‘Star Wars: Episode 7′: 10 Pros and Cons of Original Cast Returning

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Top 10 Pros and Cons of Returning Cast Members in 'Star Wars: Episode 7'

Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill in Star Wars Episode 7Ever since it was first announced that Disney would purchase Lucasfilm with the intention of making more Star Wars movies, fans were left to debate (and dream) about potential story details. Of course, every longtime fan of the Galaxy Far, Far Away has their own idea about where they'd like to see the creative team (producer Kathleen Kennedy, director J.J. Abrams, and screenwriter Michael Arndt) take the series going forward - be it a fresh continuation of the Skywalker family story, an adaptation of already-existing Expanded Universe material, or a completely new (and never before seen) direction with very few returning characters.However, recent reports have begun to rule-out the latter - indicating that not only will we likely see the return of fan-favorite characters, we'll also see the return of their respective fan-favorite actors. While there's been no official confirmation that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, or Mark Hamill will reprise their roles, the more we learn about the upcoming trilogy, the more likely these casting reports sound.Which brings us to the central question, and one that has been raging in the comment sections of our Star Wars news write-ups: will the return of the iconic cast members, after over 30 years away from the franchise, help or hurt Star Wars: Episode VII (and beyond)?Here are our 10 Pros and Cons of Returning Cast Members in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Pro - 9 Episodes Worth of Star Wars Continuity

Darth Vader Luke I Am Your FatherA continuation of the Anakin Skywalker lineage plot line could deliver one of the biggest and longest cinematic through-lines in movie history. Little is known about the Episode 7 story but most reports suggest that Lucasfilm intends to incorporate Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa into the next trilogy plot - likely with a focus on the next generation of Solo and Skywalker children (such as Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo and/or Ben Skywalker). A direct continuation of the plot would allow Lucasfilm to weave a much larger overarching narrative - compared to the boy confronts the dark side story of Luke Skywalker (via Episodes 4-6) or, as a result of the prequels, the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker (via Episodes 1-6).Additionally, anyone familiar with the Star Wars Expanded Universe knows there's plenty of recurring thematic material that comes back around - meaning that watching Star Wars: Episodes 1-9, could be an extremely rich and interconnected story experience at every level.

Con - A New Trilogy Saddled by Old Problems

 New Anakin Skywalker Return of the JediOver 40 years, George Lucas delivered one of the most memorable franchises in entertainment history - nurturing one of the richest fan cultures in the world. Yet, for all the success in the Star Wars universe, there are also a lot of questionable and downright cheesy additions that plagued the series.Lucas' attempt to fit every piece of the puzzle into a complete and intertwined narrative subsequently resulted in especially controversial moments. For example: long-detested Jar Jar Binks returns in Episode 2 and plays a significant (albeit unintentional) role in Chancellor Palpatine's subjugation of the Senate; Han Solo steps on Jabba the Hut's tail in the Episode 4 Special Edition (after shooting Greedo second), and Hayden Christensen replaced Sebastian Shaw as the spirit version of Anakin Skywalker in Episode 6.For Episode 7, Lucas won't be as directly involved, but if we are to see original characters return in the new trilogy, they'll come saddled with at least a few mistakes from series past - midi-chlorians, most notably.

Pro - Continue the Story of Old Friends

What Star Wars fan hasn't dreamed about the further adventures of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa after the defeat of the Galactic Empire? The very existence of the Star Wars Expanded Universe proves that moviegoers and readers are eager to explore the numerous possibilities. Among a wide variety of goofy post-Return of the Jedi plot ideas, there are also a number of extremely captivating narratives that successfully build on established characters and mythos.As mentioned before, many of those Expanded Universe stories follow Anakin Skywalker's grandchildren as well as their iconic (albeit aging) parents - marking a new and very different chapter for fan-favorite characters in a post-Galactic Empire setting. That said, this doesn't mean that Star Wars: Episode VII is shaping up to be Girl Meets World in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. If Lucasfilm is using the Expanded Universe as a template for the next trilogy, expect those returning characters to go through some especially painful times - in addition to the requisite lightsaber battles, vicious Sith warriors, and alien worlds.The possibilities are definitely exciting.

