Working Titles For ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Revealed?

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Star Wars Episode 7 VII Logo Working Titles For Star Wars: Episode 7 Revealed?

Arguably more than any other film in the series, the title of Star Wars: Episode VII is the most important. It not only marks the return of the cinematic universe but it must overcome the negative buzz and mixed reactions to the prequel trilogy. The franchise needs to (re)start on the right foot and has the highest of expectations, so that title, that branding that will kickstart what could be the biggest franchise ever (again), means so much.

It also marks the beginning of the Star Wars franchise under new ownership at Disney and under a new creative vision with a new director, writer and new cast, which made the previously rumored title of Episode 7 oddly fitting: A New Dawn.

Our friends at Latino-Review may have discovered the answer to one of the questions we’re all wondering. Their insider reveals that the two working titles for Episode VII based on a screenplay written by Michael Arndt (Oblivion, Toy Story 3) are Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi.

Let’s forget for a moment that Harrison Ford being hesitant on returning (he’s going to return) and focus on the naming of the numbered Star Wars installments so far, not counting the animated feature, in chronological order of release.

  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (originally just “Star Wars”)
  • Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back
  • Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (originally subtitled Revenge of the Jedi)
  • Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
  • Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Note the title of Episode III paying homage to the original title of Episode VI, a title that was changed pre-release at the last minute because “revenge” wasn’t a word that should be associated with the Jedi Order. The two working titles for Episode VII though both refer to the resurgence of both the Jedi and Sith orders, meaning the Force will play a big part in the trilogy. Hopefully Abrams and co. forget about the Midi-chlorians reveal in Episode I that completely dashed the mystery the “Force” in the prequels.

LR explains that these are working titles George Lucas had when working on Star Wars stories again for episodes 7-9 (or perhaps even treatments for episodes 7-12), something his son Jett Lucas confirmed his dad was doing before selling the empire to Disney. Both titles are a little uninspired and generic, especially considering the naming of the third installment in each trilogy so there’s a good chance neither will be used.

Which title do you prefer? And if you could name it anything, what would it be?

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Star Wars: Episode VII is tentatively slated to reach theaters by Summer 2015, though it could wind up delayed until the Winter Holiday Season.

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Source: LR

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  1. Star Wars Episode VII: I Have a Bad Feeling About This

    • Star Wars episode 7 Darkness Rising

  2. Serious-

    Star Wars Episode VII: Reincarnation

    Star Wars Episode VII: Dark Shroud

    Star Wars Episode VII: Lost Remnants

    Star Wars Episode VII: Bloodlines

    Star Wars Episode VII: Forgotten Evil

    Not so Serious-

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Winter Jedi

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Amazing Skywalker

    Star Wars Episode VII: Guardians of the Outer Rim

    Star Wars Episode VII: Luke vs. Han

    Star Wars Episode VII: Lost

    Star Wars Episode VII: Super 8 Sith

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Bad Robot (R2-D2)

    Star Wars Episode VII: Jawa Heat

    Star Wars Episode VII: Man of Force

    Star Wars Episode VII: Wolf of Coruscant

    Star Wars Episode VII: Inside Boba Fett

    Star Wars Episode VII: Sithception

    Star Wars Episode VII: Need for Lightspeed

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Lord of the Sabers

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Talented Mr. Binks

    I could think of these for days…

    • Star Wars Episode VII: Rebirth of the Jedi

      If we follow the story lines from many of the books in the expanded universe we see Luke building the new Jedi order.

    • Star Wars Episode VII: Jedifield

      Star Wars Episode VII: Age of Sith

      Star Wars Episode VII: F*uck It

      Star Wars Episode VII: Rise of Fett

      Star Wars Episode VII: Jar Jar Strikes Back

      Star Wars Episode VII: The Dark Jedi Rises

      But on a Serious note your “Star Wars Episode VII: The Lord of the Sabers” Was Awesome!

  3. If I may, fans who try to come up with Star Wars names keep breaking the rules for a title. Here’s the rules to help come up with a good Star Wars name.

