Star Wars: A Live-Action Series Coming Soon?

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star wars logo Star Wars: A Live Action Series Coming Soon?

Do we still have some rabid Star Wars fans out there?  Semi-rabid?  Tepid?  I know Niall is, as shown when he first talked about a live-action Star Wars show back in March.

If you’re an animation fan, you’ve probably been watching the animated series on Cartoon Network titled Star Wars: Clone Wars that was airing on Friday nights.

Now, “inside sources” are stating that a live action Star Wars series will start shooting soon.

The interesting angle on this is that they’re using Australian-based talent to pump out what they consider to be scripts of the highest quality.  They’re also going outside the Sci-Fi industry to find their writers.

They’ve approached writers from award winning shows down under like Love My Way and Secret Life of Us.  The idea is to aim the writing towards the style of those shows, which focuses on relationships between the characters.  It’s like a new writing fad…  it’s all about the relationships.

All joking aside, when a show focuses on characters and doesn’t become dependent on visual effects or events, it definitely helps the focus of the writing.

This approach to a new Star Wars venue is verging away from the last few efforts that were geared towards the younger audience and it’s hoped, I presume, that it will snare the older, mature audience and excite them anew!

The hands-off executive producer, George Lucas, has been noted to saying that the show will have at least 100 episodes and likens it to “Deadwood meets The Sopranos in space.”

If cowboys and organized crime met in space, wouldn’t they just suffocate?

Anyway, the new series is set in the time-frame between the movies Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and will be experienced from minor characters from within the mythos of the Star Wars realm.

Casting has started, Lucas is financing the show himself and does not have a network partner yet.

I have to wonder if this effort is going to be worth it?  I do like quality story.  I also like my blasters and the use of ‘The Force’ in my Star Wars stories.  Will this work for me?  If the story is good enough, sure, I think it will.  Will it finally get on the air and wow the general populace or will it pan out and become more fodder for a cable station that snatches up repeats of canceled shows?

Sources:  /Film, /Film

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  1. Oh, and I am hoping that this not on Showtime or HBO. I’m hoping a major network OR a basic cable station (USA, TNT) pick it up. There’s no way I am forking out an extra $20/month for Star Wars. IF this is the case, then I hope that Lucas makes the episodes available for download for free after it airs. Wait, did I say Lucas and free in the same sentence? That’ll never happen.

  2. The thing that was most lacking in the prequel episodes is the character warmth and relationships. In the original trilogy you had emotion for each of the main characters because the relationships were better developed. It hurt when Darth Vador died. It didn’t make a difference to me when Qui Gon got shanked.

    If this series is to actually happen and it focuses more on the characters it will be worth watching.

  3. The prequels had a lot of problems, but I’ll always contend, the original trilogy would have been a hell of a lot worse were it not for Han Solo. It’s not the character, it’s the humour Ford brought to the movies that made them worth it. “I love you” “I know” was something Ford brought entirely himself and there was nothing nearly as awesome in the prequels.

  4. Hasn’t this been rumored for almost 5 years now? Personally I’d love to see it if Lucus has no involvement. His name can be in the credits. I’d like to see JMS as show runner and head writer

  5. At this point George Lucas is overdoing the Star Wars world. In order to capture a proper Star wars live action environment they will need to spend a LOT of $$…doubt they will since it is in fact a tv show so the show will likely look cheezy (like smallville does).

    But hey you never know the star trek tv series worked so why not.

    George Lucas you shoudl have enough $$ by now stop ruining the franchises name and prestige and come up with another new idea or retire!

  6. I just hope they keep the CGI to an absolute minimum. If they want this to appeal to the older crowd, they need to make it LOOK more like the older movies. That’s what’s going to draw them in first. Not the story or the acting.

    The sets absolutely need to be real, and not the green-screen video-game bs we got with the last two prequels. I’m hoping what with the smaller budget and production timeframe per episode that Lucas will have no choice but to do it that way. Plus, they’d better do some location shooting.

    The only thing I’d accept CGI for is the ships, but even then I’d prefer real models.

  7. I have no problem with the CGI Josh, as long as it isn’t overdone and the focus of the show. The characters and story should be the focus with the CGI used to enrich and enhance the story. That is what made the first films so great. I still think that they would be great if made with green screen CGI because the actors had great chemistry and the story was well written. If the new show has actors with that kind of chemistry and if the writing is HALF as good as the original trilogy, I think this show can be great.

  8. I doubt you’re going to get away from having a lot of CGI … a lot of times it’s cheaper or more practical than building physical sets. And by the nature of the show, it’s going to require lots of sets due to the planet-hopping required for Star Wars to work.

  9. My personal opinion if this show just focuses on minor characters from the Prequel Trilogy that this show will be a huge let down. I say Lucas has ruined Star Wars with the Prequel Trilogy. There is much more EU material and stuff that what is actually being written for the live-action Star Wars television series. Enough with the BS, take all Star Wars right away from George Lucas and make the final Star Wasr Trilogy. Star Wars Episode VII,VIII,IX or the Sequel Trilogy

  10. I wonder if Kyle Katarn will be in the live-action Star Wars tv series,”STAR WARS: REBEL ALLIANCE?” Kyle was responsible for stealing the technical Death Star 1 plans from the Galactic Empire and on the Dunuta system according to his bio. Kyle Katarn was introduced in 1995′s Star Wars video game “Dark Forces.” I’m in contact with Pablo Hidalgo, plan to have an agent or manager by 2010 and screentest for the role. May the Force be with you fans.

