‘Star Wars: Episode 7′: 10 Pros and Cons of Original Cast Returning

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Top 10 Pros and Cons of Returning Cast Members in 'Star Wars: Episode 7'

Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill in Star Wars Episode 7Ever since it was first announced that Disney would purchase Lucasfilm with the intention of making more Star Wars movies, fans were left to debate (and dream) about potential story details. Of course, every longtime fan of the Galaxy Far, Far Away has their own idea about where they'd like to see the creative team (producer Kathleen Kennedy, director J.J. Abrams, and screenwriter Michael Arndt) take the series going forward - be it a fresh continuation of the Skywalker family story, an adaptation of already-existing Expanded Universe material, or a completely new (and never before seen) direction with very few returning characters.However, recent reports have begun to rule-out the latter - indicating that not only will we likely see the return of fan-favorite characters, we'll also see the return of their respective fan-favorite actors. While there's been no official confirmation that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, or Mark Hamill will reprise their roles, the more we learn about the upcoming trilogy, the more likely these casting reports sound.Which brings us to the central question, and one that has been raging in the comment sections of our Star Wars news write-ups: will the return of the iconic cast members, after over 30 years away from the franchise, help or hurt Star Wars: Episode VII (and beyond)?Here are our 10 Pros and Cons of Returning Cast Members in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Pro - 9 Episodes Worth of Star Wars Continuity

Darth Vader Luke I Am Your FatherA continuation of the Anakin Skywalker lineage plot line could deliver one of the biggest and longest cinematic through-lines in movie history. Little is known about the Episode 7 story but most reports suggest that Lucasfilm intends to incorporate Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa into the next trilogy plot - likely with a focus on the next generation of Solo and Skywalker children (such as Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo and/or Ben Skywalker). A direct continuation of the plot would allow Lucasfilm to weave a much larger overarching narrative - compared to the boy confronts the dark side story of Luke Skywalker (via Episodes 4-6) or, as a result of the prequels, the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker (via Episodes 1-6).Additionally, anyone familiar with the Star Wars Expanded Universe knows there's plenty of recurring thematic material that comes back around - meaning that watching Star Wars: Episodes 1-9, could be an extremely rich and interconnected story experience at every level.

Con - A New Trilogy Saddled by Old Problems

 New Anakin Skywalker Return of the JediOver 40 years, George Lucas delivered one of the most memorable franchises in entertainment history - nurturing one of the richest fan cultures in the world. Yet, for all the success in the Star Wars universe, there are also a lot of questionable and downright cheesy additions that plagued the series.Lucas' attempt to fit every piece of the puzzle into a complete and intertwined narrative subsequently resulted in especially controversial moments. For example: long-detested Jar Jar Binks returns in Episode 2 and plays a significant (albeit unintentional) role in Chancellor Palpatine's subjugation of the Senate; Han Solo steps on Jabba the Hut's tail in the Episode 4 Special Edition (after shooting Greedo second), and Hayden Christensen replaced Sebastian Shaw as the spirit version of Anakin Skywalker in Episode 6.For Episode 7, Lucas won't be as directly involved, but if we are to see original characters return in the new trilogy, they'll come saddled with at least a few mistakes from series past - midi-chlorians, most notably.

Pro - Continue the Story of Old Friends

What Star Wars fan hasn't dreamed about the further adventures of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa after the defeat of the Galactic Empire? The very existence of the Star Wars Expanded Universe proves that moviegoers and readers are eager to explore the numerous possibilities. Among a wide variety of goofy post-Return of the Jedi plot ideas, there are also a number of extremely captivating narratives that successfully build on established characters and mythos.As mentioned before, many of those Expanded Universe stories follow Anakin Skywalker's grandchildren as well as their iconic (albeit aging) parents - marking a new and very different chapter for fan-favorite characters in a post-Galactic Empire setting. That said, this doesn't mean that Star Wars: Episode VII is shaping up to be Girl Meets World in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. If Lucasfilm is using the Expanded Universe as a template for the next trilogy, expect those returning characters to go through some especially painful times - in addition to the requisite lightsaber battles, vicious Sith warriors, and alien worlds.The possibilities are definitely exciting.

