Working Titles For ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Revealed?

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Star Wars Episode 7 VII Logo Working Titles For Star Wars: Episode 7 Revealed?

Arguably more than any other film in the series, the title of Star Wars: Episode VII is the most important. It not only marks the return of the cinematic universe but it must overcome the negative buzz and mixed reactions to the prequel trilogy. The franchise needs to (re)start on the right foot and has the highest of expectations, so that title, that branding that will kickstart what could be the biggest franchise ever (again), means so much.

It also marks the beginning of the Star Wars franchise under new ownership at Disney and under a new creative vision with a new director, writer and new cast, which made the previously rumored title of Episode 7 oddly fitting: A New Dawn.

Our friends at Latino-Review may have discovered the answer to one of the questions we’re all wondering. Their insider reveals that the two working titles for Episode VII based on a screenplay written by Michael Arndt (Oblivion, Toy Story 3) are Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi.

Let’s forget for a moment that Harrison Ford being hesitant on returning (he’s going to return) and focus on the naming of the numbered Star Wars installments so far, not counting the animated feature, in chronological order of release.

  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (originally just “Star Wars”)
  • Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back
  • Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (originally subtitled Revenge of the Jedi)
  • Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
  • Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Note the title of Episode III paying homage to the original title of Episode VI, a title that was changed pre-release at the last minute because “revenge” wasn’t a word that should be associated with the Jedi Order. The two working titles for Episode VII though both refer to the resurgence of both the Jedi and Sith orders, meaning the Force will play a big part in the trilogy. Hopefully Abrams and co. forget about the Midi-chlorians reveal in Episode I that completely dashed the mystery the “Force” in the prequels.

LR explains that these are working titles George Lucas had when working on Star Wars stories again for episodes 7-9 (or perhaps even treatments for episodes 7-12), something his son Jett Lucas confirmed his dad was doing before selling the empire to Disney. Both titles are a little uninspired and generic, especially considering the naming of the third installment in each trilogy so there’s a good chance neither will be used.

Which title do you prefer? And if you could name it anything, what would it be?

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Star Wars: Episode VII is tentatively slated to reach theaters by Summer 2015, though it could wind up delayed until the Winter Holiday Season.

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Source: LR

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  1. Star Wars VII: Skywalkers
    Star Wars VII: A long long time away
    Star Wars VII: Dark Tide
    Star Wars VII: Resurgence
    Star Wars VII: A new, new hope
    Star Wars VII: A Ripple in the Force
    Star Wars VII: Republic
    Star Wars VII: New Order
    Star Wars VII: A new order

    personally I don’t give a hoot what they call it as long as they dont make another cash cow version of the trilogy (attack of the punters) jj I hope will do it justice I just wish we didn’t have to get so old to see all 9

  2. How about

    Star Wars VII: Shadows of the Galaxy
    Star Wars VII: Secerts of the Galaxy
    Star Wars VII: The Rising Tides
    Star Wars VII: The New Republic

    At least something original for the title. I agree with MrWiggley.

  3. Star Wars Episode VII – The Dark Times

  4. Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Hope
    Star Wars Episode VII: The Rise of the hidden sith. (Or Siths)
    Star Wars Episode VII: The Rise of the Fallen Army


  6. Star Wars VII: Merry Christmas, Sh*tter was full!
    Star Wars VIII: Return of the Gungans
    Star Wars IX: Happy Happy Happy

  7. Star Wars Episode 7: Disturbance in the Force

  8. Star wars episode 7:The sith vs The jedi

  9. “It not only marks the return of the cinematic universe but it must overcome the negative buzz and mixed reactions to the prequel trilogy.”

    What are you talking about? What negative buzz? Speak only in your own name in the future please.

  10. Starwars Episode 7
    Rise of the Sith Lord
    A Tremble in the Force
    Annihilation of the Force
    Darkness in the Force
    The Darkside of the Force

  11. I had this idea since I heard they are making a new movie, though I dont think it’s fair that you have to be 15 to try to get a part. Ok here’s my idea, who likes to read the shadow children books? I read them all and they were really good. So I came up with a crazy idea that their could be a cross over between shadow children and star wars.
    For those of you who don’t know, the books are about third children that are in a society that families are only aloud to have two children. They have to live in hidding from others espeshly from the population police. If you want to find out more about those books, look them up on the Internet.
    Ok back to my idea.
    This story would be about a young girl named Shyan who was a third child that lived in hidding all of her life on a planet called Nabbo, from the Phantom Manece. She would be alone on a ship on her way to cloud city so she would be safe. This took place inbetween the revenge of the sith and a new hope. Then little did Shyan suspect, she was about to be captured by Darth Vader and forced to betray two other prisoners. It would be the only way for her to be set free. Will she do it? Or refuse and get herself terminated/killed.
    Also I got an idea for episod 7 the new generation.

