‘Star Wars Episode VII’: Hamill & Fisher Returning; Expanded Universe Storyline?

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Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Harrison Ford Star Wars Episode VII 7 Star Wars Episode VII: Hamill & Fisher Returning; Expanded Universe Storyline?

Your casual Star Wars fan knows about the six-part saga George Lucas brought to the movie screen; however, your hardcore fan (or those who simply enjoy good sci-fi literature) know all about the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU) – a series of books, TV shows, video games, etc., which have taken Lucas’ story well beyond what the movies depicted.

That expanded universe got its “big bang” in the form of author Timothy Zahn’s early-90s books, collectively known as “The Thrawn Trilogy,” and continued from there, often following the lineage of characters like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Today, we have further rumoring that Star Wars Episode VII could include elements that at least hint at the Expanded Universe continuity serving as the film’s core.

Building upon the recent news that Harrison Ford is returning as Han Solo in Episode VII, Showbiz 411 claims that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher will ALSO be back as Luke and Leia Skywalker, in a story focusing on their respective children. Any reader of Star Wars EU will instantly recognize the writing on the wall, as names like Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo – or Ben Skywalker – are already familiar to them. 

Star Wars Episode 7 Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Legacy of Force New Jedi Order Star Wars Episode VII: Hamill & Fisher Returning; Expanded Universe Storyline?

For those who never experienced Star Wars beyond the movie screen: Zahn’s “Thrawn Trilogy” picked up five years after Return of Jedi, and included the birth of Han and Leia Solo’s twins, Jacen and Jaina. They – along with their little brother Anakin Solo and cousin Ben Skywalker –  would later be featured in many EU storylines – like “New Jedi Order” -most notably (for our purposes here), the “Legacy of the Force” saga.

“Legacy of the Force” was written in the mid-2000s by authors Troy Denning, Aaron Allston and Karen Traviss; it featured most of the surviving Skywalker/Solo offspring, as well as their legendary parents Luke, Mara Jade (Skywalker), Han and Leia. Did I mention that LotF is set 40 years after A New Hope – almost exactly the real-world span of time between that film’s release and the release date of Episode VII? You see where this is headed…

LotF chronicles how the Corellian system (Han’s home) tries to secede from the Galatic Alliance, resulting in political/military skirmish, while the Jedi Order (led by Luke) senses a growing Sith threat (Lumiya). In the midst of all this, Han and Leia’s son Jacen, now a trained Jedi, is lured to the Dark Side and must ultimately face his twin sister Jaina in battle. A major subplot involves a dying Boba Fett’s family, and his training of Jaina Solo to defeat Jacen, who has transformed into Darth Caedus.

Jacen Solo Darth Caedus Star Wars Legacy of the Force Star Wars Episode VII: Hamill & Fisher Returning; Expanded Universe Storyline?

Darth Caedus

A streamlined or amalgamated version of this EU saga makes a certain amount of sense for Disney’s next trilogy of films, as it offers a mix of both the old and the new. It also would fit in step with a lot of what we have seen or heard rumored about the film, including:

  • Rumors of Episode VII having a female protagonist (like Kick-Ass star Chloe Moretz). Jaina Solo casting in the making?
  • The hiring of Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3 writer Michael Ardnt to pen the script (an Oscar-winning expert in the “heart-meets-humor, touch of darkness” department).
  • Super 8 and Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams being hired (again, that kid-friendly humor and heart, mixed with blockbuster sci-fi talent and just a dash of darkness).
  • The re-hiring of Harrison Ford (and possibly Hamill and Fisher), who could conceivably return to the franchise at their current ages.
  • The hiring of Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasadan to work on Episodes 8&9 (the guy who nailed the darker Shakespearian family drama of Star Wars) – alongside Simon Kinberg (known for younger more modern fare like Jumper and Sherlock Holmes).
  • Rumors of other young actors being sought to star in the film. 

Star Wars Episode VII Legacy of the Force New Jedi Order  Star Wars Episode VII: Hamill & Fisher Returning; Expanded Universe Storyline?

There’s nothing CONCRETE to say that Disney is going to draw directly from LotF as its inspiration for Episode VII, but the incentive is clearly there. From the title “Legacy of the Force” to the storyline (which echoes many themes and arcs from the previous two trilogies), to the character/casting and merchandising opportunities, this is ripe material for an epic onscreen movie trilogy. It also allows for the already-announced Star Wars standalone films (which are being released in between episode chapters) to flesh-out characters like Boba Fett, who is featured prominently in stories like LotF.

For now, however, it’s important to remember that the semi-official word from sources is that Disney is most likely going in a NEW direction, with an “original” storyline for Episode VII. While that may well be true, bringing back original series characters (and possibly featuring their offspring) in a storyline that isn’t drawing from EU material is going to invite skepticism (and ire) from hardcore fans.

Jaina Solo vs. Caedus Jacen in Legacy of the Force Star Wars Episode VII: Hamill & Fisher Returning; Expanded Universe Storyline?

Jaina Solo vs. Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo)

Then again, the beauty of having so MUCH expanded universe material (which has a high proven success rate in some cases) allows for the picking and choosing of key storylines and characters to be mixed and matched in a movie script. Could we ultimately see some amalgamation of EU novels and mythos? I, for one, would be for it (mixing the Thrawn saga, NJO and LotF is okay by me!).

What do YOU think – are we seeing something akin to Legacy of the Force shaping up onscreen? And if so, would you be ok with that being your next Star Wars trilogy? Or are you hoping for entirely NEW material? Sound off in the comments.


Star Wars Episode VII will be in theaters in 2015 (though that’s currently subject to change).

Source: Showbiz 411

Artwork courtesy of Star Wars Wiki, Red Led Better

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  1. I just read Wuthering Heights for school and hated it, and Anakin Solo reminds me of that book (Cathy’s daughter Cathy). I hope they don’t use that name, or Ben Skywalker, it just makes it confusing to watch and talk about.

    • I know, they couldn’t even be creative enough to think of different names. Anakin and Ben? really they couldn’t think of anything else?

