Working Titles For ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Revealed?

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Star Wars Episode 7 VII Logo Working Titles For Star Wars: Episode 7 Revealed?

Arguably more than any other film in the series, the title of Star Wars: Episode VII is the most important. It not only marks the return of the cinematic universe but it must overcome the negative buzz and mixed reactions to the prequel trilogy. The franchise needs to (re)start on the right foot and has the highest of expectations, so that title, that branding that will kickstart what could be the biggest franchise ever (again), means so much.

It also marks the beginning of the Star Wars franchise under new ownership at Disney and under a new creative vision with a new director, writer and new cast, which made the previously rumored title of Episode 7 oddly fitting: A New Dawn.

Our friends at Latino-Review may have discovered the answer to one of the questions we’re all wondering. Their insider reveals that the two working titles for Episode VII based on a screenplay written by Michael Arndt (Oblivion, Toy Story 3) are Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi.

Let’s forget for a moment that Harrison Ford being hesitant on returning (he’s going to return) and focus on the naming of the numbered Star Wars installments so far, not counting the animated feature, in chronological order of release.

  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (originally just “Star Wars”)
  • Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back
  • Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (originally subtitled Revenge of the Jedi)
  • Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
  • Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Note the title of Episode III paying homage to the original title of Episode VI, a title that was changed pre-release at the last minute because “revenge” wasn’t a word that should be associated with the Jedi Order. The two working titles for Episode VII though both refer to the resurgence of both the Jedi and Sith orders, meaning the Force will play a big part in the trilogy. Hopefully Abrams and co. forget about the Midi-chlorians reveal in Episode I that completely dashed the mystery the “Force” in the prequels.

LR explains that these are working titles George Lucas had when working on Star Wars stories again for episodes 7-9 (or perhaps even treatments for episodes 7-12), something his son Jett Lucas confirmed his dad was doing before selling the empire to Disney. Both titles are a little uninspired and generic, especially considering the naming of the third installment in each trilogy so there’s a good chance neither will be used.

Which title do you prefer? And if you could name it anything, what would it be?

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Star Wars: Episode VII is tentatively slated to reach theaters by Summer 2015, though it could wind up delayed until the Winter Holiday Season.

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Source: LR

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  1. I like return of the sith

    • I agree.

  2. Can we please stop having “Rise” in subtitles??? Thanks so much!

  3. I don’t really like either. They need something new. How about Star Wars: episode 7 Midichlorians Begone.

    • @ Pitt Man
      Thank you for that title. I’m literally laughing out loud.

      • I had another comment that was awaiting moderation but apparently not published, in which I questioned Lucas’ intelligence for introducing “midichlorians” into the story. Lame concept, and I hope Disney/Abrams ignore it.

    • That was the lamest thing, among many lame things, in the prequels, and I hope Disney/Abrams totally ignore it, although I don’t see how they can if they want to maintain continuity between films. Lucas is a moron.

      • Jeff, please explain why you consider it to be lame. The force is still a complete mystery with the addition of Midi-chlorians. Midi-chlorians simply allow for a person to access the force. Thus, the force remains completely unexplained. I like it, it adds more meat to the bone. It’s still a ‘magical’ mystery. What is the force? It’s exactly what Obi-wan explains it to be to Luke in EpIV, or what Yoda explains it to be in EpV. The force is a natural thing (at least according to my understanding).

    • Star Wars Episode 7: The Trial and Execution of J.J. Binks

  4. Keeping with having “Age” in the title, Star Wars: Age of the Jedi. I’m kidding of course.

  5. Seriously? There are lots of words out there, folks. Let’s broaden our Star Wars Glossary a little. Eh, Disney?

  6. Titles are usually validated by what the film’s story is and as we don’t know that yet it’s hard to say. I have to say I find these two titles incredibly uninspired, even if they consciously aim at the classic shape of its predecessors. Id prefer it the words return, rise, revenge and attack were all banned from the title. There’s more iconic simplicity to be found than that same old same old.

    All the past six titles were very specifically indicative of what happened in that story and none of those 6 happened in any of the other 5. The Sith have already returned before and the Jedi have already risen before. Something new please… Alude to the concept of star wars and the Force in general perhaps.

    It’s pretty useless to come up with random title suggestions though. It should be linked in an iconic way to the essence of the narrative. And I hope that’s not ‘return of the sith’ or ‘rise of the jedi’ to be honest…

    • Episode VII: Rise of the Lens Flare

  7. You can’t go , return of the Jedi, and then rise of the Jedi, it doesn’t sound right

    • Exactly! That’s why also you can’t have return of the sith! I like a new dawn better than all so far, but we’ll have to wait and see.

      • +1

  8. I would actually prefer:

    Rise of the Jawa


    Return of the Jawa


    Jawa Resurrection

    • How about

      Jawa Bawa Favi HAHA?

