Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Trailer Better than a Movie

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star wars old republic e3 cinematic trailer Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Trailer Better than a Movie

A little while back I wrote an article about some possible but ridiculous video game movie adaptations. It was all meant to be good clean sarcastic fun, but from reason I got a serious amount a flack for including the CGI film Final Fantasy in the “garbage pile”.  For all of its flaws as a film, Final Fantasy was, and still is, a marvel in CGI technology.

If you play video games at all – mostly first person action games and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) – you’ll noticed an increasing trend in the high quality of the cut scenes.  World of Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed, and the upcoming Force Unleashed 2 are examples of high quality CGI cut scene work.

The trend continues with the newly released Star Wars: The Old Republic game trailer. The MMORPG allows the player to be submersed in the newest Star Wars world, including dual light sabers, Sith Lords, Droideka (Destroyer Droids) and of course, Jedi. Thanks to our sister site Game Rant for the heads up, we can share the trailer with you below. Prepare to be blown away.

This trailer, along with the one below debuted at E3 where at the same time last year, we saw the first incredible trailer for The Old Republic. At the time, our own Rob Keyes wrote about it explaining why it’s better than the recent Star Wars movies.

Now is a good time to talk about why the CGI action scenes in Star Wars: The Old Republic and other  video games are better than the CGI scenes in movies. I think it’s the dialog or perhaps the story that ultimately kills a movie, because if they feel forced or cheesy then the movie is doomed. Whatever the reason, Silicon Valley seems to pull off time and again what Hollywood fails to accomplish  – entertaining their audience while maintaining a high level of quality.

A couple of years ago Lucasarts tried something similar with the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and it was pretty entertaining – but nowhere near as good as these 5 minute game trailers. Honestly, the story lines in most video games are very linear and easy to follow – find this object, kill this guy, fight this boss, talk to this NPC (Non Playable Character). To a certain extent movies are written the same way, so why the Hollywood writers try to change the story process from game to film is beyond me.

Instead of taking a video game and turning it into a live-action film, why not take the video game and make it a CGI film? Some of the graphics now are almost lifelike and a well written 90-minute film could perform great at the box office. Just look at how well Pixar does each time they put out a completely CGI film.  Watch this trailer for Force Unleashed II and tell me if you don’t think some of this is shot in real-life.

What would you think about a completely CGI video game film and would you watch a Star Wars: The Old Republic movie done entirely in CG if it came out?

Star Wars: the Old Republic hits game shelves Spring 2011.

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  1. Watching cut scenes like this always puts me in a state of depression. Just the thought of what potential the star wars universe has for such kick ass movies, yet we have to put up with cardboard acting, rubbish writing and crap cgi just because Lucas insisted on directing the latest movies himself.

    • amen

  2. HOLY SMOKES! THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! Hello CN’s CLONE WARS producers H E L L O!!!! Why couldn’t you guys have come up with a qualified spin off potential like this one? Hello? You guys back from your lunch break yet? Park the E Class and get on the horn with these guys!

  3. @ Paul Young,

    After playing the first “Knights of the Old Republic” rpg, I was ecstatic about the epic feeling about the franchise. It was as if “Star Wars” was reborn; however, I also began to think “Star Wars” has now gone beyond tolerable.

    I agree that BioWare has a better handle on the “Star Wars” saga than George Lucas, but I also think the franchise has become muted.

    If you listen to the clip’s musical score, it has been abused by many-many other game companies. As a result of being overplayed, I think it is loosing a grip on people’s psyche.

    I personally think the franchise as a whole is on its way out. Even though George will flood the airwaves with “Star Wars” (an find a small audience), I think the franchise is now overexposed.

    Just like everyone else – I have followed the franchise since 1979, and I have enjoyed the occasional spurts prior to 1998. After being a fan who bought comics and action figures, I have reached the point where I am starting to hate “Star Wars”.

  4. I would have preferred the £30 or so spent seeing the last three Star Wars films at the cinema, to be spent on seeing these two trailers on the big screen. The last 10-12 minutes of Star Wars action was better than 6+ hours worth of the last three movies.

  5. It just makes you realize that pretty much everything to comes from Lucas is garbage these days. Lucas needs to let others tell stories via the film medium, whether CG like these or real actors.

    It is just such a shame that Star Wars media has become something that only children can enjoy unless it’s a video game… then it’s still awesome

  6. Why don’t they make a movie like this??? They made that crap animated movie. Why not an animated movie just like THAT?!?!?!

  7. truly amazing. i wish hollywood could do something like that.

    those both feel properly old school. love it.

  8. lost for words.