      • have either of you read the EU Yuzong Vong or Legacy books? Anakin Solo was a great character who actually has depth. And Ben Skywalker is Lukes tribute to Obiwan being his mentor. Not every character needs a stupid original name. Plenty of people name their children after family members, and to humanize the story these aspects are needed.

        I just hope they include the whole r2-d2 arc about how r2 knows about anakins journey to the dark side still. Fantastic part of the EU.

        • Agree !

        • Huzzah, I totally concur. It makes sense to me, Anakin after the father obviously and Ben after the man who mentored you…like something like that is unheard of

          • They clearly trying cash in with the names. It also didn’t make sense of why Leia would name her son after Anakin, it would make more sense if Luke named his son Anakin.

            • Why does that make more sense Strider? Anakin was father to both Luke and Leia. And how can this be a cash grab when the names were introduced decades ago? Go read some EU before you judge it.

              • How about when Darth Vader let Tarkin destroy her home planet? The planet where she was raised. So what if Anakin was her father? He wasn’t a good father till he saved Luke. That’s why it would make more sense if Luke named his son after him.

                • There’s actually a novel where Leia goes to Tatooine and learns more about Anakin’s past and eventually comes to terms with him being her father. Sort of explains the naming of her third child.

                  • Tatooine Ghost by Troy Denning.

                • There’s also that novel when an assasins allien race are sent to kill Leia but they don’t because they recognize Vadres scent on her.

            • it would make sense if you had read the books,and found out she learn about her father and realize he went mad because of love and came back because of his love for them.

              • nope those names will be overshadowed by the established Ben Anakin names that the audience grew to know.

        • I don’t think wishing for original names negates your points, except for the idea that reusing names is somehow “necessary”…(?). Your point is fine, but in an era where most of us are tired of meeting cats named Chewbacca and Chihuahuas named Yoda, I also wish that the names of new people weren’t the same names as the old people. Its touching and all, but for more than a scene or two it seems like a cumbersome issue. Saving nostalgia for unused names, like middle names, helps. As does making one or more a Darth. Plus if they use these characters then the point is moot anyway, and if they don’t then it matters even less. Oh well.

          • Darth isn’t a name, it’s a title given to any Sith lord. And if Disney wants to cash in, they simply can’t retcon the plethora of existing EU material that has already been approved by grandpa Lucas himself. So if they plan on portraying any Solo/Skywalker offspring, they have to make do with the ones we already know and love.

            • People will watch because of the “Star Wars” title only. So the majority won’t care if they don’t include the EU.

            • Okay, first of all, I was speaking on the assumption that everyone here knows darn well that Darth is a title and not a name. That’s why I said “making one of them a Darth,” would solve the name issue. By that I meant that a kid named Anakin Solo (or whatever new amalgamation of old names) could at least end up with an original “name” (using the term loosely) if everybody just calls him Darth Fartsniffer, or any other thing that isn’t already a world famous character name from the 1970′s.

              Secondly, you are completely incorrect about what Disney can and can’t do. First of all you need to understand the difference between “Lucas approved” (which applies to everything from Jar Jar’s racist accent to the premise of the next video game), and “Cannon”, which, again, I believe applies ONLY to the movies and a select few other projects like Shadows of the Empire and The Force Unleashed. Basically they can do anything they darn well please, regardless of what stories are out there. They can scrap them all and contradict them left and right, or use them as a source of ideas to turn into official canon by way of incorporating them into the movies. Either way. Somebody here posted quotes of Lucas saying there shouldn’t be all these Jedi kids anyway and they don’t make sense! So much for “granpa Lucas” having omnipotent control over his creation, or only allowing stories he feels are consistent. Plus if you want the ultimate proof that money talks and every detail of star wars is up for rewriting, just look at episode two. Do you really believe that all the storm troopers in the seventies and eighties were secretly intended to one day be revealed to be clones of Boba Fett’s daddy? Heck no! The Fett figure sold really really well, and he was popular despite few lines and an ignominious gag death, so Lucas retroactively rewote his lore to make its future history all about the Fetts. It’s a malleable medium, after all. Also, which idiot at Disney is gonna hear a billion dollar proposal and then say “we can’t do that because it conflicts with some of the books out there.” ? Don’t forget the bottom line. It’s always money. You aren’t thinking all that creatively or profitably when you suggest we be shackled by previous cash ins at the expense of future cash ins.

              • Of course, strictly speaking, they CAN do what they want. It wasn’t what I meant, just that it really wouldn’t be nice to retcon all this extra material we are used to and have accepted as Star Wars history. “Can” like in the expression “you can’t do that!”
                Oh, by the way, you CAN’T contradict someone with beliefs, only with facts.

                • Then don’t watch the movies when they retcon a bunch of the EU material.

                  • Har, har, har.

                    They don’t have to retcon anything in the first place. They sure can come up with a whole new story that would also fit in the existing EU.

                    • Fine but don’t complain if they don’t use or mention any of the characters or stories.

                    • Why, you think they can’t write any new story involving the Solos and Skywalkers? Dark Horse does that on a regular basis.

                    • No, I’m just saying don’t complain if there is no Jacen,Jaina, Anakin and Ben. We don’t even know if Luke or Leia/Han will have kids at all. They can make their own characters if they want and won’t care about what happened in the EU.

                    • The hell we won’t complain! This is what everyone from fans to writers to Wookieepedia have considered Star Wars history for years, if not decades, and retconning this history will be a blow to us all. So sure, the masses won’t give a sh*t but it’s not the masses who made the Star Wars universe thrive like it has until today. And sure, Disney can throw it all in the dump but they also can make a movie that will make everyone happy.

                    • “So sure, the masses won’t give a sh*t but it’s not the masses who made the Star Wars universe thrive like it has until today.”

                      Uh, yea it was the masses who made the franchise popular.

                    • Waldorf, it’s not the masses who bought the plethora of books and comics that made what the EU is today. It’s the fans.

                    • And there would be no books if Star Wars failed. The movies became popular and made a lot of money because of the masses and THEY are also fans too.

