a movie (or even a story) on so many levels.

    George Lucas is arrogant, money hungry and untalented. He clearly doesnt understand comedy (jar jar binks wtf?), romance (anakin/padame wooden implausible storyline) or casting (I felt sorry for Samuel L Jackson).

    I hope Lucas grows another chin and chokes on it.

  22. For a film that did really well in the box office, fans and most critics were being way too harsh and somewhat unfair with George Lucas prequels.
    I have been a long time fan of Star Wars since i was little. I consider the original Star Wars trilogy with Star Wars Episode 4 A new Hope, Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Episode 6 Return of the Jedi as one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time. Now regarding the prequels i would have to overall disagree with the critics who gave George Lucas a unfair harsh review of the film. I think most fans were way too harsh regarding the Prequels which i thought were good movies actually with great special effects and awesome continued story lines. Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul fighting was my favorite scene in Episode 1 the phantom Menace along with the Pot race. Personally i think people have done something quite unfair to George Lucas genius who brought us the legendary science fiction films with the original trilogy to begin with. I personally think the movies were really good (but not as good as the originals), with the best prequel being Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith being the best of the 3 prequels which gives the movie a more realistic and darker tone as compared to the previous prequels. Episode 1 is a very good movie actually but no where near as good as the original trilogy films which were unquestionably classics. The pot races that were done in the film along with the dual of fates battle made the movie worth watching. Perhaps that what was missing from the prequels was the there was something missing to make the film more realistic and believable. The Star Wars prequels rely too much on computer CGI graphics and don’t put a emphasis on a great story line. In the film the narrative being put that there is a blockade in Queen Amedala’s planet of Naboo against the trade federation puts the film into a monotonousness tone with politics by part of the stories dialogue and plot. If Episode 1 was a disappointment as most critics have stated it to be why did it do so well in box office sales world wide? In my opinion i think Star Wars fans were being a bit too unfair and too harsh on George Lucas who did bring some very good prequels if not perfect classics like the originals. A movie that makes 982 million dollars world wide is not a bad movie. Most critics can be either jealous or envious of George Lucas phenomenal success with Star Wars and there are fans who put the expectation levels too high. I expect them to be higher, and i hope that Disney does not tank the films in the future. The story line regarding the beginning origins of Anakin Skywalker and how he meets up with the Jedis in his home planet of tattoine, and the plot of the trade federation to set up a war against the planet of Nabboo gives everything a very interesting feel regarding the origins of the Jedi. It is overall interesting to see the origins of the Jedi counsel and how they played a role as guardians of the galaxy. The only mistake Lucas made with Episode 1 was the introduction of Jar Jar Binks, which annoyed many fans with hints of Jamaican stereo types and caused some controversy. Episode 1 is exciting in portions of the film such as the dual of fates scene in which Darth Maul comes in to battle the two Jedis Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi as i stated before. Back in the days visual effects for the pot race would have won Academy Awards in the process. The pot race was very fun to watch in the movie along with the dual of fates scene. I think some flaws of the film came from a poor character development such as Jar Jar Binks. Episode 1 was a very good movie, not perfect nor in the level of classic genius as the original movies were but decent and that is why they made a lot of money. If Episode 1 was a disappointment as most critics pointed out, it would have also flopped in the box office. As a die hard fan i think Star Wars fans were way too harsh on the prequels, and Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith was a outstanding film. Episode 2 was a little better than Episode 1, but overall Episode 3 was excellent if not the high level legendary level the original trilogies brought. I find it strange though that people sometimes have such mixed reviews for movies that do really well. The Dark Knight Rises while it had excellent reviews for instances also had critics bombing the film as terrible. For these reasons i decided to point out some point of views in regards to criticism to the prequels. The only terrible Star Wars movie that has been done in George Lucas watch is the mediocre cartoon network like movie the clone wars which he released in 2008 which i prefer to think never existed. In my universe the only real movies that mattered were movies in the original trilogy and the conclusion with the prequels. I think the thing is with Episode 1 as well Episode 2 that could have made the movies better is that it relied too much on computer graphics CGI to carry the film. The fact the film goes into more into fantasy then actual reality, kind of takes away a bit of the humanity out of the film which made the original Star Wars movies believable. My ultimate fear is the Disney will do something much worse to bomb the franchise all together by whoring the series with mediocre stories and Disney like children plots which will bore Star Wars fans and anger die hard fans in the process. With respects to Episode 1, i have to respect the brilliance of George Lucas for making the Star Wars movies to begin with. Perhaps it could have been a lot better, but it is not as bad as most critics put out. The prequels were good, very good and excellent. I Would say Episode 1 was the weakest of the prequels, but overall it is a enjoyable movie especially for those who love sci-fiction. I think what was missing in the Star Wars Episode 1 was more realism, better acting, more elements of surprise that carry the film to get people excited about seeing the rest of the movie. It is that special quality that George Lucas was not able to get in the prequels that made the Original films of the trilogy legendary as it had all the elements for science fiction classic. The gold standard for what awesome Star Wars movies should be done like should refer to the original movies. Overall as a fan i can’t really put down any of the Star Wars movies with the exception of the clone wars, which i would state never existed in my world. I hope Disney refers to the original classics as references and steer clear from mediocre decisions and John Carter like ideas to destroy Star Wars in the process. Avatar and Alien are also good references of realism which i enjoy which are just as good as the original Star Wars films. In my opinion i think Episode 1 received some unfair criticism with critics and i sympathize with George Lucas who at least tried to innovate with new films in the process. At least he decided to make the films, had he not made them we the fans would have nothing in the process. I thank George Lucas for bringing Episodes 1-6 to a conclusion, even if all the films were not flawless, the Star Wars franchise is the greatest science fiction film ever made. It is a cultural and global phenomenon. Episode 7 should be treated with the upmost respect.