Con - Risk Underserving Iconic Characters

 Boba Fett in Episode 2While the prequels successfully served Obi-Wan Kenobi through a number of slick action set-pieces, entertaining dialogue, and a solid performance from Ewan McGregor, revisiting fan-favorite characters rarely lives up to expectation - especially in the Star Wars series. In fact, fans maintain that a number of iconic characters were actually damaged by any appearances outside of Episode 4-6. Among other underwhelming return/prologue appearances, Yoda, easily one of the most beloved players in the franchise, was often reduced to a bouncing CGI cartoon; the mystery around Boba Fett was extinguished with a dull revelation; and, for many, the fundamental three-installment exploration of Darth Vader's (melodramatic) origins failed to improve the character - and, conversely, actually undercut his menace in Episodes 4-6.Even if further exploration of Luke, Leia, and Han is merely "good," Episode 7 stands the risk of harming the tremendous affection that enthusiasts already have for the characters. After all, Lucas' "Han Shot Second" change irked longtime followers who felt the alteration fundamentally undercut the character. Now, fast forward 30 years; what are the chances that fans will see an aged Han Solo that lives up to subjective and hyped-up expectations?

Pro - Familiar Faces Will Help Sell The Movie

Han Solo Luke Leia Skywalker Star Wars Episode 7After a mixed reaction to the prequel trilogy, familiar faces are guaranteed to help sell the next Star Wars installment - to both die-hards and non-fans alike.For fans, appearances by Han, Luke, and Leia (among other possible characters) will aid in washing away some of those (aforementioned) pesky prequel problems. Much of the current Star Wars franchise landscape has been based in the past - especially with the success of the (quality) Star Wars: The Clone Wars computer animated series. As a result, viewers will be ready for a jump into the future and a return to the original cast of characters that kicked-off the saga.For non-fans, who may not be quite as connected to the ebb and flow of the franchise, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo are still cultural touchstones. Considering modern remakes of retro TV shows and films are all the rage these days, direct ties to the original Star Wars trilogy could re-energize less-impassioned viewers who might have been underwhelmed by the prequel trilogy (or the Episode 1 3D rerelease).

Con - Comparatively, New Characters Might Be A Letdown

Jaina Solo vs. Caedus (Jacen) in Legacy of the ForceThe Star Wars franchise doesn't have a flawless track-record when it comes to introducing new characters. While the prequels are notorious for a questionable roster of fresh faces, their were also plenty of controversial additions long before Episode 1: most notably the Ewoks.However, assuming that returning characters in Episode 7 are a success (see Pro #1), they will undoubtedly create added pressure for the series going forward. In order for new trilogy characters to be worthwhile additions, they'll have to stand toe-to-toe with some of the most iconic and beloved characters ever seen onscreen - while also establishing their own stories and dramatic setups for future payoff. If new heroes are significantly less interesting than seeing old veterans reunite, Episode 7 will have missed the most important mark: to establish a new batch of fascinating and capable Star Wars adventurers.An intelligent script and smart casting will be instrumental in the success of the new characters but, considering how eager fans are for more Han, Luke, and Leia, the filmmakers have a tricky balance ahead of them.

Pro - Fan-favorite Actors Reprising Iconic Roles

Harrison Ford Carrie Fisher Mark Hamill Star Wars Episode 5Following his days as Han Solo, Harrison Ford kept busy with plenty of high profile work on the big screen. However, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill haven't been quite as noticeable, as the former mostly enjoyed a mix of supporting roles and guest appearances for both TV and movies, while the latter has spent the last decade focused on video game and animated voice work. Consequently, it's understandable why so many fans would be anxious to see the trio back together for Star Wars: Episode 7. Simply imagining a war-torn Hamill once again brandishing a lightsaber, this time as a wise Jedi Master, is sure to bring chills to series fans - as would the thought of Fisher and Ford once again flirting and wisecracking in the middle of a firefight.Of course, several other returning actors could also make an appearance: Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Warwick Davis (Wicket W. Warrick), Kenny Baker (R2-D2), and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), to name a few. Regardless of whether or not the actors would all be visible (given that some would be unrecognizable under makeup and prosthetics), culling original trilogy acting talent would help build enthusiasm for the new films and offer some fun on-screen payoff.