      • The names are based off of the actual legacy of the force storyline. Its not crazy for people to name their children after their loved ones. They are family names. If they didn’t name their kids after Obi wan or Anakin i would be more skeptical.

        • The casual audience don’t want to see a low rent of Anakin and Obi wan.

          • So if your father honored his by naming you after him, that makes you a low rent of your grandfather? That’s a rather twisted way of seeing things.

            • lol what? Are you seriously comparing real life to fiction? It’s called business, they don’t want to shoehorn an Anakin because that name will always be associated with Darth Vader. And Ben will always be associated with Obi wan. It’s better to have original names so they will be remembered as a separate character. And you calling people twisted is hilarious since I’ve seen some of your comments and you go crazy on other people for a bunch of books.

              • Fiction feeds on life, in case you haven’t noticed, pal. This naming thing has been a tradition since, like, forever in many cultures throughout history, and is deeply rooted in the american society (let me remind you the writer is american, as well as pretty much everyone involved at this point), so why wouldn’t it be, especially for a saga where honor and filiation take such an important place? Lucas himself named Indiana after his beloved dog, for f*ck’s sake!
                And when did I call YOU twisted? It would be quite hard since I don’t know squat about you. I only talked about one specific point of view. If trying to talk some sense into a few rather thick heads (not talking about you specifically here) equates going crazy in your eyes, fine, I honestly don’t give a damn.

                • Star Wars is known for influencing cinema in the use of special effect, the merchandise and entertainment, not on naming traditions. You implied that I see things in a twisted way because you thought that I didn’t respect family traditions even through I never once said anything like that. But whatever you’ll by your opinions and I’ll stand by my opinions.

                  • Never once? Didn’t you write “The casual audience don’t want to see a LOW RENT of Anakin and Obi wan?” What else to think of such a statement? And sorry to contradict you once again but it’s actually the other way around, it’s the naming traditions that have influenced Star Wars. Even Chewbacca is named after Bacca, the most illustrious hero of wookiee history. Does that make Chewie a low rent character? I don’t think so.

                    • Well, whadda ya know? Yet another trolling d*ckhead. How surprising. You finding me hilarious is really rich. Thanks for the good laugh!

                    • Point*

    • have you read the books

    • Why wouldn’t they use those names?
      It’s to honor their father and mentor.

      Besides those names have already been used in EU.

      I personally have been reading novels from the EU for quite some time now and been following the adventures of the Skywalker/Solo clans and if episode VII makes all those epic moments and directions invalid I’d be pretty damn upset personally.

      Especially the Yuuzhan Vong war which saw deaths of several important characters and that defined the galaxy for decades if not centuries to come.

      *** SPOILER ***

      I mean Chewbacca’s death alone in the first novel of the saga impacted everyone so deeply and was so wonderfully written that I may have shed a tear for that lovable furry bastard.

      Not to mention having Han and Leia experience the death of a son (Anakin) and capture of another son (Jacen). Those two events lead to LotF and had major major impact on not just the Skywalker/Solo families but entire galaxy.

  2. The books are to the films what the marvel comics are to the marvel films, except the films came first with star wars

    • That’s incorrect. George Lucas Wrote the original episode 1-6 books prior to the creation of the movies. They just weren’t released until after the movies. He was a marketing genius.

      • Um no. He had outlines yes but never any “novels” for episode 1-3.

      • Also, Lucas didn’t even write ANY of the books. Not even Star Wars (aka A New Hope) was written by Lucas – his name is on the book, but it was ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster. Lucas may have done the screenplay and he may have done story treatments for the sequels and prequels, but he is not the create genius he and everyone claims him to be. He’s just a slightly lesser creative genius than he’s given credit for.

        • I don’t think he ever dared to call himself a genius, and I don’t think he even believes it. If he’s a genius at anything, it’s at marketing.

    • Half true… they said it was an original story but that doesn’t mean they won’t be adapting stuff in like they did in the prequals and secial editions.

      Plus Disney’s President Robert Iger was quoted by Forbes as saying one of the reason he bought it was due to its seventeen thousand characters… and I don’t know how you get that many characters unless you include the expanded universe. Also recall just about every detail confirmed from this was revealed by him, such as him officially announcing the spinoff films not being eps vii and ix. My take on this is they at least have plans for some of the extended universe character and hopefully a goodnumber of planets and ship ideas. After all why not include them, many are well designed with lots of depth and could easily be adapted into whatever Lucas wrote. It wouldn’t require much rewriting and best yet would let them make spinoff adapations of whichever become successfuly accepted by the public at large later, best part there is being able to revisit the books and make them better… let’s face it why make a young Han Solo film if you then can’t capitaize on that actor crossing over into other spinoff movies.

      • “Plus Disney’s President Robert Iger was quoted by Forbes as saying one of the reason he bought it was due to its seventeen thousand characters…”
        Let’s be honest Bob Iger only said that to please angry fanboys lol.

    • Agreed. Lets not forget people, George Lucas sold out to Disney but the contract was written in a way that he and his team stil have full creative control. My point is, they haven’t failed us (except in the case of Anakin’s casting) so lets keep faith that they will deliver gold as they have for the last 40 years.

      • Totally agree on Anakin’s misscasting. Poor little child.
        Have to say that Jar Jar and Vader’s “Noooooooo!” at the end of EIII are tough moments too

  3. I really don’t like the fact that the maker of a movie about “child’s play things”,(toy story), is continuing Star Wars.

    • Star wars and toys have a very strong connection. Just ask George Lucas.

      • Hell… Just ask his accountant

    • Boba, Boba… Toy Story was a rather mature story utilising ‘children’s play things’. Over the trilogy it deals with death, loneliness, friendship, abandonment, values, honesty, growing up etc etc. Star Wars was an adventure film that led to a huge boom in ‘children’s play things’ – the ‘birth’ of massive scale film merchandising. Its’ trilogy(ies) deal with death ,loneliness, friendship, abandonment, values, honesty, growing up etc etc.
      Do all the books in your house have pretty covers?

      *Not saying these are comprehensive lists of themes, just picked them at random.