Con - Risk Underserving Iconic Characters

 Boba Fett in Episode 2While the prequels successfully served Obi-Wan Kenobi through a number of slick action set-pieces, entertaining dialogue, and a solid performance from Ewan McGregor, revisiting fan-favorite characters rarely lives up to expectation - especially in the Star Wars series. In fact, fans maintain that a number of iconic characters were actually damaged by any appearances outside of Episode 4-6. Among other underwhelming return/prologue appearances, Yoda, easily one of the most beloved players in the franchise, was often reduced to a bouncing CGI cartoon; the mystery around Boba Fett was extinguished with a dull revelation; and, for many, the fundamental three-installment exploration of Darth Vader's (melodramatic) origins failed to improve the character - and, conversely, actually undercut his menace in Episodes 4-6.Even if further exploration of Luke, Leia, and Han is merely "good," Episode 7 stands the risk of harming the tremendous affection that enthusiasts already have for the characters. After all, Lucas' "Han Shot Second" change irked longtime followers who felt the alteration fundamentally undercut the character. Now, fast forward 30 years; what are the chances that fans will see an aged Han Solo that lives up to subjective and hyped-up expectations?

Pro - Familiar Faces Will Help Sell The Movie

Han Solo Luke Leia Skywalker Star Wars Episode 7After a mixed reaction to the prequel trilogy, familiar faces are guaranteed to help sell the next Star Wars installment - to both die-hards and non-fans alike.For fans, appearances by Han, Luke, and Leia (among other possible characters) will aid in washing away some of those (aforementioned) pesky prequel problems. Much of the current Star Wars franchise landscape has been based in the past - especially with the success of the (quality) Star Wars: The Clone Wars computer animated series. As a result, viewers will be ready for a jump into the future and a return to the original cast of characters that kicked-off the saga.For non-fans, who may not be quite as connected to the ebb and flow of the franchise, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo are still cultural touchstones. Considering modern remakes of retro TV shows and films are all the rage these days, direct ties to the original Star Wars trilogy could re-energize less-impassioned viewers who might have been underwhelmed by the prequel trilogy (or the Episode 1 3D rerelease).

Con - Comparatively, New Characters Might Be A Letdown

Jaina Solo vs. Caedus (Jacen) in Legacy of the ForceThe Star Wars franchise doesn't have a flawless track-record when it comes to introducing new characters. While the prequels are notorious for a questionable roster of fresh faces, their were also plenty of controversial additions long before Episode 1: most notably the Ewoks.However, assuming that returning characters in Episode 7 are a success (see Pro #1), they will undoubtedly create added pressure for the series going forward. In order for new trilogy characters to be worthwhile additions, they'll have to stand toe-to-toe with some of the most iconic and beloved characters ever seen onscreen - while also establishing their own stories and dramatic setups for future payoff. If new heroes are significantly less interesting than seeing old veterans reunite, Episode 7 will have missed the most important mark: to establish a new batch of fascinating and capable Star Wars adventurers.An intelligent script and smart casting will be instrumental in the success of the new characters but, considering how eager fans are for more Han, Luke, and Leia, the filmmakers have a tricky balance ahead of them.

Pro - Fan-favorite Actors Reprising Iconic Roles

Harrison Ford Carrie Fisher Mark Hamill Star Wars Episode 5Following his days as Han Solo, Harrison Ford kept busy with plenty of high profile work on the big screen. However, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill haven't been quite as noticeable, as the former mostly enjoyed a mix of supporting roles and guest appearances for both TV and movies, while the latter has spent the last decade focused on video game and animated voice work. Consequently, it's understandable why so many fans would be anxious to see the trio back together for Star Wars: Episode 7. Simply imagining a war-torn Hamill once again brandishing a lightsaber, this time as a wise Jedi Master, is sure to bring chills to series fans - as would the thought of Fisher and Ford once again flirting and wisecracking in the middle of a firefight.Of course, several other returning actors could also make an appearance: Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Warwick Davis (Wicket W. Warrick), Kenny Baker (R2-D2), and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), to name a few. Regardless of whether or not the actors would all be visible (given that some would be unrecognizable under makeup and prosthetics), culling original trilogy acting talent would help build enthusiasm for the new films and offer some fun on-screen payoff.

