Star Wars Episodes 7-12 Have Treatments; Plan Is For New Original Story

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While the long-in-development live-action Star Wars: Underworld television series remains in a state of flux, we can now confidently say that the franchise will be returning in live-action regardless. The shocking news yesterday that Disney acquired LucasFilm came with the bonus surprise announcement that Star Wars Episode VII has a tentative release date for 2015.

Not only is Disney planning to continue Star Wars immediately, but they aim to continue the story that began back in 1977. For fans speculating what (and who) they could see on screen for years to come based on the Expanded Universe novels and video games, what we’ve learned today may alter some expectations.

Dale Pollock, author of the 1984 George Lucas biography, Skywalking: The Life And Films Of George Lucas, spoke with The Wrap after yesterday’s major announcement and revealed his thoughts on the original dozen stories Lucas wrote treatments for. When writing the biography, he was able to read all of the stories but signed non-disclosure agreements on their contents.

“It was originally a 12-part saga. The three most exciting stories were 7, 8 and 9. They had propulsive action, really interesting new worlds, new characters. I remember thinking, ‘I want to see these 3 movies.'”

Star Wars Episode 6 Luke Skywalker 570x333 Star Wars Episodes 7 12 Have Treatments; Plan Is For New Original Story

The plan for episodes 7-9 was to follow Luke Skywalker in his ’30s and ’40s with someone else taking over the role from Mark Hamill who Pollock claims didn’t impress Lucas. For longtime fans disappointed with the current status of the Star Wars brand and film franchise, Pollack calls the prequel trilogy “dreadful” but has very positive things to say about the ideas behind the potential next two trilogies, stories he confidently believes Disney will use, claiming they represent one of the reasons Disney made the acquisition.

Sources of E! Online however, provide a different story, claiming that Disney will instead opt for an entirely original story for Star Wars Episode 7 and the following installments. They acknowledge that there are treatments in place and the despite the nine beloved Star Wars Expanded Universe novels written by author Timothy Zahn (most notably, the Thrawn trilogy which begins with Heir to the Empire) which technically qualify as canon according to the publishing department at Lucas Licensing in the ’90s, none of that will serve as the basis for the films going forward.

Admiral Thrawn Tie Fighter 570x356 Star Wars Episodes 7 12 Have Treatments; Plan Is For New Original Story

Admiral Thrawn (from the Tie Fighter PC game)

E!’s Leslie Gornstein reports that she’s heard directly from LucasFilm and other sources “close to the picture” that Star Wars Episode 7 will tell a story never before seen in the extended fiction. That of course, also applies to episodes 8 and 9 which were confirmed by Disney chairman Robert Iger on a conference call earlier today.

It’s no surprise that with the acquisition, Disney will plan out a full trilogy (at least) ahead of time, thus allowing them to get talent and a director locked for long-term deals from the outset, much like we’ve seen successfully implemented by Disney’s other recent $4 billion acquisition in Marvel Entertainment. With the acquisitions of LucasFilm and Marvel Studios, Disney currently has The Avengers 2Ant-Man and Star Wars 7 all slated for 2015.

The press release about the announcement yesterday contained an official statement from George Lucas, who states that he aims to “pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers.” We’ll have to wait and see if that means we’re getting new stories to go along with it, or adaptations of elements from the Expanded Universe.

Check out our fun list of top 10 pros and cons of the Disney-LucasFilm deal. I wonder if the Gotye music video parody up top had any influence on Mr. Lucas.

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Sources: The Wrap, E! Online

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  1. This could be bigger than AVENGERS if done correctly. I’m talking about Boba-Fett stand alone films, Young Darth Vader taking over the galaxy, there is so much that can be done! Step aside old Georgie you devil!

    • It will be better to stay away from the SW I-VI…we need a new story…

    • Boba Fett is popular for abosolutely nothing. If you take away any and all of the BS expanded universe has depicted him doing, all he has really done is stand in the back ground for one movie and stand in the back ground some more in another with just a little added “fighting” and jet packing around.
      Then he gets killed from a random accidental hit from a blind man which makes some magical jet pack malfunction, which leads to him being eaten by some tremors-reject sand worm. Where’s the bad-assery in any of that?

      • he doesn’t actually die he eventually escapes the Sarlacc Pit from what i remember either blowing the pit or blasting his way out. his death hasn’t been written in the universe yet.