    • That concerns me too, especially when I want darker, PG 13 stories now more than ever. On the other hand, it does sound like he is a thoughtful and talented fan of this universe. I am dubious but hopeful that we will get a true sequel that isnt embarrassing like every idea since the Ewoks. (as a kid, I loved the Ewoks, but as an adult, looking for where it all went so horribly wrong, you have a clear timeline of tragic mistakes and poor decisions piled n bad ideas. Firstly, Jedi was inherently loaded with sellout moments wherein our heros are meant to be laughed at frequently as they swashbuckle along like space pirates out of the Carribean. It was a strong film, with many excellent moments, and I love it, but it was also an aggressive sellout that made star Wars silly for the first time. Teddy Bears defeated the Empire with rocks and sticks and pure hearts while Solo smirked and Luke became serious…. Seriously dickish that is. The next sign of disaster piling up was the rerelease and Special Editions. They were special all right. Aside from a little technical polish and a few more scenes of Cloud City, when was an alteration or addition to the trilogy not deeply misguided and unfortunate? The Wampanoag got better, sure, but that’s not worth all the tampering. Greedo shoots first, Han meets a short Jaba, death stars explode differently, the sarlac pit has a snakey bit,and one of the worst moments of prequel dialogue gets revisited when Vader yells “Nooooooo! “. Plus the Ewoks music is taken away, and Uncoe Fester ghost of Anakin is replaced by a pre-first-take shot of ghostly heartthrob boy band Anakin. Is anyone at Lucasfilm not a yes man or toady forthe king with the bad ideas? Does his departure allow reasonable people to do good work without sucking up to the boss? Hope so. Nobody even stopped him from making Jar Jar. The mans judgement is impaired. He’s had some great ideas we all liked, but never have I seen a creative talent so badly in need of oversight and collaborative seasoning. He ran amuck! Not to get off on a rant or anything though…

  4. Oh dear lord, please, PLEASE do not use Legacy of the Force or ANY of the EU crap stories. That’s what it all is. C R A P! I have read them. I really tried to like some, but the writing is so one dimensional (Legacy of the Force – where each author is EVERY character in their respective books) or just absolutely absurd (Yuuzhan Vong, Dark Nest, etc…).

    Here is a once in a life time shot to do it right! Get back to the style of ESB, use a director who can evoke real emotion from the actors and really get some depth out of the stories.

    I really get the significance of this. It’s almost a blessing to have this taken from Lucas and get away from ANYTHING resembling the EU books.

    I have confidence in Disney and Abrams. I just hope we get the old gang back together if even for just one movie before passing it on to another generation.

    • I agree, the Yuuzhan Vong was one of worst stories that I have ever read.

    • How insightful and interesting! It’s close to the best possible scenario that Lucas is out (ish) and only a contributor. As I imply above, that is where he belongs, with everyone’s ear, but no real control or influnce. He’s proven he has great ideas, and that he can ruin them given the chance. Recall though: the weaknesses of the prequels was so powerful that it hurt all of Star Wars retroactively and moving forward. The worst thing possible now isn’t just that Star Wars fails to get better, but that it manages somehow to get worse, hurting the franchise and not just the new films. I never read an SW book that felt like an even decent film, much less what I want from eps seven onwards project. The tidbits about force wielding children of all the main characters mixing it up for another round of the same ideas are not inspiring me. They sound more like what little kids think up with action figures. “Han and Leia get married and have two or three babies and they all have the Force! And uncle Luke has a baby too, so they all get together and teach the force, but then these kids become good Jedi and bad Sith, just like their parents! And they all have the same story arcs and names as their parents in a virtually indistinguishable new era of Jedi strife brought about be the families and good guys falling apart and some join the dark side! That’s the premise! Sound familiar?”. If my nephew couldn’t come up with a better idea than that, I’d take away his cookie!

      As for stand alone movies, what about that interesting era between five and six collectively called Shadows of the Empire? A few issue may arise, like how can a young Luke make an appearance?, but the era was interesting enough for some comics, video games, a soundtrack, and an official adoption into cannon! The only other time I am aware of there being new canon outside a film was with the Force Unleashed story. The first one only, perhaps. It too has the making of a great movie. Retelling the game as is would be out of the question I imagine, but the pieces there are truly compelling additions to the universe. Some great use and inventive extrapolation on Jedi powers, combined with a relevant and revelatory missing chapter vibe that makes the six movies work together much more effectively. Scenes of Vaders apprentice, the formation of the rebel alliance, Jimmy Smits’ Bail Organa, and the most badass Jedi ever, wielding double sabers and pulling a star destroyer out f orbit… I hear this great story got left behind in the game sequel, so I haven’t played it yet, but that first one really deserved to be canonized, and would make a superb setting for a standalone movie that bridges the gap between trilogies. You get to start as Vader on Kasshyyyk, force pushing wookies off of a cliff while AT ATs storm the beaches far below. Amazingly cool stuff. Somebody, please get Star Wars right!

  5. I think it’s already been definitely stated that the films will be completely original, which is good. I am a huge Star Wars fan, but I have never been able to find much interest(except for KOTOR era)in the many EU novels, especially the ones after ROTJ. It just gets too confusing; Solo kids, reincarnations of the Emperor, Yuuzhan Vong, new orders, etc. Leave the Death Stars and Stormtroopers behind! My ideal plot for the new Trilogy is the resurgence of the Sith, not the whole “one master & apprentice” thing, but rather a like a cult. A society of Sith warriors, led by a supreme leader (Benedict Cumberbatch!) who seek nothing more than to rage eternal war with the Jedi just for the hell of slaughter and chaos. Have the original actors on the side, passing the torch to their children as being combatants for the galaxy. Just my opinions.

    • I would suggest that the best post-ROTJ Expanded Universe stories are the ones that leave the Emperor and Death Star behind. Which is to say that they do apply new ideas to Star Wars. But true, many of the stories do recycle those familiar elements.

      Also though, do you really want Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Wars? (Just saying, I would prefer -Wars and -Trek to not have Stars in common.)