Con - Fan-Favorite Actors Might Not Live-Up to the Hype

Harrison Ford Carrie Fisher Mark Hamill Star Wars NowEpisode 7 wouldn't be the first time that Lucasfilm has dusted off an aging Star Wars actor to reprise an iconic role - when Harrison Ford returned to Indiana Jones in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The 2008 film came nineteen years after The Last Crusade and, despite decent reviews, was considered a disappointment for fans of the actor, character, and overarching series. While there were plenty of problems with the film, some die-hards felt as though Ford's performance was a deal breaker - asserting that the actor had resorted to riffing on Indiana Jones as a caricature instead of delivering the same captivating subtleties that made Indy such a hit in the first place. Understandably, it's a problem that could reappear if Ford is asked to step back into the boots of Han Solo - thirty full years after Return of the Jedi.Similarly, Fisher and Hamill will have to readjust to their roles as combat-ready heroes in a blockbuster action production - casting a very bright spotlight on their respective performances. This isn't to say that they can't get in fighting shape again, nail their lines, and usher Luke and Leia into a new big screen chapter - but what if even one of them just can't pull off a successful Star Wars return? Mishandling an iconic character (see Con #2) could both undercut the momentum of the new trilogy while also tarnishing fond memories of the much-beloved original films.

Pro - Shared Universe Synergy

Han Solo in Star Wars Episode 7Considering Disney has outright confirmed they will develop standalone Star Wars films to debut in between the numbered episodes, fans should definitely expect to see familiar characters back on the big screen in the years to come. Recent reports suggest that the spin off films could even center on main-line players like Yoda, Boba Fett, and a young Han Solo - making it all the more likely that we'll see several classic trilogy actors back (one way or another).In the case of Han Solo, for example, an appearance by Harrison Ford in Episode 7 would definitely make that rumored standalone film feel a bit more essential to the larger canon. Instead of a one-off adventure (and shameless cash grab), the Han Solo spin-off could actually provide backstory that informs the character's actions as an older man in the new trilogy - even if the connections are very subtle. It's a move that would help sooth resistant fans - especially as Lucasfilm gets closer to casting a young Solo (assuming the rumors are true) - as well as draw in casual viewers, who might otherwise have skipped the standalone films. After all, it worked for The Avengers - why not Star Wars? Plus, that's before we talk about merchandising opportunities.

Con - A Narrow Scope for Such a Vast Fictional Universe

 The Galaxy Far, Far Away is enormous. Full of alien creatures, strange worlds, and hundreds of Expanded Universe story lines that have nothing to do with the central plot of Star Wars: Episodes 1-6. Yet, if reports of Yoda, Han Solo, and Boba Fett standalone films are true - paired with a Skywalker and Solo family storyline in Episode 7, what other adventures might we be missing (i.e. a Seven Samurai-inspired Jedi movie)?Fans and filmgoers are understandably excited to see returning cast members but, so far, the filmmakers appear to be relying heavily on the same stories and character drama that we've seen play-out over the course of the first six films (in addition to countless other mediums). Why not take an entirely fresh direction in the main trilogy or, at the very least, one of two of the spin offs?Star Wars remains one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world. Admittedly, the prequels may have left some viewers underwhelmed but what's going to reinvigorate the franchise more and best position the series longterm? Revisiting beloved characters (and actors) or a fresh and captivating adventure (albeit punctuated by the same lightsaber wielding Jedi action that made the original films so exciting)? It's possible that Lucasfilm can deliver both but what if that's too tall of an order? Luke Skywalker wanted to get out of his Tatooine comfort zone to adventure and explore the galaxy? Why wouldn't viewers want to do the same?


Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill in Star Wars Episode 7Of course, regardless of what the filmmakers have up their sleeves for Star Wars franchise future, its success will depend highly on the execution. Some fans might be skeptical about the return of one actor or another but if they're working with an inspired script and sharp direction, it's unlikely that the stars won't rise to the occasion and deliver a captivating continuation for their iconic characters.As mentioned earlier, Lucasfilm has not officially weighed-in on the possibility of returning actors in Star Wars: Episode 7 - so it may be some time before we know for sure. Hamill maintains that they are in talks with the studio but have not yet signed contracts and it's possible the actors won't factor into the main story at all - or merely return for glorified cameos. That said, all signs point to a significant role for Hamill, Fisher, and Ford in the new trilogy - but we'll have to wait a little longer to know for sure. Clouded, the future of this franchise is.What do you think of aging Han, Luke, and Leia in Star Wars: Episode 7? What other characters (and actors) would you like to see back for the new trilogy? Share and discuss with us in the comments below.-Follow me on Twitter @benkendrick for more on Star Wars as well as future movie, TV, and gaming news.Star Wars: Episode 7 is set for release in 2015.
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  1. If old characters come back in the new trilogy I hope that they will just play small supporting roles and clear the way for new ones.

