Star Wars: Han Solo & Boba Fett Spinoff Films Revealed

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Boba Fett and Han Solo Movies Star Wars: Han Solo & Boba Fett Spinoff Films Revealed

The movie universe has broken wide open since the announcement that Disney purchased LucasFilm and plans to release new Star Wars movies – beginning with Star Wars Episode VII in 2015. Just yesterday came the news from top executives that standalone spinoff films were in the works as well, to fill the years in between each numbered chapter of the unfolding new saga.

A Yoda movie was the first rumored prospect for spinoff; following in the trend of revisiting old characters from the original trilogy, today we get word that Han Solo and Boba Fett might also get their own, respective, feature films.

EW is dropping the exclusive, claiming to have it from sources that Solo and Fett are indeed the characters we will see in spinoff films. It makes perfect sense for Disney/Lucas to take a two-pronged approach to the franchise; on the one hand offering fans the nostalgic thrill of new adventures with old, beloved (lucrative) characters – meanwhile expanding the brand with the new Episodes and their characters.

Han Solo Harrison Ford Star Wars 7 Star Wars: Han Solo & Boba Fett Spinoff Films Revealed

Word is the Han Solo film would take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, chronicling how a young rapscallion bacome the legendary lovable roughneck smuggler. Of course (as will be detailed in our upcoming editorial) there must be a “How Han Met Chewie” element to this film for it to be all it can be.

If you couldn’t tell by the parameters being set, Han Solo would have to be played by a younger actor – though like The Hobbit, an aged Harrison Ford could still be utilized to frame the piece. Ford himself said he’s open to returning to the franchise.

The Boba Fett movie is more vague in shape, but basically the idea is to set it between either Episodes IV & V, or V & VI, with the gist of it being Boba tangling with a collection of fellow intergalactic Bounty Hunters and scumbags to obtain (or protect) some quarry. With a loose frame like that, we could very well end up seeing Han Solo’s carbonite slab bounced around the screen for an hour an a half while Boba tries to get it back. Add in cameos by unscrupulous types like Darth Vader, and this anti-hero Star Wars flick could be something refreshingly new.

Captain America director Joe Johnston told us personally he wants to make a Boba Fett movie – we’d still like to see that happen! Star Wars meets Dredd meets Catch Me if You Can? Why not.

Star Wars Episode 7 Boba Fett Actor Comments Star Wars: Han Solo & Boba Fett Spinoff Films Revealed

The current game plan is for Episodes VII – IX to be released every three years between 2015 – 2021, with additional films (like these solo spinoffs) in the gaps between Episodes chapters. Given the resources of Disney/LF, there very well could be two Star Wars films out a year, keeping with the Marvel blueprint.

No word on casting, writers or directors yet – and given the state flux we are living in regarding Star Wars as a whole, anything could end up happening. Don’t count Yoda, Republic Commandos, Shadow of the Empire or anything else out.

What about you guys? Any ideas to share?


Stay tuned, as more Star Wars news will surely be coming soon.

Source: EW

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  1. I’m down for a Boba Fett spin-off. His character was never really such an important character anyways, so there’s no harm here. He was just a bad-ass side character, so as long as they don’t do his backstory or anything, I’d be down.

    Han Solo… not such a fan. His character was fantastic (when he shot first, of course), and I don’t want to see them watering him down with a backstory. I’m very happy that they didn’t put a young Han in Episode 3. “George Lucas woulda put Han in the birthing room and say ‘Young Han Solo, meet Baby Luke Skywalker.’ And he’d shake his little baby hands” (Redlettermedia, for those who haven’t seen his fantastic reviews of the Star Wars prequels).

    Anywho, please leave Han alone. I doubt his character could be expanded upon any more than he already was, and anything else they do will likely just ruin the arc of his character. Do we really need to see how Han became Han? Do we really need to see how Yoda became a Jedi? Do we really need to see how Darth Vader came to being? Isn’t the mystery what makes their characters so intriguing? By telling us exactly what happened in their past, it loses much of the appeal.

    Just my opinion here, folks.

  2. I think people need to just be patient before lambasting these ideas. For one thing, no one thought anybody could play Kirk, Spock, etc. but I felt all the casting in Star Trek was great. Same could be done with Star Wars. Secondly, everyone keeps saying Harrison Ford WAS Han Solo, when in fact he’s not. He’s a quiet reserved private man (at least from his interviews) who is probably nothing like Han Solo. He’s an actor acting like a scoundrel. I’m not sure who could play him and I don’ want to guess. I’ll see it, if they make it. Same with a Boba Fett film. Just think Star Trek reboot, X-men: First Class reboot, etc. Sometimes the new actors are better than the originals. Sometimes.

    • Time moves on….

      Different actors play James Bond.

      Different actors play Superman.

      …………………. Batman.

      …………………. Kirk, Spock, Bones… etc, all….

      And now, STAR WARS.

