‘Star Wars’ Rumor Patrol: ‘Episode VII’ and ‘Rebels’ Villain Connections

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Star Wars Episode VII Villains Rebels Star Wars Rumor Patrol: Episode VII and Rebels Villain Connections

Let’s be clear: very little is ACTUALLY known about Star Wars Episode VII. We don’t even have an official subtitle for the film yet, and that alone should tell you just how in the dark(side) we truly are. Yet and still, as director J.J. Abrams and his impressive cast of actors get into production on Episode VII, rumors from the set are being flung at the Web fast and furiously, getting hopelessly tangled in themselves along the way.

The last few days brought a rumor about the villains of Episode VII, and their agenda in the film. The Star Wars rumor mill being as crazy as it is, today we have yet another report that revises the villain rumor into an alleged cleaner version of things that edge closer to the truth – and how this information affects both Episode VII and the upcoming Star Wars animated series, Rebels. Since some (or a lot) of this information may turn out to be true, we must issue a warning that POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Star Wars 7 Characters Based on Expanded Universe Star Wars Rumor Patrol: Episode VII and Rebels Villain Connections

Quick background: Episode VII takes place 30 years after Episode VIReturn of the Jedi, presumably exploring how former members of the Rebellion are faring (Luke, Han, Leia), and some new threat that rises to challenge them. Star Wars Rebels, on the other hand, is set after the events of Episode III, Revenge of Sith, and will chronicle the era between the prequel and original trilogies – much like Clone Wars filled the gap between Episodes II and III.

This is important to keep straight as we delve into recent rumors from  MakingStarWars.net, which have since been reported by sites like The Force.net as being “inaccurate”:

  • Those close to production have been calling the villains “Jedi Hunters.” They’re dressed in black and use lightsabers to hunt Jedi for the Empire. They also have foot soldiers that look like Storm Troopers but wear black and chrome uniforms.
  • Three of the Jedi Hunters will be played by Lupita Nyong’o, Adam Driver, and David Oyelowo. Nyong’o was even seen wearing yellow contact lenses.
  • The Jedi Hunters worship the Sith and have been tasked to insure their survival, which includes enacting plans to resurrect them in Episode VIII.
  • Jedi Hunters are the reason there’s still no New Republic. Luke Skywalker has been fighting to stop them for the last thirty years, but he is now in need of help.
The Inquistor in Star Wars Rebels 1024x582 Star Wars Rumor Patrol: Episode VII and Rebels Villain Connections


Now, Latino Review is reporting that, yes, MakingStarWars.net may have gotten some details wrong – while other details like the Jedi Hunters in black and chrome may have been confused with the upcoming Rebels series, whose villain, “The Inquisitor,” is tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down and eliminate the remaining Jedi Knights. Here’s what Latino Review is claiming IS in fact true about these Star Wars VII villain rumors:

  • No one is using the term “Jedi Hunters” – but there is a group of mercenary types motivated by either money or a some sort of boss.
  • Nyong’o and Adam Driver are villains – but exact details of their villainy are unknown.
  • Force.net suspects that Oyelowo is voicing Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels – not playing a character in Episode VII.
  • All the rumors could be stemming from designs by original Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie which are being used for Ep7, and have been misconstrued by fans.
  • No one knows yet where the Jedi/Sith situation stands, and what the story there will be.

So, like we said: a more polished rumor – but still just a RUMOR.

Star Wars Rebels Obi wan Returning Star Wars Rumor Patrol: Episode VII and Rebels Villain Connections

It is interesting that Rebels will be the starting point of the new OFFICIAL Star Wars canon set after Return of the Jedi. Even though the animated series and Episode VII cover two very different time periods (decades before and then after the Rebellion), their status within the new, expanding, Star Wars shared universe almost demands there be some recognizable connective tissue between the projects – as well as connective tissue to the prequel and original trilogies. Seeing future ground and relationships get established in The Clone Wars series was a nice thrill – so it’s a safe bet LucasFilm wants to continue to deliver that immersive experience to fans.

Star Wars Rebels Episode 7 Villains Star Wars Rumor Patrol: Episode VII and Rebels Villain Connections

Could there be carry over with character like The Inquisitor and his “Jedi Hunters?” It seems like a stretch; the post-Episode III universe was a much more dangerous place for a Jedi than one would think it was after the fall of the Empire (when Luke Skywalker had 30 years to rebuild the Jedi Order). It’s easy to believe that Episode VII will feature some remaining faction of The Empire, and the designs for those soldiers could indeed be similar to the ones used for the “Jedi Hunters” and Inquistor in Rebels. Or maybe the Inquisitor’s legacy lives on long after the Empire’s fall?

As we said at the top: There’s so very little that we know for sure.

Star Wars Episode VIIwill be in theaters on December 18, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. The only thing that bugged me about the original rumor was that there still wasn’t a New Republic after 30 years. I think there needs to be one even if it’s corrupt.

    If Lupita is part of a bounty hunter or mercenary group, I definitely have hope that she’s Ventress since that was the path she was on at the end of Clone Wars.

    • Ages wouldn’t match up. Ventress was in her mid to late twenties during the cartoon, and that was over twenty years before A New Hope, which is about 35-40 years before Ep. 7, so she’d be nearly a 100 years old. There is no way that could happen, more likely is she’s Ventress’ child/grandchild.