    • I agree, new characters would be waaay better, but have luke and han solo there as side characters or something cuz I wanna see what has happened to their characters. leia too I guess…

      • Disagree. They are such iconic characters, why relegate them to “small supporting roles”? They do not have to headline, but they should have both meaningful and substantial roles in the films.

  2. The only way i want them to come back is if the story is about their children. But if its another movie about them i will not watch. No offense but their old and there’s no need for them to carry on another movie. Supporting roles will be ok and understandable. Bring on more bad ass Light Saber Fights!!!

    • I agree. Will all do respect to Fisher, Ford and Hamill (and I DO have a lot of respect for them), it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of Star Wars characters/figureheads, and therefore expect this to happend early on in Episode 7. The one with the Solo twins, Jaina and Jacen, would definitely be interesting.

      • * “With” all do respect[…] darn-it!

        • You mean “With all DUE respect?”

  3. hmmm see the points you have to made, and they are good ones alll I have to say is that we will have to wait and see. Personally I do hope they decide to work with and around the EU some intsead of hitting it with a wrecking ball like TCWs did, I mean the Thrawn heir to the empire triolgy helped BRING back Star Wars in the first place, and the resurgance does have quite a bit to thank them for, even though I dont care about the yuzhan vong war myself(personaly I dont care what happens to that too much). Zahn and Andersons work on the other hand is an entirely different matter, and does not deserve to be decanonized

  4. As a huge fan of the original trilogy, I’m still somewhat skeptical on the whole notion of doing a new trilogy. The hiring of Abrams was certainly a step in the right direction and got me excited, but I just look at how great the story was in the original trilogy and I wonder if I really want more movies. I hope these new films have high quality and are not just shameless cash grabs.

  5. Harrison Ford looked great in Indy 4 for an old man, and a lot better than Hamill and Fisher unfortunately.

  6. I don’t think any of the original actors could flub-up enough to rate them worse than either incarnation of Anakin Skywalker.

    There’s still a lot of area for character development.

    You could show an old, bitter Luke struggling to drum up enough interest to teach a younger group of Jedi Knights, following a lifetime of battle and death against the remnants of the empire. The guilt of all the evil his father did, etc. etc.

    Leia and Han could be separated, leading different lives. He could be the ruler of his own little smuggler kingdom like Jabba was previously, she could be a cold, brittle politician (think a non-smiling Nancy Pelosi) struggling to piece together the fragile fragments of the old Republic.

    Actually, any of those scenarios would be better than seeing young Anakin or Leia in ANY form. yuck. (To this day I can’t believe those actors were chosen…)

    Opportunities abound.

    • Agree, agree, agree!

  7. Am I the only one who’d prefer if Disney would just release the original trilogy unedited on Blu-Ray rather than make all new Star Wars movies?

    • Absolutely agree. Did a little research though and they don’t have the rights. Fox has them in perpetuity for the original movie and for a few more years for Empire and Jedi. I wiould kill for a high quality version of the originals. I heard the originals looked terrible on the DVD release.

      • They don’t look terrible on the DVD release, they just look average. I have all the theatricle editions. They look better than the VHS, but not by much. They were released as a bonus feature, so the sound and picture aren’t really improved at all.

        Still, they’re worth getting. As of now, it’s the only way to get the original versions on disc. And DVD’s last longer and are more convenient than VHS tapes.

        If you’re a die hard fan, I would HIGHLY recomend getting them. As far as I know, the best deals are on Amazon.

        • I got the special edition DVDs when they were first released (2004/2005?), but then got the trilogy that had the original editions as bonus discs when that was released just for those versions. the big disappointment is they they aren’t in the proper aspect ratio on an HD TV. Like they wanted to make it look crappy or something.

          Still, I would watch those originals over the special editions. The best version that I remember was the early 90’s VHS release in THX.

          • I’m very excited for new films, but the best move that anyone could make right now (Fox/Disney/whoever) would be to give the *original theatrical versions* of the classic trilogy the high-quality restoration and release that they of all films deserve, and which they have shamefully been denied up to this point.

            I also have the 2004 DVD sets that included the original versions as bonus discs, which I am grateful for, but it was such an obviously bare-bones, cheap release. I have no intention of buying the current Blu-Ray set, but I would be the first person in line to buy a genuinely quality release of the REAL films.

