Star Wars: A Live-Action Series Coming Soon?

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star wars logo Star Wars: A Live Action Series Coming Soon?

Do we still have some rabid Star Wars fans out there?  Semi-rabid?  Tepid?  I know Niall is, as shown when he first talked about a live-action Star Wars show back in March.

If you’re an animation fan, you’ve probably been watching the animated series on Cartoon Network titled Star Wars: Clone Wars that was airing on Friday nights.

Now, “inside sources” are stating that a live action Star Wars series will start shooting soon.

The interesting angle on this is that they’re using Australian-based talent to pump out what they consider to be scripts of the highest quality.  They’re also going outside the Sci-Fi industry to find their writers.

They’ve approached writers from award winning shows down under like Love My Way and Secret Life of Us.  The idea is to aim the writing towards the style of those shows, which focuses on relationships between the characters.  It’s like a new writing fad…  it’s all about the relationships.

All joking aside, when a show focuses on characters and doesn’t become dependent on visual effects or events, it definitely helps the focus of the writing.

This approach to a new Star Wars venue is verging away from the last few efforts that were geared towards the younger audience and it’s hoped, I presume, that it will snare the older, mature audience and excite them anew!

The hands-off executive producer, George Lucas, has been noted to saying that the show will have at least 100 episodes and likens it to “Deadwood meets The Sopranos in space.”

If cowboys and organized crime met in space, wouldn’t they just suffocate?

Anyway, the new series is set in the time-frame between the movies Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and will be experienced from minor characters from within the mythos of the Star Wars realm.

Casting has started, Lucas is financing the show himself and does not have a network partner yet.

I have to wonder if this effort is going to be worth it?  I do like quality story.  I also like my blasters and the use of ‘The Force’ in my Star Wars stories.  Will this work for me?  If the story is good enough, sure, I think it will.  Will it finally get on the air and wow the general populace or will it pan out and become more fodder for a cable station that snatches up repeats of canceled shows?

Sources:  /Film, /Film

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  1. why not right, why not exploit that fan base for every penny they have. With such a huge following and the times we’re in, its almost like vampires searching for new blood.

  2. Wow, I hope its on a channel thats free to watch.

  3. I hope it works but I am not holding my breath!
    The best SW adventure?
    The Original .

  4. I can’t imagine what network this will be on! I don’t think any of the big nets will grab it and I’m not sure, but would it ending up on Syfy actually be a good thing for everyone?

    I’m just pondering out loud. Creating awareness with questions!

  5. I’m reserving final judgement until I see the final product, since I’ve read so many rumors about this. The “Deadwood meets Sopranos in space” description really turns me off, though. That sounds like a series about the Hutts and bounty hunters, neither of which interest me. I love Star Wars, but to me, this doesn’t really sound like it has the same spirit as the original, where the focus is placed on the “scum and villany” instead of the heroes. “Morally complex” is interesting, wallowing in different shades of darkness, not so much. But that’s my taste, and that doesn’t seem to be the way the wind is blowing at Skywalker Ranch these days.

  6. In my opinion, the last solid entertainment piece that came out of the Star Wars saga was the Empire Strikes Back. That was 1980. So, right, do not hold breath.

  7. Sounds good to me and I hope this shows up on HBO or Showtime.

    I could totally go for Tales of Bounty Hunters meets Tales from Mos Eisley Cantina, escapes from Tales from Jabba’s Palace. All real good books btw. 😯

  8. Anyone wonder what things would be like had Star Wars not been turned into a cash cow? I can even forgive the prequels if only because they complete the story, but the endless franchising, spin-offs, computer games and the extended universe is just watering down that what was once a great trilogy.

  9. I don’t know, I didn’t like Sopranos and Deadwood was pretty “blah” to me. Guess I don’t have a fascination with criminals. I’d rather them just all get shot, that would be entertainment.

    Anyway, I think the time for Star Wars has passed. The original trilogy is still the only one that really matters and is worth watching…

  10. “Deadwood” and “Sopranos” are amazing shows. The main points of both shows aren’t about crime they are about in-depth realism of the characters…
    Both shows ended before there time and on cliffhangers. Ken you found them boring says alot bro…

  11. @Joshi come on the prequels weren’t that bad. Everyone makes them out to be abominations. They had there faults but overall Lucas delivered some entertaining movies.
    All 3 prequels had breathtaking moments. I have a major prb with the Clone Wars movie and some of the Animation bs but if he’s going to outsource Star Wars and make it a gritty episodic show. I’m there!!!
    Over 100 episodes is over 4 seasons on network tv, 8 on cable. 😯

    These aren’t the tv shows your looking for !!! Move along,,, move along to “So You Think You Can Dance” mf!!!

  12. @790

    Oh snap bro, that means we have different opinions!

    Anyway, I didn’t say I found them boring, I said I DIDN’T LIKE Sopranos, I’ve been around plenty of criminals in real life, I don’t need to see them romanticized on my screen.

    I’ve been jumped by a gang of thugs, had my house and car vandalized, had a teacher shot dead in my high school, and a friend recently shot and killed, I really can care less about the plight of criminals and what they “realistically” go through in real life. Like I’ve said, the only way the show would be entertaining to me if it was just a bloodbath of them getting shot and killed in every episode. (Punisher the TV Series anyone?) I don’t need a show with a mobster/criminal as the main character…

    I found Deadwood OK, it had a broader range of characters, but I’ve never really been too into westerns anyway.

