‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ Script Might Be in The Works [Updated]

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Knights of the Old Republic Movie Script Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Script Might Be in The Works [Updated]

One of the 10 Star Wars spin-offs we at Screen Rant want to see is an adaptation of Knights of the Old Republic, the first installment in what has become of the largest video game properties under the LucasArts branch. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic released for the PC and original Xbox back in 2003 and remains one of the best Star Wars stories ever told. It’s based 4,000 years before the events of the Star Wars films in a time where Jedi and Sith are commonplace in society.

The game was a success in the eyes of fans and critics, and not long after its release there were rumors it could be adapted by Lucasfilm, potentially launching a movie series that would be entirely separate from the core Star Wars saga. Outside of the prequel trilogy, 3D re-releases and the animated Clone Wars series, the franchise film began to fade until last fall when Disney acquired Lucasfilm and began planning out what’s going to be an even bigger Star Wars saga going forward.

The latest scoop on that front – if we can call it that – comes from a mysterious and unsubstantiated email Harry Knowles of AICN received from what sounds like someone at the game developer BioWare, claiming that writer Drew Karpyshyn (of BioWare fame), one of the more popular writers of the video games industry, may be developing a screenplay for a Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) movie, based off the game series of the same name which he also helped write. Knowles’ last scoop about Yoda being the first character to get a solo Star Wars film has since proven false, and this scoop similarly has nothing official going for it.

Karpyshyn was the lead writer on Mass Effect 1 & 2, the first three Mass Effect novels, Jade Empire, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate II and has written five Star Wars novels. He arguably wrote the best parts of the Mass Effect series and Mass Effect 3 suffered in terms of story without him. Really, he’s partly responsible for the greatest games in the developer’s library, but he retired from BioWare just over a year ago to pursue other projects, including screenwriting.

With Disney now in charge of Lucasfilm a decade later and planning to bring the brand back to the forefront with an annualized film franchise (similar to Marvel Studios) and a willingness to develop standalone Star Wars movies outside of the episodic saga, them tossing around ideas to eventually adapt KOTOR and potentially its sequels (KOTOR 2 and The Old Republic MMO) is expected at this point.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Darth Malak 570x332 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Script Might Be in The Works [Updated]

Darth Malak in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Are execs at Lucasfilm and Disney considering Knights of the Old Republic as one of the many potential projects to develop for the Star Wars franchise? Yes, of course they are. There are five films already confirmed in development (Episodes 7-9 and Han Solo and Boba Fett spin-offs) and it’s likely that other hit Star Wars games like Shadows of the Empire and Force Unleashed are others at the “idea” stage as well.

That being said, KOTOR has a lot more going for it than a Yoda film and it’s a safe bet that players of the game(s) would much rather see the former realized if it came down to one over the other. The question is, would Disney want to invest in a film or series of films that are similar to the main saga, but entirely separate ? Would that be too confusing for moviegoers if KOTOR came out in between the main episodes?

[Like I said here and on Twitter, this isn’t true, verified by Drew Karpyshyn.]

Star Wars Episode 7 will hit theaters in 2015.


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Source: AICN

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  1. I WOULD Definitively PAY TO SEE THIS! I want to see Darth Malak on the big screen!

  2. Now we are getting somewhere! Let s not mess up the original characters or story anymore and start fresh.

  3. Oh my god, yes. Now THIS is a Star Wars movie I’d go see.

  4. I’ve said before that I’m hoping that LucasFilm/Disney will avoid the prequel route when it comes to the standalone films.
    But something like this I can get behind. 4,000 years before the events of Episodes 1-6 provides plenty of time to tell it’s own story. Now, I should admit I have zero knowledge of this series and what takes place so I could be wrong but I like this idea a lot more than young Han or Yoda stories.

  5. Itll be online only

    • Zing!

  6. I would be utterly floored if Drew Karpyshyn, an untested screenwriter, would win the KOTOR gig. Sure, a KOTOR film saga would be great, but LFL will likely choose a practiced writer if/when this project gets the greenlight.

  7. I always liked The Old Republic explored in games, while the films explored the time during and after the galactic empire. But it could be good.

  8. Swtor is grand in story. An Imperal Agent going rogue story, Darth Malgus the Betrayer, etc etc take your pick.

    However KOTOR would be more than epic with HK-47!!! Hopefully they add in Blizz.

  9. So, keep going back in time huh?

    Another Movie based on a game? A Role Playing game at that?


