Rumor Patrol: ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Villain Details [Updated]

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Star Wars Movies Sith Lords Rumor Patrol: Star Wars: Episode 7 Villain Details [Updated]

[Update: Other sites are claiming these rumors are “100% inaccurate.”]

The Star Wars franchise began more than thirty years ago in 1977, and it has managed to succeed beyond everyone’s wildest imaginations with two sequel films, a prequel trilogy, two animated series and countless comics, books and games. But despite an overabundance of material from which to choose, only the storyline found running through the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels series as well as the six live-action films is said to be truly canon.

This fact has created a conundrum of sorts as to how the upcoming new trilogy will fit into everything that has come before, seeing as how Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi ended with the destruction of the Galactic Empire and death of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. With the Sith gone, the galaxy seemingly at peace and Han Solo and the Skywalkers happy at last, some believed there wasn’t really anywhere else to go with their storyline.

Well, some new rumors on that come from individuals working at Pinewood Studios – where Star Wars: Episode VII has been filming – now call that very idea into question. Again, the source is hearsay from people in a unique position to know what’s going, but without access to the script, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Here’s what they had to say:

  • Those close to production have been calling the villains “Jedi Hunters.” They’re dressed in black and use lightsabers to hunt Jedi for the Empire. They also have foot soldiers that look like Storm Troopers but wear black and chrome uniforms.
  • Three of the Jedi Hunters will be played by Lupita Nyong’o, Adam Driver, and David Oyelowo. Nyong’o was even seen wearing yellow contact lenses.
  • The Jedi Hunters worship the Sith and have been tasked to insure their survival, which includes enacting plans to resurrect them in Episode VIII.
  • Jedi Hunters are the reason there’s still no New Republic. Luke Skywalker has been fighting to stop them for the last thirty years, but he is now in need of help.

[UPDATE: The, a well-known source for information on everything Star Wars-related, is offering its assurances that the above Episode VII details are “100 % inaccurate” and stresses that none of the sources behind the original story have actually read the script for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars film.]

star wars rebels sith Rumor Patrol: Star Wars: Episode 7 Villain Details [Updated]

We first heard about the possibility of a female villain and the absence of the New Republic just a week ago when it was speculated that Gwendoline Christie might be playing a female Sith while Nyong’o took on the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter. This latest rumor that Nyong’o will instead be the villain makes more sense, however, since the original reports about newcomer Maisie Richardson-Sellers placed her as Kenobi’s granddaughter instead.

Then there’s the fact that these rumored Jedi Hunters sound a lot like The Inquisitor who has been “tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedi Knights” in the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels.

Although Oyelowo was most recently attached as part of the voice cast for Star Wars: Rebels, he also auditioned for a role in Episode VII. So while it’s possible these latest rumors refer to Star Wars: Rebels rather than the films, it’s also just as likely that the storyline from the series might lead into the films. In that case, could Oyelowo potentially be in both projects?

Assuming these rumors are true, what do you think about the storyline and cast for the new trilogy, Screen Rant readers?


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

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Update Source: The

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  1. I suppose having no new Republic is the way to go, otherwise they’d be retreading old story ground. But Luke being unsuccessful at eliminating a threat for 30 years makes him seem like kind of a failure, no? But whatever. Just rumors so far.

    I’m not sure why the rule of 2 was instituted in Star Wars, but I’m all in favor of multiple Sith threats.

    • Luke went from being Grand Master Jedi, the strongest Force user in history(EU) to pu**y that couldn’t deal with untrained Siths. Unless ofcourse he simply couldn’t find them all or they are Sentinels from DOFP

    • Sith are driven by ego, greed etc. They will inevitably fight each other until there is only one master and one student (who at some point will try to overpower the master and take his place). I see it more as “fact” than proper rule…

    • This probably doesn’t exist anymore but the rule of two was created by Darth Bane. He noticed that when there were too many sith the power of the sith was being too widely dispersed and diluted. He killed pretty much all of his sith brothers so that all of that power could be embodied and drawn on by him and his apprentice…

      And then the world screamed, “NEEERRRRRRRRRDDDDD!” :P

      • Not sure if the whole of the books are still counted but anything in Star Wars: Clone Wars is canon, and that is talked about in CW. Just for what it’s worth.

    • The rule of two was start by Darth bane back in the old republic days. This was to keep it so there were no longer too many sith lords and apprentices offing each other, if memory serves correctly.

  2. Obi won kenobi’s granddaughter? Wouldn’t he need to have sex to have a granddaughter?

    • You’re a little fuzzy on the whole birds and the bees thing, eh?