            Give them the best audio/visual remastering possible, the proper modern aspect ratio, record new commentaries with the actors, include all of the deleted scenes and a rich array of the existing documentaries as bonus features, and Fox or whomever will make a lot of money. As far as I know, it was just George Lucas and his strange mentality that prevented this from happening before? Anyway, I hope that with him stepping back, more good things will happen now.

          • It did seem like George Lucas was kicking sand in our faces by begrudgingly releasing the original cuts with shoddy sound and picture quality. It was kind of a diss because no one liked his meddling special additions that he kept tweaking again and again whenever he had a spare weekend and another sh*tty idea on how to “improve” them.

            It was a punishment for not towing his line.

  8. I posted my thoughts about this on another site but they apply here so I’ll say it again…
    I’m all for Hamill, Fisher and Ford coming back for Episodes 7-9. Their characters don’t have to be nor should they be the focus of the films so there’s plenty of ways to include them that won’t feel forced or intrusive.
    And come on… Come late next year when we see the first poster or image of them as those characters again I will have a full on code-red geek-attack. 😉

  9. I guess I’m the only one who is NOT excited for these star wars sequels. I never understood the hype behind them, they are decent movies but they aren’t as great as fanboys make them out to be. I enjoy the comics though.

    • How old are you? Honest question, not a dig.

  10. Didn’t Peter Mayhew die?

    • No, Mayhew is still alive

      • Yeah, still milking fans for his autographs. 😀

        • He seems nicer doing it though. David Prowse seems more like he’s milking it when he’s sat there with his manager taking money. The guy is pretty ill though, and hasn’t been in much else, so I don’t blame him.

  11. I’m thinking a lot of it would hinge on Luke as the “Obi-Wan” “Mr. Myagi” of the group. IMO – his was the most exciting transformation in the original trilogy; from fiery-eyed farm boy to slick and tough warrior. I think an aged, wiser, even more Yoda-like Luke would realy center things if he had a batch of new “Young Luke”s to mold into Jedi. His pressence would make the most sense in the new series.

  12. I’m super excited for this. I can see a bit of the skepticism but I think some of it stems from the fact that the prequels have scared us into thinking new Star Wars films will always fail. I believe Disney knows what their doing and the hiring of Abrams is s positive sign. He might not have the best track record in the world but he’s the best bet for making a successful Star Wars movie.

  13. Disney are a bunch of greedy bastards. They did not have to buy star wars, they should at least split the money with Dark Horse. As awful as star wars is, Dark Horse Comics has been keeping it relevant & consistent.

    • Yeah, because only greedy people fork over BILLIONS of dollars for things.

  14. Is it just me or am I the only one who hopes that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are already on diets to slim down a bit …. I mean a fat Jedi Master…. really …

    • Yes I do hope they get them on diets. It is amazing what a nice paycheck can motivate an actor to do. I guess in older age there is prob. much less motivation, but I would love to see Mark get fit again, especially fit enough to wield a lightsaber convincingly. Can’t wait to see him bust out his faithful green saber on screen again.

  15. As long as hayden christianson comes back.

    • If he comes back as a “Force ghost,” I will roll over in my grave, and I’m not even dead yet. Sebastian Shaw!

    • Troll.

      • They should cast Sebastian Shaw’s real ghost for the role of Anakin’s Force-ghost. I can’t believe he’s beenn dead nearly 20 years and nobody thought of even trying that.

        • LOL!

  16. “Han Solo steps on Jabba the Hut’s tail in the Episode 1 Special Edition(after shooting Greedo second)…”

    You meant the Episode IV Special Edition.

    And to the person who stated “As long as Hayden Christianson comes back”… are you kidding!

    • Good catch. Fixed.

  17. the solution to have these 3 is simple – have them return as supporting cast, with the movie set enough years after the last one to justify why the original cast are old and unable ot fight like they once did. this could also be used to cut the bs in explaining things like luke getting it with that jedi/sith woman, han and leila’s marriage etc etc.

    i don’t think it will be too hard to squeeze this trio in whilst introducing new faces to carry the following 2 sequels. i honestly don’t think these guys are fit or capable of even moving like they did in the original trilogy (even if they where only doing simple movements compared to the 1-3 actors).

    on a side note, i think zac snyder would be a great director, if someone else writes the script, he could really draw people into the fights with his great use of CG and slo-mo, as well as create great vistas to create a sense of a larger universe that the original trilogy didnt really accomplish that well.

    • Snyder needs to prove himself yet. Dawn of the Dead was decent, 300 was lame, Watchmen was shallow and empty, and Sucker Punch is virtually unwatchable. I’m gonna give Man of Steel a chance, but if he s**ts the bed with that one, I’m going to petition to have him blacklisted.