  9. Star Wars Episode 7: A Dark Awakening

    Star Wars Episode 7: Dawn of the Sith

    Star Wars Episode 7: A New Prophecy

    Star Wars Episode 7: The Sith Attacks

    Star Wars Episode 7: Darkness from Within

    • Ohhhh depending on how the story line goes, I like the Dawn of the Sith title you came up with.

  10. Neither seems to far from Return of the Jedi (which is a combination of the 2)
    Something different please – title should work as a follow up from ep 6 and bridge trilogies (revenge of the sith – a new hope)
    Return of the Jedi – return of the sith (Sith didn’t stay away long did they)
    Return of the Jedi – rise of the Jedi (the Jedi ended the last trilogy on top so why the immediate rise they are already number one)

    Star Wars episode VII: The New Order
    I know it’s not the best title – but it would put focus on the Jedi order Luke created (not the same as in prequel films) – could hint at the sith gaining a foothold again – indicative of the new characters that will drive the story and the changing of the guard (and the change to Disney and JJ from the reign of Lucas)

    • The one possible issue with “The New Order” is that it is the exact same phrase that has been used to refer to Palpatine’s Empire, thus it has a bit of redundancy and negative connotation.

      “New Jedi Order” or “New Republic” might fit better…

      • Well, the thing is, Republic is specific, and why would there be a new republic? Maybe there’lll be a long period of freakin chaos. Whereas Order refers to many things, ‘the order of things’, it can refer to new hierarchies being forged in a galaxy of which we can assume holds a massive power vacuum now the senate has been disbanded, but the Empire has fallen as well.

        • Star Wars: Old Democracy
          Star Wars: New Democracy
          Star Wars: and to the democracy, for which it stands

        • “Republic” was merely based on existing SW literature set during the post-ROTJ period, which I am aware will not likely be used, but is nevertheless an established precedent of sorts.

          But my main point was that the specific words “New Order” have already been used to refer to the Galactic Empire established as of ROTS. Thus that phrase would not make sense to us moving forward.

          • *use

  11. Midichlorians: spread of the force herpes.

    • Lol, I just spit my drink all over.

  12. With a plot revealed I could think of names.

    But right now I´d stick with “A New Dawn” if one wants to keep it short, simple but with some weight.

  13. Both of these would ruin online fans. RotJ and RotS both exist already. Similarly, each movie has a shorthand title. If someone talks about “Jedi”, they mean Return of the Jedi, and if they say “Sith” they mean Revenge of the Sith. Phantom, Clones, Sith, Hope, Empire and Jedi. Those are all taken, pick a new word, please.

  14. F it, I’m just gonna chime in with generic stuff anyway:
    Episode VII – A New Galaxy
    Episode VII – A New War
    Episode VII – The New Order
    Episode VII – Dawn of the Force
    Episode VII – Dawn of Power
    Episode VII – Remnants of an Empire
    Episode VII – (A) Galaxy in Chaos
    Episode VII – Lens Flares
    Episode VII – A new revenge of the rising Sith striking back at the Jedi’s return

    • “Episode VII – A new revenge of the rising Sith striking back at the Jedi’s return”

      Funniest thing I’ve read all week thank you for this.

    • How about episode VII: balance of the force

    • +1 for the last two :)

  15. I like Rise of the Jedi best. Return of the Sith sounds overly familiar. I’m sure they’re spit balling plenty of other titles though.

  16. Anakin brought balance to the Force by killing the Emperor and then dying himself. Throwing “Jedi” or “Sith” into the subtitles of subsequent movies diminishes that.

    I know a lot of folks don’t like EU, but the New Republic and New Jedi Order aren’t carbon copies or continuations of the respective organizations they’re named after. I hope 7-9 acknowledges this.

    • +1 for that first thing you said. Don’t know the 7-9 EU so no opinion on the second thing you said.

  17. “Return of the Sith” is too close to the others, it doesn’t bode well for originality and gives less of a chance for it to stand on its own as a timeless classic. It’s too familiar of a title, it’d be almost as bad as calling it “STAR WARS EP 7: WAR OF THE STARS”

    “Rise of the Jedi” wouldn’t be a terrible title, however at the end of Ep. 6 we leave the jedi on a positive note and it’s assumed they will grow. A title like that should indicate people rising from a terrible situation (A New Hope, Return of the Jedi) or detailing the villain (literally all of the other titles).

    But that’s just my two cents. “Rise of the Sith” wouldn’t be half-bad! I’d go with something directly dealing with the premise, perhaps involve a buzzword from the franchise that perks people’s ears. Something like “Force Corrupted” or “Democracy Burning”. Those hook me.

  18. Something new, please. Surprise us, shock us, break new ground. Throw a curveball.

    • Episode VII: The Journal of the Whills (*wink, wink*)


      Like the Powerman5000 album title: “Tonight the Stars Revolt!”