        • Your missing the point he was trying to make, without all the expanded universe stories, Fett really doesn’t have much going for him.

          • and he was missing the point that the expanded universe is just as legitimate a part of the overall star wars story as the movies

            • BOOM!!! both kyle and jack have been lawyered hahaha

            • Keep asserting that, everyone who wants to, and I’ll keep ignoring the EU.

              • Ignore the EU at your peril … they are as much Canon as the movies. Where movies just tell an action packed story, the EU (books, comics, etc) expand and build characters, giving them a life FAR beyond the limitations of the movies.
                I can guarantee you, the movies CANNOT ignore the Expanded Universe or divert from it … too much to lose on that with 35 years of ensuring it all fits together to let that go.
                Bring on 2015 …

        • He hasnt died yet because the last time they have him mentioned so far is when he is in his seventies in the book Bloodlines where he attempts to meet his granddaughter who is trying to kill him. its quite an interesting story

      • there’s nothing ‘BS’ about the expanded universe, it’s just as legitimate a part of the overall star wars story as the movies
        i should also note that it’s a bit hard not to accidentally hit someone standing behind you when you’re horizontally holding a staff and you suddenly turn around
        boba fett, as well as the mandalorians in general, is a total bad-ass, so excuse me for not being so ignorant that the reasons for that aren’t immediately apparent to me

        • He’s a “total badass” because Vader singles him out in Empire to warn him not to disintegrate anybody (this time) and because of the laid back nod of respect he gives Leia in Jabba’s palace when she faces everybody down. That doesn’t add up to much except fans being easily impressed and like with everything else in Star Wars projecting what they want onto a slate that’s pretty blank when you take a close look at it.

    • Of course it’ll be bigger than the Avengers… it’s STAR WARS!

  2. Don’t try to sell me. The best stories was 7, 8, and 9. Pftttt, why would he not say that? cause that’s exactly what’s coming out. Durrrr. After 9 drops, I see this guy saying 10 thru 12 is actually the best stories.

    • Actually, I’ve seen a George Lucas documentary from the early 2000s, and he said that it was supposed to be a 12 part series and that 7, 8, and 9 were the best of the 4 trilogies. I don’t like the idea of adding more story to an already complete series, but Disney is making it, and after seeing what they did with the Avengers, I have somewhat high hopes for this series.

      • Have you seen john Carter? I don’t think Disney does good space movies

        • The person who did john carter was a reject from pixar. He had no idea how to make a move that was not animation.

          • *movie*

        • I guess we’ll find out for real over the next two years with Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy.

          There was very little “space” in John Carter. It was just a desert, lol.

          • ^This.
            Plus, John Carter wasn’t even that bad anyway… solid movie IMO.

            • I had high hopes for that movie and I found it hard to stay awake while watching it. I was in and out of sleep during the movie. Just glad I didn’t pay for it lol

              • Well, maybe you shouldn’t judge movies by your warped impression that results from watching them dead tired.

            • I thought it was decent. Although I saw it after my expectations had been lowered by the reverse hype. I think it got more attention because it was a Box Office bomb, not that it was actually bad. Then people inevitably get the two ideas crossed.

          • I thought John Carter was great, never understood all of the hate for it.

            • Read the book and you will understand the hate.

        • But do you realize how much less was riding on John Carter? It had never been on the big screen before, whereas the Star Wars Saga is one of the most famous movie saga’s of all time. There’s a huge fan base for Star Wars which consists of multiple generations. Disney’s smart enough to not let Star Wars VII get screwed up. Plus, look at Avengers. Star Wars is in safe hands :)

        • Why the hate for John Carter ? Its a good movie.

          • It was an ok movie, but a horrible adaption of the books it was trying to portray. Most people would not have even known it was an adaption of the books if the studios had not let everyone know it was supposed to be based of princess of mars. The characters did not act like they did in the books, they took the main villain from the second book and turned him in to something completely different then he was. I think the director was trying to make his own movie but just used names from the book and none of the substance from them.

        • Exactly. It annoys me when people keep saying Disney did good things with the Avengers, as if Disney has never made bad movies. It is illogical. Wasn’t the atrocious Green Lantern also a Marvel movie?

          Star Wars was made when Lucas was poor and young. That’s the most creative time of a person’s life. Big studio budgets, star names and professional Hollywood screen writers are no guarantee of the old Star Wars magic. In fact, they are usually a guarantee of the opposite.