  9. i totally agree on the “Instead of taking a video game and turning it into a live-action film, why not take the video game and make it a CGI film?”

    i believe itll be better than trying so hard and spending so much time trying to cast someone who looks like the lead character in gears of war.

  10. The old republic looks outstanding. The CGI is awesome and game looks good too. The Force Unleashed 2 looks corny and stupid as first one. First of all Starkiller was killed in first one. Second where did the lightsabers come from? He just happened to have them in prison cell? Makers of TFU should be fired. I love how starkiller keeps saying Vader can’t stop him. Apparently he did because he isn’t mentioned in movies the lame duck.

    They should make the old republic into movie.

  11. You better believe I would watch a movie like that!!! It’s better then the CGI used in the Clone Wars cartoon! And if they use charicters from past movies then it’s just voice over work and it’s not such a hardship for the actors. Listen up Lucus Film! It’s what the people want! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!

  12. Lucas Arts has always done good stuff, I think if they did a full CGI movie it would be a big success.

  13. “What would you think about a completely CGI video game film and would you watch a Star Wars: The Old Republic movie done entirely in CG if it came out?”

    HELL YES!!!!!!!

    Those two trailers were better than Episodes I,II & III combined..the only part in the those three movies that comes even remotely close to these trailers is the fight scene between Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul.

    Lucas needs to let a creative team with passion and love for this franchise take the reins and give the fans what they want(Lord knows he’s gotten filthy rich from us)..Real action and real heart back into the Star Wars Universe.

    I would see something of that quality multiple times in a theater.

  14. Making a game trailer movie may be easier than a whole movie because it is so short. Filling 2 hours with quality content is obviously not easy, check out the last three star wars movies. I would see a cgi movie if it was well made. They need the story first, not the cool ideas about what they can show with the cgi.

  15. How do we start a campaign to get this into a movie? This is a no-brainer.

  16. As the guys at Pixar will tell you, its story, story, story! Great CGI will hold your attention for a while but it doesn’t make the movie.
    Beowulf had the epic tale but failed in execution becoming only marginally interesting. Final Fantasy had ground breaking CG but the story was crap and the follow-up Advent Children was incomprehensible. Half way through I muted it and just looked at the pretty pictures.
    Clone Wars has some mildly interesting stories but in this case the CGI is lacking. Why did they think it was a good idea to make them cartoons?
    I want a good action/adventure/sci-fi movie movie that will do for CGI films what Star Wars did for Science Fiction.

  17. No surprise here. The first game Bioware did for Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic, was the best Star Wars story ever told in my opinion. The sequel wasn’t as good, but still really quality. Go to the site for the game and have a look at the other game trailer, I think it was called Betrayed (at work so I can’t check), I liked it even better than the Hope trailer you have posted.

    I think the only way to revitalize the franchise would be to follow the route they are taking with this game. Either go way into the past with it or way into the future. How many more stories can they tell about the Skywalker clan. Its been done to death at this point.

  18. Sorry, it was deceived. Here’s the link-

    • I think this is one of the best trailers ever made (Blizzard/Square level CGI), and of course the best piece of star wars film/trailer/episode since the first trilogy.

      You HAVE to watch this. It’s GREAT!!

  19. Impressive, most impressive.

    (even though the Jedette’s fast-slow onslaught was a direct lift from 300)

    Lucas started out as a force for good, but became an object example of how absolute power leads to the Dark Side.

    Let The Rebellion begin.

  20. THAT was the action we were praying for in the prequels!

  21. I know it’s kind of gruesome, but it needs to be done, they need to inject far more gore in both games. In games like Jedi Knight Outcast, (and even Jedi Academy) Storm troopers would be propelled by laser blasts, shout out howling screams as their hands fly off their arms, and people were vaporized by a single shot sniper rifle. Both sequences showed plenty of glowy explosions, (that defy reality by the way) and tons of droids getting chopped in to pieces. But those very toned down elements is what made Star Wars I, II, and III horrible to watch. None of the things dying had any substance, and therefore made us not care while they died. The repetitive action also got annoying as the same sequence of events occurred more than once in each trailer.

    One more note, why is it that storm troopers have been trained to always run straight at an enemy who has laser swords? One would think the best place to be firing a long-range laser blaster would be… LONG RANGE!

    • In Army Boot Camp, one of the first things they tell you is “FORGET WHAT YOU’VE SEEN IN THE MOVIES! THAT S#1+ WILL GET YOU KILLED!!

      The problem is, crawling on your belly and taking your shot from half a mile out, at an enemy who is also doing his best to avoid exposing themselves just isn’t all that cinematic.

      To make it more cinematic we have visible blaster bolts, light sabres, and spaceships that swoop and roll like WW2 fighters, as well as infantry charging into battle like Medieval times. If I were Gold Leader’s wingman in the trench I would have spun my ship around and let Vader have it in the face, but then it just wouldn’t be Star Wars.