    1.) Rule most broke, no repeating already used words (except for a, the and of). No using Phantom, Attack, Revenge, New, Empire, Return, Menace, Clones, Sith, Hope, Strikes, Back, Jedi. And no Star or Wars in the title ether (like Star Wars: Episode VII: Republic of the Star).

    2.) The emphasis has to be on an abstract noun or a verb, NOT on a concrete noun. Like the emphasis of each movie is Menace, Attack, Revenge, Hope, Strikes and Return. That’s three abstract nouns and three verbs. If you said The Dark Warriors, the emphasis is on Warriors which is a concrete noun; FAIL! But if you change it to The Dark Warriors Rises, NOW the emphasis is on Rises, which is a verb; PASS!

    3.) Oh, and when a concrete noun is in a title, it’s not about one person, but more than one. Notice I said Dark Warriors, not Dark Warrior (as in just one). Like Attack of the Clones, if it was Attack of the Clone, you’d be like “well who’s the clone in the title? Boba Fett? Captain Rex? Fives?”

    • Thank you for your time :)

    • I agree with you completely. One idea I’ve had is Edge of the Replublic. Thanks, please reply with a like or unlike. Just tell me what you think.

    • Also, no offence. I don’t agree. If it were your way both first titles would be
      The New Hope’s and The Phantom Menace Rises. The original actually referred to one character, also the prequel as well.

    • can I ask you a question real quick who on gods green earth made you the ruler on what the title can and cant have in it you mainly broke the one rule it kind of has to have the word jedi in it. the jedi are finally gonna return and you don’t want the word jedi to be in it you make no sense what so ever.

  4. Napo the real sith

  5. Star Wars VII Napo the Sith Lord

  6. as long as there is no disney jarjar EVER I’m fine. i’m excited but nervous.

  7. I never want to see JarJar in another movie EVER!!!

  8. Star Wars: Episode VII: Second Coming

  9. Star Wars: Episode VII: Children of the Republic

  10. They should have called number 3, Return of the sith because they were returning in a sense and then called number 7, revenge of the sith because they are getting revenge for the events in number 6.

    • episode III was referring to the Grand plan’s conclusion set into place by Darths Bane and Zannah to bring down the Old Jedi Order and rule the Galaxy. It in no way refers to episode VI. so all in all Revenge was the best possible name for episode III.

  11. i’ve said this before in another forum but Episode 7: Dawn of Devastation, although i have no idea what the movie’s plot is

    • that is a bad ass name, I like it!

  12. The original titles were always something simple, and we cant have a title that sounds like a fourteen year old fan boy made up like ‘Power of darkness’ or ‘Master of the force’. It needs to sound like a title fit for the first of a new set of movies.

    I hated all the science and politics Lucas threw in the prequels, though I loved the story of Vaders birth and how Ben came into the story. The book is actually pretty good to read before watching the originals. So just think about the titles.

    The first title in each set of movies represented a character. (A new hope – Luke) & (The Phantom Menace – Senator Palpatine (Sidious)) Believe it or not he was the Phantom Menace. Maul was merely chess piece he was willing to give up.

    This speculation is more obvious. The second title in each set of movies represented a group or faction in the movies that play a big role as the good or bad side. One thing you need to understand is that the Clone army was not exactly thee army of the Republic, The clones were sort of the main focus in the film which revealed the conspiracies around who ordered the army. Which was another move in the game Sidious had done since the clones were programmed to eventually turn on the Jedi when all the pieces of the puzzle were in place. So,

    (Attack of the Clones – The clones) & (Rise of the Empire – The Empire) I think I’m the only one that see’s the irony in those titles being the second of each set. Since the Empire was the future of the Republic and it’s army. And so the third films in each set is more of a personal opinion in speculation.