Con - Fan-Favorite Actors Might Not Live-Up to the Hype

Harrison Ford Carrie Fisher Mark Hamill Star Wars NowEpisode 7 wouldn't be the first time that Lucasfilm has dusted off an aging Star Wars actor to reprise an iconic role - when Harrison Ford returned to Indiana Jones in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The 2008 film came nineteen years after The Last Crusade and, despite decent reviews, was considered a disappointment for fans of the actor, character, and overarching series. While there were plenty of problems with the film, some die-hards felt as though Ford's performance was a deal breaker - asserting that the actor had resorted to riffing on Indiana Jones as a caricature instead of delivering the same captivating subtleties that made Indy such a hit in the first place. Understandably, it's a problem that could reappear if Ford is asked to step back into the boots of Han Solo - thirty full years after Return of the Jedi.Similarly, Fisher and Hamill will have to readjust to their roles as combat-ready heroes in a blockbuster action production - casting a very bright spotlight on their respective performances. This isn't to say that they can't get in fighting shape again, nail their lines, and usher Luke and Leia into a new big screen chapter - but what if even one of them just can't pull off a successful Star Wars return? Mishandling an iconic character (see Con #2) could both undercut the momentum of the new trilogy while also tarnishing fond memories of the much-beloved original films.

Pro - Shared Universe Synergy

Han Solo in Star Wars Episode 7Considering Disney has outright confirmed they will develop standalone Star Wars films to debut in between the numbered episodes, fans should definitely expect to see familiar characters back on the big screen in the years to come. Recent reports suggest that the spin off films could even center on main-line players like Yoda, Boba Fett, and a young Han Solo - making it all the more likely that we'll see several classic trilogy actors back (one way or another).In the case of Han Solo, for example, an appearance by Harrison Ford in Episode 7 would definitely make that rumored standalone film feel a bit more essential to the larger canon. Instead of a one-off adventure (and shameless cash grab), the Han Solo spin-off could actually provide backstory that informs the character's actions as an older man in the new trilogy - even if the connections are very subtle. It's a move that would help sooth resistant fans - especially as Lucasfilm gets closer to casting a young Solo (assuming the rumors are true) - as well as draw in casual viewers, who might otherwise have skipped the standalone films. After all, it worked for The Avengers - why not Star Wars? Plus, that's before we talk about merchandising opportunities.

Con - A Narrow Scope for Such a Vast Fictional Universe

 The Galaxy Far, Far Away is enormous. Full of alien creatures, strange worlds, and hundreds of Expanded Universe story lines that have nothing to do with the central plot of Star Wars: Episodes 1-6. Yet, if reports of Yoda, Han Solo, and Boba Fett standalone films are true - paired with a Skywalker and Solo family storyline in Episode 7, what other adventures might we be missing (i.e. a Seven Samurai-inspired Jedi movie)?Fans and filmgoers are understandably excited to see returning cast members but, so far, the filmmakers appear to be relying heavily on the same stories and character drama that we've seen play-out over the course of the first six films (in addition to countless other mediums). Why not take an entirely fresh direction in the main trilogy or, at the very least, one of two of the spin offs?Star Wars remains one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world. Admittedly, the prequels may have left some viewers underwhelmed but what's going to reinvigorate the franchise more and best position the series longterm? Revisiting beloved characters (and actors) or a fresh and captivating adventure (albeit punctuated by the same lightsaber wielding Jedi action that made the original films so exciting)? It's possible that Lucasfilm can deliver both but what if that's too tall of an order? Luke Skywalker wanted to get out of his Tatooine comfort zone to adventure and explore the galaxy? Why wouldn't viewers want to do the same?


Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill in Star Wars Episode 7Of course, regardless of what the filmmakers have up their sleeves for Star Wars franchise future, its success will depend highly on the execution. Some fans might be skeptical about the return of one actor or another but if they're working with an inspired script and sharp direction, it's unlikely that the stars won't rise to the occasion and deliver a captivating continuation for their iconic characters.As mentioned earlier, Lucasfilm has not officially weighed-in on the possibility of returning actors in Star Wars: Episode 7 - so it may be some time before we know for sure. Hamill maintains that they are in talks with the studio but have not yet signed contracts and it's possible the actors won't factor into the main story at all - or merely return for glorified cameos. That said, all signs point to a significant role for Hamill, Fisher, and Ford in the new trilogy - but we'll have to wait a little longer to know for sure. Clouded, the future of this franchise is.What do you think of aging Han, Luke, and Leia in Star Wars: Episode 7? What other characters (and actors) would you like to see back for the new trilogy? Share and discuss with us in the comments below.-Follow me on Twitter @benkendrick for more on Star Wars as well as future movie, TV, and gaming news.Star Wars: Episode 7 is set for release in 2015.
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  1. I say just bring back Hamill for the first 30min as a very old Jedi in charge of the new Jedi order , then bring in a powerful sith to kill him. And introduce a whole bunch of new characters and start fresh!

