‘Star Wars Episode VII’: Gwendoline Christie’s Role Revealed?

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Gwendoline Christie Star Wars Episode VII Sith Star Wars Episode VII: Gwendoline Christies Role Revealed?

Star Wars Episode VII is still shrouded in so much mystery (we still don’t even know the official subtitle) that it’s getting a bit crazy. As Comic-Con 2014 kicks off this week, J.J. Abrams latest chapter in the Star Wars saga is supposedly not going to be a part of the convention; Disney is not holding its D23 showcase this year; meaning there’s little hope to get any confirmed info before Disney/Lucasfilm and the Episode VII filmmakers want us to know (when do you think that teaser trailer is finally coming?).

What we DO have at this point are the litany of rumors we keep getting regarding Episode VII‘s story, characters, influences, and connections to the larger Star Wars universe. And today is no different. READ ON at your own interest; only POTENTIALLY SPOILERY RUMORS follow.




john boyega star wars terminator Star Wars Episode VII: Gwendoline Christies Role Revealed?

John Boyega

The casting of Episode VII - from a personnel standpoint – has been pretty great. Bringing back the actors who played Luke, Leia, Han, C-3PO and R2-D2 from the original trilogy – and then, mixing them with hot current talent (with actual talent) like Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Adam Driver, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes star, Andy Serkis. That’s a noticeably male heavy lineup, but fans were assuaged when Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o was added to the cast – and especially happy when Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie was also announced as part of the project.

Badass Digest is the source of this latest rumor, which incidentally concerns Christie’s character. According to the website:

Star Wars Comic Con 2014 Star Wars Episode VII: Gwendoline Christies Role Revealed?

According to my sources Gwendoline Christie is playing John Boyega’s commanding officer in Star Wars Episode VII, and she’s mad that he deserted. She’s looking for him. She’s an antagonist.

UPDATE: I’m have new info that puts things in new perspectives. She’s definitely hunting Boyega. I think she’s an Imperial officer, but I got one more piece of information that puts everything in a new light:


The actress has been training with a lightsaber.

Could she be an Imperial officer who has a lightsaber? Or is it something more? I’m hearing the S word.


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  1. I actually really like the sound of this too, now that there’s more details. I wasn’t feeling the severed hand thing at first, it seemed way too out there, even for star wars, but I dig it now.

  2. The question I want to know is how does Leia fit in to all this ?

    • By losing weight.

      • Hahahahahahaah! Lose weight! HA!

      • Quite the heavy task in my opinion.

    • Maybe she’ll jog your memory somehow

  3. Loved her in GoT. Lucas’ prequel killed the series for me so we’ll see but the casting is promising on this new one.

  4. Not buying any of this until we get some official confirmation.

    • That’s how I’m approaching all this news too because honestly, the “cool hand Luke” concept sounded kinda dumb to me. Finding a relic, I could understand but finding Luke old hand? I dunno.

  5. God these are incredible times for movies,, its awesome that we are going to see star wars again. In what shape or form I have no real clue but I am sure enjoying reading all the stories to do with the new film.

    Like all of you I am indeed trying to work out what will be in the next film. One should ask in trying to answer this,, what happens when empires fall in world history.

    This is the area we should examine if we are to get a sense of where the possibilities of the new star wars could be lurking towards.

    So in some cases here there is always a remnant, a left over,an influence and historical legacy of what has gone before.

    The Roman empire fell and became Christian and it spread,,and the from emperor to pontiff. Ie imperial embrace over time rebel ways, and Jedi life and become so amalgamated in society over a period of time.

    A new power in the universe rises among other colonies but with it, sith and imprial echoes and shadows and a desire to conquer. A new threat with old remnant theemes harbouring, a figure and a military combined with wealth and territories gained through a diplomatic star systems support for stability in the galaxy,, because of the breakdown and collapse of the Empire,, there have been many civil wars and unrest over claiming planet territory in many star systems,, each planet and system governs itself.

