SR Pick [Video]: Every Star Wars Lightsaber Iginition & Retraction

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vader skywalker e1281210977798 SR Pick [Video]: Every Star Wars Lightsaber Iginition & Retraction

As Star Wars fans know, half the fun of traveling to a galaxy far, far, away is the anticipation of seeing somebody whip out their lightsaber and pop that bad boy up to full length.

Well, those of you with a serious lightsaber fetish can now get your kicks with a handy little video, which (supposedly) collects every scene in the entire Star Wars saga featuring Jedi and Sith igniting their signature weapons. The video is bookened with every scene of a lightsaber being powered down and stowed away.

Now, I used the word “fetish” in half-jest, but in the case of the Star Wars prequels it’s a pretty accurate description – if the video montage below is any indication. There is a pretty serious disparity between the amount of epic lightsaber action that took place in Episodes IV-VI, and the amount of purely frivolous lightsaber “action” that took place in Episodes I-III.

Take a look for yourself and you’ll see exactly what I mean:

I have a lot of gripes with the Star Wars prequels – a LOT of gripes – however, one thing I look back on and am really sad about now, years later, is just how badly Lucas cheapened the allure of the lightsaber in those prequel films.

Sure, I may sound like a die-hard Star Wars geek on a tirade, but when I was young watching Episodes IV-VI, the moments where Luke, Obi-Wan and Vader drew their swords were all moments of pure epic awesomeness, which gave way to some of the best and most memorable onscreen duels ever filmed.

By contrast, Episodes I-III were overloaded with seemingly arbitrary moments of Jedi and Sith whipping out their laser blades in order to engage in fight sequences that looked like kids at a rave waving their glowsticks, rather than the epic war for the fate of the universe that many of us expected when we first walked in to that theater to see Episode I in 1999.

epidsode I lightsaber duel SR Pick [Video]: Every Star Wars Lightsaber Iginition & Retraction

Now, some people are probably ready to jump in and “point out” that the cost and process of creating the lightsaber effects for the original Star Wars trilogy was obviously the determining factor in the limited screen time the fabled swords received. However, to me, that’s exactly the problem with a lot of modern movie making: the misconception that flashier effects = better movie. The original Star Wars trilogy still stands as testament to that truth.

Source: “Eric” via YouTube

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  1. Yeah i would never mess with star wars fans lol!

  2. I love how people blame Hayden Christiansen. He was delivering lines exactly as they were written on the script, hitting marks as they were set by the director. I actually found his portayl in Revenge Of The Sith to be excellent.

    • it wasnt the lines, the dude just cant act. i guess Lucas told him to be whiney through the two films, i dunno, he just bugged “you under estimate my powers” was delivered in a shakey whiney tone.

      • He was good in LIfe as a house (or whatever that movie he starred in with Kevin Spacey)

      • Lucas created Anakin and Padme in mind that they’re two young, emotionally/sexually/socially repressed teens fumbling around each other. With that in mind, Hayden and Portman did a great job, as that’s exactly how they come across. They’re just bad characters (imo!)

        I’d agree that he’s a bad actor, as sometimes it’s obvious that he’s reciting a script — but surely that’s George’s fault, or at least some of the blame.

        Saying that, Ep III is my favourite of the 6 films; followed by Empire.

        • @”Lucas created Anakin and Padme in mind that they’re two young, emotionally/sexually/socially repressed teens fumbling around each other.”

          The only problem with that is by ATOC Padme would be in her late twenties, and Anakin was a teenager. By that time, Padme would be looking for a guy who’s mature and is reponsible. The only thing Anaking would be interested in at his age would either be “Dude she’s hot” or “Dude she’s soo hot”. The love stoy between Anakin and Padme was made absolutely no sense, and just proves that Lucas can’t direct.

          If you want an example of a love story that makes sense look at Han and Leia. Those two actually make you believe they’re in love with each other.

          • In AOTC Padme is 24 and anakin is 19, there is only 5 years between them.

            • Matt isn’t talking about age difference, but the relative maturity/romantic interests of Anakin and Padme.

    • I’ll admit that I enjoyed ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and he was tolerable as Anakin in that movie. But in the AOTC his character was made into a whiney girl. He would have been perfect to star in the Twilight movies.

      • hahahahah too funny

  3. If you really think he can’t act, check out Shattered Glass, amazing performance from Hayden.

  4. The scenes your mentioning IAMIRONMAN, certainly didn’t ruin the mythos for me. If it seemed like Saber excess, I never felt it. Matter of fact the scenes during AOTC with all the Jedi were great!!!

    The BIGGEST problem I had with Hayden wasn’t his acting it was the fact that he looked nothing like an older Jake Lloyd.