    • I had a similar thought: First ten minutes of the film are Solo, Luke, and Leia in the Millennium Falcon on a secret mission. It is great to see them together. Cut to wide shot of the Falcon as a small dot in the vastness of space. Suddenly, — pew pew — a red laser beam from off screen blasts the Falcon to smithereens as the big ship, a recommissioned Star Destroyer responsible for the attack slowly fills the screen.

      Cut to the new bad guy commanding the Destroyer who says something like, “Yes… there was a touch of the Force within that little vessel.”

      And then we move on to the children of the trio.

      • “A ‘TOUCH’ of the force”? That is a terrible idea. The whole Empire with Vader and the Emperor looking to destroy them can’t do it, but a decommissioned ship is going to destroy the Falcon with Luke, Leia and Han in it? Might as well have them destroyed by a Gungan bounty hunter.

    • there are books that the movies have to follow now

      • Lucasfilm books are non cannon

        • Under George Lucas’ ownership, Lucasfilm considers books to be canon along with the Clone Wars television series, comics, video games, and many other forms of media bearing the name Star Wars. If these things remain canon under Disneys ownership remains to be seen, but it is likely they will not stray too far from what has been established in any case.

  2. Han and Leia need to be minor characters. Really minor. Han’s an old general, Leia’s the leader of the new republic. If it were up to me, I’d kill them both off in the first scene. Assassination by the new big bad. Give the fans just enough to let them know the two have lived a good life, and then pull the rug out before Ford or Fisher have the chance to damage our memories of the characters.

    Luke, however, needs a large Obi-Wan sized role. I say throw out the expanded universe’s version of him. He never married, never had kids. Mark Hammil was a relatively untested actor when he made Star Wars, and it shows. But his years of voice acting have shown he’s grown enough as an actor that he could give a really good performance that would add to the Luke character, instead of taking away from it. If all I get from the sequels is a bearded and gray Luke Skywalker, I’ll be happy.

    Make the main character(s) a Solo kid. Could be the expanded universe twins, could be a new character created just for the film, but he/she/they should be the stars of the whole trilogy. Trained as a pilot by their father, trained as a Jedi by their uncle.

    Questions of revenge and anger, dark side temptations, the whole nine yards. Don’t make the movies overly dark, I’d say thematically shooting for a RotJ-feel is your best interest, since that one seems to strike a good balance between the lighter kid-friendly fare and the darker moments of the OT that older fans want.

    Harrison Ford is great, but he’s also 70 years old. His age makes it unwise to write him into a three-story arc, even if he’s a healthy 70. The last thing I want to see is Han dying off-screen because the worst happens to Ford. And Carrie Fisher hasn’t had any meaty roles in a while. She’s rusty, and it makes a certain kind of sense for Han and Leia to go out together anyway. There’s a long history of old wizened Jedi who can still kick butt in a fight, and since Luke was the main character, it makes sense for him to have more than a passing cameo. He should be integral to the film, partly so he can pass on his Jedi knowledge on-screen, and not just in the 40 year gap that isn’t covered by the films. I’d hesitate to kill him off at the end of VII, since that’s somewhat predictable, but hey, “it’s like poetry. They rhyme.”

    • No.

      • Agreed. No. Besides, Luke is a better pilot than Han anyway.

    • Jbrose23 has the best outline I’ve seen. It almost seems inevitable. And it would actually work. Just a taste of what we fell in love with, but a forward-looking set of films.

      The last time I saw Carrie Fisher was in Scream 3 (in 2000). She did a good job. But that was over a decade ago.

  3. There are way more pros than cons, in my opinion. I think if they play important but supporting roles it’ll work out just fine. Give them their moments but not all of them. The biggest or the most vital should be given to their children or whoever the new, main protagonists are.

    I can imagine Leia playing the politician easily. I wouldn’t want her to be the Chancellor, Head of State, or whatever they’d call it in the New Republic, but definitely something high up.

    Han, I’m not sure. I know he’s a General but I’m not sure how active he’d be at this point. In one novel they portray him as a bit restless, missing the action and trouble he used to get into. I can imagine that for a happy but aging and bored Solo.

    This is random but I can’t imagine that Han and Leia are married. Not that they haven’t been together the whole time but that they’re just not actually married. Like a partner thing instead of spouses.

    Luke has to play the role of Obi-Wan in the new trilogy, I think. I’m sure a major focus will be the Jedi Academy. Even better if they base the academy on Yavin IV but I’m sure they’ll probably put it on Coruscant instead.