    • Sounds like a setup for a few action scenes, but nothing substantive. Kotor may be a standalone story! I hope so… As for Cumberbatch… I guess you aren’t conserned at all about Trek and Wars having too much in common. I am hopeful for Abrams, but concerned. If Coke and Pepsi both hired the same guy to invent their new drinks it would be weird. Here we have a guy who has been accused of making Trek too much like Wars, who may well bring his own favorite Trek composer with him to the SW universe, developing the only current movie for both franchises simultaneously despite a track record for lettin everything go to hell when he isn’t paying attention (parts of Lost, almost all of Fringe, every other show he has done lately….) and you think he should also use the same lead actor as the villain in both shows !? I happen to like Trek and Wars, but I don’t want them getting homogenized. That’s the biggest challenge to Abrams in my opinion. They must be very distinct flavors of sci fi. Their strengths are largely unique, with SW being more of a legendary fantasy story than traditional sci fi, and Trek being loaded with cohesive eras of scientific breakthroughs and many hundreds of hours worth of canonical material that can be used or referenced but mustn’t be forgotten or betrayed without a greater purpose. Can both franchises thrive on the things that make them unique without becoming similar, despite the same director? I really hope so. If people are complaining about lens flair and goofy characterizations of favorite series mainstays when ep vii comes out, then that is a really bad sign. Should ANY actor be in both franchises simultaneously? Not without a hell of a good reason. Obviously not, I say.

  6. I believe they should incorporate some aspects of the EU novels and use these characters… Ben Skywalker and Jaina Solo are intriguing personalities with conflicts of famous parental upbringing.

    Kyp Duran is a must as a Jedi master with a marred past but wisdom from those mistakes made of pride and prejudice…

    I enjoyed these novels and was even gravely upset over the deaths of multiple characters… old and new… However I find the creative aspect for these new films so exciting and overwhelming I cannot wait to see what comes next.

    And if its true that the original cast is involved I am very happy to allow a new story line because these original characters are what gave us A NEW HOPE an Empire that Strikes back and A Return of the Jedi so that we may embrace the STAR WARS ever expanding and evolving universe.

    (Forwards and Backwards)

    And I hope Disney thinks of the fan base which made this franchise famous in the first place…..

    So In a galaxy FAR FAR AWAY,


    • The fan base that made Star Wars popular in the first place is composed of ADULTS now, which seems to be a forgotten detail. Some great games are geared at us, but the movies seem to be focused on the next generation of kids all the time, with no regard for the older fans. I know that an R rated movie would make so much less money that they would never do it, but a darkly themed adventure for adults doesnt need to be R. See the LOTR trilogy for some heavy PG 13 stories. Even if they can’t resist aiming the trilogy at kids AGAIN to my great disappointment, they may still create a tangent story for the rest of us. Boba Fett movie? KOTOR? Here’s hoping Star Wars Movies can grow up for the first time this millennium…

      • No the fan base is composed a mixture of kids. Who do you think wants to have the toys, costumes and consumer products? the kids.

        • Yeah sure, the kids from ’77 are still kids today.

          • No they buy the toys for their kids that are also fans today.

            • Do you have any sense of humor?

              • yea, maybe you should deliver the humor better next time.

                • And maybe you should re-read what Josh said, because you obviously didn’t understand him.

                  • That’s what I like to hear! Thanks for the vote of confidence. A lot of these people don’t really get it. If you are a gamer then I hope you visit my own little site someday and offer more astute observations. Your not one of the dummies, that’s for sure. Click my name!

                    • Oops! I invited people to go to my site by clicking my name, and then found out that there is a typo hidden in there that blocks entry! That’s like having company over and deadbolting the door before they arrive! How inhospitable of me! The error is fixed, but not retroactively, so anyone interested can click on THIS post or any new ones to access my site, but the old ones are permanently FUBAR. Thank you, come again.

                  • Cause it was a crappy joke.

  7. The whole purpose of the “chosen one” storyline was the destruction of the sith. To bring the sith back would lessen the impact of Anakin’s sacrifice.
    Plus, it’s gonna be an original story, not one based on the books.

    • One could argue it was to destroy both the jedis arragance they adapted at the end of there reign and the Sith’s rule of two. After all we know the force still exists in people and Lucas had plans for at least 3 more films… so without the sith just whom would the enemy be? A Senator trying to block the ewoks from getting a vote… hell no its a new generation of Sith or “bad guys with the force” maybe calling themselves something new just so the “sith where killed off by vader” lolz (possibly searching for immortality as hinted at as the siths goal in ep III?)

    • The Sith ALWAYS come back at some point because people are always tempted by evil. It’s part of being human. And why would the return of the Sith lessen Anakin’s sacrifice? On the contrary, the pointlessness of his sacrifice makes it even more heartbreaking.

    • No,the goal was to bring balance not to destroy and thats what happen,

  8. Im pretty sure the plot is going to be about Luke going senile and forgetting he already defeated the empire. Im sure he will be busting Han out of an old folks home and they will go on a merry adventure! its gonna be AWESOME!!!

  9. Yes, bring it on. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve seen a good Star Wars movie.

    • I’m guessing this is here ranting incoherently about how Star Trek sucks compared to Star Wars. I saw that, and it was tacky. Plus, any idiot knows that nt only are there ravenous sci fi fans all over the world, but many of them like more than one franchise, and aren’t petty enough to want you to trash competitors with your sucky attitude! Supposedly she is not entirely mentally sane and stable, so maybe we can chalk this up to a busted brain moment she should regret…

  10. When i was a kid, I used to read some of the EU-stuff, believing that this was the “real” story about what happened after the movies. Then I realised that 1. the books were not that great, and 2. that George did not actually care about or agree with the stories other writers came up with, but he was happy to cash in on them.

    • Lucas has ackowledged some of these stories as canon, as well as most of the Dark Horse comics line.

      • You words hold nothing, since you are the guy he said the last Superman movie is a reboot. Were do you get your info? Lucas did not consider the novels after Retun Of The Jedi canon, or the comics. He stated in an interview saying how he would have never writen the things that came after. Especially the parts were Jedis get married and have families.