  2. I think it’s a matter of symantics. The Old Republic became the empire, the Rebel Alliance becomes the New Republic. I think what it means when it says there isn’t a New Republic is that it doesn’t cover as many systems.

    Obviously there is some form of government, but the galaxy is divided since the fall of the Empire.

  3. All the conflicting rumors, you can tell some would come from intentionally leaked fake scripts.

    I’m shocked Harry Knowles or a more reliable rumor source hasn’t gotten their hands on one. As for the one rumor I heard about a female sith being the main villain of the first movie. Could it be Asajj Ventress making her debut in a live action film for the first time? She’s part of the current cannon in the CGI Clone Wars so I don’t see why not. Another possibility is an alternate take on the Lumiya from the now Legends/EU who turned the Solo kid in the books. This make sense like E1 with Darth Maul setting up the young future apprentice for a fall. And has everyone has readily pointed out it could be Adam Driver. But no one knows for sure until a more concrete leak hits.

  4. The Son from the 3rd Season of ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ is the main antagonist of the Sequel Trilogy. The answer has been given.

  5. After the fall of the Empire there was internal struggle for power in the Empire. Everyone from the Moffs to the Emperor’s Hand (where Mara Jade came from), and the Darkside Prophets all tried to take over. Remember also that in the now non-canon EU that the Emperor comes back in a clone’s body and regains power for a short time. But I digress, Lucus did not dismiss the EU all he said is that he wanted to give the writers the freedom to tell these stories without being bound to the continuity of the EU. They get to pick and choose where to go with this adventure without having to spend weeks studying timelines to see if it all fits together. No other movies in history have as much detailed backstory as Star Wars and you’re never going to make everyone happy, so you might as well let them have the freedom to tell a great story, even if it affects the outcome of the Byss.

  6. it would be nice to have that electric effect on the lighsabers
    you know for a change, aesthetics purposes. it’ll give a refreshing look! and it gives off a certain kind of personality, it just looks cool tho.

    I kinda agree with Hyoga^
    screenrant’s been posting rumors for weeks on epVII. these are just all too much.
    I could just write a rumor myself if I want to. these are all just probable and the percentage of it are all 0. come on guys.

    “As we said at the top: There’s so very little that we know for sure.”~screenrant
    seems trustworthy enough

    still hoping some of it are true tho.

    • @Hyoga1001 + @Saber101Issues

      Some fans LIKE to discuss rumors and possibilities rather than just concrete info.

  7. Ok so for me I think this movie should be a transition from the original line up to totally new characters ( I know it will usher in the next generation, However I mean we shouldn’t be relegated to the son of whoever and the daughter of that guy. The galaxy is a massive place with billions of people expand a little. The skywalker/Solo saga is done move it along)

    Title should be Star Wars Episode VII: Galaxy Divided

    So you have this mercenary band working for remnants of the empire and some new big bad. The republic is not in existence because no one has risen to run it. Various systems are all lobbying for the right to be in charge of any new possible galactic senate.

    The Jedi Order is alive but barely. Luke has a handful of Jedi he has trained in 30 years but with the constant threat of these ‘hunters’ its been slow going. The movie could see the elimination of the minor threat of the hunters and at the end the establishment of the new jedi order. the underlying subplot of a struggling array of planets all trying to finally come to agreement about how to reform the republic could span the trilogy. Think the European Union but on a galactic scale. 1000 different languages, no one has a clue what the other is thinking. Its the cutting edge of politics in an extraordinarily boring way :)

  8. After listening to your podcasts I decided to give The Clone Wars a shot. Holy hell. This is an amazing show. I mean it’s like really Star Warsy and when it dives into the Dark Side there really is that sense of menacing true evil. I hope Rebels does the same thing. I just want desperation from the Jedi. I mean they were completely wiped out.

  9. Maybe Max Von Seydow is playing the Inquisitor…the ages match up, it’s a possibility.

  10. Correction Screenrant: Rebels will be set after “Revenge of the Sith” and not “Return of the Jedi :)

    • Second that !!

  11. Until told differently, in my mind this is how the eu and new movies being different will coexist:

    When Vader kills Palpatine, a huge schism in the force is opened creating two separate timelines. One timeline leads to the eu continuity and the other leads to episode 7.

    Any takers?

    • It’s all fiction anyway. So long as canon doesn’t officially contradict that, then it makes a good fan theory.

      Want to really beef it up… Palpatine time travels when he transports his mind into a clone, which creates an alternate timeline. The one where his body dies, and the one he created by transporting his mind into a clone.

  12. I was never a big Star Wars fan. After the first three movies made, I was pretty much done with the franchise. Too much flashy action, too confusing as to who was who, seen one you seen em all. Lotsa special effects, true, but just somehow…I don’t know…too un-serious? Just didn’t impress me as anything that memorable. Guess that is an iniquity to some.

  13. i kind of hope they go the route of using Jedi Hunters or Mercenaries whos task is to kill the Jedi’s which put Luke and hans famiyl in danger all while Luke is training his son Ben and Jaina and Jacen Solo, i can see Han and Leia living a more quite retired life until someone tries to kill him, id like to see the Jedi Hunters maybe resurrect a popular Sith Lord that we havent seen on film yet and maybe he persuades Jacen Solo to turn Dark kind of like Darth Sidious did to Anakin, so by episode 9 we have 2 Siths that the Jedi have to deal with…what does everyone think?

  14. Events in Star Wars occur in real time…