    Does anyone have any legitimate casting ideas for the Solo children and Skywalker son? All I’ve come up with on my own is Dane Dehaan for Ben Skywalker and Logan Lerman for Anakin Solo.

  4. Am i the only one who is sreaming for some Kyle Katarn in it?

    • screaming*

    • I have no idea why but I kind of like the idea of Lucasfilm making the eventual live-action TV show the place where they fill the gap between Episodes III and IV.

      I know the main idea before was to base it in the Underworld but I think it makes more sense to concentrate on the building of the Rebellion, the tyranny of Vader and the strengthening Empire, etc.

      Down the road I can imagine Kyle Katarn playing a big part of that. I’d be sold if in later seasons they had an arc on the Dark Forces situation. I would love it.

      I know he does plenty more in the EU post-ROTJ but who knows how much of that they’ll want to use since rumors say that this trilogy is going to be an original story.

  5. Just please bring back the Millennium Falcon! I worshipped it when I was a kid, Shes the fastest ship in the Galaxy! I want to see the same ships from the first trilogy, would love to see the X-Wing, snowspeeders and Tie fighters come back as well..

  6. the original cast needs to come back including billy dee williams. luke skywalker needs to die in battle in the first movie as an homage to obi wan and qui gon, han and leia need to be supporting characters throughout the new trilogy. just as parents that are in the universe and stationed on one planet, until the third when they get involved toward the end and they both die. but it definitley needs to be about all of their kids and whatever friends they make along the way. luke needs to be a spirit in all movies. ewoks can show up in the second movie. all i know is that im really excioted for this new trilogy, not as excited for the spinoff films even though i would love to see some spinoff films, i only really care about the skywalkers and their legacy. thats the whole purpose of star wars. it begins and ends with the skywalkers. the universe as a whole is incredible and has tons of stories, but thats what the books and games are for, on screen i only really care about the skywalkers and their beginning and end.

    i would love to see that seven samurai jedi movie though, that would be awesome!

  7. I really had hoped they would avoid bringing the original cast members back. that’s not to say they weren’t great back in their day, I remember seeing Empire Strikes Back in the theater when I was a kid and I still rate it as the single best sci-fi movie of all time.

    but that was 30 years ago and I think it’s time to move on, or in this case maybe move back, thousands of years back. I would love to see a trilogy about the old Sith Empire, the pre Yoda jedi and the old Republic, let Abrams loose to explore the events of the ancient star wars universe that gives fans a much deeper and more expansive view of the star wars mythology. there is so much there to cover and what better place to start then the beginning.

    I think it’s time to bring the conflict between the jedi and sith to the forefront on a grand and epic scale. that would be something well worth the price of admission.

  8. I think their should be little doubt to bring back Hamil, Luke has to become the next obi wan so the mythos of the series can come full circle. I like the idea of making Leia the new leader of the republic, but her and Han should be supporting roles. I have no problem making the new protagonists their offspring since it’s always been the tale of Skywalkers.

    when all’s said and done though I don’t know how they would do it with new characters, to me it would seem really out of place. i’ll definitely miss yoda, but will get over it if the story is good, and as long as they stay away from horrible characters like Jar-Jar.

  9. Being in my early twenties I only had the prequels in terms on the big screen but it was the original classic Star Wars Trilogy that made me fall in love with fantasy, science fiction, and films in general. I think it was my first obsession as a kid ha. The prequels were always less in my opinion and not enjoyable but for their worth still got me excited. I always had conversations with friends of which we thought there was a conspiracy that the prequels purposefully sucked to make the secret sequel trilogy look even better just by sheer comparison.

    Now that the sequels (and maybe more) are on the way I am caught in such still disbelief and shock. I love the series and I have been aware of major storyline topics of the expanded universe (I only have read the Excellent Thrawn Trilogy which I may reread) but I have never been not a true hardcore fan that knows every detail beyond the films and take the EU as full complete canon. I have been huge fan of the Star Wars Trilogy and over the years have lost interest in the prequels despite owning them and so the idea of more onscreen stories caught me between excitement and cautiousness.,

    I am sure there are plenty of stories in the EU that can work as a nice jumping point but I do not believe the writers have to bend to sheer clunky continuity the main fan of the Film series do not know at the very least in detail. The EU is tremendous helpful in inspiration an seeing stories that worked or didn’t work for whichever reason. A new story is the best way to surprise everyone , assuming execution is pulled off excellently.