        • Well, this has been stated repeatedly by Dark Horse in the comics’ letter colums, so if it was a lie I think Lucas would’ve denied it at some point. He didn’t. Anyway, the fact that he wouldn’t have written these stories himself has nothing to do with him approving them. And considering the quality of many comics compared to his prequel trilogy, it’s actually a relief that he didn’t write all of these! Also, “the parts were Jedis get married,” really? Didn’t he make Anakin marry Padmé?

          • Yea, Padme and Anakin did get married. The only marriage in The saga on screen. But was Padme a Jedi??? No genius…NO. And They hid it from the Jedi council because Jedi’s do not marry anyone. He would have been expelled. That was the only marriage he made an exception. But Lucas would have never made Luke marry a woman who becomes a Jedi, have a son and becomes a jedi, and rule the Jedi Council. It goes agianst what Gearge Lucas feels is the real Jedi way. Proceed to feel…Fail???

            • You really get off on trolling, don’t you? First off, you didn’t say anything about Jedi marrying each other, only Jedi marrying, period. So don’t pick on me for failing to understand when it’s you who fail to express yourself properly. Also, when you make typos, you don’t get to mock others calling them “genius,” genius. And who do you think you are assuming you know how George Lucas feels? Are you in his head? Now please go annoy somebody else.

              • George Lucas said it himself…I already said he said it himself… So no, i’m not in his head, go look back at the comments and proceed to feel stupid….” GENIUS!” And if you didn’t know I was talking about only Jedi marrying, then get outa here since you don’t know anything about it >:)

                • You can’t take anything Lucas said for granted anyway, since he’s famous for constantly changing his mind over the years and stating the exact opposite of what he had certified earlier.
                  Now really, if you could stop insulting people, they could start taking you a little more seriously.

                  • Obviously no body cares to take you seriously.

                    • Oh, so you’re the voice of everyone now? Jeez, you really are a piece of work!

    • Exactly what I thought. Sadly, this leaves us with no Chewie since he died some 21 years after episode 6. :(

      • Who said Chewie won’t be in 7?

        • Well, he died in 25 ABY, that is some 21 years after RoTJ. Since the old cast have aged 30 years (and some actually look closer to 40 years older), do the math.

          • They could use his son Lowbacca, however…

            • You do realize that they can ignore the EU right? They can easily put in Chewie because he’s a fan favorite.

              • Except that retconning Chewie’s fate would be like a slap in the fans’ faces. Retcons are usually not well received by fans.

                • Only some EU fans would complain but the casual audience won’t because they only see the movies.

                  • I bet they can make Lowbacca just as cherished as Chewbacca is and satisfy both sides, thus avoiding a retcon that would throw a big chunk of Star Wars lore in the dump.

                    • How about Charliebacca? Chewie’s long lost brother so both audiences can cherish a new character.

                    • Oops, I just noticed a mix-up on my part: Chewie’s son is Lumpawaroo. Lowbacca is actually his nephew, happens to be one of the very few (1 every 100 years) force sensitive wookiees. Now, how cool would it be to see a lightsaber-wielding wookiee in action, huh?

                    • Sure, I’m cool with Charliebacca holding a lightsaber.

                    • and forgot to add Charliebacca and his son can be a wookie jedi father-son duo.

                    • Dude, did I do something to you?

                    • Did I say you did something to me?

                    • The way you’ve been trolling everything I said certainly feels like it.

                    • Chewie will be in it. You’re delusional if you think Disney/Lucasfilm won’t include him because of the fan fiction books.

                    • We want Chewie! not lowrentbacca.

  11. Additionally, haven’t we seen enough from franchise ignoring prior incarnations because they did not fit with the newer idea? At least the new Star Trek gave a reason for it, but has anyone seen Highlander? That changed constantly! How about the last Superman movie ignoring Supermans 3 and 4?

    I mean really? Isn’t life about learning from your past mistakes and correcting so that you don’t make them again? Keep the EU and flesh out what happens after.

    Anyway, I thought that I read somewhere that Lucas told the writers no more in that time period after the last book that is to come out set after LOTF.

    • Dude, the last Superman movie was a reboot…

      • Sort of.

      • No it was not. It takes place after part 2. doesn’t count 3 and 4.

        • That’s why I added “sort of.” Discarding previously existing material is what’s called a reboot, and who says it has to go all the way back to the origins? 3 and 4 sucked anyway, so it’s not a big loss. Superman Returns was a flawed movie but it was self-contained and one didn’t have to see 1 and 2 to understand what was going on. Also, I might be mistaken on this since I haven’t seen it again after its original release, but I seem to recall Supes didn’t know Kevin Spacey’s Luthor on their first meeting.

          • uuuuhhh. Superman returns is in no way a reboot. case closed :) If you think Lex and Superman did not know each other,then go ahead and watch that lame movie again…

            • Yeah, whatever.

                  • LMAO! I guess that answers it…You still think Superman Returns is a reboot!

                  • Yeah, I’d call it a reboot. I don’t know that it actually referenced anything that proves the first two movies occurred. I believe it only implies events, such as Clark having been a reporter, which could be seen as being lifted from the comics and cannon, and therefor consistent with the first two films, but not a sequel to them. Anther example, when Batman Begins ends with the Joker card, I thought they were tying it into the older Nicholson movie, not setting up a new joker so few years later! In that case we would have had a legit reboot which was built to compliment and not contradict previous stories. Anyway, if you want to get super technical, than 007 is rebooted all the time, regardless of the M lady, and Star Trek’s new storyline isn’t a reboot AT ALL because it takes the entire history of Trek into account while invalidating it at the same time! New trek therefor is clearly not at all a reboot since it actually contradicts nothing, even when history “changes”. Nonetheless I would conversationally call those films a reboot because of the general clean slate feeling of the new cast, new history, etc. That is to say I know what it is and what it isn’t, but I don’t need someone to talk down to me with their obnoxiously adamant sage wisdom. However wrong or mistaken you could possibly be is not really as glaring as being a pain in the ass like the trolling masses of jerks. Are we having conversations here or just hoping to dump on somebody for the fun of it? I’m trying to be productive here, and so are you.