      Maybe he used the force to slip his seed into sleeping sirens.

      • Maybe the metachlorians did it!!! AGAIN!!!! I’m not saying these movies will be bad but im cutting my loses with the prequels. Im going to leave my memories of Luke and the others wiping out the empire and that’s the end of it.

        • The immaculate conception was aweful. I’d prefer anything to that again. Even a dirty old Obi Wan spreading his seed across the galaxy.

          “Hey baby…ever do it with a Jedi?”

          “Call me Master.”

          “I AM the father figure you’re looking for…”

          • But any of those answers lead to darker path of the force =( Oh Ben, you old dog.

          • i kept expecting to find out that palpatine was somehow anakin’s father. that would have been a twist fitting to the series and much better than immaculate coneption.

          • It’s possible that young Padawan Obi-Wan had a brief affair. After all, he was a padawan until he was 25.

            • Or when Obi-Wan went into hiding, the Jedi were essentially extinct. So he could have made a mature decision to disregard the celibacy nonsense. Heck, the force is strong in him, he’d practically be doing his duty to have kids who would likely be strong in the force.

    • Well he was off screen for 20 years…

    • Maybe his ship broke down on a planet and the only way he could get money for the parts was to earn it. Now he has kids!

    • Thats just another stone to EU. In EU Qui-Gon had indicated to Obi-Wan that he slept with a woman, jedi rules they say… And now this stuff is coming in the only canon to SW universe Movie one =(

    • In the Clone Wars (which is now cannon), he sort of has a thing with someone… But she would have had to hide any child from him…

      I don’t really buy the Graddaughter Kenobi rumor. I could see Gwendoline Christie playing that part really well, but I’m assuming this is false information for now.

      • Where are your getting the belief that Clone Wars is canon? Not being indignant. I am really curious.

          • I’m so glad clone wars is canon that means Darth maul is still alive, and I feel I didn’t waste my time watching them all. I wonder what ever became/becomes of ahsoka tano

            • Spoiler alert… But yeah, Darth Maul is still out there, as is Ahsoka. I don’t know if this will play into Star Wars: Rebels, or maybe even another movie… But yeah. Those are dangling plot threads. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone like Lupita Nyong’o is an adult Ahsoka? Obviously it’s like 50 years later, but I’m not sure how fast that species ages.

              • I would flip to see her as an older ahsoka, how awesome, and the former padawan of one of the greatest Jedi masters would eventually train another… Or maybe be forced to fight another Skywalker. Pretty unlikely tho as I can’t think of any human characters that survive more than 2 trilogies (Chewbacca r2d2 + c3po, who else?)

              • I believe maul oppress (darth maul) ia a sith inquisitor in Rebels

  3. None of that sounds as good as Grand Admiral Thrawn

    • Just let it go, man.

      • One does not simply let Thrawn go..

      • Sounds like the reply of someone that never read those books.

        • I read the books and there’s nothing about Thrawn that’s so special that he’s the only way for the character to be done. I’m sure we’ll have a cunning imperial officer that resembles him, though.

        • I know he dies. What’s your point?

  4. Sounds interesting. But obviously can’t judge until the film is released.

  5. Anakin was suppose to bring balance to the force and at the end he seems to do so at the end. So with him being dead and all, shouldn’t force crap *Jedi/Sith)not be a plot device?

    • Typo. My bad.

    • All anakin really did was destroy the emperor thus leaving the empire torn into factions, I.e. the Imperial Remnant, in the aftermath. The jedi/sith isn’t a plot device, it continues on in the Eu/ after Episode 6. Whichever of the two you are more familiar with.

  6. Sidious looks terrible, please if you’re gonna show The Emperor do so with the classic version, the new trilogy face was just terrible.

  7. …”some believed there wasn’t really anywhere else to go with their storyline”..
    yep. including George Lucas himself.

    Now about the jedi hunters and resurrecting sith.. I think thats an acceptable idea so far.

  8. I am totally on board with this Storyline. It makes total sense coming from an Episode 6 perspective. And the best thing about this rumour? Its totally Original and has nothing to do with the EU!

  9. So essentially the entire plot of the Original Trilogy and ROJ was pointless. Luke Skywalker can’t defeat a bunch of untrained wanna be Sith for 30 years with the help of the entire Rebel Alliance, if this turns out to be true, I have lost all respect and interest

    • Well he didn’t exactly defeat the emperor, as I recall, vaders the one that killed him! what did Luke do? well, he beat up a Cyborg, didn’t finish his training, the plot kinda makes sense.