    What kind of figures can we see rising from this,, An Emperor, a sith, an army, a military made up of many star systems seeking to be ruled by one who is charismatic, and dangerously on the rise to challenge our familiar and new heroes,, or will it be entirely a fresh new big stage presence of no imperial/empire/with but something wide outside the box that bring more exciting planets and figures who knows,,but one thing we will see is battles with light sabers, ship battles, different and the familiar planets and characters,, and I feel there is going to be a very strong female leading role in these next star wars,, I’m looking forward to it all.

    • tl;dr

  6. Very interesting indeed.. I trust that Star Wars is in good hands with Abrams

  7. I have no real interest in this at all…JJ kinda bores me..and for that matter so does star wars

    • Then why read or comment on the article Bob?? If it’s so boring why are you here Bob? In Abrams I trust!!!

  8. I hope the rumor of finding a severed hand with a light saber & somehow the hand survived 30 years of traveling in space then looking for the owner of the hand isn’t true. That’s just dumb. The rest of it makes sense.

    • I don’t think the rumor is that the hand survived 30 years in space. I think the insinuation is that the hand was recently severed. Luke has been missing for 30 years but his hand hasn’t been severed for 30 years.

      • My problem is, if this is true at all, that Luke’s hand was severed at Bespin, and if anything, fell from Cloud City to Bespin, and the hand wouldn’t survive a fall from that height with the lightsaber in tow. They would eventually separate…

        I can understand a hunt for the man who was responsible for the fall of the Emperor, but not because someone found his severed hand, still clutching a lightsaber. It’s too far-fetched, even for something happening a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

        • Oh no doubt. It’d burn up in the atmosphere or just turn to liquid on impact, but I think rumor is that the hand is found in space, not on a planet. The kids are on the planet but the hand is in space, so one way or another, they have to get up into space to encounter the hand. The whole thing sounds a little too Dead Space to me to be real, but it’s at least an interesting rumor.
          It could always be Luke’s robo hand. That would explain why it didn’t just freeze and fracture into a million little Luke bits.

          • Bespin is a gas giant there would be no impact. The hand would just get crushed by pressure of the near-solid gasses or vaporized by the heat of the liquid of the surface underneath all of the gasses.

    • If her character is going to be using a lightsaber, I suspect she’ll be one of the dark Jedi who are supposedly the antagonists. And it makes sense the Empire would not have simply vanished with the death of its Emperor. High ranking officers and the Emperor’s dark Jedi underlings would probably take control. That is what happened in the expanded universe books, though in that it fractured into multiple factions rather than remaining unified.

  9. I’m still really hoping this severed hand plot thread is a b******* rumor

  10. Gwendoline Christie is a good actress and I look forward to seeing her in the movie. That being said, please STOP with your inane PC Bull S**t. “That’s a noticeably male heavy lineup, but fans were assuaged….” That is noticeably annoying, and I am NOT assuaged by your unrelenting fascination with social engineering. So tell me Screen Rant is it helpful to like Christie because she is a girl, or because she is a talented actress? I ask because the way i read it people are supposed to coo for her because its a girl

    • @TT

      Hey, Guy,

      Those aren’t our opinions. They’re observations of a daily collection of thousands of reader opinions we encounter. Learn the difference.


    • @ TT
      Your grammar is bad, and you should feel bad.

      • Speaking of grammar – you shouldn’t prefix ‘and’ with a comma.

    • Dude, I’m all for people focusing on acting ability and story over what’s between someone’s legs or what color their skin is, but there’s no reason to be so aggressive about it. Chill out man. It’s no secret that nowadays people want more diversity. I personally think it’s silly, but it’s outright ignorant to act like it’s just SR or just Kofi saying this stuff.

    • the originals

      lando – the only black man in the universe

      leia – the only female in the universe (mon motha was obviously a man) haha

  11. Episode VII The Empire Strikes Back Again… I like the way its panning out, nicely dark and gritty.

    • I like the title they have at the top: Star Wars: Episode VII [insert title here].