    • They mean there could never be another Han Solo not he acts just like him

    • They mean there could never be another actor to play Han Solo not that he acted just like him. I did not mean to put the same comment below

  3. I really like the ideas of having stand alone Star Wars films like Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Yoda. I agree with what what was said above by Rick Hunter with Han and Lando seeing their backstory, then maybe see him meeting Chewie. I would like to see solo films of The Emperor, Darth Maul, Darth Plagueis, The X-Wing Rogue Fighters like Wedge Antelles. There is really so much to explore in the expanded Star Wars Universe.

  4. If these “origin” movies make money are they going to start digging and do a Chewbacca and Lando movie too? Maybe Wedge will get a film too…………..

    • Landos Movie will be made by Quentin T. and be a Blacksplotation Movie ! (God,English Grammar :(

  5. I’ve been thinking about who could play Han and I came up with Drew Roy, he plays Hal on Falling Skies. I think he could probably pull off a pretty good young Han Solo. He’d be about the right age, he’s still relatively unknown and he’s kinda got the look about him. The more I’ve thought about it the more I like the idea.

    • I would rather see Joseph Gordon-Levitt play a YOUNG han solo. For a middle aged Han like in episodes IV V and VI, I’d like to see Nathan Fillion, from firefly, play Han. Just my thoughts.

  6. i hope they show chewie loosing in chess and ripping someones arms out of their sockets! haha

  7. I want to see a live action “Shadow of the Empire” nothing else matters to me as far as “Spin off” movies. As for the Han Solo yeah ok sure whatever just make sure Harrison Ford is in Episode 7, 8, and 9 or at least unless he dies in one of those then yea we can say goodbye to him. But if he’s not dead it has to be Ford.

    Don’t care who they cast for the spin off younger version I guess as long as the dude looks the part, and acts the role. GOOD LUCK on finding another Harrison Ford. lol

  8. While I love the idea of a Yoda spin-off movie (bring back Mace Windu!) as popular as Han Solo is, I think a backstory movie is unnecessary. Sometimes, the reason certain characters are so popular and resonate with viewers so much is because when we see them they are the finished article. Look at Hannibal Lector; in Silence of the Lambs, scary and intimidating as f**k. However, the more we found out about his past and childhood, the less impact the character had IMHO. I think the same could happen in a Han Solo solo movie. Hopefully not.

    Am excited about a Boba Fett movie though. lots of potential there, like bringing back the hutts (but please, this time, no annoying flying wasp scrap metal merchant thingy).

    I would love to see a movie depicting the beginning of the war between the Sith and the Jedi though.

  9. The Yoda movie had better be in the works as well! The character is an integral part of the Star Wars saga. It would be GREAT to explore his origins, find out how he earned the rank of “Grand Master”, and to see the numerous force powers/abilities he has, in which, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding his power in the past films.

  10. I was 9 when Star Wars was released in 1977 and I absolutely loved the original trilogy. Good times, good times! I’ve tried to hang on to that despite all of Lucas’ tweaks, the prequels, and his political blatherings. I would love to see a Han Solo as well as a Boba Fett stand alone film. They have always been my favorite characters. I’ve not read many of the books in the EU, but I really loved reading the early Han Solo books as a teen(Revenge, Lost Legacy, Star’s End) and would love to see a well written story about his early days. No interest in seeing something like Courtship of Princess Leia brought to life. I’m cautiously excited about the possibilities.

  11. i would like to see the events between REVENGE OF THE SITH and STAR WARS how the Rebel Alliance was formed and the mission to steal the Death Star plans. ths would definately tie whole thing together

  12. listen i agree with anyway not caring for the spin off. I personally never like good guys so its safe to say fray from spin offs and do a movie on the history of the sith. if this movie happens i can die in peace hahaha…seriously make it people love evil as much as they hate it.

  13. baiscally, boba and history of the sith would be epic (to me)

  14. IF they made a Han Solo… ahem solo-movie, aside from the obvious not messing with the established (read AC Crispin’s novels) character, I only have one “demand”: Nathan Fillion has to be cast as Han!

    • Nathan Fillion today is actually older than Harrison Ford was when they filmed the first movie. Unless you mean have him play Han after the events of the original trilogy (I haven’t read the novels you’re referring to so I don’t know what exactly you’re talking about). Either way, I don’t agree with Nathan Fillion as Han. I like Fillion, but he pretty much played as close to Han as he’ll ever get with Mal Reynolds in Serenity/Firefly.

      If you want to see a perfect young Han Solo, look up Anthony Ingruber on youtube. He’s an aspiring actor that actually does quite a bit of impressions (including Harrison Ford) and he looks identical to a young Harrison Ford. I know people throw out the term “identical” quite a bit and it’s rarely actually so, but I do mean it.
      I D E N T I C A L

      Check him out, if not just to see his impressions, which are very good.

    • Yeah, I could see Fillion as Solo, but isn’t he already getting a bit too old for the part himself?

  15. It would be cool if a Han Solo movie ended at the same cantina on Tatooine, and in fact at the very same time as when we first met him in “A New Hope”. Same music, same “creatures”, digital inclusion of Skywalker and Obi-Wan in the back. But before Greedo is shot.