      I actually like that the further back in time you go, the more powerful the Jedi get, reminds me of one of my other guilty pleasures, Hong Kong martial arts pics, where they have forgotten more “good stuff” than we know today, the power of flight and “Hadoken!” chi bolts for example, This allows a Jedi cutie to go toe-to-toe with that big Sith bruiser.

      “Judge me by my size, do you?”

  22. Ok this is the problem. Anyone notice how this article is talking about which has the better CGI? what about they story? Acting? getting people to care about the characters? Who cares how good it looks. The prequels compared to the original trilogy LOOKED 100 times better. But prequels were C R A P.

  23. Replace the chracters with smurfs and I’d still watch it.

  24. Amazing Old Republic trailer. I was always waiting for the double bladed saber, when cut in half, to become useful as two separate sabres though.

  25. Those where awesome….I would pay money to go see these if they where movies. I mean you can get what is going on because of the story that is in it, and it has awesome cgi.
    I agree with everyone, Lucas should loosen up his reigns on the franchise or it will die. I mean look what happened to Indiana Jones(but it is an ok movie, better than the prequel trilogy). He killed off some of the best characters without even giving them enough screen time (Qui-gon, Darth Maul, Mace Windu…).
    Hollywood and Lucas just need to get their heads out of their rears and make good films like these trailers.

    • holy crap that was freakin sick! i wish star wars would stop being a bunch of pansies and make a damn CGi film

  26. A friend of mine (huge Star Wars fan) showed me both of these trailers today and I was blown away! Forget a video game! I could sit through 2 hours of this even without a lot of dialog. I’m totally fine just watching Jedi and Sith kick some serious tail as long as it looks this awesome!

  27. i found this site by googling something like “hope cinematic trailer” and “square pictures” because i was trying to figure out who produced this amazing trailer (the FU2 trailer is awesome too, hadn’t seen that one) ((and, as it turns out, F-U-2 is a funny acronym for the game, they should use that…)).

    Anyway, ditto that this kind of thing should totally be a full-length feature. That’s a complete no-brainer to me. Granted it’s basically the Lord of the Rings films set in SW universe, but who cares, it’s a really well-crafted trailer (as are the others), and the people responsible, whoever they are, have clearly shown they know how to tell a visual story.

    I think the Clone Wars stuff was a very clever experiment at a different type of animation, but come on, it can’t touch this. I showed this to my wife who has, shall we say, much less interest in Star Wars & video games both than I do, and her first reaction was that she wanted to see a whole movie like that. If anyone out there’s listening…

  28. I find it odd that everybody seems to think so highly of the Old Republic series (and I do mean since Knights of the Old Republic, that started all this trend), and still think so lowly of Lucas’ work in the Prequels. Hell, if you take a good look at it, KotOR and derivatives were completely leeched off the prequels. We have Sith with Darth titles and only wielding red-coloured lightsabers, clone-trooper looking republic soldiers, Jango Fett-looking mandalorian bounty hunters, double-bladed lightsabers, wedge-shaped star destroyers, a Jedi Council, Padawan here, Padawan there, Jedi can’t marry crap and a whole bunch of lame villains who are simply mindless and not nearly as interesting as Vader and the Emperor in their time, though they (and their creators, too) wish they were.

    All in all, it feels to me the Old Republic makers really wanted to make a Clone Wars game, but figures someone said they couldn’t. So they decided to get on with it anyways, and just misplace it four thousand years before the Clone Wars actually occured. Who would notice, after all? But what our good BioWare friends did was MURDER the franchise, not breathe in some air as they were supposed to. Because these games do not bring extras to Star Wars atmosphere (as the old Tales of the Jedi comics did, and they were set around the same time as the three other games, but rather use up the feel Lucas built for the PT, with sorry excuses for stories (an endless instant-time weapons factory? a villain who could eat up entire worlds? another who wanted to destroy the worl… I mean, destroy the Force? and how about that immortal guy?)

    I’d take the Prequels two times over this kind of storyline, childish and underdevelopped. With good CGI or no.

    • Well the thing is, that the kind of action that is seen in these trailers could not easily be seen in an actual film. In a CGI film, we would catch a new glimpse of what Star Wars is supposed to be, and a huge war between Jedi and Sith that would be hard to portray in a real film set. This is what lightsaber fights are supposed to be like, and its awesome. Go and watch your crappy prequels. They may have spawned this series, but that’s the only good they did. I will watch something like this any day.

  29. If they dont make this a cgi movie they are stupid. These trailers are better than most live action movies out today.