    The article definitely list the main pros and cons of the Classic Iconic Characters and their actors returning to onscreen after such a long hiaitus if you will. You run the risk of characters or actors not living up to expectations and reduced to being caricatures of past selves that will leave audiences famailiar with characters cold. The other main vibe is bringing some legitimacy to what initially seems like a surprise cash grab to a franchise that for better or worse has been complete. Those are the two main opposing effects that will occur in the making of the new Star Wars film.

    But this is where a brand new set of story, tone, characters, etc will lead to the better. Pay homage to the series through themes and classic mythology and archetypes but explore the mythology from different point of view. Include exploration of Jedi Knights and the mystical Force but do not forget smugglers, bounty hunters, different armies and cultures and countless more character types and stories to put a fresh perspective in the series while retelling the same basic concept themes and stories that will inevitably be revisited.

    These actors and characters should return along with Billy Dee Williams Peter Mayhew etc as long as limited yet significant. It cannot feel forced and must be organic. Let the focus be mainly on new characters . I am not worried of the actors ages but they should look the part- this means both physically and in acting.

    In Star Trek, The director manages to reintroduce the original Spock and other key concepts but in a new tasteful way with reinvigoration and fresh approach reinvention. The same could be done to introduce these characters again give them a small capacity to work from and be significant but the idea is new fresh reinvention on the franchise.

  10. I think it would be fine to have the original heroes back for VII…but for me the big question is who is the bad guy? Awesome opportunity to have a REAL true-blood Sith Lord as the main villian…with a mysterious, cloaked apprentice, that has been tempted by the dark side and has only recently given in to his Sith master. He has only only one arm and a purple lightsaber and has been in the shades for decades…

    • Pass me my lightsaber. It’s the one that says “Bad MFer” on it.

      • I think Jar Jar Binks should become a Sith Lord. No one would see that coming.

  11. “Star Wars” is a sequence of endless recycled concepts:


    “Star Wars: Episode VII” – Episode will take place many years after Luke has rebuilt the Jedi Order. Han and Leia will have helped establish a New Republic and Senate. Some Sith will have infiltrated the New Jedi Order and New Republic. New female or male protagonist will be introduced. ‘Cinderella’ type of story.

    “Star Wars: Episode VIII” – Protagonist is forced into hiding, the New Jedi Order and New Republic head into war, and the new Sith will pull strings on both ends of war. Some type of relationship spin between protagonist and antagonist will be revealed.

    “Star Wars: Episode IX” – War. Protagonist either turns or kills the new Sith. Heroes save the day. The end.

    • So, you are saying.

      Luke Skywalker, who sensed the good left in Darth Vader, would not know that siths have infiltrated the Jedi Order?

      • That may have been more a father/son thing than a Force thing.

  12. Would love to see Billy Dee Williams back as well; I like Lando just as much as the trio. The guy did blow up a Death Star after all.

    • He was also the original movie Harvey Dent so that makes him even more of a badass to me.

      • He played Gayle Sayers, too, lending even more cred to his badassery.

      • Actually, it was Wedge.

  13. Has anyone seen Snatch Wars on youtube anytime since it was uploaded a few years ago?

    If so, hopefully people will agree with me that Alan Ford has to be in a Star Wars movie based purely on that Star Wars/Snatch mashup.

    Who needs Darth Vader when we can have Brick Vader?

    • +1… Now f**k off!

  14. Luke goes to the dark side… bring back the originals not as mains but they need to be there.

  15. One of the cons addressed the prequel baggage with which the new movie will be laden. For purposes of Episode 7, the prequels should just be ignored, and, something that rarely gets mentioned, they should be rebooted at some point, preferably with no Lucas involvement. The reboots should have no relation to the massacre that was the E1 – E3 sequence, which means not only no Jar-Jar or midichlorians, but also completely different origins of the clones or the way Palpatine became emperor. And definitely no Samuel Jackson.

  16. Although Harisson Ford is getting older I still think he would be a very good addition to the new movies. He is a very talented actor, with that said i beileve that he shouldn’t be a main character. But who would be the main jedi? Jason Statham

    • Maybe Statham as a bad guy, but not as the main good guy.

      I CAN see Jared Padalecki playing the son of Leia and Han, though.

  17. I remember first hearing of the Sequel trilogy right after Empire in 1980. We were promised 9-12 Episodes 35 years is a long time to wait.. But promised kept Mr Lucas. Thank you!!! Old Luke, Han & Leia bring it on!! Great time to be a Star Wars fan!!!