  10. how would Luke already have a granddaughter that age anyways, im assuming she would be a teenager or in her early twenties but episode vii is based 30 years after ROTJ and he wasnt even married yet when ROTJ ended, even if he had his kids a year after ROTJ were gonna assume his kid had a baby at like 20 years old so for it to be 30 years later she would only be 10, thats if he had her at 20…but i liek the fact that Lupita is a villian i think she willl do a great job and even if there isnt an actual Sith Lord in episode vii maybe we will see a few by episode viiii

    • It’s not Luke’s granddaughter, it’s Obi-Wan’s granddaughter.

      • i must of read it wrong, luke only has ben skywalker with mara jade right?

        • Yes, that’s correct. Han and leia have jacen and jaina solo.

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  12. What most people are forgetting is that the empire was a “GALACTIC” Empire, it wasn’t just a planet, or even a single system. It wasn’t just all held together by the life force of the emperor either. It would literally take years to “free” all the worlds under empirical rule, that’s even if they wanted to be free. Even in the EU books, there is still an old empire faction. And with Luke being basically the only Jedi master (at least known) around, I’m sure he would be pulled in a million different directions, so it is not a stretch to think that they still haven’t established a new republic that is recognized by more than a few systems yet, and it would be more Leia than Luke doing that “politicing”.
    In fact Luke may have taken all these hunting for past Jedi in hiding or possible future Jedi to train.

  13. Actually as the first movie made clear once the Death Star was destroyed the Empire would fall apart as the Imperial Senate was disbanded and without the bureaucracy they would lose control.

    Of course with the super success that wouldn’t have been good for the other films to have the Empire weak so that was held over. After Jedi with yet another Death Star gone plus the Emperor and Vader and the fleet defeated there is no way it didn’t fall apart.

    As we saw though in the PT in many ways the Empire and Republic weren’t as totally different as people might have thought. It wasn’t all peace and prosperity.

    So having different alliances politically and corporate is the likely way to go.

    • Well, the Empire WAS the Republic, so they were exceptionally similar.

      The Empire would definitely fall apart after RotJ, but there were still various imperial systems with significant fleets. I figure most of fleets that weren’t at Endor would become independent warlords of sorts, so there may not be an Empire run by an Emporor, but that doesn’t mean all the enemies of the Rebellion put down their weapons/star destroyers when the Death Star went up in flames. That was actually the best thing to happen to most of those fleet commanders, in all likelihood.

    • I think the fact is we don’t know what happened in the last 30 years. The most likely thing to have happened is someone stepped in and filled the vacuum that Sidious and Vader left. The Empire probably isn’t as large as it was. The problem with the EU is that once the Sith leaders die everyone starts running around like headless chickens.

  14. I’m going to start by saying I realize this is EU, and I know the new cannon rules, so this is merely a source of inspiration…

    But it’d be neat to see something like a cross between The Crystal Star and The Shadow Academy from the Young Jedi Knights series.

    This way, the characters of Brakiss, and Hethrir can all be homogenized into a single character of The Inquisitor (who sounds very similar to Hethrir in origin).

    It gives them the ability to introduce “Dark Jedi” that aren’t “Sith,” the imperial remnant/second imperium, and roots for a journey to the Dark Side for the Jacen Solo equivalent.

    This fits the original cast in supporting roles, the new cast as main heros/villains, is consistent with the OT, and also incorporates plots from The Clone Wars and plot rumors from Rebels.

  15. I don’t understand this Dark Jedi thing. To be one in the first place you’d have to be a Jedi at first and then turn “dark” and this is not at all the same as being a Sith.

    The larger point not addressed in the films is that there are other Force users and the Jedi and Sith are just the ones best known to us.

    • Yeah, the Jedi/Sith are more like religions. There’s a lot of grey area of force users that don’t subscribe to any code at all that I would love to see explored in these movies.

  16. It’s has seemed obvious since Adam Driver was first cast that he would be a bad guy, or at least an alien. His face has so much character. I don’t think he has a movie hero’s nose.

  17. “i kept expecting to find out that palpatine was somehow anakin’s father. that would have been a twist fitting to the series and much better than immaculate coneption.”

    Lucas did toy with that idea but decided not to go full out with it. The story being that the manipulation of the midi-chlorians that conceived Anakin was done by Sidious himself.

    What he did do in the Darth Plagueis novel is say that Anakin was either created by the Sith or in reaction against their manipulations. This was by Sidious and his master Plagueis. Which way it was is open to interpretation.