  11. What sequel trilogy? The Empire has been overthrown and the Sith have been totally whiped out. What the heck would we need an additional three films for? Yeah, yeah I know expanded universe stuff. But the point is, the series ended where it was meant to end. If Lucas were to make even more films it’d be just for the money, not because the story required it.

  12. The original trilogy had a completely different tone from the prequels … and that was unavoidable, since the core story of the prequels is a very dark, personal tragedy (as opposed to the core story of redemption in the originals). On top of that, the “good guys” in the prequels are the Jedi, who are portrayed as cool fighters, but ultimately as followers of a flawed system and chumps of Darth Sidious. Anakin’s fall is as much a result of the failure of the Jedi as it is his own series of poor choices. At least, that’s what I came away with from the prequels. It does make me wonder what the basic story would be for this new project, since there are supposedly no Jedi involved as main characters.

  13. There’s enough side characters in Star Wars to write 200 tv epsiodes. They could do a miniseries on Boba Fett alone.

  14. @ Kyle737. “If Lucas were to make even more films it’d be just for the money, not because the story required it.”

    Lol, see last year’s animated flick.

    But seriously, why can’t the guy leave the saga as it was supposed to have ended four years ago?

  15. if a franchise can make money, then they will do it. thats why

  16. wish if it were made, made gloomy and dark.

  17. This could work with the right writers and Lucas kinda staying away. The empire has come to power and it’s supposed to be a dark time in the universe so why not let a writer like Ron D. Moore from Battlestar Galactica take the reins from Lucas. He knows how to write a good dark storyline. Anyone agree or disagree?
    To much CGI is not good but for television you almost have to use it to make the show affordable.
    And in response to some replies if you read some of the novels you would realize the empire was just to big to fall just because the 2 sith were eliminated plus more sith were to follow. But if any sequels were to come PLEASE let there be better dialogue!

  18. It’s worth noting that Lucas has mentioned before that the series will serve as a launching pad of what may become 5 or 6 series, coexisting thanks to their different genre focus. If this turns out to be true, expect a highly mafia-driven series, an action one, an why not? (now I’m just speculating) a Doctor series. They are really popular right now, and there’s precedent with two battle surgeon novels out there.

  19. George Lucas has completely and utterly sucked the joy out of Star Wars..Can he destroy the franchise any further.?.we will see but I’m willing to bet the Lucas succubus is not yet finished draining the life from this once great property.

  20. I don’t think he’s “destroying a franchise” he’s suplying a demand even if he wanted nothing to do with it fan’s would cry out for more and if he didn’t give it to them the would make it them selves. Look at how many books have been writen from people who never asked if Lucas liked it or not they just wrote it and hoped that it would get published. If it wasn’t so hot they never would have made 1,2&3 and if that wasn’t good they wouldn’t have made the anime clone wars. When people stop liking it they will stop making it.

  21. What sequel trilogy? The Empire has been overthrown and the Sith have been totally whiped out. What the heck would we need an additional three films for? Yeah, yeah I know expanded universe stuff. But the point is, the series ended where it was meant to end. If Lucas were to make even more films it’d be just for the money, not because the story required it.

    You never read the comic books did you? The emperor made a clone body for himself and when he died he “forced” his spirt in to it. He wanted to lie forever. And the reson he made the empire was to unite the system’s to fight off the Yuuzhan Vong a spices from another universe that wanted to concor the star wars universe. So if they wanted too they could make a 7,8,&9 and I think that would be awsome but unlikly to happen.

  22. opps *he wanted to live forever. But I guess lie forever would be true too.

  23. @Shock

    Me and you both have read to much expanded universe stuff!LOL!
    But you bring up some points about the Yuuzhan Vong and the resurrection of the emperor. People forget about that stuff.
    There were still a very few Jedi left after ROTS for Vader to track down but Lucas would never use that storyline. We’ll end up with the something like the droids Saturday morning cartoon show except live action.

  24. What can anyone really say about that? For any true Star Wars fan or Sci Fi fan for that matter. A Star Wars show with no Jedi, Sith, or Mandalorians is going to suck. If you have read any of the recent series, they involve all of the above. I don’t really think George Lucas even knows fully what his extended universe is about. A show featured in the time of the Knights of the Old Republic. Now that’s an idea

  25. I’m a HUGE star wars fan but I’m just not excited about this at all!

  26. “If cowboys and organized crime met in space, wouldn’t they just suffocate?”

    nope, they’d become Cowboy Bebop. maybe Lucas is aiming to show up Keanau’s Spike Spiegel?

  27. I have recently begun reading the Coruscant Nights series (novels) and the thought occoured to me that the setting and story line would make for an interesting small-screen series,even before I happened across this thread. Anyone know if the proposed series is based on these books?

  28. Based on the vague statements made by Lucasfilm and/or its reps, I don’t think Coruscant Nights will figure in the new series. But you never know when characters from the Expanded Universe will show up … if Lucas himself takes an interest in them, especially. Since he’s hoping for a 100-episode run (at least that was a number thrown around at one point), I wouldn’t be surprised to see numerous cameos of various characters.

  29. Again with the same time frame as the Clone Wars!?
    Couldn’t find a point in time which might contain something else that might be interesting?

    Lets milk this cow till the poor thing dies of dehydration! ;)