Star Wars: Han Solo & Boba Fett Spinoff Films Revealed

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Boba Fett and Han Solo Movies Star Wars: Han Solo & Boba Fett Spinoff Films Revealed

The movie universe has broken wide open since the announcement that Disney purchased LucasFilm and plans to release new Star Wars movies – beginning with Star Wars Episode VII in 2015. Just yesterday came the news from top executives that standalone spinoff films were in the works as well, to fill the years in between each numbered chapter of the unfolding new saga.

A Yoda movie was the first rumored prospect for spinoff; following in the trend of revisiting old characters from the original trilogy, today we get word that Han Solo and Boba Fett might also get their own, respective, feature films.

EW is dropping the exclusive, claiming to have it from sources that Solo and Fett are indeed the characters we will see in spinoff films. It makes perfect sense for Disney/Lucas to take a two-pronged approach to the franchise; on the one hand offering fans the nostalgic thrill of new adventures with old, beloved (lucrative) characters – meanwhile expanding the brand with the new Episodes and their characters.

Han Solo Harrison Ford Star Wars 7 Star Wars: Han Solo & Boba Fett Spinoff Films Revealed

Word is the Han Solo film would take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, chronicling how a young rapscallion bacome the legendary lovable roughneck smuggler. Of course (as will be detailed in our upcoming editorial) there must be a “How Han Met Chewie” element to this film for it to be all it can be.

If you couldn’t tell by the parameters being set, Han Solo would have to be played by a younger actor – though like The Hobbit, an aged Harrison Ford could still be utilized to frame the piece. Ford himself said he’s open to returning to the franchise.

The Boba Fett movie is more vague in shape, but basically the idea is to set it between either Episodes IV & V, or V & VI, with the gist of it being Boba tangling with a collection of fellow intergalactic Bounty Hunters and scumbags to obtain (or protect) some quarry. With a loose frame like that, we could very well end up seeing Han Solo’s carbonite slab bounced around the screen for an hour an a half while Boba tries to get it back. Add in cameos by unscrupulous types like Darth Vader, and this anti-hero Star Wars flick could be something refreshingly new.

Captain America director Joe Johnston told us personally he wants to make a Boba Fett movie – we’d still like to see that happen! Star Wars meets Dredd meets Catch Me if You Can? Why not.

Star Wars Episode 7 Boba Fett Actor Comments Star Wars: Han Solo & Boba Fett Spinoff Films Revealed

The current game plan is for Episodes VII – IX to be released every three years between 2015 – 2021, with additional films (like these solo spinoffs) in the gaps between Episodes chapters. Given the resources of Disney/LF, there very well could be two Star Wars films out a year, keeping with the Marvel blueprint.

No word on casting, writers or directors yet – and given the state flux we are living in regarding Star Wars as a whole, anything could end up happening. Don’t count Yoda, Republic Commandos, Shadow of the Empire or anything else out.

What about you guys? Any ideas to share?


Stay tuned, as more Star Wars news will surely be coming soon.

Source: EW

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  1. Han solo movie is an absolute must!!!! The best part is their is already story line out there! The Han Solo Trilogy. It start off with solo being taken as a young lad on the streets of Corrilia by a pirate named Garris Strike. I couldnt tell the story if i had 2 pages to wright it there is just to much information bottom line is tho if they do a Han Solo prequel Telling about his first love, how he met Chewbacca, The reason he hates Slavers (has to do with who he fell in love with) ;D all in all this would be a BRILLIANT avenue for a great spin off!

  2. I’d like to see Han win the Falcon away from Lando!

    • Hell yeah that would be cool

  3. And there’ll be some serious tryouts for the role of Han. SO important that they get the right guy! After all, they’ll need him for a few films, right? Maybe we’ll even see Han dump Jabba’s cargo at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser:) And then get boarded.

  4. I think an Obi-Wan spin off would be good. Already have the actor, McGregor (who was just about the only “Actor” in the prequel series).

    • Liam Neeson, that is all.

      • Liam Neeson HATED being apart of the star wars movie he was in.

        • Yea because i am sure he is so unhappy about making a billion dollars from it.

    • I think Natalie Portman is a very good actor. Just didn’t see that in Star Wars. If you don’t know her films you really should watch some. Start with The Professional (aka Leon).

  5. Oh god please no please. The mystery is what makes Han such an interesting character! Leave it for fan fiction or written stories for people who are into that but don’t make anything canon to ruin the imagination! Plus we had a young Han played by Harrison, it would just feel like a grab at money along with a probable sub par movie to ruin the character. I’d say the same for Boba as his mystery and lack of depiction really made the character but since he isn’t a main it cold be ok.

    • You have a point there. I’m torn because it would also be really cool to see his back story with Chewbacca and Lando.

    • definitely agree you make some valid points. they have so much Star Wars fan fiction it’s ridiculous. I think the best way to do more with boba fett is make him a more pivotal anti-hero character in the new trilogy and even show how he escaped from inside the sarlaac’s stomach flashback in RTJ. They could always do fett in episode 6.5 or 6 1/2, however disney does it. make the old characters new again in many different ways and family trees of Jedi vs. Sith. Time will tell.

    • I feel the same way about Yoda. Everyone has their own opinion in their own mind about everything Yoda is and was. In that sense, he’s essentially perfect in everyone’s eyes. I like the idea that Yoda’s past is a mystery, and was deliberately kept secret by him!