  18. Great article/list Ben!

    Personally, I think the old gang (Hamill, Fisher, Ford, etc.) should definitely return if the movie’s going to be about their children.
    But like others mentioned, it should only be short yet, imo, crucial appearances (preferable at the start of the movie, and maybe at the end again).

    Needless to say, I can’t wait for Ep7! I re-watched Star Trek last night to remind me of what Abrams can do with the sci-fi genre and this weekend I’m watching the original Star Wars trilogy again!

  19. Too risk to write them in for 3 films. Write them in for 1 before they all die f old age. 40yrs is too bigger gap to try to fill. This is Lucas’s fault for not continuing making the films, now we’re left with old age pensioners that’ll need hip replacements to swing a light sabre around.

    The Millennium falcon is going to need an M.O.T and Jabba must be a dried up old slug by now.
    God knows what Yoda has evolved into… probably a prune in a zimmer frame.
    Darth Vader.. well we know he’s dead… he’ll be remember as as having the same ethics as Hitler.. conquer and destroy!

    The Star Wars cafe must have been shut down by the council for drugs and violence; either that or it’s been turned into offices.

    The films needs fresh characters, that’s for sure.

    • speaking of age, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t REALLY Chris Lee jumping around in those light sabre battles

  20. I am personally tired of having to defend the prequel trilogy. I don’t like all the changes that the special additions of the original trilogy had, (HAN SHOT FIRST!!!!).

    Indiana Jones 4 proved that Harrison Ford is not up to this, unless they jump 30 years.

    J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek and made it into a stellar movie (no pun intended). He surely knows the pressure of living up to the fans expectations while putting a fresh spin on a story. Bringing Leonard Nimoy into Star Trek helped calm the whiners, however that involved a parallel universe and time travel, neither or which are something Star Wars deals with.

    There are too many storylines in the Expanded Universe to just write off 30-40 chronological years of lore.

    That’s my opinion.

    I will still watch the movie no matter what happens, so my whining is pretty pointless

  21. There’s one way to make this work … hire multiple writers to write the story boards & screenplay (*Hint: NO Damon Lindelof of “Lost” or “Prometheus”). In particular, do not leave it in the hands of a die-hard old fan, who’s looking for a re-make, or someone who’s attempting to put a Battlestar Galactica/West Wing spin on the tale to increase *intensity* or *realism*. Both of those aforementioned formulas will fail completely.

    Instead, a style closer to a Tim Burton tale of fun and novelty may help but again, I wouldn’t put Burton in charge of the story boards either. This needs to be a collaborative effort with a final review of the composite, by folks not involved in the writings so that it doesn’t look like a Night Shyamalan joke, with aliens being dissolved by water. But sure, Shyamalan can still direct the picture but have little input on the screenplay or story boards. His job’s strictly the camera work.

    And finally, all three movies need to be completely written down on paper, before the first movie is shot. The reason for this is obvious, today’s movie makers have plenty of plot holes and incongruities, jumping from sequel to sequel. Have all aspects of the trilogy fit together so that the finale, gives a sense of closure, and that the middle piece, moves the overall story along, not just a cliffhanger of sorts. Peter Jackson got this middle part right in the “Two Towers”, by making it the movie of *The Battle of Helm’s Deep*, a central story of the colossal struggle for human survival which gave depth to everyone involved in the battle, almost at par with the top WWII movies of yesteryear. If he’d simply followed the book, the movie would have lost its focus and have been just another series of disconnected adventures, waiting for the third movie to tie things together. Fortunately for us, the “Two Towers” stood tall, as one of the great sequels of all time, as well as one of the greatest war movies.

  22. Personally i don’t mind the idea of the Skywalker and solo children but i think i’d prefer if the movie makers do it their own way what i mean is if they choose the kid storyline then make the kids their own characters i would prefer if they don’t just pull Jacen, Ben, Jaina and all the kids right out of the book i’d prefer if they just make up the children o their own. I’d like it if they gave luke a son and created a teenage female sith who is captured by Luke Leia and Han and Luke’s son and the sith are pursuing them across the galaxy or something and it is this girl and Luke’s son who talk to each other about why the Jedi and the Sith hate each other so much by bringing up stuff mentioned in the article of Screen Rant (why jedi can be the villains in Star Wars 7) eventually she may stop being a sith in the end (like Vader in Return of the Jedi) but may not become a Jedi (Dark Jedi?) meanwhile Luke meditates with the old jedi spirits obi-wan and yoda and they constantly encourage him to forget about the sith girl and kill her because she is a sith. So not my favorite idea from myself but not all that bad i don’t think.