  10. I was hoping for something in consideration to Darth Plegueis. He’s the character I’m most interested in. According to the EU, he’s suppose to be the father of Anakin Skywalker. His tale implies that Darth Plagueis manipulated the midi-chlorians to create Anakin, but the film hinted at this, but never lend to a conclusion. However, this maybe a good story plot for Ep7… Where maybe, Plagueis could be somehow be resurrected, or spawned, to kill the descendents of the Skywalkers, and unbalance the force back into the darkside.

  11. Hmmm, sub-series for KOTOR… Wouldn’t it be interesting if there was some element or character they used in both Trilogies to tie the past and future together? I’m intrigued by the possibility of a powerful Sith (not Malak) from KOTOR surviving only to be discovered imprisoned frozen in Carbonite and revived to wreak havoc in the future. This would make the two Trilogies their own Saga.

    Example in release order:
    KOTOR(K)1 – Intro to ancient Jedi & Sith with a focus on a specific antagonist Sith Lord or Dreadmaster.
    Ep7 – Intro to older heros, their offspring, and new Antagonist & Protagonist.
    K2 – Some ancient battle (possible Alderaan) between Jedi & Sith.
    Ep8 – Ancient Sith discovered frozen in Carbonite and revived, possibly by Jacen Solo…
    K3 – Ancient Sith frozen in exile somewhere in the depth of the Outer Rim, maybe even as the true source of Darkness in the Cave on Dagobah…
    Ep9 – Finally big epic finale of Good vs Evil as the ancient Sith Lord with a restored power base attacks the New Jedi Order.

    The overall moral of the story arc should be around the Balance between “Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” and “Some things are just better off left buried in the past.”

    This could be something completely unique and complimentary to the existing Canon from all sources without disrupting the existing Canon, and provide a unique Cinematic experience that is less confusing than say “Lost”. Using Carbonite to freeze someone for that long is not unheard of in Canon i.e. The original Founders of Taris, the Prison Planet of Belsavis.

    I only ask for .01% of overall movie profits from using the elements of this arc idea, of course more if contacted for some creative consultation. Fat chance, but can’t blame a fan for trying. ;-D

    • The sequel trilogy won’t be prequels.

      • No sh*t?! What an insight!

        • I sense much fear in you….

          • ?

  12. Tom Hardy for Malak? ”When the Republic is in ashes…you have my permission to die..” Hahahahaha

    • I could definitely see hardy as Malak. they could use a similar voice. but alas its proven false made up rumor =(

  13. Coincidentally, I re-installed KOTOR2 on my PC tonight.
    I’d love to see a movie adaption of this great game franchise.

    • Did you get the restored content mod to go with it? :P

      • No, do you have a link?

  14. I will watch the s*** out of this! Please, please LucasArts! Make this happen. I have hope for the future of the Star Wars franchise (not a lot of hope, but still hope) but this would blow everything out of the water! PLEASE SOMEONE FIND A WAY TO MAKE A KOTOR MOVIE HAPPEN.

    • Does this rumor give you a “New Hope”?

      Sorry, but I couldn’t resist! :P

      • Oh sir you win lol

  15. If the internet talks enough about it, IT SHALL BE!!!

    Seriously – if LucasFilm/Disney makes this movie, they WILL regain an enormous fan base!

    There are so many people that were alienated by the Prequel trilogy but this would pull SO MANY people back in. As a teen even, this series consumed my life in such a way that only the original trilogy could have.

    If LucasFilm/Disney wants that Star Wars magic back, THEY WILL MAKE THIS MOVIE.

  16. Writing a good video game story and writing a good movie are entirely different animals.

  17. 5 are confirmed already ? When did this happen ?
    I thought only 3 are confirmed ! And not Solo and Boba’s Movie !

  18. DARTH NIHILUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I’m all for it. Just get Karpyshyn to write the story and get a writer someone who has a lot potential that is great with dialogue to write the script and hopefully land a director who would bring a lot of excitement.

    • Of course it was going to be fake.

  20. Fangasm alert!

  21. Man, this has got to happen!!!!!!!

  22. Well, Drew said he wasn’t involved and Disney/Lucasarts confirmed they are currently testing out ideas for spinoffs. So my assumption is KotOR (assuming game and not comic) is being concidered, thrn someone told someone else and some how the rumor grew till it was published.