  6. I hope the director of captain america doesnt do boba fett it would be as horrible as what he did to the cap.

    • captain america was awesome what are you talking about

  7. Please please don’t make it Disney cutesey, what makes star wars so good is it’s slightly dirty hard edge if thay clean it up and make it kiddy friendly it will ruin the whole movie

    • Like Disney made the new slew of Marvel flicks cutesy? 😉

      There’s hope. Look up (if you don’t know the names) JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan.

      • The Black Hole! ,20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! nough said

    • That was the problem with the prequels and the special edition jabbas palace scene (i thought i was suddenly watching the muppet show).
      Hopefully disney will realise that this is the biggest fear fans have about the new films and keep them as gritty as possible……fingers crossed eh?

  8. I would love to see a republic commando movie! I think that would be awesome for Disney/Lucas Film to bring back the clones. Plus the game was amazing and we could get new ones! Maybe we might even find out what happened to Sev!

    • Exactly Mr_Rust-EZZE The Delta Squad would also be a great movie, in the movies they are shown to be like the droids, heartless. When you played the game republic commando you really got an insight in how they felt and that they really cared about each other. The movie should be about the Alpha Team or another Delta Squad team. I think you could profit on the most spinoff movies because there are a lot of peoples that would really like yo see those movies.

  9. Star Wars is fine the way it is. Do we really need any more movies cause you know they’re going to be crap.

  10. they need to do boba yoda solo and qui-gonn jin spinoffs. we dont really know about their youth or other adventures beside what we saw in the six movies. what do you think?

  11. First of all i would like an movie about the old star wars universe, close to the mmorpg game star wars the old republic, that would truly be awesome. I would also like a spinoff movie about any of the older sith lords maybe Darth Plagueis and how he “created” Anakin. Sith lords like Revan and Malgus would also be great. This is my point, I would really like something about the dark side.

  12. A Darth Vader spinoff set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope would make me wet my pants! Or as I like to put it, what SHOULD HAVE BEEN Episode III.

  13. This is what I see coming…

    2015-SW7 the first 3 billion dollar film
    2016-Boba fett
    2018-Young Han solo
    2020-RED 5 X-wing movie which could spawn its own franchise
    2021-Yoda his early years..?
    2022-TOR episode 1
    2023-OBIwan set after episode 3 and before rebels
    2024-TOR episode 2
    2025-Vader set between 3-4
    2026-TOR episode 3
    2027-Sith/Jedi orgins

    • SWFAN, if that’s anythings like what actually happens I will be thrilled. Half the fun is anticipating the “what could be” of the series, but if Disney does it right it could be great. They just have to keep it borderline R rated. Obviously they will keep it PG 13 to satisfy younger viewers, but I hope its PG 13 like Dark Knight, with intense sequences.

    • hmm I can’t see them doing a Obi-Wan or Vader spinoff. Unless in the further future the are desperate for spin-off movie material. Like, both of their stories have been told through episodes I-VI and all their main character developments or whatnot have been explored. Yoda early years, I would love to see! 900 years old he is, so you could even make a trilogy out of him.

  14. I know many of you guys have awesome ideas and valid points, but what I really want to see is something new and fresh. I want characters that I don’t know what their fate is since to me that was what messed up most of the fun in the prequels. Movies about Yoda and Darth Vader though they might be cool, just don’t do it for me since I know how the characters story ends. If movies were to be made about characters we all know and love, then I think it would be awesome to take characters who didn’t die in the Star Wars movies so that you can relate to the character and have the suspence of not knowing what the fate of that character might be. Characters like Ventress, Ahsoka, Cad Bane, Bossk and Zuckuss are just a few characters that could be awesome since we never know their fate but why do I want to see a movie that makes Kit Fisto and Agen Kolar look awesome just to see them die as pathetic loosers in ROTS. That’s like getting a General Grievous movie that shows us he’s a lean mean Jedi slayer just to see his sucky portrayal in Clone Wars and ROTS. I love many of the old characters but I have to say I’m sick and tired of all the prequel and in between movies and can’t wait to see Episode 7 so that we can get an awesome new generation of characters. I want something new and fresh but I do have to say that I would swallow my words with happiness if they give us a movie where someone ANYONE kills Jar Jar Binks!

  15. The story of Boba Fett is a really dark story. I wanna see this movie but i think such a movie is nothing for children and I mean its Disney. And please don’t make Boba to a Space-Jack Sparrow or some Western-s***. It have to be Star Wars. Maybe he can a little bit be like Rorschach from Watchmen and/or Riddick that would be nice I think. Only hold the mysterie of his image. And don’t… DON’T take off his helmet, thats the reason he’s popular that he’s kinda mystirious.

    • Nothing mysterious about it, Boba has to be played by Temuera Morrison.

  16. Han Solo, Boba Fett would both be pretty good ideas and good movies. The nice thing about Star Wars is that it’s infinite. The Star Wars universe doesn’t revolve around Luke Skywalker and his parents.

    What about the old republic? Tons of good stories there!

  17. The mention of Republic Commandos sent shivers down my spine. I’d love to see Omega and/or Delta in a movie. A Yoda story? Not so much.

  18. Ansel Elgort would make a fantastic younger Han Solo!!!!!