      • I understand different opinions with movies like 300 and Sucker Punch, but “Watchmen was shallow and empty” really? that one was very thought provoking! And I don’t think that is one to judge Snyder on. It was based off of the comic really straight forward, his only real job was to capture the imagery from the comic and put it on screen, and he did an AMAZING job at that.

        That being said, I do agree that I don’t know if he’s ready for Star Wars. Man of Steel will be the one where I really judge how good of a director he is (when it comes to more “original” prejects). Just saying, Dawn of the Dead was a remake, 300 was a comic adaptation, Watchemen was a comic adaptation, Sucker Punch sucked (that one being a film with a more original script and story) so let’s see how Man of Steel turns out.

  18. Sorry there is really no argument here, this MUST happen. There are only PROs, adios.

  19. As long as we see ships from the Original Trilogy in action I’m good.

    • Oh yes! The Millenium Falcon and the occasional X-Wing are a must.

  20. I agree with eveyone here that the best solutuion is to have returning actors play supporting roles, and have new characters and actors (GOOD ones) lead the films. Han, Leia, Lando, ones like that can be backround characters (like the other rebels in the original trilogy) and have Luke take over te Obi wan/Alec Guiness Jedi role from the original trilogy (whether Luke is in living physical form, or ghost) he can be in just a couple scenes as the old wise Jedi who guides the lead characters.

    As long as they learn from the mistakes of the prequels (and the Lucas “Changes”) we should have nothing to worry about. But, returning cast members IS important, it can’t just be ALL new cast. One thing that the prequels did benefit from was the return of people like Frank Oz, Ian Mcdiarmid, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels (not saying the C3-PO part was WRITTEN well, but it was nice to see the actor/character back).

    Like I said, have strong new cast of characters lead the films, bring back some of the old cast for supporting roles, learn from the mistakes of the prequels, and learn from the mistakes of the Lucas changes. We already have a good direcor and writer, so as long as they do these things, I think Episode 7-9 will be great 😀

  21. I was just wondering if they bring jar jar back and decide to do him a la Jackson. Who should play him. I’m thinking Tobey McGuire

  22. I was just wondering if they bring jar jar back and decide to do him a la Jackson. Who should play him. I’m thinking Tobey McGuire.

  23. I think that Ford, Hammil & Fischer are the only ones who can save the franchise after the debochery done by parts 1-3….

    • Whatever the hell “debochery” is…

  24. It honestly would be cool to see an aged Jar Jar maybe working with Leia on rebuilding the Old Republic.

    There’s a (non canon) OT comic were its revealed that his apparent son Abstro Binks helped Leia when she was being chased on Tantive IV, by disgising himself as the princess. He also tells how Jar Jar would smuggle him toys for presents past Imperial blockades.

    • So, Jar Jar was basically Santa Claus?

      • Jar Jar ruined many a Christmas. :(

  25. I’m hoping that they touch on the “chosen one” theme since it was obvious to me that a Skywalker was indeed the one talked about in Jedi legend, they just chose the wrong one (it was Luke rather than Anakin) and the internal struggle Luke would’ve been going through when he realised that.

    I can imagine living with that and the kind of murderous rampage his father did both before he was born and then during the original trilogy would weigh heavy on him for the rest of his life and lead to him becoming as cynical and grumpy as Han was initially.

    • “The chosen one” is such a cheesy movie macguffin. I groaned everytime they mentioned it in those horrible prequels.

      • Okay, we’ll go with “The Golden Child” instead of “The Chosen One”, then.

  26. If Luke, Leia and Han are written tastefully into a smart screenplay, it will be great to have Hamill, Fisher and Ford back. Conversely, it could be a mess if handled wrongly.

    The Star Wars galaxy is very broad. There have been, and there contiues to be, vast potential for new characters and storylines to be developed. I hope that the filmakers take advantage of that potential instead of just recycling what has alread been done.

    Frankly, Darth Vader was a great character, but I think that we have had quite enough of Anakin Skywalker at this point. I would love to see Luke, though. In the old days, I perceived him as being the main character.

  27. Seven Samurai-inspired Jedi movie was done already in Clone Wars TV Show kind off ! Was pretty good by the way !

  28. I want to do the Star Wars TV series.

    • That would have been great,but with Disney now at the helm..God who knows how this would turn out !