    If there is one book you have to read on Star Wars it’s Darth Plagueis. It might as well be called Star Wars Episode nulla (the latin word for none used for zero) because it tells the story of events before and during Episode I.

    It is the most different EU book ever as it was done under the direct influence of Lucas through Howard Roffman the president of Lucas Licensing.

    • Does that one count as canon?

  18. I think it would be cool if kenobi’s granddaughter was also the villain …

  19. Really… Jedi Hunters. This movie sounds just dull @ unoriginal. That’s what they came up with. Guess that’s what happens when you rush a script out. Oh well at least it looks cool. Oh hang on. Nope it doesn’t… Giant rubbish pig monsters. Not cool

    • Yeah, and Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca!?!?! He CLEARLY has no hair. How is he going to play a Wookie without hair?

      And the Millenium Falcon? I could see the freaking wires holding it up?!? George Lucas made 3 Star Wars movies without me being able to see a single wire holding up the Millenium Falcon and now J.J. Abrams hasn’t even released one and the Millenium Falcon already is ruined for me.

      Just garbage. Total garbage.

      It’s a good thing there are these leaked out of context plot rumors and set photos, otherwise we’d have to wait until trailers or the actual movie comes out to know anything about the movie!!

  20. Not sure why people are so worked up about the granddaughter angle. In A New Hope, Ben basically says he’s no longer a Jedi as he once was or something to that effect. Is it so hard to believe he gave that up and tried to have a little bit of a life after the events of Episode 3?

  21. I hope we get to see a picnic scene where the Skywalkers and Solos are celebrating the annual demise of the Empire (a la 4th of July), enjoying blue milk and fried chicken, reminiscing about their adventures. I hope J.J. gets this picnic scene right!

  22. I just have a few questions is Anankin Solo in this movie? Here is my predication Ben Skywalker and Jacen and Jania Solo are in the movie. I am hoping Mara Jade might show up maybe in a flashback scene. I really hope this is not the plot I mean the Jedi cannot defeat a bunch of second rate Sith fans? I mean they could also be in the movie as other villians. Does Jacen Solo start out as a good guy in this movie? I really hope so also is Leia the President of this new Republic? So many questions so few answers I really think Daisey Ridley is going to be Jania Solo and that would be really cool

    • Angie…Anakin Solo more than likely will be in episode 7, its based 30 years afer ROTJ so jaina and jacen will probably be in there low 20s and Anakin will probably be a teenager, Luke is a jedi master now and he trains Jaina, Jacen and Ben as well as other Padawans while Han and Leia live a more retired quiet life, there prolly wont be a Sith Lord in this film just the Jedi Hunters played by Lupita, Adam Driver and David Oleyo…but i think by episode 9 we will see a big name star play a Sith Lord

      • I really hope Anakin Solo is in this movie but right I do not see any actors listed who could play him, I wonder if Jacens girlfriend Tennel Kel will make an appearance in upcoming movies. It will be neat to see Leia as a Jedi maybe not out fighting all the time but behind the scenes. Just excited to see Star Wars actors together again.

  23. Not feeling better about this new Star Wars, flick, the franchise ended perfectly with episode 6, plus too much time has passed. I’m all for a spin-of e.g. Boba Fett, Wedge Antilles, the adventures of Chewie, Han and Lando, even Death Troopers would make an excellent film, but if they mess this continuing storyline up further down the line, a perfect ending to a perfect trilogy could very well be ruined.

    Getting a bit annoyed at these ideas to ‘suddenly’ make sequels to all these classic movies e.g. Star Wars, Ghostbusters 3, Goonies 2, just leave them be, studios have had countless years to make sequels to these great films.

    Anyway that’s just my opnion

    • Agreed. It’s not looking very promising.

  24. What do I think? Not a damned thing until I see trailers and get an official synopsis. While speculating can be fun, that’s all it is until then.

  25. Sounds ok, I mean, after RoTJ Luke was pretty much the only Jedi left(unless there were a few in hiding throughout the galaxy and you count Leia as one). So for him not to be able to take down all these Jedi hunters plus whatever would have come out of the woodwork after the sith fell to take on the Jedi, and dealing with the fallout of the sith downfall seems reasonable to me.
    Excited to hear more though.
    Hope Christie and one of – Boyega/Gleeson are jedis, and one of Isaac/Boyega/Gleeson are Han/Lando-like space pirates.

  26. Sounds Very Phantom Menace to me. Very Phantom Menace. It also looks very Phantom Menace.

  27. Well heres a terrible thought… This belongs to disney now so they could throw cannon and evrything else out the window and give us some new excuse to add to their freaking disney princess EMPIRE!