    • thats true 790. ehh, when i dont like an actor, its hard for someone to pull me off that, it almost never happens. i did have issues with JAcksons purple light saber LOL. but Sam requested that himself, so thats on him hahah. i guess i just dont really care for lucas too much these days really

      • Purple was also one of the stronger lightsaber blades, one of the strongest since the last gold ones were destroyed. Mace Windu was the best Jedi with a lightsaber in his time, although not as strong in the force as Yoda. So it made sense that he would have the most powerful lightsaber of all the Jedi. A better casting choice for Anakin: A blonde Zac Efron. It would have been a better start to his career, even though it’s hard to get your mind around it because of the whole HSM thing. But he’s a semi-decent actor with lots of potential, the right look for Anakin, and has personality. There are other, better actors, but Anakin was never meant to be played by a superstar.

  5. hmm, maybe i’ll watch fanboys and zack and miri make a porno tonight :)

  6. Whoever did the video missed a crucial lightsaber ignition. When Han used Luke’s saber to slice open the Taun-taun (spelling) on Hoth. Not sure if they meant only the Jedi and Sith used them or not. Just sayin. lol

  7. That’s part of my point though. With someone like you, you don’t know it well enough to either appreciate it or criticize it correctly, you just see it as a really big blockbuster that pretty much everyone in the world knows about. I, knowing much more about Star Wars than all but one person here(who chooses not to say anything on the matter because he believes it’s pointless to argue), see the flaws more clearly and am affected by them more. Although you may not believe that all the lightsaber twirling is that bad, I am almost insulted by it. If anything, when it comes to the PT, I am disappointed because of the potential they possessed, and George Lucas just messed it up. If you think a bunch of Jedi using their lightsabers in a battle is cool, so be it. Notice how i didn’t mention that scene in my comment though, because we’re you’re in the middle of a battlefield, and you have a lightsaber, it’s probably a good idea to use it. I didn’t say all the scenes weren’t necessary, just a lot of them. And I’ve already checked other movies Hayden was in to see if he could ACTUALLY act. I didn’t find anything I was impressed by. And i won’t repeat what i said about the script writing, except to say that he didn’t pull of those lines perfectly. To say he did them perfectly would be to say that no one else could have done better, which is bs. I can name at least ten actors who could have said his lines better. He was a terrible casting choice. How he gets cast for any role at all I have no idea.

  8. It would be nice if when responding to direct comments, folks could take the 2 seconds and type in who they’re responding directly too? :-)
    IAMIRONMAN, thanks for the debate. I think I see what’s happened with the Star Wars prequels.
    Star Wars novels, card games, fiction relating to the main characters, back stories, origins, adventure etc were already out there for the fans to read.
    So when Lucas decided to approve his version (Star Wars prequels) everyone considered it a breach of canon or lore ,,,
    Be that right or wrong, I have a certain look the other way attitude with Star Wars.
    Mainly because being part of the generation that was there opening day back in 77.

    So I forgive the so called mistakes. Even Hayden.

    Just don’t watch the final scene of Jedi,,, :-)

    • eeeek, you HADDD to go there huh 790!! not only did lucas retool the greedo killing but he also effed up the ending of jedi LOL

  9. My favorite aspect of the Star Wars prequels is the clever political subterfuge Lucas forged into the Palpatine deception.
    Its quite brilliant actually, and relates in so many ways directly to our current and past leaders.
    “I will make it legal!!!”
    Sounds like somebody I know who pushed a healthcare bill nobody wanted,,,

    • lol…ur gonna get vic angry 790!! at least he wont get re-elected

  10. Vic and I go way back Antman,,,


    • ahhh cool, i just was lookin out for ya

  11. Thanks Antman, glad you got my back,,,!

    Virtual beer to you my friend,!


    • sweet thanks man!

    • Where’s my beer…and shot…i shouldn’t be doing this drunk…

  12. Drinks are on me gang! And that’s a double for Daniel who hates me,,,, :-)

    • lol. i dont that that’ll loosen him up 790 :)

  13. looks like the HOFF is gonna be roasted on comedy central this sunday hahah

  14. As said in the Rifftrax commentary for The Star Wars Holiday Special, George Lucas went pants-crapping insane. His inability to keep Star Wars cohesive started to appear as early as Return of the Jedi. Now, he continually dumps on the fans that made him what he is by changing the Original Trilogy and calling it “improvement.” The fans shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of trying to preserve these films in their original state, but that’s what George has caused. I sincerely urge folks to go to and (a brand-new work in progress) and learn more about the preservation, restoration, and revisiting of these classic movies.