  12. The Dawn of the Future.

  13. Star Wars: Rise of Darth Disney
    Star Wars: Fall of the Gungans
    Star Wars: Belligerent Jedi Offspring
    Star Wars: End of the Expanded Universe & Associated Book/Comic Sales
    Star Wars: Violent Destruction of Naboo
    Star Wars: Introduction of the United Federation of Planets
    Star Wars: Parallel Universe where Alderaan Exists Again

    Any talkers?

    • Stars Wars VII: Walking Solo
      Stars Wars VII: MOM!!! I’m on the Phone. I’ll Practice with my Light Saber Later!!!
      Stars Wars VII: Hormones Rising
      Stars Wars VII: Family Feud

  14. Stars Wars VII: Shroud of Darkness (someone else’s idea, but I like it)
    Stars Wars VII: Dark Walker
    Stars Wars VII: Shadows of the Force
    Stars Wars VII: Eclipse
    Stars Wars VII: Twilight
    Stars Wars VII: Darkness Falls
    Stars Wars VII: Enter the Dark
    Stars Wars VII: Undone
    Stars Wars VII: Shadow Walker
    Stars Wars VII: Veil of Darkness
    Stars Wars VII: Dark Tide (again, someone else’s idea, but I like)

  15. Star Wars VII: Vaders Lost Army
    Star Wars VII: Return of the Troopers
    Star Wars VII: Dark Times
    Star Wars VII: A new Conflict
    Star Wars VII: The Traitor of the Jedi

  16. Been a while since I dropped by. I’d also go for something like this

    Star Wars VII: A New Dawn
    Star Wars VII: A Galaxy Apart
    Star Wars VII: Shadows of Damnation
    Star Wars VII: The Force of the Galaxy
    Star Wars VII: Fathers of the Force

    Just spitballing. Best of luck J.J.

  17. Star Wars Episode VII : Dawn of Origin’s
    Star Wars Episode VII : Path of the Sith
    Star Wars Episode VII : Clash of the Empire.
    Star Wars Episode VII : Dark Uprising.
    Star Wars Episode VII : Fear of a new World.
    Star Wars Episode VII : Shadows of Vengeance.

  18. I think u can’t choose a name until u know the story line in every other movie the title wrapped up the story of that movie without knowing the story we can only wonder about the title so good luck

  19. Folks, I think you should realize how general and indirect/ “non-harmful” though potent the titles have been. Just think: “A New Hope”, “Attack Of The Clones”, “The Empire Strikes Back”, all of em’, they’re so to the point without a sharp edge.

    Like someone else wrote as I was skimming the posts, “you kind of have to know the plot”. So true

    BUT it should also be said that Star Wars is much more than the force. A nice thing about the original 3 movies was that Jedi were sparse- and not just because of the Jedi Purge. This (I feel) was also because being a Jedi isn’t an everday thing; yeah, there may have been a bunch at one point in time, but even then- they are one in few to come by, which adds to their sweetness. It’s kind of obnoxious how everything nowadays is surrounded around sabers and the force, which is awesome in themselves, but the over play of a very sacred theme/ role should, if anything, come rarely (because it really is)! You know what I mean? It adds and shows their mysticism, collective and individual power if you will. It’s just normal that something so awesome happen so little. Though, it should be mentioned too that if the movie is primarily dealing with the force/ Jedi/ Sith/ etc., then having a name pertaining to that should occur (for instance, “Jedi Academy” or something).

    Anyways, with that in mind (that Star Wars isn’t just Jedi and common force tricks, like nowadays likes to sell), a title with a far more encompassing meaning should be utilized. If I had to make one up or choose, A New Dawn I thought was good, or maybe …I can’t really think of an idea but I feel I get the jist of what it should be…. General words for an encompassing view.

  20. Star Wars Episode Vii
    Dark Side Rises

    Episode 7
    Shadow of the Dark Side

    Or how about “the empire strikes back again”

  21. Dark empire, keep it original

  22. resurgence of the jedi
    resurgence of the force one of them two.

    • was justt gonna type this myself and saw Dan’s

      STAR WARS EPISODE VII: The Force Resurgent

  23. Star Wars Episode VII: Shadows of the Empire

  24. Star Wars Episode VII : A New Jedi Order

  25. I don’t think “return” of anything should be used since it was already used in “return of the Jedi”. I mean this will be only the 7th film so if they already start reusing phrases after 6 films then I don’t have much hope for the film itself. Just my opinion, and while I’m not particularly fond of “rise of the Jedi” it is still better than “return of the sith”.

  26. Star Wars 7:Dawn of the Republic
    Star Wars 7:Rise of the New Republic
    Star Wars 7: The Siths Return




  29. Star wars episode XII: dark force