    Now my two cents on the lack of Drew, beyond duh the guy doesn’t write screne plays but books and games, is simply this could be taken either way. Drews pros are Kotor I, Mass Effect I & 2, and the Darth Bane books (which where decent adapations of a bad comic yet not retconing it either, just making it awesome). Drews cons though is SWTOR of which he wrote the Jedi Knight plot line and helped with Revans (in his defense he came into the project late, so he may have had bad running orders) however what he did to Revan in both the book and game was a poor hack job vs what he did with Kotor, worse he retconed Kotor II for the most part (once again might have been running orders from hi bosses since he came on to SWTOR late, and his quiting right after implies dissatisfaction with EA) now I’m not a SWTOR hater I just realize its plot was clearly sub par vs Kotor since it aimed for 8 more spinoff characters vs a true main plot that could be adapted into a movie plus the charaacter relationships. Worse the limit of one companion at a time really killed that Star Wars feel where a group of characters would be just that when in SWTOR it literaly galvinized you into taking the latest compaion since the old one was next to useless to you beyond farming.

    What I hope to get from these Kotor rumors would be Kotor 1-3 (adapted of course) turned into a new series of trilogies (with the ’3′ that never happened being the main plot and characters that was really missing from SWTOR and not set 300 years later so we don’t lose every character from kotor 1-2 in the span of some opening credits (Keep Meetra alive for one!!! And maybe rename her… too that name was just, bad…)), with the SWTOR characters being the spinoff movies based on the later movies. I would also love if if they started the series by having an old generation of Exar Kun characters forming the old generation (aka Jolee was such a character in Kotor, but I’d love Nomi and others to play a part too, btw Kotor I planned to do just this by having Bastila be Nomi’s daughter but her Last name had a trademark battle so they renamed her into Bastila, but with Disney at the helm I’m sure they can fix that legal issue or just rename her last name ‘Sunrider’ to whatever the hell they felt like xD)

    Now my desires for movies from the Old Republic era based on previous Expanded Universe plots being
    1) Kotor 1-3 (based off game not as much comic of same name, but there time line should be included but would prefer instead that that timeline movie but focusing on Revan, Malak, Master Kea, and Exile (Meetra))
    2) Spinoffs based on the playable characters from the SwTOR game but set in a KotOR 3 time line… unless they do something intelligent like have the KotOR 1&2 cast train Jedi Knight and Consular, in which case they become main cast members in the final Kotor movies instead, likely with Smuggler and Trooper as supporting Cast.
    3) Darth Bane series (adapted from the books, but please scrap the mind bomb and other lame elements from the poorly done comics)
    4) Exar Kun era trilogy, So Nomi Sunrider & Ulic Qel Droma too (though much of it could be mentioned via dialog in KotOR due to being only 40 years apart
    5) Knight Errant but more as a spin off movie than trilogy

    Don’t care about the rest of it… thoughthe great hyperspace war has potential… but rathey they be saved for someone looking to redo them many many years later when they got some great idea of how to adapat them into something good, rather than the short stories they where

  23. This would be awesome. It would be great to even see the formation of the Sith when the Dark Jedi split from the rest of the Jedi Knights and land on Korriban.

  24. You’re all forgetting that SW is a Disney property, now. They’ll find some way to fit Jar Jar in there. ;)

    • He should become a Sith. EVERYONE would be blindsided by that. :O

  25. Not being a gamer, I don’t have personal familiarity with KOTOR, but it sounds like a great idea, possibly the best out there. I am looking forward to Ep VII, and Han Solo really honestly is a character around whom a good spinoff could be done. But it would be cleanest to allow the post-ROTJ Expanded Universe continue to exist in non-film mediums and take advantage of all of those thousands of generations of Old Republic in which to tell new cinematic stories.

  26. That would be huge, especially since the player’s character has had such a pivotal role that extended beyond the games and literally redefined the Star Wars universe.
    On a side note, you guys at ScreenRant might wanna ease off with the mays and mights and coulds. We want information, not hearsay.

  27. bfg666…I reckon if screen rant just stuck to the facts then their wouldnt be much to read, The mays, mights, and coulds is what keeps them going..

    • Maybe, but all this speculation is somewhat vain in the end.

    • I agree. It seems that every day there is some item that seems to be pulled from other sites and forums and added here as a “rumour”…stick to the facts and verify the sources, even if it means waiting a day or two.

      Screenrant sometimes falls into the trap that many mainstream media is living off of…revealing the unverified scoop just to be the the first to reveal it…even if it makes no sense at all. Once I read that a former game writer was supposedly behind the screenplay my BS radar exploded. :(