          • Green Lantern is DC, not Marvel.

          • Green Lantern is DC bro.

          • lol…

          • im glad someone else is taking the reins. lucas took the best bad guy and made him a wimp. if he would have made him stand toe to toe against mace and defeat him…. well… now that would be different…

          • lol dumbass the Green Lantern is from DC. Get your easy facts straight before trying to talk smart.

        • I’ve never read A Princess of Mars, but I was thoroughly impressed with John Carter. More than that, I loved it. With the exception of Revenge of the Sith, which surprised me by being quite good, John Carter was light years better than the Star Wars prequel films. Light years. Not that I expect Star Wars 7 to be similar to it, but Disney is capable of producing some pretty good stuff. Really.

      • Some people used to say 7,8, and 9 were focused on the C-3PO and R2-D2, which may have come from the short-lived cartoon from the 80’s. I never head of there being four trilogies, but Lucas really wasn’t busy making films over the past three decades, so I’m sure he has a lot of material sitting in his desk.

        As for what stories they are going to do, the vast amount of Extended Universe material that fans may want may not be the direction this new mega-company wants to go in. Regardless of what they do there is going to be big money put into this and they are going to want bigger money in return.

  3. I hope they do base the next movies off of the novels in some way. But man, six more Star Wars films! I hope they re-work the story to bring in Darth Nihilus, he’s AWESOME!

    • An old republic trilogy would be SO FREAKIN BADASS. Great Hyperspace Wars, anyone?

      • I’d go for that and the Darth Bane trilogy. that was intense

        • Darth Bane or that. nuff said

          • There will never be a Darth BANE in the films after The Dark Knight Rises.

            • lol this made laugh so hard because it’s so true.

        • Exactly, who said that Movies 7-9 will be Episodes 7-9 … they may not even follow the original timeline …
          There are also the stories of Kade Skywalker 100 years after the original movies … not much Canon to interfere with there …

      • I agree. After playing KOTOR 1&2 and reading some of the Old Republic series, I’d go along with that. Long as the creative talents were all in place. Nothing worse than getting excited about the marketing campaigns only to feel like you’ve wasted 20$ and 2 hours of your life on a pile of crap. Green Lantern is my main example. lol

  4. i read the thrawn books, they were good. i remember luke was trying to rebuild the jedi coucil. This could still be done.
    Cast an actor who look like mark hamill, harrison ford.

    • No one can replace Han.

      • thats what people said about sean connery as james bond, and, while SC is my favorite Bond, i think Daniel Craig would be my #2, with a 3rd place tie between Dalton & Brosnan. i cant stand Roger moor as bond. he’s been good in some other roles, but i just don’t care for his version of bond.
        the point is, any actors can be replaced. Ford will always be everybody’s favorite Han/Indy, cause he’s the first. but those characters have so many more stories to tell and actors don’t live forever, or quit aging. personally, i don’t think mark hamill is that great of an actor, but the over-all story in the original trilogy had everyone overlooking that. i’m hoping for some more stories featuring the original characters with new actors. it worked for Star Trek, and that franchise has been around longer than Star Wars, technically. and before anyone else points out the obvious, yes, star trek was basically dead, except for reruns, until SW came around and created a renewed interest in sci-fi films.

  5. Very interesting. The Star Wars universe is so rich and vast, the possibilities are endless! Very excited to see where it goes! :)

    • True, Also there is potential to do origin movies. Imagine a Han Solo trilogy or Yoda the early years, heh.

  6. Disney becoming a movie monopoly! I def hope Disney looks beyond just greed when making the next Star Wars films and gives it some heart as seen in 1977 Star Wars!

    • Next step would be to acquire WB so Disney owns BOTH comicbook moguls!

      • Can’t help but think that’s going 2 eventually happen.

      • Haha, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea seeing as how WB doesn’t know how to make a good comicbook movie that’s not animated or Batman.

      • Then we could have Batman in the Avengers :)

  7. I love the Star Wars parody of that song and think it’s better than the original.

  8. cant wait for episodes 0 through -2. (old republic trilogy)

    • Most likely just a matter of time.

  9. I’m pretty amped for these new stories but I wouldn’t mind the story involving Han Solos three kids and the craziness that comes from that (don’t want to go into detail for people who don’t know what I’m talking about) but it would make an epic trilogy.