  16. There actually was an early draft of ROTS that featured a 10-year-old Han living with the wookiees on Kashyyyk, which would have explained his relationship with Chewie. I think the basic premise for that scenario would be that he was raised by the wookiees. There was even some early artwork for 10-year-old Han.

  17. “Jar Jar Binks – The Complete Story” : It will be amazing ! (ironic) lol

  18. A Boba Fett spinoff is a pretty cool idea. Go ahead and make that happen.

    A Han Solo spinoff or “origin” movie or whatever, not so much. It just doesn’t seem necessary when they could explore so many other lesser known characters, or even introduce new ones.

    However, if they absolutely decided to do a Han Solo spinoff with a young Han, there does indeed exist an actor that would be absolutely perfect: Anthony Ingruber. Look him up on youtube. He does spot on impressions (not necessarily the mark of a great actor, I know, but his are exceptionally well done and he captures the heart of the characters he impersonates, including Han Solo). He also happens to look EXACTLY like a young Harrison Ford. I’m not usually one to want actors cast in established roles because they simply look similar to the actor, but he is seriously identical to a “Young Harrison Ford”.

  19. Anthony Ingruber as Han Solo.

    I don’t agree with the idea of a Han Solo movie, but if it must be done: Anthony Ingruber.

  20. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is an idiot. These movies are going to suck. Mark my words, Star Wars fans will be begging for Lucas’ tepid prequels long before Disney is through milking Star Wars with on s*** film after another. Milk that teat dry Disney.

  21. How about they fill in the gap between episodes 3 and 4. I’m guessing thats around 20 years.

  22. Someone mentioned starting from the beginning… KOTOR era or pre-KOTOR… I don’t have a problem with doing a KOTOR type spin off/origin film, but I think it should be one film. There really is no reason to delve that deeply into the expanded universe backwards. Sure, tell the story of the Great Hyperspace Wars, the original Sith pure bloods, or what became of them, Mandalorian Wars, etc. Moving towards to the Rule of Two. Star Wars is the story of the Skywalker family and its rise, fall and redemption. While having spin-offs for other subject matter is awesome… I don’t think it needs to become the sole foci of the franchise.

  23. Joe, if you haven’t learned your lesson before as A LOT of people did with the reboot of Star Trek… Just because one moron decides something is going to suck…and totally blasts it — Doesn’t mean it will. Usually that tool ends up looking like the biggest fool and has to go back and delete all his posts. lol. Give it a chance. It’s way too early to tell what will even make it to production, much less pre-production.

  24. Here is the perfect casting for a Han Solo movie: Mark Wahlberg as Han Solo and Chris Tucker as Chewbacha! Now that would be hilarious. Tucker has to bring his Fifth Element side with him and Wahlberg can keep his Boston accent! If Boba Fett can all of a sudden be a Kiwi then why the F can’t Solo be a Bostonite I’d see it! lol

  25. Here is the perfect casting for a Han Solo movie: Mark Wahlberg as Han Solo and Chris Tucker as Chewbacha! Now that would be hilarious. Tucker has to bring his Fifth Element side with him and Wahlberg can keep his Boston accent! If Boba Fett can all of a sudden be a Kiwi then why the F can’t Solo be a Bostonite I’d see it! lol

  26. Harrison Ford will still look good as an older Han in the VII episode but somehow I don’t think Mark Hamill will still be fresh as Luke. I am talking about the actual VII episode not the Han spinoff

  27. I think a Yoda movie is a very bad idea. Very bad.

    It’s hard enough taking Yoda seriously when he was a puppet, and I don’t want to see a movie where the main character is cgi. I keep imagining a star wars version of Kung Fu Panda when I think of a Yoda movie, I don’t know why though. But still, bad idea.

    Boba Fett would be a movie that is all about the cool factor. No unneeded drama, don’t go into boba fett’s already-known past. Just make up a completely new side story that is interesting and action packed, and maybe add a few cameos. It’d be a great chance to show more of those curious looking bounty hunters that they only hinted at in episode V. It gets tiring seeing white stormtroopers shoot at regular-looking human rebel forces. I want to see the rich environment of Jabba’s palace with all the different life forms and how they move and act. I already know what a rebel, or a stormtrooper will do. But you never know with an alien that you’ve never seen before.

    Han in my opinion, isn’t an interesting enough character to make a full movie off of. He’s a great character, and he provides some of the greatest quotes and personality in the franchise, but I think he is more the type of character to be on the side, there when you really need him. I don’t want to see his character ruined by adding in his childhood past and over dramatizing any love relationships he has.

  28. A Han Solo stand-alone could be ridiculously great! I’m already seeing major parts of the movie involving him and the story about the kessel run and his smuggling adventures… How did he do it in less than 12 parsecs…How he met Chewie. So many great potential things to see on film! As long as they find an actor that isn’t well known could only make Han Solo believable. Just hope that the don’t overkill the future movies with CGI mania! Eps 1-3 lost it’s grit and realism that 4-6 had! I get that its sci-fi but come lets keep some set designer and make-up artists some job opps!