                    • Thanks Josh. It’s nice to know there are some people here that can have an actual pondered conversation, not just a bunch of trolling cro-mags.

  12. Disney could very well go in a different direction.. especially since the original Star Wars fans are an aging demographic, and no longer the ideal target audience. Sad but true!

  13. The books really revolve around Luke son Ben,I read all the books

  14. I don’t know about Mark Hamil and Carry Fisher. Both have grown fat, ugly and old. As Bill Murray said, he did not want to do Ghostbusters, because he’s too old. Well, unless they slim down a bit and play the role of master jedi, that may work.

    • Yeah well, that’s what 30 years of not always rosy life do to people… Even a more successful (and maybe happier) actor like Harrison Ford has grown old, and it blatantly shows in his Indy 4 action scenes. Get real, we don’t expect them to be as they were in their prime and I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

  15. All I’m going to say on the matter is that with my having grown up with the original trilogy for 20 years where “HAN SHOT FIRST!”, the conclusion I’ve finally reached is that if J.J. Abram could successfully recast Captain Kirk, he can recast any character. Any “EU” stories as potential plot points for future Star Wars films will consequentially suck. Better to either just start over recasting with younger actors in the roles of Luke, Leia, & Han along with fresh material, or give up the dream altogether & allow it the dignity of becoming one with the Force.

    • Consequentially? According to which logic?

      • So you need to be an Einstein to understand featuring any future Star Wars movies from an EU perspective to an audience whom the majority of have no clue about wont suck?? I’d tried following the series for awhile & it became a convoluted crap trap after awhile. You know what they say tho’ about too many cooks spoiling the stew…

        • Yeah, like no-one can enjoy any EU story without knowing everything else beforehand… Man, are you for real?

          • But the majority of the audience won’t know what’s going on if they incorporate the EU in the movies. It will be terrible marketing to tell the audience to read the books so they can understand what’s going on.

            • Please read my previous comment again. There are ways to write enjoyable stories without having to know the whole backstory. Lucas himself started it all with episode IV back in ’77, and we didn’t enjoy it less because we couldn’t see the whole picture. On the contrary, I’d say that the mystery and unanswered questions added to the fun by giving us a sense of a bigger universe than what we actually saw in the movie. Plus, the essential guidelines to the story can be summed up in the traditional introductory text or via some dialogues within the movie itself so really, it’s no big deal.

              • Totally. While I never read the majority of the books, I would bet that the first book was not convoluted nonsense that baffled Star Wars fans. So one easy answer is to not skip a ton of untold stories, (duh), and another is what you said about situating the audience with key info and expecting some intelligence from the fans. The idea that the only legit way to continue star wars is to START IT OVER AGAIN (!?), and anything short of a recast is certain disaster, makes no sense to me.

                Obviously if they make a young Han movie then it will require a new actor, but that will benefit from very little recasting since he never met the rest of the cast. Its super easy to put a guy in a blak vest next to a Chewie costume and the Falcon, talking to a young Lando maybe… But recasting everyone? Why bother? That era already told its story! Luke wasn’t interesting until we met him, and we stayed with him until the era ended. How is a young Luke interesting now at all unless you remake the same stories? Why would anyone prefer a retread to a new story?

                I don’t know about using EU stuff much, but I do know that they won’t risk the marketing fiasco that is telling the public the new movies are just old books made into films. No movie will simply adapt a book, and from what I have heard those are mixed in quality and not in line with all the myths and philosophy that came before.

                • Not to mention that if they recast Han for an episode VII set in a timeframe relatively close to RoTJ, they’re gonna have to either A) dose the actor with make-up for the young Han movie, and this tactic never goes well (for the most recent example, see the old Guy Pearce in Prometheus), or B) recast him again for his umm, solo adventure… pretty unlikely if you ask me.

                  I recently read somewhere that a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away…), Lucas had absolutely forbidden any EU storyline taking place between 50-70 ABY, supposedly in anticipation of ep. VII-IX so that they could tell a brand new story. This timeframe has the advantage of being consistent with the aging of the original cast.

                  Now it’s up to the guys in charge to be smart and please everyone by making a movie that would acknowledge all of the already existing, huge EU lore, regardless of its supposed quality, without confusing the masses. Fingers crossed. Quality is highly subjective anyway: I know of some fans who hate the much appraised Thrawn trilogy while others dig the whole clone emperor mess…

                  • “solo adventure” ! Ha!

                    I wanted to read the Thrawn trilogy, and got half way through before losing track of it. It didn’t feel anything like the movies, and the story was not very gripping to me. Taking away Jedi power with slugs, finding another Correllian ship to pose as Han’s, wondering who the old man is, and whether he should be Alec Guiness in my mind’s eye or somebody else… The only part I recall as exciting was Luke using a goo gun to BASE/bungee jump. I was very young, but expecting something deeply enthralling, and never so that congeal.

                    As for Guy pierce, his makeup was so bad that it telegraphed to me the obvious idea that he was gonna take it off eventually. So when he never did that, I was left wondering why in the hell they bothered instead of using an old man? Very distracting and muddling. Presumably there is an unknown reason for his presence in prosthetics, and I think it may be to show us a young GP and say that he is a robot made in his creators image. Hope it pays off, cuz I like that actor since Memento. He could handle a much better role.

                    • I haven’t read it myself. In fact, I’ve read none of the books yet, all I know from the EU comes mainly from the comics, games and Wookieepedia.

                      About Guy Pearce, that was my thought exactly. It would be a nice nod to Lance Henriksen’s character in the Alien saga.

  16. I think what’s going to happen here is they will pick up where the last EU series,Fate of the Jedi, left off. Which makes sense with the ages of the original cast and the idea that the torch will be passed on to the children. So whether a person likes the novels or not, this allows the movie to be an original idea with tons of great new characters and possibilities, and not just bringing an existing story to the big screen.

    • Star wars episode X XI XII… So they might skip over VII VIII and IX, and any possible story plots from legacy of the force.