  10. Here’s one upside EVERYBODY’S heads: NONE of the Star Wars things were that good! Granted, the first 3 movies made with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were the best, but a little too much “flash and dash” happening too quickly and too drawn out for my tastes. Maybe good for what they were trying to do…but something like Alien and Aliens (#1 & #2) were much more to my outer-space taste. The rest of the Star Wars stuff after the first 3 movies produced was way too vast, confusing, and totally incomprehensible. Any more expansion is more likely to cause more train-wrecks than anything. But I know many of you don’t agree, so go ahead, knock yourselves out, but I will not be watching them.

  11. I really want the Thrawn Trilogy to get a movie They are the best part of the EU in my opinion.

  12. there really no reason to recast. Just set the trilogy 20 to 25 years after jedi. Hamil, fisher, ford, and williams could return and the trilogy could focus on the next generation of skywalker family. Also, You could include characters like chewie, c-3po and r2d2, hell even the hutts could chow up and we could even get force ghosts of qui gonn, yoda and obi wan (played by ewan macgregor of course, unless disney owns a robot alec guiness)

  13. I have tried real hard not to rant here on Screen Rant but enough is enough. Everywhere I go on the internet it’s nothing but a “pile on George Lucas party” Hey, I want to be cool, I want to be hip, I want to fit in. I know, I’ll just bash George Lucas like everyone else, then I will fit in.

    Grow up. It all boils down to this. Did George Lucas do more harm then good? And I’m sorry, like I said, I don’t like to say what I know is the truth but, if you say he did more harm then you are talking out your ass.

    • Your picture and username scares me :(

      • It’s just Frankenstein, and Stabber is not as sinister as it seems. I was once doing some research on the Sioux Indians, I came across this war chief that ran with Red Cloud, his name was Stabber. He was fascinating.

        • Good to know 😉

    • More harm, because their are generations of children growing up and they watch the prequels first, and then they only see the fiddled with versions of the original.

      • Not in my house.

        • Good for you. But that doesn’t really help everyone else.

          • I’m surprised Lucas didn’t do one more theater release of the 4-6 with the original cut and one more box set before selling the rights.

    • Are you talking about the music video? lol.

      It’s a good tune.

      • He’s not a bad guy I don’t think anyone said that and he has been charitable in the past, though I remember a story within the last year or two where he was going to build a whole bunch of low-income housing on this land that he owned.

        The catch? It was in an upscale area and he wanted to use the land to build a studio and residents fought it. So he decided to use the residential zoning it already had to scare the wealthy families into letting him build the studio. Because they didn’t want these poor families and their houses bringing down the value of their houses.

        I don’t really care about this kind of stuff though…just make movies, I couldn’t care less about what you do outside of that.

    • Thank you, Stabber! Very well put! It’s nice to know that SOMEBODY around here still has respect for the guy who created Star Wars in the first place!

  14. Oh, I forgot to add, I hope all the new movies are pure Lucas.

    • Then I do too!

      Just kidding.

  15. Disney and Starwars, wow they really are going to infinitie and beyond. I’ve got it, evil emperor Zurg has taken over the empire and new rookie Buzz lightyear must face his greatest challenge.

    • hit the nail right on the head my friend.

  16. While some of the EU is worthy of consideration (Timothy Zhan), most of it is terrible nonsense like the New Jedi Order books. I’ll eat my hat if the Yuuzhan Vong or anything by RA Salvatore hits the big screen. There’s only one bit of the EU that George Lucas actually considers canon–the Force Unleashed game. The chronicle of a grunting shave-headed jerk with attitude that holds his lightsaber upside down single-handedly starting the Rebellion…

    And the KotOR franchise has pretty much been put to sleep by Bioware’s recent mishandling. No one in their right mind is going to throw another 300 million at something with ‘Old Republic’ in its name.

  17. When are we gonna get a Dune movie? The Dune universe is something that needs to be brought to the big screen.

    • Theres already a Dune movie. Came out in the 80’s I think.

      • I know, it was terrible! I’m talking about a modern big budget Dune movie.

        • Dune’s been re-made and had a sequel in the 90s i think. Start looking this crap up people :)

          • it was in the early 2000’s and they were on a tv budget. Better than the David Lynch but still came up short. The original idea for a Dune movie was going to 14 hours long. Can you imagine, would have been great.