    HBO’s Rome is my favorite show, there are plenty of good guys, bad guys, and morally ambiguous guys in that show. :-)

  13. But about a “serious” and dark Star Wars, I think that goes completely against what made Star Wars (originals) so entertaining. The sarcastic humor of Han Solo can’t be beat, haha.

  14. If you watch the entire Sopranos series you will see them pretty much all get shot. 😉
    In the end the entire show is about Tony protects himself at the costs of others. I’m sure its alot like “Rome.”
    Deadwood was a uncensored look westerns we hadn’t seen before.

  15. “But about a “serious” and dark Star Wars, I think that goes completely against what made Star Wars (originals) so entertaining.”

    LOLx6 Ken J,,,,,,

    They blew up an entire planet, and the star system was ruled by a dark empire Ken ???

    Yeah Solo was cool,, lol, whatever.

  16. The difference is Tony is a mobster himself, and his friends are all mobsters and they are the so-called “protagonists” of the show.

    Rome is different because every character comes and goes except for Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus, and those two are more-or-less “good guys” for their time at least.

    And I’m not saying anything against Deadwood, just not my cup of tea because I’m not too into that era of the “wild west.”

  17. @790

    Oh, my mistake, Star Wars wasn’t humorous at all because the setting was serious. What was I thinking?

    LOLxinfinity+1 Ooohhhh, top that! 😀

  18. Sopranos does glorify the Mob, but I have to admit its a compelling series, and makes “The Godfather” films look dated.

    That’s what I expect from HBO productions. Deadwood is no exception.

  19. Also Universe 2 Star Trek series is supposedly on the way. Happy times :)

  20. It sounds like they want to make a quality product, but I’ll have to wait and see some footage before I dedicate any more time to the world of SW. I don’t want to be one of those people who bash on the prequels, but they really did ruin the original magic for me.

    Maybe if Lucas doesn’t involve himself with it in any form or fashion (I believe the man has lost all creative ingenuity and fresh imagination) it will turn into a fun and cool project.

  21. Well that’s your opinion Ken I don’t have scroll back to far to read your hypocritical comments on how Star Wars wasn’t based on a dark story…
    Go girl,,,!!!! Lol. 😉

  22. Billions of people died, some eaten alive, in Firefly/Serenity, so I guess there’s no way people enjoyed that show and movie for its humor either… Damn, I was so screwed up to think that about Star Wars… 😛

    Yes, there’s a reason I brought up Firefly, that was the closest to a western that I really liked, but it’s not REALLY a western, just seemed like it was inspired by it…

    That and Quigley Down Under, which despite a scene of people forcing people off a cliff, I liked it for its humor as well…

    And I’m sure Sopranos and Deadwood were well produced shows, but I’ve already explained why they don’t appeal to me. Not saying they were not good shows, I just don’t like them. Sopranos more-so than Deadwood.

    And if you think Sopranos was ended prematurely, Rome only lasted 2 seasons because the geniuses at HBO thought that Rome’s Season 1 success was only because it aired after Sopranos so they decided Season 2 will be the last season before it even aired. When Season 2 aired and it did just as well as Season 1 despite Sopranos no longer showing before it, they realized it was a mistake but by that time it was too late to change back because the writer had anticipated the end and had crammed all of the stories he intended to go on from seasons 3-whatever all into the second season.

    Oh well, worst decision they’ve made in my opinion. But hopefully the plans for the Rome movie pulls through.

    I think if they do a similar thing with this Star Wars as Firefly, it could work, but it’ll seem like a rip off and “browncoats” everywhere will mock the show… 😀

  23. Well if you want to attack that angle Ken, Sopranos had better ratings then Rome.

    Quigley Down under was a good film. But lets not get carried away. 😉

  24. Attack what angle? Didn’t I already say like 4 or 5 times that I’m not saying Sopranos is a bad show? Ah, you know what, nevermind… 😐

  25. @790

    I certainly don’t hate the prequels as much as some people do, I actually enjoyed Attack of the Clones for the most part (agnsty Christian Haydenssen (intentional spelling) and strange dialogue not-withstanding) and loved Revenge of the Sith, but I find a lot to hate about the prequels as well whereas I found the original trilogy was much much better (and yes, I loved the Ewoks).

  26. if the show is writen well and has a good story then yes

  27. I just hope this series is better than the Clone Wars tv series.

  28. I’m rather optimistic based on what you’ve put in this article. Yes, a series that draws on the relationships of the characters can work well. I do like that the show might be limited to a hundred episodes. I think it’s dangerous for a show to run too long, even though most don’t get the chance they deserve.

    What makes me really curious is whether they will fit in a Jedi character. You almost think they have to. Certainly, we probably won’t see Obi-Wan at any point (although, that would be cool, but only if they can bring back Ewan for that).

  29. I love Star Wars, especially the first 2 movies in the original trilogy. ROTJ was also good, but not as epic as the first 2. The prequels were just eye candy with wooden acting (except from Ian McDiarmid), with ROTS being the best of the 3. I haven’t even bothered with the Clone Wars animation BS. However, I have really enjoyed the way the Star Wars universe has been explored in the novels with the fantastic character development and intriguing storylines. IF a live action series can draw from this AND the first trilogy, then I think we will see a great show. If it’s more of Lucas trying to show off his Sfx, I’m afraid we’re in for 100 episodes of The Phantom Menace.