  23. There is a lot of talk in the feature about the actors and whether they are up to returning and delivering good performances.

    But, I believe that the script is going to be extremely important, actually critical. Actors are inspired by great material. When it’s great, actors will come flocking to a project. Likewise, uninspiring writing is going to deflate them. We have the guy who wrote “Toy Story 3″ writing the script. Now, I don’t know if Disney thought they couldn’t go outside their studio lot or what to get a writer. But, he is going to have to deliver to make this film work. I am confident that Abrams will deliver from the director’s chair.

    Next, I think that the Expanded Universe should be completely ignored. Not because there is anything wrong with it. Just that the new films need to be strong in purpose and have a narrative that will work cinematically. Trying to fit in a lot of external material could make things cramped quickly.

    For the original characters coming back, I think that they should be there as elder statesmen. I wouldn’t have them in action sequences, etc. They would be there to preside over the new generation the films would be concentrating on.

    To those making the new films, I quote that famous film classic ;-) “Airplane!”: “Good luck, and remember, we’re all counting on you!”

  24. So it seems a lot of you are concerned with the age of Harrison, Mark and Carrie. Chris Lee was like 80 when he portrayed Count Dooku and he was fine. He still gets acting roles today, so relax

  25. i believe luke should end up falling down the dark side as did his father due to the fact that he had turned “vader” into a caring person again at the end of 6, not being able to live with his father dying after trying to get him to rejoin good over evil. as for han and leia, I belive leia should end up in charge of the new jedi council after luke turns to the darkside seeing how he would have to be the one to train his twin sister to use the force. han and leia should have their own offspring which will be the new face of star wars in the future. all in all, luke is head of the jedi order, luke trains leia to become a jedi (all during which he is struggling to accept the loss of their father), luke drifts away from friends and family in search of a new beginning falling to the dark side as the new sith leader, han and leia have children, leia trains her children to become jedi, luke being new sith kidknaps one of his nieces or nephews to raise them as his own apprentice, han tries to fight for his kidnapped child and get killed off by luke, leia dies in battle after an outstanding faceoff with luke, luke shares all his teaching with niece or nephew and is betrayed by his apprentice in his sleep, apprentice kills luke and takes over as new sith leader/emperor. all old characters are killed off, and all the new faces are ready to vamp up the star wars saga!!!

  26. What is with some of these comments? I am getting the vibe here that a lot of people wouldn’t mind if someone just walked up and put a bullet in the head of Han, Luke, and Leia in the first 30 seconds then move on to a story about their children. Why bother then? It seems like lot of people truly feel like they have gotten the whole story already and now want something completely new, past the most recent book or game…

  27. Seems like everybody just wants the original cast to come in, be seen, maybe stand around a bit then leave. What “small role” are you going to give Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? C’mon guys…

  28. So let me just summarize what the whole article boils down to:

    pros= the original Star Wars and everything connected to it.
    cons= the prequel trilogy and everything related to it.

    I was expecting an article that presented a fair and balanced view of all six Star Wars films, but instead I got the same old “I hate prequels, they wuined my childhood, waaaaaaaaaaah!”

    • You’re right. It’s completely silly to think that a movie could ruin one’s childhood. I’ve never understood that statement at all. Your childhood is your childhood and consists of (hopefully) a hell of a lot more than Star Wars.

      The anger towards George Lucas dumbfounds me sometimes. They’re his movies. He made them. If you liked them, great! If you didn’t, too bad! But I don’t see how someone’s opinion of a film can say it “destroyed” their childhood.

      Me, I thought the prequel was a load of rubbish, but it certainly didn’t destroy my childhood.

  29. Good article. Agreed with most of it, strongly agreed with some of it. The prequel totally changed Darth Vader’s image. He used to be (even after the unveiling of the mask) just bad ass. Now, he hates sand.

    I never really got that into the expanded universe, read the first Zahn book after Jedi, didn’t really do it for me. Played a few video games, read a few comic books. For me, weather it dives into the expanded universe or creates it’s own doesn’t matter. As long as the story is good and the characters are identifiable. People we can care about.

    The one thing I am adamant about, though, when it comes to the expanded universe. Please think of different names. Ben and Anakin Solo? C’mon, really??