  12. I don’t mind having more women in movies BUT this is starwars. If women put more into this than they would have some claim. but as far as I’m concerned they have none because they weren’t there from the start, which makes this our property not THEIRS.

    They should stick to DIVRGENT and TWILIGHT they have plenty to choose from.

    Besides i hate to let them in and then they take over and push the male actors out. I’ve seen this a lot these days and i’m not very fond of it.

  13. @ Dane:
    I’m a 54 y.o. woman who went to see SW:ANH brand new in ’77, and even so, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Some of my favorite pix have few/no wimmin in them, like Master & Commander and No Escape. I am sick of Hollywood’s limpoid metrosexual zombies’ obsessive mania for shoehorning statistical race/gender tokens into EVERYTHING they churn out these days. It’s like they’re determined that masculine movies must be eradicated.

    OTH, Gwendoline Christie rocks b/c she’s even taller than Nikolaj Koster-Waldau (Jaimie Lannister), who’s 6’2″; and She’s suitably androgynous to be believable in a kicka** role. Tilda Swinton was a phenomenal Archangel Gabriel in Constantine for the same reason.

    • I think she will be Mara Jade Looking for luke to kill him. That could be why he’s in hiding. Maybe training Jedi in secret, maybe Han and Leia know where he is but when they see his Saber and hand they go to look for him not knowing Mara Jade is following. Mara Jade was a force sensitive “aid” to Palpatine, he called her the Emperors Hand. She has a light saber and went on missions only for him. She holds Luke responsible for Palpatines death. The EU had this happen much sooner but it can still work.

      Who really knows, why don’t we just wait and be pissed off after we stand in line for hours looking like idiots in our starwars outfits hitting each other in the face with our fake plastic lightsabers.

  14. So that terrible stuff about Boyega being an ex-stormtrooper could be real?

    Dear God, we might miss Lucas sooner than we thought…

    • Sounds corny to me. @ Shodan: Here we go again. ; )

  15. Sounds corny to me.

  16. I was shocked and upset when Disney Studios acquired Lucasfilm, but, hey, it’s George’s decision. I wasn’t certain how or what they would do with the acquisition but wondered are they going to make movies with it? And to my surprise, yes, it turns out that they are, tons of them. That part was not obvious to me.

    I absolutely despise Disney Studios because they never, in their history, demonstrated their ability to go into the science fiction genre well, and when they did you got, The Black Hole, as a testament. I am not a fan of Tron nor of it’s sequel. I always thought the former is corny and hype.

    Now, this rumor of a story, I truly hope is not the real deal, it can’t possibly be, it’s such a corny premise.

    • I’m no Disney apologist but surely it’s obvious they’ll have little to no direct influence on this film? They’ll always be lurking in the shadows, of course, but you’ll still be getting a Lucasfilm movie, for better or worse.

  17. This plot sounds horrible! Forget about him being gone for 30 years. But now because some dopes found his hand it’s time to REALLY get that search going?

    • @ Craig: Hopefully, it’s just that, a rumor. It’s too stupid to start off with a premise like that….

  18. Just wondering if Gwendoline will be killed off GoT soon (or sooner than planned if in the books, I have no idea) now simply due to the demands of this SW movie filming at the same time of the next season GoT.
    It’s funny but along the same lines I thought (especially after Eddard died) that it could be cool to have Ned Stark be in ep7 as a Jedi master.
    I liked Liam Neeson in that role Ep 1.

  19. Female imperial with a lightsabre….. Could it be Mara jade?

  20. what a horrible comment

    “mixing them with hot current talent (with actual talent) ”

    the reivewer is obviously young with no respect at all for the older cast, disgusting, harrison ford, i forgot he wasnt really in anything, what with him being so terrible, luke hamill oh yeah i forgot, what with having a horrifying accident destroying his face and STILL playing the role to perfection, just simply bad acting…….

    something very wrong with reviewers sometimes these days, like they dont even think they just type whatever drivel comes first.

    • There were no implications that he was referring to the original cast.