    We have, return of the Jedi and revenge of the Sith. Now it’s almost clear to us what that means, but maybe im just thinking to far here, could Return of the Jedi be talking of Anakins redemption of fulfilling the prophecy of the chosen one? Seeing as he turns away from the Dark side and also kills Sidious. Food for thought. But anyway we got both Jedi and Sith for the third film in each set. (Return of the Jedi – Jedi/Luke/Anakin) However you look at it. & (Revenge of the Sith- Sidious/Vader) Order 66 getting exicuted an all ‘LUL’

    I don’t think this is some crazy speculation, it do make sense and may help us predict the way they will title these movies. Perhaps from here on out rethink your titles. I think the new title of VII could be something like
    Star Wars VII: The Sith Inquisitors

    Im not good at making up a name but there is a rumor that fits my theory of the titles, that the title of the movie will be


    It is simple and also refers to someone in particular perhaps. Maybe a Sith we all know and love making a return? Darth Bane made an appearance in the clone wars, the creator of the rule of two and the film might be about Inquistors who are preserving the Sith Order. I don’t know if it’s for some reason, maybe to ressurect a sith, but Ancient means something bad. And the Sith are an ancient order, so until we see this movie will we know the title is about either the Ancient Sith order or an Ancient Sith in particular. Maybe they’ll even break the tradition of naming these films or maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    That was an update on another form, The ancient fear. AND just recently its been confirmed the STORMTROOPERS will be back. That means the Empire is still going. We could possibly build off of that. Maybe Episode VIII will be called


    • ***The Empire strikes back.****** Sorry if i mislead anyone!! Rise or return of the Empire was actually a title on my mind which i quickly dismissed with Remnants of the Empire.

      Soo just use your imagination and replace all rise of the empire’s with the empire strikes back :P thank you.

  13. How about “balance of the force”

  14. Or maybe “The Empire Remains”

  15. when i origanally posted my title i was thinking about where the story line was going to pick up. so i was working on the idea of the book titles like “darknest”. so as far as titles go i think it should have something to do with the fall of the empire and the rise of new villians. Star Wars Episode 7 shroud of dark galaxies

  16. Hope they come up with better titles for Star Wars 7
    Ilike A new has a nice ring to it.

  17. I like Star Wars Episode VII: The Legacy of the Empire

  18. I really like A NEW DAWN. It’s plain, simple, and separates itself from the others. It helps us focus on it as its own entity. The next two can have something elaborate as the plot unfolds. It also pays tribute to A NEW HOPE, from the arguably better trilogy, and the one that started it all.

    Spock would call it eminently logical.

  19. Why not just use the title from the ps3 game so it could be Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Unleashed. That way then, they could bring Starkiller into the movies played by Sam Witwer who Starkiller is based from. He was once Darth Vader’s apprentice but turned good and so he could help restore the Jedi order. Plus it would be cool to finally see someone weild 2 lightsabers (i know Darth Maul had the dual lightsaber but it’s not the same :P) Oh, and Starkiller has the powers of the Sith like Force Lightning so it would be cool to see him as a Jedi using Sith abilities.

    • Your forgetting Sar Wars the Force Unleashed is set between episode III and IV

  20. STAR WARS: Ep. VII


  21. Star Wars VII- Return of the Has-Beens

  22. Star Wars episode 7: rebuild of an empire

  23. episode seven jedi rising, or Luke vs The little mermaid

  24. Star Wars always releases in May and has always had the entire summer to thrive at the box office. Releasing it around the holiday season will be a big mistake. People don’t go to the movies in the middle of winter. They go when it’s bright and sunny and the kids are out of school. Disney is incredibly overconfident.

    • And there is our Title

      Star Wars VII: Overconfidence Effect

    • It’s Star Wars. People will go see it no matter when it comes out.

  25. Star Wars Episode VII: Birth of a Nation

    • Star Wars Episode VIII: Triumph des Villains
      Star Wars Episode IX: The Eternal Jedi

    • Ahahaha! Oh man, that’s clever.
      Cue “Ride of the Ewoks”.

  26. I fell neither working title can succeed, not well.
    Think of Chronolgicals:
    EpisodeV:The Empire Strikes Back EpisodeVI:Return of the Jedi, EpisodeVII:Return of the Sith?
    EpisodeV:The Empire Strikes Back EpisodeVI:Return of the Jedi, EpisodeVII:Rise of the Jedi?
    If you don’t see why these don’t work, your a gungan.


    This would be a good title for Star Wars 7 if Luke is being seduced by the dark side.

  28. Star Wars IIV: The Force Awakens