      • You want them to skip 7,8 and 9 because of the books? Disney/Lucafilm don’t care for them and it’s bad marketing and will just add confusion to the audience.

  17. Lucas ignored the EU, and Abrams should, too. There is too much flotsam and trash there for the writers to sift through, it would just confuse the general audience. Star Wars (well, the original ones anyway), appealed to a general audience, and it would do no good to alienate them. But, what do I know. I just have a bit of faith in Abrams in this. I guess, I don’t have as much care about Star Wars as I use to, so I don’t think it’ll be bad… for me anyway. I’m sure we’ll have howling fests yet again on Star Wars boards all over the web after the first film comes out.

    • They won’t risk alientating the general public to please the book fans. Nor will they turn an existing story into the new trilogy. But regardless of what they DO actually do, I will be pleased if it is just generally high quality. I think even the people who liked the prequels are mostly aware that they were an incredibly uneven mess with some great moments. The next ones need to reverse that and have consistent integrity, quality and polish, even if there are some questionable choices in the mix. (most likely some old ideas that should’ve been left out, some glaring omissions, a few crappy-acting youngsters to play the next gen, and an overall far-too-family-friendly tale). Fingers crossed. They have the chance to make the franchise good for adults again, and if 7 succeeds at that I will care a lot more about the rest of them.

  18. The argument over what is Canon and what is not is a moot point. From a Cinematic standpoint, ALL material is technically Canon, but not all will be used on screen. It will be cherry picked for elements and characters that will work for the story and the image they want to portray on screen. We saw this throughout Ep 1-3 with the fall of Anakin to the Dark Side and his eventual dual with Obi-Wan on a Volcano where he was left for dead. The Cinema version was VERY different from what was already Penned, but the main elements were kept. Including the whole “Who shot first” debacal. Yes, Han shot first. He’s a scoundral and former Imperial who got out, so his motivations for self-preservation would have had him shooting first. Unfortunately, Lucas later thought that portraying Han as a Good Guy through and through was more important rather than the subtle redemption and rise within the Rebellion and New Republic. Much like Peter Jackson took creative license with LOTR & The Hobbit to make it work Cinematically, Disney and Lucas will do much the same.

    What some people miss is the possibility that Anakin DID fulfill his role as the Chosen One by not only destroying the Jedi Order, but the last two remnants of the old Sith Lords, the possibility of redemption, and restoring a neutral balance for the Light and Dark Sides from which new Orders, Alliances and Studies can evolve. I think there was even a Dark Horse story line about Luke’s own fall to the Dark Side and later redemption, so this is not out of the realm of possibility either. Again, there is plenty of story material for the Post-Ep 6 to be cherry picked for a stand-along story line, and still remain relatively true to the existing Canon. There is also the twists that can be made by telling a Canon story from a different character’s perspective and how they interpretted the events of that time.

    That said, What I think they should do leading into an Ep 7 given the important Canon events that occurred 30 odd years between Ep 6 & 7 is have a stand-alone, unnumbered movie that captures critical elements of what happened after Ep6 that would be relevant to Ep7 i.e. The Rise of the New Republic, the Remnants, the New Jedi Order, Han & Liea’s kids, Mara’s redemption, and Luke & Mara’s child. IMHO, this can be told from the perspective of an older Luke through Flashbacks as he’s teaching a group of Padawan in his New Jedi Order. Heck, this could be the next Cartoon Series once ‘The Clone Wars’ concludes.

  19. The original cast will disappear to get fit and maybe get face lifts once the contracts are signed. They will look fine for the film. I don’t see a problem with their ages- how old is Gandalf in LOTR? He still kicks butt. They will have young adult children carrying a lot of the action anyway.

  20. I don’t see how they could skip over so much EU straight to LotF, since so much of the previous EU material (i.e. the death of Anakin Solo) informs much of the characters’ motivations.

    • Umm… by writing a good script that doesn’t require to know everything that happened before? Back in ’77, we knew there was a huge backstory yet to be revealed when Ben told Luke about his father who fought alongside him, but the rest of the backstory remained a mystery for many years and it was fine. It didn’t lessen the enjoyment of the film, on the contrary. Furthermore, the people who really want to know what happened between VI and VII can read the books.

      • Or they can totally just ignore the EU and make their own story so they don’t have to keep referencing things just to satisfy the EU fans.

        • Like I said in my previous comment, they don’t HAVE to keep referencing anything if they write a script that’ll make everyone happy. That’s the beauty of Star Wars.

  21. Meh, I bought Heir to the Empire when I was in the fourth grade after that everything that existed at that time ie the movie novelizations, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, the Han Solo & (awful) Lando Calrissian adventures etc and continued to read them up until the end of Legacy of the Force and I can say unequivocally that this series killed the entire EU for me in a way that garbage like the Crystal Star or New Rebellion et al never could.

    On a side note if they are going to go with “new” characters etc drawn from the EU I’d choose the X-Wing, Wraith Squadron novels myself.

  22. If they end up using the kids as a new story line then with Abrams at the helm and Arndt writing i think it will work out well, i think Arndt is a great choice for a writer because he helped conclude Toy Story 3 (although i do hear rumors of a 4th that i hope are not true because i wanted it to end at 3) and he was still able to make the 3rd Toy Story as good and in some ways even better than the first two i think he can do it in his sleep. And i think Abrams can bring something really special to the saga i just keep watching the featurette for Star Trek Into Darkness and i keep saying to myself “got a good feeling about this” (no pun intended). So anyway here is who i would cast as the children of Han and Leia and Luke’s son with Mara Jade depending on whether they use Jade in the movie or not it could be one of those single parent disney things but who cares take a look let me know what you guys think who would you cast in the roles.

    Chloe Grace Mortez- Jaina Solo (forgive me if i spell the names wrong)

    Liam McIntre- Jaken Solo

    Asa Butterfield- Anakin Solo

    Freddie Highmore- Ben Skywalker

  23. If they do use their kids in this i can see Abrams doing a good job with that because he’s supposed to be very good at working with kids and very good at getting great performances out of them, that reminds me i really want to see Super 8

  24. Terrible article.