            • Aaron thank you for the clarification, though I did just contradict myself in the earlier post. Children of Dune was weird and interesting to say the least, though I’m not too familiar with the book series.

  18. First of all, I don’t believe a word about Lucas writing TWELVE separate treatments, if you read ‘The Secret History of Star Wars’ by Michael Kasminski, he proves with documentary evidence and Lucas’ own words over the years, that Lucas NEVER had a grand plan for the saga… it didn’t even become a saga until late into the writing of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ in 1979, when Darth Vader went from the murderer of Luke’s father to BEING Luke’s father, and Leia was NOT originally to be Luke’s sister, they put that into ‘Return of the Jedi’ because Lucas was exhausted with ‘Star Wars’ and didn’t have either the desire, the technology, nor the story to make Episodes 7-9, period.

    That being said, I’m actually quite excited about this new trilogy, as unlike the prequels, there’s no preset boxes to tick or dots to join, it’s wide open virgin territory, story-wise, and the fact that Lucas is taking a hands-off backseat role is only a good thing, plus it should be made with virtual unknowns in the cast, real actual physical sets, a minimum of CGI effects, and none of the three films should be more than 2 hrs 10 mins at most in length, roll on 2015…

    • … I should have said 1978 in the above, not 1979, mistake noted and corrected, carry on people…

      • You also don’t need to write period before you use one.

    • You’re right, there was NEVER 10-12 planned. Lucas has repeatedly mentioned he wrote 3 stories, realised they were too detailed for 3 movies and decided to make the middle story in to the original episodes from 1977-83.
      His most recent interview only mentions a basic storyline for 7-9 and, as he will be the creative ‘director’ of these movies, I’d guess they will follow his original storyline.
      Will there be 10, 11 & 12 … and/or a completely different trilogy (Eg; The Old Republic) … we can only hope so.

  19. Knights of The Old Republic? i forget the other good games…

    but those video games showed us that you could make a good story using the Star Wars world, but not having to recycle/reuse characters.

    although character types such as the hero jedi, bounty hunter, villan, droid, jar jar/wookie etc. will be redone, why not avoid the issue of recasting actors for the parts of Luke and Han when they can use go to a different time frame in the Star Wars universe?

    hope they do this right!

  20. New Star Wars films has the potential to be bigger than any superhero movie by far, ok maybe not Batman lol, but I could see it easily being bigger than the Avengers, no wonder they spent 4bil on it, the possibilitys are frightening, they have a whole universe to create from, endless scenarios to choose from, the new characters they can create as well is exciting, when I was growing up I had 3 loves, “Star Wars”, “He-Man and Masters of the Universe” and “Batman” a new Star Wars trilogy tho is the best news I’ve heard since they announced Justice league is coming lol, Bring back Vadar!

  21. It’s too bad we won’t see Thrawn or Mara Jade.

    • Indeed, Those three book are the only thing I know of the Star Wars EU. They were really good and would be great movies. Good fleet battles, something I feel that episode 1-3 had almost nothing of.

  22. Due to Disney’s penchant for On Ice musicals can we also be especting Star Wars On Ice in the not to distant future…?

  23. I’m Ok with new Characters and Villains.. as long as they are good enough for us to care for like Luke , Han , Leia, Chewie and Vader.. We need fresh faces and a fresh take on Episode 7. Its a Blank canvass.. Unlimited universal potential!

  24. Goofy vs. Jar Jar. That is all.

  25. it would be cool if they made these movies have the same look and feel as the originals. They could utilize models (Death Star etc), animatronics (muppet Yoda), and practical sets instead of making it CGI heavy. I think that was one of the many flaws of the prequels…the computer graphics hadn’t come far enough along yet so it made a lot of those scenes seem cheesy.

    PS i say bring back Mark Hamill as old Luke! haha

    • I agree with all of this!

      Guillermo Del Toro maybe?

  26. cant wait for DISNEY to build STAR WARS LAND!!!

  27. As long as Blizz is thrown somewhere into this mix, I’ll be happy.

  28. For now I am positive about the Star Wars VII news. There are so many stories to tell, so many opportunities.

    So, we’ll see how it goes. I’m looking forward to it.

    Man, 2015 will be an epic year if Star Wars VII comes out then too 😀