  19. Episode VII: Into the Darkside :p

    • Something, something, something Darkside? oh how I sighed

      • Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes!

    • Spencer,

      THANK YOU for pointing that out. There should absolutely NOT be any ads that have audio enabled by default. I’ve contacted the advertiser telling them to remove all audio ads immediately.


  20. I just don’t believe that Lucas is the source of these titles. He was incredibly careful to the point of extreme, almost O.C.D. like precision (I know because I have it myself) to not repeat any of the key words from the titles in spite of the cadence of those titles obviously harkening back to earlier similar titles as was the case with “Revenge of The Sith” the third film in the prequel trilogy sounding a lot like “Return of The Jedi” the third film in the classic trilogy. (Bonus trivia:Following the tradition of old movie serial chapters which were titled with names evocative of the exciting climax of each one, the case can be made that each SW episode does this as well. For example Luke was proven to be “A New Hope” by his destruction of the first Death Star in the closing moments of Episode 4.) I don’t believe that he would reuse “Return”, “Jedi” or “Sith” which is not to say that someone at Disney who may not feel the same about the titles won’t reuse elements or forgo the closing moments motif. I just don’t think that Lucas would abandon the aesthetic that he had paid strict adherence to for six movies just to dash it with the seventh. I have thus far trusted a lot of what Latino Review has revealed but this one has me doubtful about their “inside source”.

  21. I’d rather have a title without “of the” sandwiched between to words–we’ve had that same title construction 3 times already, and it’s not very inspired a this point. A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and even The Phantom Menace are all more intriguing titles to me than the other three (although, the other three aren’t bad, I just want something new and interesting).

  22. Star Wars VII: Return of Hayden Christensen

  23. I would like to see Jedi used in it somewhere. The first one has to involve the Jedi rising up once again and being the protectors once again. That’s what I would like the first one to be about.

  24. Episode VI: Return of the jedi being followed by either of those titles mentioned above would sound utterly silly in a narrative sense. if anything the themes are to similar to the Return of the Jedi title. Remember revenge of the sith and return of the jedi were both a trilogy apart

  25. Ok Let´s get objective. Since Ep.6 marks an apparently “happy ending”. And now we have a new adventure. It would be logical to think that the title would feature something evil (not necessarily including the word “sith”) that comes to disturb the peace of everyone.

    I agreed before “A New Dawn” as a good title , but that isn´t completely right because “the new dawn era” started at RotJ ending and concludes 30 years later when something evil appeares to give Ep.7 a reason to be.

    So yes, I ´d like the title featuring something evil WITHOUT (please!) the words “Sith” or “Empire”.

    • I agree with that. Hopefully the story as well as the title will give us something that we haven’t (quite) seen before.


    “Heir to the Empire”


  28. Midi-chlorians did not destroy the mystery of the force! It only added new dimension to it. If anything, the addition of the Midi-chlorians information raises more questions about the force. That magic we all experienced relating to the force in the original trilogy is still valid with Midi-chlorians. It’s just a little more complex.

    • Totally ruined it. Highly specialized mitochondria…from mythology to crappy pseudo-science (fiction) in one word. I’m betting more agree…

      • Yeah, I know there are many who agree with you. But for me, nothing gets ruined by adding more meat to the bone. I find the force to be even more intriguing because of it. Even if it is, as you say, rather shoddy science. It’s fantasy science. It is a sci-fi fairytale after all, so some science is allowed. If we can talk about lightspeed, we can talk about cells and micro organisms.

        “Without the midi-chlorians, life could not exist, and we would have no knowledge of the Force. They continually speak to us, telling us the will of the Force. When you learn to quiet your mind, you’ll hear them speaking to you.” ―Qui-Gon Jinn

      • The force is still a complete mystery with the addition of Midi-chlorians. Midi-chlorians simply allow for a person to access the force. Thus, the force remains completely unexplained. It’s still a ‘magical’ mystery. What is the force? It’s exactly what Obi-wan explains it to be to Luke in EpIV. The force is a natural thing (at least according to my understanding).

        • Star Wars 7: Can’t we all just get along?
          Star Wars 7: What a Wookie
          Star Wars Part 7
          Star Wars 7: Nero goes into the Wrath of Khan’s Darkness
          Star Wars 7 by Jar Jar Abrams
          Star Wars 7: Lost
          Star Wars 7: Brilliant Icons
          Star Wars 7: A New Return
          Star Wars 7: Party on, Darth. Party on, Wayne Schwing!
          Star Wars 7: Djarth Unchained

          • Star Wars 7: I Did It All For The Wookie

            • Hahaha

          • Not “Jango Unchained”?

            • Jar Jar Unchained

    • I would take Midi-chlorian supplements and roid rage the galaxy.

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