  21. Just throwing this in here for good measure (let’s see what the geeks have to say): Who say’s it’s Lukes hand? The Death Star exploded, causing massive debris to be scattered throughout space. Now who’s hand was severed in the final fight? Darth Vader’s. Dude was holdling a lightsaber. It was mechanical, perhaps even heat resistant so it could survice a re-entry (on a long stretch, but more then a human hand). Luke’s would be bone if anything. There ya go.

  22. What if they find Lukes hand severed in the desert…
    wait for it…





    …because he was FIGHTING SOMEONE on the desert planet that isn’t Tatooine and lost his friggin hand and lightsaber! That makes a whole lot more sense than his hand floating through space.

  23. I bet he goes very closely with the book series by timothy zahn. He surprised everyone, especially with Star Trek 2, with how closely he followed the original Star Trek 2, albeit with a serious twist.

    This hand in space thing looks like a red herring to me. Nupita is probably Mara Jade.

  24. I hope they stick with the expanded universe and introduce the Vong.Luke spent alot of time travelling and trying to research Jedi techniques which was hard because Palpatine had wiped out any trace of the Jedi he could get his hands on.I can see Gwendoline as a Night Sister or maybe a Dathomir Witch or maybe even a former Jedi student of Lukes.Its interesting to note that 30 years after ROJ is about the time The New Jedi Order series starts and Luke had taught several groups of new Jedi by this point…he had been a very visable character and hadnt been missing.

  25. Just wondering, there’s rumors that John Boyega may start out as a stormtrooper, defect, gets shot down, meets a wise man and starts a new journey, one that may include the journey into the force and path to either the light or dark side. They’re also doing a new “rebels” series set before A New Hope. If the expanded universe doesn’t exist anymore but ideas are carried on then this Boyega type may be a “Kyle Katarn” Katarn always worked with the imperials until he defected and gave the death stars plans to the rebels. Katarn then discovered the force and was on a thin edge for much of his time until finally gaining control. Boyega being a stormtrooper would also be an adult, too old to learn the ways of the force but old enough to have gotten to know some of the enemies secrets and so this is the reason for his defection. We also discover that he signed as a Stormtrooper after hearing that the rebels killed his parents. But, Boyega, like Katarn discovers the truth hence the defection. But being old and angry Boyega is more susceptible to the dark side of the force and so Luke needs to help him maintain the balance. And a lot of Boyega’s character development can borrow from Katarn in the Jedi Knight video game series and can possibly turn to the dark side or become a jedi master. We may even get to see the Valley of the Jedi and Koriban and the Cultists of Ragnos and the

  26. if that story about Luke’s hand is true, it will be Alien 3 all over again. It screws up the whole saga because of one thing that is not supposed to be there. Er go the alien egg/luke’s hand surviving atmosphere entry.

  27. I’ve been doing my best to keep up with all of the rumors and such for this film, but I can’t say I’m thrilled with all of it. The hand with the lightsaber, well… I can’t get behind it for a number of reasons.

    Firstly, the hand was lost in Bespin – a sixteen hour trip via hyperspace to Tatooine (assuming that is the ‘desert world.’) A ‘standard’ Hyperdrive goes approximately 100,000,000 times the speed of light, so 11,415 Light Years per hour. So the hand, traveling from Bespin to Tatooine would take 182,640 hours. Please forgive the potentially abysmal math – not my strong suit, admittedly.

    Then said hand (normal flesh) and a lightsaber, somehow survived atmospheric re-entry without becoming a fine grey ash… I’m going to say while I love Star Wars, and was there when the first hit the theater in 1977, that’s a bit of a stretch, even for science fiction. At least for me, your mileage may vary.

    I’d also heard that Han and Chewie were off on their own – curious what happened to he and Leia being in love. Unless Harrison Ford’s argument with Chewbacca on Jimmy Kimmel had some weight to it. *Grins*

  28. hmmmm…i know they’re not going with the expanded universe stories, but the first thought that popped into my mind with her and a lightsaber was “Mara Jade”.

    wishful thinking maybe, but that’s for sure one character i wish would make it to the screen!

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